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🇨🇳 Interracial marriages on the rise in China | Al Jazeera English

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More than a million Chinese migrants now work and live on the African continent, while the number of Africans in China is thought to be around half that. It’s a relationship that is not restricted just to trade. Interracial marriages between Chinese and Africans are on the rise - from China's increasing investment in and trade with Africa has come an increase in migrants from Africa. Al Jazeera's Adrian Brown reports from Liaoning, northeast China. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: https://www.aljazeera.com/ #interracialmarriagechina #interracialmarriage #chinaAfrica
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Text Comments (4105)
Abigail Jimenez (14 hours ago)
Lack of chinese women
D L (17 hours ago)
Awesome. Wishing their family all the best.
Sammi Nelm (22 hours ago)
Adorable baby. I hope they have a lifetime of success, peace, happiness.
shiva shivashiva (1 day ago)
hahahahaha, china wants to exploit africa, its a political gesture from China--
Golden1 (1 day ago)
Why are people saying this is normal? I am from Trinidad and I dont see this often. So if anyone knows where I can find a decent Chinese man, who likes black women please tell me.
She is really beautiful inside and outside and the guy good too!!!!LOVE IS EVERYTHING!!!!!,
Damin Mance (2 days ago)
Geez women love tiny dicks that much😂
Shekel Detective (2 days ago)
Oy vey! We get the east asians as well!
Uswah Azzahra (2 days ago)
I am from Indonesia with malay ethnic. As history i have ever read.. My malay ethic is from mix ethnic african n chinees. Long time ago. Many african n Chineese sailed.. n They found Indonesian Island.. n there are many african married chineese. Thatz why indonesian people who have tan skin. Actually, when i read this history, I didnt believe it. BUT when i see ur baby, ur sweet baby has similiraty with indonesian face.
Zaki Rasyid (2 days ago)
How to make a Filipino
KCC tV (2 days ago)
All these races are doing is going back to their original people
FaQ Hue (2 days ago)
Did this segment just use the word “CONSEQUENCES” for interracial increase between China and Africa relations.. 🤦‍♂️
cupidlace (3 days ago)
Iiiiiii luv it
mark pryce (3 days ago)
I have cousins and aunts who are Asian mix I guess in the Caribbean we don't care but the rest of the world seems to have a problem. My motto is "Out of many one people".
On the rise from what!? From 5 to 6?
Muse Muse (3 days ago)
How do you TREST chines people?
Duc Vu (3 days ago)
asian genes are the best.
Habiba Mohamed (4 days ago)
So beautiful.
Elvis Mann Haben (4 days ago)
this is very Beautiful..May God bless them for long life together and their beautiful family....
Bacon (4 days ago)
So cute!
The Ghost brrr (5 days ago)
Job job my Asian brothers, Im Latino and I have a Arab girlfriend 😁
Kenneth Thomas (5 days ago)
Wait so when black women date out other black women applaud them but when black men date out its race traiting😒
Empress Ande (5 days ago)
Hafsa Fossie (5 days ago)
All y’all haters out there come up with all these theories about Africans, Chinese. All you need is love marry whoever you love. At the end of the day no one cares but the two people In love together
way2girly (6 days ago)
Such a cute baby
myanganbayar Duudei (6 days ago)
Omy Guere (6 days ago)
BrightestMoments (6 days ago)
Since most of the people are making really ignorant comments I'll say my piece aswell. In the end everyone wants to date a black person
Robibi Sorwur (6 days ago)
Long Hair, Don't Care (6 days ago)
Blacks are so ugly and dumb... I guess it's good _for them_ to "marry up" into a superior gene pool with a higher IQ and beauty. Their kids will be better looking, smarter, better skin, better hair. It's only bad for the Asians who are "marrying down" with their genetic inferiors, because their kids will be dumber and uglier with bad hair.
Taeddy (1 hour ago)
Honey your people will die out in 200 years. God bless global warming
Spy Love (6 days ago)
She's happy and they you can tell thier happy, and that's all that matters
Diogenes of Sinope (7 days ago)
These kids finna be good at math and basketball.
Nfor Elizabeth (7 days ago)
Hello how you doing I'm from Cameroon too may God bless your Union
frezghi Ghbremeskel (8 days ago)
Good 💕
O Some (8 days ago)
😍 So beautiful!
sam able (8 days ago)
The world has become international. The soon barrier down the better. China is africa, africa is china.
Dumile Gugushe (9 days ago)
Not mixed, rather both: both Chinese and African.
Robert Wussah (9 days ago)
Most Chinese men and women love the mixed race but their government is bias due to political reasons and culture
patricia malyango (13 days ago)
Actually does she even enjoy her man z pipe coz its different with our black guys
patricia malyango (13 days ago)
To be truthful, I hate Chinese people seriously
F0RG1V3N (13 days ago)
Boyes Mubi Saudiya (13 days ago)
What a stupid??? What did she see on this white pigմմմ
Lerato Gundabe (13 days ago)
I am sorry, but f*ck this African girl
青木本田 (16 days ago)
Mathilde M (17 days ago)
She s beautifull and their relationship is hapiness. Long life to you, too much love.
