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7 Sexy Things Women Do That Turn Guys On

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You may not fully grasp the depth of your sexy powers yet, so let me show you the formula for turning guys on and creating irresistible desire. Watch more videos like this: http://www.SexyConfidence.com/secret Grab Adam's book: http://www.MenLoveConfidentWomen.com Let me level with you for a second, because this really needs to be said: You’ve got way more power than you may realize. What am I talking about? All it takes are a few of the right sexy triggers and ANY man will be lit up like a Christmas tree-- dopamine surging, hormones blazing and everything going wild inside of him… Do this right and he’ll be focusing everything he's got on you (and only you) like a heat seeking missile. Want to know how to do this? Then check out today's video and discover the 7 sexy things women do that turn guys on (a few of them are guaranteed to surprise you!) You may not fully grasp the depth of your sexy powers yet… … but deep down you're holding the formula for creating irresistible desire with men. Put these seven proven tips to work for you and he'll be eating out of the palm of your hand! And if you have any secret turn on strategies that work for you please let us know what they are in the comments below. Your Coach, Adam PS: There’s ONE thing that men find irresistibly sexy over all else. If you have this “x-factor” then you can basically take your pick among the highest quality bachelors out there. Want to learn the foolproof way to get it? Go here: http://secret.sexyconfidence.com/book/ SUMMARY - 1. Matching Lingerie Let’s get something straight here… Men will love any woman in underwear. Period. It shows us enough to get us excited but it doesn’t show too much to kill the mystery. It’s just awesome! But if you know how to match that lingerie and show that you put in some effort, then boom! You’ll be turning him on like Donkey Kong. 2. Put him in protector mode. Chalk it up to a man’s ego or evolutionary biology, but a guy’s instinct is to want to protect a woman. If you hear a noise in the middle of the night, it’s ok to give him a nudge and have him go check to see if there’s anyone there. If you want him to walk you home because it’s a little late at night, then have him walk you home. Tell him you feel safe in his arms. These are the types of things that really appeal to a man’s masculinity, he’s going to be very attracted, and it’s going to get him in the mood for a little bit of fun later. 3. Playing with your hair. Back when I used to coach men on how to be able to approach and flirt with you, I would always explain that if a woman is playing with her hair when she’s talking to you then it is a very strong indicator of interest. As a woman you might not necessarily be aware of this. If you even lightly play with your hair when you’re talking to a guy, it’s not only flirtatious but gives the hint that you’re interested. 4. Playful Teasing There’s a difference between playful flirtatious teasing and just being straight up mean. Flirting is fun and sexy banter. You’re not out to actually hurt someone’s feelings, just playfully tease. Poke fun a little bit and have a good time with it, but maintain a smile and keep it light. 5. Make him feel desired. I dare you to text your guy right now: “I wish I could tell you how badly I want you, but I’m trying to be a good girl.” Bam! He’s going to look at that text and be so excited and turned on. Not only does he feel desired, but there’s also a hint of a challenge. Throw him that text and you are going to get him burning for you. 6. Self Confidence. Confident people want to mate with other well put together people. Being with a woman who doesn’t feel whole, who doesn’t feel like she has her whole life together, who’s not excited to be who she is, is going to be less attractive than a woman who has really worked on herself, who’s really put in the effort to be an incredible person, and that is truly a turn on for men! 7. Women who think they’re sexy. You don’t need to flaunt your shit everywhere you go, but you do need to feel sexy. I don’t care what you look like, you are sexy to someone! I remember before I started Sexy Confidence I used to coach men on how to be able to meet women. We would ask them intake questions like: “What type of woman are you attracted to?” I’ll tell you what; it was mind blowing the different types of responses I would get. So the point here is that it doesn’t matter who you are, what size you are, or what you look like. There is a guy or a whole group of guys who find you incredibly sexy. It’s great to own that characteristic and feel sexy every single day. You are a sexy beast! Don’t be afraid to unleash it.
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Text Comments (1290)
Briar Haygood (1 hour ago)
i sent my man that text and he good mad and thought i meant to send it to someone else.
