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Connect with Your Angels - Kyle Gray

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Take the course: https://www.hayhouse.co.uk/connecting-with-the-angels-made-easy-hhu Since time began, angels have been mentioned all over the world in different spiritual traditions and been known by different names. When these pure divine spiritual beings see us in distress or lost in any way, they’re just waiting to be invited to present us with the solution. Angels can help us in a wide variety of ways and this course will enable you get to know your angels at a soul level, open up your spiritual practice and feel a much deeper connection. This exclusive online course includes: * Six video lessons with renowned angel expert Kyle Gray * Practical exercises throughout – including prayers, visualisations and yoga *Real-life stories of angel encounters *Downloadable audio meditations PDF worksheets and a ‘Declaration of a lightworker’ certificate You don’t have to have any special gifts to be able to work with the angels – you just need to learn how to uncover the connection that’s already inside you. Angel expert Kyle Gray will show you how you can achieve this through meditating, tuning in and opening up your spiritual energy centres. This accessible and very practical course is full of fascinating accounts of angelic intervention, and techniques that you can try right away so that you can start to experience angels in your own life.
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ethanbias1234 (14 days ago)
Love our beautiful angels 👼 thank you
starbase five (1 month ago)
Cherina Enigmatic Lee (2 months ago)
He has such a beautiful and peaceful spirit! 💓
Vanitha Moodley (2 months ago)
Hi Kyle.. thank you for this video... and yes I am currently doing your course...Brilliant 🙏
Paige Lee (2 months ago)
Thank you 😊 many blessings to you
Tawniece Rudd (3 months ago)
Interested in course how to apply
Hay House UK (3 months ago)
Hi Tawniece, you can take the course here: https://www.hayhouse.co.uk/connecting-with-the-angels-made-easy-hhu
Sabine Leigh (3 months ago)
Kyle I have been able to see spirit since I was a child but, my family said to ignore them shut them out so I was not sure when I was seeing colored lights. I had a stroke in 2014 and I was praying to get better and we had just moved it was a hard time for my husband and I plus he thought I was going nuts. We moved into this house and I knew it had some spirits already their but they were not negative dark they were an old couple who died of illness. Well of course I met the woman of the house at night she would wake me up hitting me and wanting me to leave Get Out she kept telling me. I could hear her deep sorrow this was her new home her and her husband had always rented and then she died and her husband also and I was in her space. It took 2 years before she moved on. She just did not want to leave her home not knowing if it would be taken care of. After she could see I loved her home and did not get rid of her roses which she loves her husband put them in for her, so I kept them. But when we moved in I saw little figures of angels here and there. It hit me I felt a strange energy a comforting. Then I saw little colored lights then for sure I thought well now this is it I have lost it. I felt warmth and felt love it was amazing. From that day on I am connected but, before this I kept trying to figure out the lights well they are a light being so it makes sense. Now I invite them in when I pray and when I go to town to keep me safe it is amazing so listen to Kyle because they are real and true. They healed me and I could not talk clear because of my stroke and could not walk good and I used to do five races a year before this and very active and now I was over weight. After connecting to the angels I lost weight and my energy is high. Keep your vibration high and you will be protected and at a higher vibration so you feel better and I can talk fine now and think clear and walk each day when I have time. I walk in the light. Bless you Kyle and the angels that surround you. Believe.
christian Eifert (4 months ago)
ohh..forgott....nice trescellum
aaron von kraft (4 months ago)
big fan
Babita Kejriwal (4 months ago)
Lovely. Gratitude
Patricia Townley (5 months ago)
Lovel video Kyle, I feel blessed ,Love & Light, God bless 🙏🏻😇🌺❤️🌹👼🏼
Jennifer Rubino (7 months ago)
I just bought the Keepers of the Light deck. Absolutely beautiful Kyle 👍❤️🙏🏼😇
Topaz fire (7 months ago)
Yes Kyle I would love to connect with my Guardian angel
barber0611 (8 months ago)
I've been talking to my angels a lot lately....a couple weeks ago I was sitting alone on the couch late at night when I started smelling this beautiful heavenly fragrance....never smelled anything like it....it had a floral dimension but then a warm dimension....maybe something spicy....I honestly have trouble describing it!.....I always talk to my angels at bedtime....asking for healing and love....last night just as I was almost asleep there was that smell again.....it stopped and I began to fall asleep again and there it was again....this went on for about a minute....I told my husband about it today and he said he remembers smelling it too...it woke him up :)
Colleen McDonnell (8 months ago)
Hey Kyle! I've started learning and researching more about the angels and their significance in different religions. A lot of Christian forums say it's a big no no to call upon angels and that you should only call upon God. What are your thoughts on this? I was raised with a Lutheran background, and I know that the angels have more of an impact on the Jewish faith.
