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Adults Get Drunk For The First Time

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Text Comments (8031)
Michael Murphy (1 day ago)
Life lesson it's okay to get drunk if your wanting more confidence
Childish Kek Frog (1 day ago)
I'm drunk rn
Alexa (3 days ago)
Am i the only one that think Mike looks like Adam Levin
Yiking L (3 days ago)
anyone get drunk and watching dis right now like me?
Naomi Empire (4 days ago)
“Anything is possible” that was funny 😁
Eve Brannick (4 days ago)
[ SupremE ] (5 days ago)
I was 13 the fiest time i got drunk
the asian girl though
who thinks dat mike will be here
Bonor M Ayambem (8 days ago)
I see Adam Levine
Alex Wilson (9 days ago)
Who else thinks vodka tastes like germ x😂
Jaime Baldassano (9 days ago)
Looks and sounds like adam lavine
Carlos Munoz (10 days ago)
6 shots is what we drink in our country after each meal...
clarissa krigger (10 days ago)
Does Maggie still work at BUZZFEED???
ddawgdmitri (10 days ago)
Omg the girl in glasses is adorable
Bongcawil P'wine (10 days ago)
Haha I'm try that with my friends 😂😂
Mehdi Amrani (11 days ago)
Wow. The message is to drink responsibly and yet the video is people getting drunk. This is stupid.
Woodwindmanic (11 days ago)
“I’ve learned something today, it’s don’t drink to that extreme” .........bro you had 4 shots😂
Harsh Déép (12 days ago)
Prevention is better than cure
LunyLucky (12 days ago)
*eats chip "WOAH"
LunyLucky (12 days ago)
" you're the best, you're the best and you're the best. Everybody's the best. "
SharkyBoiPlayz :D (14 days ago)
I went to steamboat bill’s once, and there was a drunk lady by the entrance. I was nervous. Life is limited. 😞
holy H E C C its suga (14 days ago)
The girl with the short hair is the best kind of drunk
Hannah Tripp (14 days ago)
They took four shots. It takes like 10 to get me tipsy
Getting Hig (12 days ago)
Dorado Lucky Dragon (16 days ago)
No lo sé Rick, parece falso
Cachet Hernandez (18 days ago)
Hate drinking ... the room spinning feeling is the worst ever!!
Tommy Vong (20 days ago)
White girls cry to easily
Coolmel 55 (21 days ago)
I am drunk
eVCephei (22 days ago)
the "Man im feeling it" at 1:23 is the most Relatable thing ever
Sports fan Attic (22 days ago)
You can’t say please drink responsibly when your purposely getting really hammered
Billyzapka123 5 (23 days ago)
Shots are bad , but the first time I ever taken shots was not too bsd
Yeah i feel warm and happy too! im wrtiting this comment while drunk.
pinkcheataprint (24 days ago)
*takes 4 baby shots* - “DONT drink to that extreme”
Brian Mclanahan (27 days ago)
.... buzzfeed is dead to me.
Mary Dowdell (28 days ago)
There in there 20’s and haven’t gotten drunk when I’m 12 and have gotten drunk multiple times 😂😂
Am I oK?? (28 days ago)
*Please drink responsibly*
ahmed alrish (29 days ago)
one day we were so drunk and two of my friends were fighting and i was sitting on the car i took my shirt off and slept for hour or something the next day one of them had a black eye
Hydro (29 days ago)
Ugh lightweights
REDVELVET 4LIFE (29 days ago)
Maggie is so precious
limited forest (30 days ago)
I swear i dont want drink the alkohol until i die
james strong (30 days ago)
I wish they made 100 proof Tanduay White.
_mango-orange_ (30 days ago)
Why did they just give them, nonexperienced drinkers, that amount of pure vodka?? Of course they're gonna vomit GOD
Abhishek Sathe (30 days ago)
when you get drunk and go to sleep, its the best sleep you'll ever get in your life. you sleep in like 10 seconds rather than going to bed and waiting like 20-30 mins to actually "sleep" and wake up after like 10-11 hrs completely fresh and rejuvenated(in some cases you'll wake up in hangover too)
This is so surreal to watch, they're acting like they're tripping ballz. I feel I can connect with them but not based on my experiences with alcohol lol.
Honda Rider12 (1 month ago)
Am I the only one boutta chug some fireball
Daniel Davidson (1 month ago)
I’m drunk right now 😆
TinyTentacle (1 month ago)
they're bullshitting or they've got less tolerance than a toddler
Jan (1 month ago)
The guy at 0:21 sounds like Shawn Mendes. xD
Tom (1 month ago)
I can NOT sit down when drunk, like i need to walk around or dance. Also i never cry while drunk.
UTGeek2004 (1 month ago)
That guy Mike sounds and looks like Adam Levine from maroon 5
Should have slipped a few molly pills into their drinks.....
You guys are the worst actors ever! You are clearly drinking water!