Zahra Kanji (5 days ago)
I seem to attract younger guys it's fustrating
Why do men ask for photos?
Why do men send photos ?
All in one! (15 days ago)
what is the name of this model
Karel karel (15 days ago)
Stupid ass hol
Cristabel Palomarez (1 month ago)
Madison Hale (1 month ago)
when he smiles at me and says randomly that he loves me
Azza Endo (1 month ago)
Huge shoulders and very tall guy with black eyes
Engade (1 month ago)
this entire video is stupid. its easy to turn on a man. if you cant turn on a man then hes either gay or something is wrong with yourself
Rosie Clear (1 month ago)
I find what gets me guys hair eyes smile and amazing confidence not into sticky hair or men who don’t clarify hair so or being flashy or showing off not for me I find it real Annoyijg clingy needy and all he does is text what’s sexiest sexual chemistry and ying and yang for me I love someoen like me just real loves his own company and very sincere loves good laugh and Able to carry out convo also be there for once blue mooom late night convo highly intelligent for no point being with having hottest guy of best chemistry and well lacks lot of most important things ever like he just good for fuck ? Is there potential or we have same morals values highly so so woke aware but sexy to me is dress codes I’m classic freak so love someone who walks out shirt nice shorts and boat shoes and up for anything lke if I say let’s go here he in if I see all what I love and I see potential to give and take so well tf I’m in men only not fuck boy hey u look great so like me for I not need validation or looking for compliments I just like eyes gestures u look good great and we’ll have good time without any drama games or I love sexy quite mysterious and someone who brings me the not talk to much of always yappiing hey love littel bit of all great smile does it for me nice hair that’s it he’s mine 😹💓
Typewriter (1 month ago)
as a guy, i ask... WHY IS THIS SO SPOT ON???
The Brittish Guy (1 month ago)
I get turned on when someone flips my switch.
Anointa James (1 month ago)
I love my boyfriend.
maikor3 (1 month ago)
Good personality; someone who can make me laugh :D, is confident and likes cleanliness. If he can cook delicious foods then that is a major turn on haha
Neena Taneja (2 months ago)
I don't know much, but I like guys who are physically fit and know how to respect women.
MrGoosebruce (2 months ago)
New Zealand girls shower at least once per week, it's nice when they put in the effort.
Mary Mumbe (2 months ago)
I'm a girl who likes a man with a beard great arms and chest but mostly tall I'm 5,4"
G C_ (2 months ago)
Where did you get that ugly ass shirt? Same place you got that ugly ass FACE! :') lmaoOo. You are hilarious Adam
TheBigpapax30 (2 months ago)
What turns me on in a guy: ▪good smell ▪good hygiene ▪talk with respect ▪gentlemen ▪good son ▪know how to cook ▪stable job
EXO LOVER (2 months ago)
If we truly love each other, everything is amazing!😊😍
Nicole Gonzalez (2 months ago)
a guy that knows what I and he likes:)
Olive Twisted PDX (2 months ago)
Has anyone tried texting what he suggests? Any success?
Paula wilson (2 months ago)
a man that can say what he wants in the bedroom and takes control and lets me tease him a bit and talks 😂😂😂😂
Paula wilson (2 months ago)
am giving that a blast 😂😂😂
Morgana Black (2 months ago)
I got sexually harrased all the time or got in trouble caused wrong/bad guys liked me or only wanted me for sex. I figured I kept sending wrong signals to guys, so I stopped even making eye contact or making conversation to attract them , its been a couple of years. Now I feel invisible and can't for the life of me, attract anyone so I came here to try to be the one I was. I feel I turned off my sexy energy so bad, I can't get it back. I ve been on a couple of dates and even though the guys are too shy I thing they are just not attracted at all to me . No one wants to kiss me or touch me
lol u Wish (2 months ago)
a man who has thighs like jungkook's, who is manly but soft at the same time and who looks great as a father (like u can imagen how he would look like with a small cute baby in his arms), a man who knows what he wants and what he does would be so nice to have too. If i had a man like that, i would be happy as fucc. Oh and a man with a beard turns me on so much.
