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Orthodox Dress Gets Sexy

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Orthodox women in Crown Heights, Brooklyn are pushing the boundaries of modest dress, or tznius. Sisters Simi Polonsky and Chaya Chanin, who run a pop-up clothing shop that sells high fashion to religious women, explain what "tznius sexy" means.
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Robert (1 month ago)
Its about being stylish and up to date and not being sexy and attractive check out main street in queens NY store named Eshet chayil, Elzee, S&S not just hose and N brand and up to date
weiliao zi (1 year ago)
Barbara Kechejian (1 year ago)
Its good to dress modest and the women looks respectful. Women who dress sexy do not love themselves. It attracts men to them for sex. When men have sex with a woman before marriage it's abusive to a woman's mind and is sinful.
bernd busch (1 year ago)
Jews are obsessed with sex, why ?
naseerahvj (1 year ago)
Everytime I'm watching these Hasidic videos in seeing a lot of collar bones, seems like the Hasidic women do the same as many muslimas, try to see what they can get away with lol
Adnan Mirza (1 year ago)
fuckin disgusting 2000 years old sluttish Jewish backward scum fuckin hilarious fuckin Jewish bitches
Dulce Melody Orozco (1 year ago)
I'm a fashion designer and I would love to design for our Jewish family
Chris Duane (1 year ago)
Oh I get it -- pious and vain at the same time.
George Manus (2 years ago)
Well we blame hijab but do the orthodox Jewish women have a choice ?
George Manus (2 years ago)
Hasidic fashion is a trauma diary from the Second World War the fashion they follow is exactly the one back in the 40s in Central Europe
Eddie Porter (2 years ago)
So Why try when you "GOT IT"❓❓❓
Linda Watkin (2 years ago)
Why use the word sexy?Beautiful clothes can cover parts of the body and still be lovely.
Lena R (2 years ago)
There is nothing tznius about these clothes... nothing. There are so many outright lies here. Sexy is for the bedroom and it has no room on the a Jewish street.
Eddie Porter (2 years ago)
Still look religious. Than sexy✝
Marie (2 years ago)
For us as religious ladies (I'm christian though) that is the point we still want to feel sexy for ourselves but we like to look religiously modest at the same time, I like layering for that reason :)
Farizal Resat (2 years ago)
My bonsai tree One two three I agree.
E W (3 years ago)
Why don't they sell them brains?
DGiovanni (3 years ago)
How to be sexy: Step one, don't dress like a arab.
Margret Sanz (3 years ago)
Modesty with style is what I go for, because that is who I am .
JR M (3 years ago)
This is soooo not for me.... I see knees and elbows..... Not tziniut. Will show less skin wearing jeans. 😓😓😢😢😢
JR M (2 years ago)
bawaaaa!!! I am now crying!
Karel Dawid GF (4 years ago)
Jewish woman is beautiful and does not need dressing change the real tzeniut to look sexy. No need to be sexy, you Jewish women are beautiful, so sexy Leave it to the goy. you are God's people and are beautiful inside and out.
daily diary (4 years ago)
to be attractive but not attracting 
carlos stankiewicks (2 years ago)
daily diary my advise, you hassidic girls should wear THONGS to hide those ridiculous panty lines, PLEASE
Michal Moshal (4 years ago)
So wrong it is so not what Tznius is about!!
TheDark Nite (4 years ago)
Jewish women are so unattractive and have such obnoxious personalities that they can't ever be sexy. Seen a busload of sexy Arabs (esp Lebanese/Syrian) in Hijab and Conservative dress. But amongst Jews....ughhh!
TheDark Nite (3 years ago)
+Vanessa Loy I look lot better than Shlomo or Esther LOL!
Vanessa Loy (3 years ago)
I'd like to see your picture, jerk.
TheDark Nite (3 years ago)
+Whats Up Nope white women don't do much for me. And Jewish women, bottom of the heap! The ugly noses, zaftig figures, masculine pushy attitude. Enjoy!
Whats Up (3 years ago)
+TheDark Nite You're just rambling the same crap all the time without any connection to the facts. Just keep dreaming at night about three Israelis Esti Ginzburg, Bar Refaeli and Natalie Portman. Dream about Mila Kunis, Rachel Weiss, Ashley Tisdale, Alyson Hannigan, Emmy Rossum, Ayala Fisher, Lizzy Caplan, Kat Dennings. And other millions of jewish handsome models . Do not be surprised in the morning if you a little bit wet. Bay stupid.
TheDark Nite (3 years ago)
+Albert Npomniachi Jewish women are not good looking Period!
Joy Jefferson (4 years ago)
I am a Jewish woman myself. I think God gave us minds to be creative  We have guidelines to in hear by. These women are following them. I have never seen it written down that color or prints where a problem. If so tell where I can find that in the TORAH.