Loki (1 month ago)
Imagine if they did shrooms
abianah howell (1 month ago)
Im. Drunk asf right now
Marina Powell (1 month ago)
I vomited in a restaurant. My mum walked in the cubicle and I said to her “please mother Russian bear! Don’t kill me!” While apologising to everyone 😂
Marshall The Puppy (1 month ago)
Watching while drunk
Saffron Crowley (1 month ago)
They've only had four shots? I'm not trying to advocate irresponsible drinking but...actually you know what kudos to them. They obviously don't drink a lot and there's nothing wrong with that at all..alcohol is great but you can build up a tolerance pretty quick so these guys are probably healthier than I'll ever be.
GachaVerse - (1 month ago)
"I wanna fart and sleep all night" Random Guy I Don't Know - 2018
Aylward Casey (1 month ago)
“Please drink responsibly” on a video of people getting hammered. Good marketing scheme
canopy pak (1 month ago)
I'm just like these ppl when I'm kido I drink one sip of alcohol on trip and in whole family trip I laughed like these ppl.
HeyMyLifeIsLibby (1 month ago)
For anyone who’s wanted a synopsis of my adult life, this is it.
PwnageXD (1 month ago)
Nerds get drunk once
Elizabeth Anne (1 month ago)
Lmao 😂
Miles Berry (1 month ago)
Buzz feed blue guy is here
Shannon Gower (1 month ago)
This makes me feel bad about my values I got drunk for the first time at 14
M Gail (1 month ago)
inaccurate sort of losers
Steven Criscione (1 month ago)
Funny thing is, I see a few 23 years old and I was 23 when I first got drunk but I was a happy drunk and I kept to myself in my own little world... It was Bliss
Golden Empoleon (1 month ago)
Im fourteen and drink then again Im from Denmark
Mechanic Steve (1 month ago)
And now these fine people are introduced to what us regular drinkers call the " Porcelain God" !!!! LoL!!
Kate Bandy (1 month ago)
You could make a drinking game from the number of times they say “please drink responsibly”.
hemalXtendking1 (1 month ago)
Kalfax plays (1 month ago)
these guys get weird when theyre drunk o.o you can see hes totally into her when hes drunk lmao, every single one of them are weirdos. are you sure they didn't get something else in that drink? because normal drunks are not like this lol
Fheard11 (1 month ago)
He had two shots and threw up.... 😂
Madeline Borski (1 month ago)
Oh my god, Mike is so annoying!
Wilhelm Nymark (1 month ago)
I dont drink anymore and I love it!!!! Give it a try💪🏻👏🏻👍🏻💕
conscious nick (1 month ago)
Alcohol is the hardest drug to take because of the taste and palette repulsion. Its like your toungue and throat are desperately trying to tell you THIS IS POISON, STOP!!! There are waaay better ways of altering your consciousness. In fact there arent too many worse ways
Derek Mejia (1 month ago)
Ok lol for people that want to know what being drunk is this isn’t what it’s like
RobinGreene (1 month ago)
They drank way too fast
Kate Quinn (1 month ago)
My arms are too long cuz I'm drunk. . . hahaha
EggSimulator (1 month ago)
bleach blanchson (1 month ago)
Omg its mike!!!
Fox Marlie (1 month ago)
This is shameful hahaha
Hebe Dierckx (1 month ago)
I wanna get drunk now
Rhianwen (1 month ago)
*bites dorito* ooohhhhh
Alvmate (1 month ago)
I thought these guys were meant to get drunk not stoned 😂
IIsYouAndYouIsMe (1 month ago)
Omg Maggie is so adorable, bless her heart 😂💖
Joshua Jones (1 month ago)
It didn't take much for them to get drunk lol
Kelso (1 month ago)
Dude I'll never forget my first time - it was seriously the worst day ever. I freakin fell asleep on the bathroom floor in my own barf and then had to clean it up the next morning with THE WORST nausea and headache ever. I finished off the hangover by throwing up again, almost 24 hours after the first drink... Never even come close to drinking that much since.
Buncha chumps
Manu Noel (1 month ago)
Lol I've never gotten drunk either but want to try one day, ik I'll cry
It’s_Maggie Witmer (1 month ago)
Maggie ayyyyy that’s also my name 👌👌
Agghh (1 month ago)
This is presented in the same format as almost every other reality show. Very annoying.
YA BOY Z MAN (1 month ago)
I’m 15 and a better drunk than them😂
LIL homie (1 month ago)
mu firedn thanks ihm denrk
Jose Nava (1 month ago)
I was laughing along when they were laghung but whwn i saw the crying was not very happy lets see what comes next
WTF_ENIGMA (1 month ago)
43 old bald dude is faking and not drunk
First last (1 month ago)
fake and gay
AM-PM Cuber (1 month ago)
This is disgusting. Your helping people get addicted. This is horrible.
Nicholas Warner (1 month ago)
A girl states that she feels like she’s going to cry and begins getting emotional and Adam Levine’s response is “I wanna fart and sleep all night?!” My man, you dropped the ball.
Zoe Stuart (1 month ago)
Becuz we cookle breeeeeeeeeem bwrark

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