Juliet rose Keogh (2 months ago)
A do most of that stuff ☺️. But a am single 😕
Meggan Lanahan (2 months ago)
A guy who works to better himself and has a kind heart. Also is assertive! 😍🤪
Gi ta (2 months ago)
I play with my hair wheneva I gt nervous...Nd basically I bcm nrvs when I meet a guy for d 1st time..even I can't look directly in his eyes I just try to escape my eyes from him😂
Serel Plays (2 months ago)
A guy who doesn't put it on a plate...
Amina Yergozha (2 months ago)
He looks a bit like Kay from Lucifer
Life of JNgo (3 months ago)
Has anyone ever told you you look like Billy McFarland from Fyre festival?
Palavi Ranadive (3 months ago)
I just love this guy and his channel...
Mena (3 months ago)
I love guys who are balanced. Who easily show their feminine side and are not shy of it. I love when a guy is emotional, caring and gentle, but I also like when he can be decisive and strong. I hate flirting although, I choose honesty and simplicity when it comes to feelings. I hate all these games, efforts and other bullshit. I love when he says that he likes me or is interested in me. All these flower shit and smirks make me gag!
Some Girl Laly (3 months ago)
a man whos controlling and knows how to treat a girl
I T (3 months ago)
A guy who is kind to strangers, for example if I were standing in a movie line with my date and a little child would trip or an old woman would drop her purse, I would want MY DATE to be the one who without thinking grabs the kid or helps, or if he is too far away, has some reflex.... If he does not, let alone if he simply does not notice, he is crossed of my list. There is nothing more unattractive than a lazy selfish bum who does not care about others around him.
Yusro ibraahim (3 months ago)
My friends she was lost hair she never get good sexy with her boyfriend Lol
Yusro ibraahim (3 months ago)
I Think Womans important for sexy Lol
Yusro ibraahim (3 months ago)
What is important woman's?
Anushruti Parajuli (3 months ago)
Dusty Long (3 months ago)
Love the fact that you shaved 😉. THAT is what I like! But that's just me personal. Also, I like selfconfidence in a guy, not arrogance, but confidence
🌟 MORNING STAR⭐️ (3 months ago)
When I compliment him he tells me it seems forced or rehearsed ... but I mean these things 100% it’s scary to be honest about feelings though
Richard Hooper (3 months ago)
I almost gave up my ex after we recently broke up. I endured a long run without help and she was no doubt my soulmate.. Just last week i ordered a love spell via Dr Anthony Spells ([email protected] com) or whatsapp +1(626)534-6152 it worked like magic started with phone calls then she came home like nothing happened we were only apart 3months and i love her to pieces. I guess she realized we were the perfect couple but anyways i'm happy & hope this helps someone out there too.
Fur Fighter (3 months ago)
Physically, I like a man who has nice butt. 😁
obiOne (3 months ago)
Legit just text my boyfriend that and he responded straight away with 'tell me ' It worked! Thumbs up lol
Rongxin Liu (3 months ago)
love your accent.
Allaura Vinsant (4 months ago)
I like a man who's not afraid to ask me out or ask me questions. Also I like a more gruff man. Like a beard and tasseled hair 😩
HomelessRussianBear (4 months ago)
What girls turn me on? Shy emo girls. Don't judge me
I'm WORTH IT! (4 months ago)
BIG HUGE GIGANTIC BRAINS! I love a guy who’s intelligent & thoughtful—he always has something to say & he digs deep... & he’s emotionally mature!
othman tayach (4 months ago)
There two things that turn men and when I say I don't needy clingy perverts who thinks women as sex machines without any value 1- boobs .2-pussy. nothing else these are the things turn on man sexually for women it different they don't get turn on by the physical appearance of the man but by the way he treats or way he acts it women don't care about what you do what most important to them how you do the way you talk to them or how handle them because women cares more how man acts in difficult situations and what does decide to women to test man ability to prove that he is good enough and by being like but I have a big penis that just shows how immature he is and that he lack self confidence instead improve himself he avoid facing his problems
NEKO Chan Namulaz (4 months ago)
U just helped my life
cutie π (4 months ago)
Glasses and soft, touchable hair. Idk why but the combination looks attractive on most guys. I think it makes me imagine what he looks like first thing in the morning, or when his hair is all messed up..