Aviva Angel (9 months ago)
It's a great beautiful video I love really so much thank you so much for the best video 🌸🌼🌟⭐️
Emma Warren (10 months ago)
Thank you for this amazing video, the frozen shoulder is a very lovely story, I myself have met Archangel Raphael, I was sick with Cancer in 2015 and caught an infection from it. Being a strong believer in angels, I asked everyday please heal me. During the week I spent in the hospital my blood went very low to the point I'd need a blood transfusion, the doctor was very worried about me as it stood at 0.1 which is very bad apparently. Over night I felt a push of my shoulder and felt the most amazing safe feeling and saw a golden and green light around me. Then I saw the green light go up through the roof and I felt calm and not afraid anymore of having Cancer. In the am I had a blood test and the results came back at 13 which was normal apparently not knowing anything medical I assumed this was good. The doctor said it was a miracle. I thanked raphael and was discharged the next day. I still suffered cancer but have been in remission so far. I just discovered you Kyle and want to thank you for you sharing your knowledge about angels with the world. Love and Light Emma ☺
Angel Melton (7 months ago)
Emma Warren Angel say prayers for you
Clair Steers (11 months ago)
I am struggling with a person in my life who is not bringing out the best in me. Yesterday morning I asked my Angels to reveal to me what I needed to know to help me cope. 5am this morning with this issue on my mind, I came across this video. I know that my angel drew me to this and that I now have my answer. We are all so blessed to have these wonderful beings by our side. Love light and blessings x
Raven Blakely (11 months ago)
Is your online course still offered? I have your book about high vibrations and enjoy it very much and would like to take the course with you so if you're still available anywhere just let me know through YouTube
Hay House UK (11 months ago)
Hi Raven, you can take Kyle's course here: https://www.hayhouseu.com/connect-with-your-angels-hhu
Child of light (1 year ago)
Hay house is a publisher of witchcraft. Test the spirits.
Kalalwi Alalwi (1 year ago)
Thank you so much it’s wonderful
Teadia Hiri (1 year ago)
I found this very helpful, lots of tingles around my crown xx
Jehey Vy (1 year ago)
My two cents. I don't agree that using a light bubble directly locks in energy. It depends on how you are using the bubble. Some bubbles have no inner substance and so that could be thought of as an empty eggshell closing around and locking in energy. However, how I was taught and how I teach is using a golden ball that is full through and through. Think of it as a gel ball and everything that comes in contact with the vibration of the golden ball, by default, is brought up into its vibration. It isn't to seal things in and keep things out, it is a straining system to transform the vibration of self and all that is around. I also don't agree with having an angel very close to the person consistently because some become self-identified with it and hear its thoughts as their own, resulting in losing their sense of self and other times the angel's presence, be default, keeps out other presences. That's been my experience with the people I've trained. My post isn't as a challenge, just hopefully providing more clarity.
Yasmeen Cossette (1 year ago)
I am stunned by your video because I've been instinctively doing this, I have been meditating for 1 year now and I am believing now that this has been intuitively given to me by them after asking and praying for protection against the outside world... I've always felt it in my heart and to hear this video this morning has just confirmed in a way words cannot describe wow thank you, and God bless 😘
AfroKito Boho Artist (1 year ago)
How did you get that background?
Marsha Ketoketones (1 year ago)
I'm going to be taking this course soon.
Open Spaces (1 year ago)
Totally awesome, i love this video one peace of advice you may wish to share is instead of waiting until your around negative energy START your day off everyday with this so your BUBBLE stays strong and allows nothing negative in Arch Angel Michael is the wonder and ask him to be with you always. first thing in the morning......thank you Kyle for sharing as i will share your video with my children sometime better heard from someone other than MOM xoxoxox blessing on your journey
Desiree Lane (1 year ago)
the course isn't anywhere on the Hay house site please help I'm very interested Is it no longer available? I live in the United States
Deanna Morris (1 year ago)
hiya here is the course for the USA http://www.hayhouse.com/connect-with-your-angels-hhu its amazing. Hope this helps. Smiles
allykale777 (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Bonnie Oles (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video! I really appreciate it!
Jesi Langdale (1 year ago)
so amazing! ⭐
Khush Walia (2 years ago)
after this course can I abile to teach others also? and is this a certificate course?
Ariel M (11 months ago)
yes but why would u pay, u can learn for free online
Hay House UK (2 years ago)
Hi Khush, you will receive a certificate of completion once you finish the course, but this certificate isn't a qualification that will allow you to teach others. Hope that helps!
Elaine Midgley (2 years ago)
Were do you find out about the angel card reading course
SerbSimulator (8 months ago)
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover how to attract abundance and wealth try Sarparder Abundance Miracle Starter(should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.
topaz5858 (1 year ago)
Stella Moon Tarot (1 year ago)
Hi Elaine, I’ve been working with Kyle and Doreen Virtue to change my life. I️ no longer work in a corporate setting. This will change your life for the better in so many ways. Just an encouragement from a customer who is so happy with learning how to work with our Angels. Thank you Kyle and Hay House!
topaz5858 (1 year ago)
Doreen Virtue Angels Tarot are fantastic
Elaine Midgley (2 years ago)
Thank you so much x
VIKI M (2 years ago)
... luv n light 💕 ...
mari.rauu (2 years ago)
shout out me!!!

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