Chet youbetya (3 years ago)
+Michal Moshal Then keep your eyes on the ground.If a woman and her family are alright with how or what she dresses in then it is no one else's business or judgement
Opinunate ted (3 years ago)
+Joy Jefferson Of course not. This is just about Labovavitch Chasidim in Crown heights. Clearly not "All Jewish Communities."
Joy Jefferson (4 years ago)
I understand that but do all Jewish communities follow the dress code. So be helpful and not mean we don't all have it perfect to the letter to the t. my God bless you and peace.
Michal Moshal (4 years ago)
it says you are suppose to draw attention to yourself, and if you skirts are tight fittuing or have slits then it is not what Tznius is about. . .  blurring lines is a major problem. Yes look like a queen but don't blurr the lines coz that i when we run into problems!
Commando (4 years ago)
what an ugly dumb stupid bitches. they are not jewish.
Riv Racost (4 years ago)
Your looking down on them while cursing and hating... I do agree that they are missing the point of true tznius dress (not that I am perfect) but that does not make them any of the things that you said.
giuliano giulianokurz (4 years ago)
chimneys thighs (4 years ago)
i feel that this type of fashion would attract too much attention 
RACE ISNT COLOR (4 years ago)
jewish women attractive?  LOL clearly nothing is gonna work.  just stop trying
Simi Blau (3 years ago)
+lonishar agreed. hangouts?
manofweed1 (4 years ago)
'Getting sexy' ?...It already is the sexiest imaginable !..... Much like 50's & 60's elegant western styles, before they all started dressing down in awful jeans and 'unisex' crap.
Jaime Steinberg (2 years ago)
manofweed1musicas israelenses
Riri Simps (4 years ago)
sexy  ?  I call it  modest  and  stylish      thats  first  second     why  should  they  dress  like  they  live  in  11th century   for  gods   sake  they  wear  normally  why  the  hell not     jeez
HaFannyHa (4 years ago)
What a great attitude! Much better than the old style in Britain. We're all expected to wear dark rags with no style or individuality. These women are fabulous!
Libten Ambutkin (4 years ago)
All designer clothes that they wear with their designer bag and designer wallet. And in that designer wallet is their food stamp card and WIC check. 
Soon Come (4 years ago)
They should teach the slots who work at Faux News.
WonGeun Kim (5 years ago)
are jewish females allowed to pierce their ears?
George Manus (2 years ago)
No they re not and if they have changed their body holes implants or tattoos will be removed before their burial lol
VictorLepanto (2 years ago)
+Shaina Punim Barnett How necessary is it refrain from flamboyant clothing in Ortho. Jewish circles? I think of Joseph & his coat of many colors, which I know was more like a kind of badge of office, like a priestly vestment.  
Shaina Punim Barnett (2 years ago)
+VictorLepanto  I don't think most Orthodox Jews are okay with other piercings like the nose or other body parts besides the ears. Even spiked colored hair and tattoos are looked down upon. Their style is extremely modest and conservative.
Nemanja Djordjevic (5 years ago)
I'm pissed. My nephew resides in the adjacent room. I'm pissed because he just got great at attracting the women. The guy discovered the Master Attraction web page (Google it) by Jake Ayres. All he's doing now is banging women. He's continuously pulling the ladies back and I can't help but hear it, which is yucky. I wish he had not found that site. My good friend is getting laid now too coz of that site. I am envious!
RichardGMoss (5 years ago)
Check out the web site "Jew in the City" (probably without the spaces) for some great answers and she will answer further questions for you.
RichardGMoss (5 years ago)
Sexy is not about clothing but how a woman conducts herself, a woman can be fully covered but act like a tramp. Another problem comes when too much time is spent on thinking what to wear when the brain can be on much higher issues.
asmita tamang (5 years ago)
My obese uncle managed to make the best stripper I've seen in my life fall for him because he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). It's bad but I wish I found myself happy for him but I dream a phenomenal person would fall in love with me like that. I am exceptionally jealous. Does that mean I'm a lousy human being?
Majid Hussain (5 years ago)
Okay. I'm displeased. My brother resides in the next room. I'm pissed because he recently grew great at picking up the women. He found the Master Attraction web page (Start looking in Google) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing ladies back. He's continuously pulling girls back. I hear it. It's disgusting. If only he never found that site. I'm envious!
Hafiz Zack (5 years ago)
where is that religious woman???