ARIES #Aries#Fearless (4 months ago)
U made me laugh hahahahahhhahaa booommmmm
Alisia McCart (4 months ago)
I love it when my guy starts touching me. Just gentle with his hands on my inner thighs.
Tasty cooking with Ruby (4 months ago)
You are also so stud
schalazeal07 (4 months ago)
I love your videos! They're very useful and interesting <3
Marybeth Lopez (4 months ago)
What turns me on is a confident man, that isnt insecure about himself a man that can be there for you and laugh and be playful like you said and his hygiene is a must i love how a man mells with colone on and if he can dress ti impress that a plus too :)
AMermaidWhoCantSwim (4 months ago)
Latin men is a turn on to me.
Trek Star (5 months ago)
What if I have short hair
Panda_ Tears (5 months ago)
Hearing my regection...
Robert Cherney (5 months ago)
i want a girlfriend can you help me out
Miss Carly Pore (5 months ago)
Oh this is so cute <3 Females love gentlemen, making them to protect us is not something wrong. I have a boyfriend and I love him so much, he is so masculine and this is good. I love his hand, how he looks, he is taller than me and trust me I'm a tall girl. Today sadly they want to make females acting like males and they're pissed off when they saw a manly man . Is for that I want to be one of the girls who enjoy there guy and also leaving him being a man. I hate how males are so pussy today and how extreme feminists insist of we don't need a man and we need to be like them. (yeah masculines wtf) I love my boyfriend and the way he is MASCULINE this is what I love from a guy.
Little princess Jasmine (5 months ago)
I texted the quote you suggested to my crush who seemed to not be super interested in commitment and immediately after he started seeming more serious
Grace Smith (5 months ago)
I love how this video is 6:09 minutes long Get it 69
Jax F (5 months ago)
Outdoor men. Skiing, hiking, biking. Loving the outdoors.
Patricia Vela (5 months ago)
Its hard turning my husband on, I've try different stuff
Bluecloud Blueheart (5 months ago)
Kindness and intelligent
Sarah Beau (5 months ago)
Anice clean shaved Adams apple😍
Allison Taylor (5 months ago)
If I'm already attracted to a guy and I see him checking me out, but in a subtle way. That gets me going, but recently I had a guy bite his lip while also checking me out and I was just like, "DAMN!"
Agunnaya (5 months ago)
I have been a man for 18 years and I agree with this list
Agunnaya (5 months ago)
I am a guy and I can verify this is true
Ecks Dee (5 months ago)
Strange but I like veiny hands
cloudgirl150 (6 months ago)
I love humor, good smile/teeth, eyes, and manly arms and hands XD
tiya Sarma (6 months ago)
U deserve more likes dude
Curtistine Miller (6 months ago)
I like men that are morally decent kind looks you directly in the eyes.A Spiritually conscious gentleman. and likes to laugh!
EmoChan (6 months ago)
My boyfriend called me sedyvtoday I am surprised
Luciana Ardillita (6 months ago)
I like a man with sense of humor and imagination, masculine, I mean elegant but not like Ronaldo for example, who dresses like a kardashian 😷😷 and with masculine square hands haha thats the first thing I look at in a man, I don't Know why !! haha not skinny roswell alien hands for me haha oh and I love men who can teach me new things, I love men who know about science, for example, but not doctors, they're unbearable, sorry a little picky maybe haha
Luciana Ardillita (6 months ago)
this is the Adam we want, with a tummy, now you are too thin, get that tummy back, or we won't watch your videos anymore !! hahahaha 😄😄
nabie bayno (6 months ago)
arrg I wish im that confident😩
mdmorton16 (6 months ago)
Wtf? Of course they should flaunt their shit everywhere
K Kay (6 months ago)
As a girl I get turned on with men who do not look at every woman walking by. Having self control. That right there sends me to the moon for that man...😉
Lydia V Parrot and Tarot (6 months ago)
Nope! Sent him that "I want you...but im trying to be a good girl" nonsense and he responded "what is one of the kids in the hospital, im freaking out".....that was a face palm level failure.