UNJUSTIFICATION1 (5 years ago)
I don't get why Jewish women "married" wear wigs. What is the point .?
pluckanalogy (5 years ago)
I actually told my friend about that exact part.Im glad you noticed that as I did as well. I think that people should be able to seperate their weaknesses and desires and not put it upon this idea of " grey areas". I think it would be better for people to be honest and say," Hey, I love fashion and sometimes what I wear isnt always Tznius " as opposed to try to " bend the rules".You have alot of muslim women doing the exact same thing and trying to say that the matter isn't clear when it is.
pluckanalogy (5 years ago)
Really what is essential is not what I think. but what does the Creator want from us. With Him lies the ultimate wisdom. Women who are modest attract all types of men, including those who are not believing. I have had men attracted whenI was completely covered with nothing showing but my face and hands, and still he came up and asked me to go to dinner with him. The one that is meant for you will want you and love you on your standards and according to your ideals.
pluckanalogy (5 years ago)
lol part of my answer wouldnt go through as I was also trying to say that the type of man that a religious woman wants would ideally seek her and respect her higher ideals.he would love that she is following the guidances of her faith and see the beauty and her beauty due to this. And Im not jewish or Christian.. Im muslim. But I find this struggle in these times fascinating in how its shared by all faiths. The concept of modesty in Islam is a bit different....
pluckanalogy (5 years ago)
I see alot of similarities between the Jewish communities and the Muslim. I see that you have so many levels of practicing and you have those that want to adhere to the original teachings and those who want to " bend the rules" as one sister honestly said. Because thats what it is and Barbie made a great point in that being a modest woman of any faith does not include being sexy outside. Anything " Sexy" is for in the house and husband.
TRUCKER TWO TIME (5 years ago)
why am i watching this?
2mmiker (5 years ago)
Barbie7034 explained it very well. She's not Jewish but she understands it right.
nukeurhouse12 (6 years ago)
The only thing that describes all these women is " Stupid Cunts!"
Mordi Lalehzari (6 years ago)
I love how one of them first says “bending the rules” and the other tries to cover up for her by saying “there are gray areas.” The fact of the matter is it’s black and white. Clothing that is “SEXXXXY” is immodest and therefore NOT tznius. PERIOD.
Mordi Lalehzari (6 years ago)
Mordi Lalehzari (6 years ago)
This is Stupid, YOU can't turn religion in to a business. You girls didn’t like the form of religious outfits, and decided to make SEXY CLOTHING, and became a good business for you. This does not mean you have to bend all the rules the rabbi’s have made. There are 4 books rabbi’s have made for laws of Judaism (shulchan aruch); but some say there are 5, the fifth is your brain.
JesusWaytoHeaven17 (6 years ago)
North Style dot com
Emily Marie (6 years ago)
Get the stick out of your ass. Religion is what you make it.
Emily Marie (6 years ago)
Ooh, did I say a bad word? Grow up. I don't even know what the hell gemara is and no one tells me I can't do something. Your assertion that women are downtrodden in Judaism shows how little of Judaism you know. Try occupying your time with something meaningful and stop with your fake crusade. You can deny and attack all you want, antisemite, but that doesn't change reality, how you feel or how hateful you are to other people.
EL (6 years ago)
OH NO, Bad news for papa !!!
ErloeseUns (6 years ago)
I grew up in a strict, Baptist Christian environment...and we had to dress the sameway. The only difference was that you could show your hair and you can show elbows just not shoulders.
lonishar (6 years ago)
I was brought up in Bais Yackov, I know all about it. Don't give me that crap about clarifying effects, we can dress respectfully without needing exact guidelines made up by rabbis of exactly how far my sleeve must cover, same for the knees, and forget that over the years it has been added to more and more. So why do you agree to be thought of as a sex object which must be controlled? Shoulden't the men be responsible enough to control themselves? - You did not answer about Rashi!
lonishar (6 years ago)
it's still about keeping women in their place, curse all you want, deny all you want. try learning gemara and see more for yourself, oops your not aloud to learn gemara?
lonishar (6 years ago)
do you always repeat what you have been told? tell me what rashi says in the case of the girl who is raped (in the city) and killed as punishment. It is so not the same, do you think its also the same when women have to sit on the back of the bus? what else do you defend?
LoverWitch (6 years ago)
You're an ass. Keeping us in place? Get a life. Some of us don't have to wear thongs, see through too tight clothes for a few minutes of fake self esteem.
LoverWitch (6 years ago)
The Blurring the lines is definitely a poor choice of words. What they actually are saying is that it's ok to wear expressive clothing. It doesn't go against Jewish law to express yourself.
LoverWitch (6 years ago)
That's the one part I have an issue with. Pants are slutty? God forbid women should have legs! Maybe we should wear ponchos so men don't know we have arms. Pants cover more than skirts do. The actual reason behind that is that a woman shouldn't wear men's clothing, just like a man shouldn't wear women's clothing.
LoverWitch (6 years ago)
You're thinking of Islam, moron.
lonishar (6 years ago)
Why would you become religious into a world which believes women should be hidden, and it is largely the women's job to prevent men from sin, as opposed to men controlling themselves?
lonishar (6 years ago)
Why is 90% of the emphasis on being modest (tsnius) for women?
lonishar (6 years ago)
Anyone with half a brain realizes that pants are more tznius, but orthodox Judaism has been obsessed with following (and adding) traditions, irrelevant and often even disregarding the original reasons, the actual point of anything is generally lost. It's a fake world of external dress and other external customs.
lonishar (6 years ago)
No that's not the reason, it was and is about exclusion of women from make society, at best it is making the women responsible for the man not being able to control himself. But if you like that book, why not just wear a hijab that covers your face...It's really not far from that at all. Go on laugh all you want.
SuperAlexrios (6 years ago)
my wife have diferent wigs for each day so i fell like i fuck a diferent woman everyday
JohhnyLemon (6 years ago)
you can choose to look at it like that. or you can choose to look at it as something special, keeping certain aspects of your beauty for your husband. do you have such low self esteem that you need to have guys ogling you to feel good about yourself?
JohhnyLemon (6 years ago)
its not even covered. theyre walking around with their elbows showing. youd think that theyd at least make sure to cover them when they know theyre being filmed for something that will be seen online.
irishxxkelt (6 years ago)
A lot of Gentiles convert to marry their Jewish boyfriends.
myForumDaily (6 years ago)
this is not tznius. everything is covered but the entire outfit is showing the woman's body. like someone said, they are fooling themselves.
Alex Quinones (6 years ago)
Why do they wear wigs when they have beautiful hair. Yahuah gave them beautiful hair and their hair is Man's crown?
imsovericleva (6 years ago)
These are jewish women because they 'wish' they were 'jew'. Look at them, they are plain ole WHITE! They look so stupid stealing another nationalities identity!
lonishar (6 years ago)
Tzniut is nothing but a way that men used to keep women in place. Don't be fooled.
kooshkack (6 years ago)
its just with a little bit more style. its not blurring anything
madamebutterfly851 (6 years ago)
yuck. stuck up new york jew grabblers! i bet those trash rags are expensive. jewish people follow ridiculous ancient laws that make me laugh. the hag in the glasses..jewish women are not queens. they are greedy self righteous hacks.
lonishar (6 years ago)
tradition is good and fine but to a point....
lonishar (6 years ago)
religion - all religions - are racist!
lonishar (6 years ago)
Which way would be right? being honest and realizing religion is a lie?
lonishar (6 years ago)
The whole religion is a hypocritical lie!
lonishar (6 years ago)
SPAM. Missionaries!
iluvcamp94 (6 years ago)
Wow they have it all wrong! What a chillul hashem!
b weber (6 years ago)
Ya sexy isnt what keeping modest is all about. U arent supposed to be appealing to men in any way other thn your husband. I know this is part of Jewish law and im not Jewish.
Felipe Rodrigues (6 years ago)
Maytal Em (6 years ago)
i think most ppl are saying here is that if its sexy its not modest! modest is the opposite of sexy
10countrygirl (6 years ago)
firstonethrough (6 years ago)
enjoy dating video: Jewish Date 6 - Picasso Maidel
ummglick (6 years ago)
Oi vay..no wonder the world is in a mess ...we separate ourselves through identity.
DeepHauz13 (6 years ago)
Judaism is the religion of the Jews, which are a nation.
Sarah .Kisilevich (6 years ago)
wow. what a chilul Hashem. "bending the rules"??? "blurring the lines"??? Seriously.
89yal (6 years ago)
yah and their hair is showing in the front of the wig they take it out to make it blend! hahaha- wats the point of the wig if hair is totally pulled out??
chodeshadar18 (6 years ago)
"Hot chani girls" Haha! So that's what you call 'em. Yeah, it really bothers me when I see gentile cops and deliverymen etc staring at a yiddish speaking rabbi's grandaughter who dresses like a fashion model. We need some real leadership to fight this chillul Hashem!
lonishar (6 years ago)
Why restrict yourself to the dress code of people 2000 years ago? Why follow ancient traditions made up by man? why believe today in what we know is not the truth, not the word of god but the word of rabbis? How many ask honest questions?
Peterthesongman (6 years ago)
one elite is the same as another
beans1975 (6 years ago)
but they can buy clothing like this anywhere. This is NY right? Why PROMOTE it as "tznius"when clearly it isnt. it's lowering the standard and making it acceptable for women to be sexy in public. Sexy is for the bedroom, not the streets.
Shani Schwartz (6 years ago)
This whole movie is an oxymoron!!! What the heck?!?!
JewishMusic (6 years ago)
"Tzinus Sexy" is indeed an oxymoron. These women aren't fooling anyone but themselves.
zanzakable (7 years ago)
looking sexy, is something I would want my wife 2 do for me and not 4 others too. sex is wonderful &special bnot yisrael and the queen appreciate that. but why does that mean they have to flaunt it or talk about it like its any other subject. it is special and intimate just for their spouses. is it not?

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