Lydia V Parrot and Tarot (6 months ago)
1. A man who takes care of himself. 2. A man who has his priorities handled. 3. Smell 4. Attention to details, aka listening and engaging conversation 5. Willingness to compromise.
DM London (6 months ago)
Cufflinks. If he’s got good cufflinks, he’s thought about the small details. A man that wears cufflinks, washes his junk. And wears good under pants
Someone (6 months ago)
I really wanna thank u for the caption u saved my time cuz i get bored from talking veryy quicklyy
Someone (6 months ago)
Sexy Confidence aww it's my problem not yours of course! You are awesome keep goin❤️
Sexy Confidence (6 months ago)
Sorry about that!
Felisiq (6 months ago)
A man with a kind heart, wonderful personality, would risk it all for his loved ones, passionate and persistent, setting goals and achieving them. That’s my kind of man.
Sexy Confidence (6 months ago)
Yes for sure!
I love freddie (6 months ago)
My boyfriend has beautiful brown eyes. I could honestly get lost in his eyes, they are so attractive. Agh damn
A New Love Official (6 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this advice, I'm so grateful to come across your video. As a woman, there are times that we feel very low in our self- esteem but because of this, you changed our perspective in life. You made every woman to be confident for who they are, and that is very powerful thing.
Miryam Hernandez (6 months ago)
Lol!!! Omg I’m dying too funny
Lexy Malinowski (6 months ago)
well all sorts of things kind of turned me on depending on how well I know the person honestly interest in me talk to me be sweet nice interesting playful kind but also picked amending so a bit of everything that blends sweeter and then visit some you know other avenues when I've gone to know for in the bedroom to get to the bedroom most likely a person all they have to do is give me the time of day and put me in a good mood each person can put me in a good mood and different way
Lexy Malinowski (6 months ago)
Please help us as well I'm transgender female and I want straight guys and bisexual guys to be into me not all straight but those that don't see me being trans as any different to any other female but I was curious what are things us transgenders can do to get out of the stigma of being saw as something we're not
excusesbegone (6 months ago)
A man who is not SELF ABSORBED and isn't always talking about himself. Open to different activities on dates... A man who compliments .
Felis Blaise (6 months ago)
White veiny hands, just me?
DM London (6 months ago)
Felis Blaise Try meeting men after dark, in graveyards 🧛🏻‍♂️ #vampire
Melissa Joanne (6 months ago)
camellia z (7 months ago)
2:00 cringe
Troll Maiden (7 months ago)
When he's dying. Not dead yet (although I wouldn't complain... this soothing coldness).
Alva Goldbook (7 months ago)
What turns me on is when a girl: 1) Shows she isn't self-centered and self-absorbed. If you post selfies on social media, it doesn't matter what you look like. You're ugly. 2) When she has a positive relationship with her father and her family. 3) When she says she wants to wait until marriage to have a sexual relationship. 4) When she says her number 1 goal in life is to be a good mother to her children and a good wife to her husband. 5) When she shows she cares about other people. 6) When she aspires to be a great cook and a top notch home maker. 7) When she embraces the idea that if you don't have anything nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all 8) When she rejects the party lifestyle, tattoos, and going out with the girls and only wants to surround herself with positive people.
Sandra Liu (7 months ago)
Hey I love your videos. Ve y inspiring and fun and helpful. When I touch a guy or when we are doing intimate things, I find when he moans a little, it s huge turn on to me. But not too much, that would be a turn off😜
Ayesha Siddika (7 months ago)
A gentleman. A hardworking man. Heavy voice.

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