84 Tubbs (17 days ago)
The chick on the thumbnail looks really empty headed
Anthony Chapa (17 days ago)
I dissaprove of this message
Kristoff Bjorgman (17 days ago)
Oh no! First it happens to the whites, not the Han people? This is all part of the satanic Kalargi plan to destroy every race.
Mia Debretu (18 days ago)
You better sing girl😁
Candyman (18 days ago)
A Chinese/charcoal hybrid. This makes a "chigger."
Qreeb Aldiar (18 days ago)
I want a Philippine girl
worldstarstud (19 days ago)
Meli Queen (19 days ago)
I lookin for Asian man lol
Righteous Anger (19 days ago)
One PEOPLE one LOVE!❤💞❤💞
Benie (20 days ago)
She looks abit asian. But yes in china its a taboo.
Cory Alexis (20 days ago)
Hes not smiling in his wedding photo🤷🏾‍♂️ he got that face when its monday and you have to go to work
Jay Chow (20 days ago)
Baye Fall (20 days ago)
Never trust Chinese
Albury Beauchard (20 days ago)
L'amour n'a pas de courleurs et de nationnalité aussi ok.
hello lyda (20 days ago)
The weirdest relationships to others ARE the true loves in this world
Bizz (21 days ago)
Their baby is soooo cute. I hope he knows both sides of his heritage. I hope dad and his family allow their children know that their children are from great continents. There are children of Chines and African heritage abandoned by their Chinese fathers who left for China and never looked back.
Monica Jones (21 days ago)
God is love and love is God. Beautiful.
Darcia Mbaye (21 days ago)
The Chinese killed, shunned and prostitutes their females, what do you expect.
mayena (21 days ago)
Do you think partially China's gender imbalance is one the factors. Perhaps many Chinese have to search overseas for a potential mate?.
Moussa Cisse (21 days ago)
I am looking for a chinese girl.Chinese girls you are welcome.
Nicole Hogan (21 days ago)
Adokiye Kalio (21 days ago)
Why is this even a news? If it had been a white man and a Chinese woman I don't think it would have been talked about. Allow them to enjoy their lives.
Mike Mike (22 days ago)
Turn off the lights, you'll be alright.
We're all mad here (22 days ago)
Susu Na (22 days ago)
Beautiful couple. ❣️
Nkosi Menzies (22 days ago)
I love Asian men lol .Hen hao kan
Karima Jibril (22 days ago)
I see all love ❤️
charles stevens (22 days ago)
Is it just me or does she look like a Chinese.
kimlove_asser Edwards (22 days ago)
I love watching this this is so beautiful I love to see them interact each other and she knows how to speak Mandarin which is a very hard language to speak
B.a.d.a Logic (22 days ago)
So, she does all the work while he oversees(smart phone in hand)? Hmmm, where have I seen this before?
Zhenya Art (23 days ago)
Their baby is adorable!!!
邵飞 (23 days ago)
Magosha magoshazani (23 days ago)
Chinas courtship with Africa began by supplying weapons to the "liberation movements" who have turned out to be the most brutal dictators on earth back already in the 1950s
donjz777 (23 days ago)
The Chinese men have no choice, but to look for others since there isn't enough women in China.
renden wright (24 days ago)
He keeps that phone fixed on his African wife noted he's not smiling in the wedding 🤔
Nisa Khan (24 days ago)
Mother in laws. Be they african, chinese, European, or Marsian exactly the same. Suspicious, dominering, arrogant, meddling and think her son/daughter is far better than whoever she/he married. 👾👽👻💀
Janiel Bryan (24 days ago)
This was news worthy??? REALLY?????
Franky Flowers (24 days ago)
one child policy. better than nothing i guess.
Andy Xu (24 days ago)
child , please help football tream of China when you grow up
Pershey Ann Denila (24 days ago)
Victor magtanggol
Carmen Lopez (24 days ago)
Most people are single because they refuse to have and open-heart and mind when it comes to love. Love may not come in the package you've imagined. It may come wrapped differently.
Codec Pryme (21 days ago)
When are we getting married again? Your mum is not picking my calls
bakar billionaire (24 days ago)
Their baby is so beautiful
NaturalBeauty0708 (24 days ago)
I will pass on the Chinese men.
Gucci B (24 days ago)
Why is it always a british person doing the narration lol 😂 , cmon bbc
rick lulu (24 days ago)
African women are not the same as the bkack woman here in the .U.S. For some reason the woman here in the US got some attitude
Jihad Bunnydick (25 days ago)
We're all different shades of brown
Carol Lewis (25 days ago)
😑 there too... Well the men outnumber the women...
churchill kariuki (25 days ago)
They're stealing our women father
Codec Pryme (21 days ago)
Kelli Rae (25 days ago)
People should love and marry who they want. Why is this even a story?
Taeddy (1 hour ago)
Theyre trying to colonize africa loool
Codec Pryme (21 days ago)
You look like a dull but I agree with you
Susan Dunn (25 days ago)
This is not a new thing interracial marriage being seen as a bad thing . In Britain 1930 Chinese coming over and working and trying to intermarry was not accepted then matter of fact it was outlawed.
A Moses (25 days ago)
Effects of the One Child Policy... The CCP will have themselves to blame when China becomes white and shades of tan and brown.
Linda Blake (26 days ago)
With the One child policy years ago and sons favored over daughters, native Chinese women are in short supply, by the millions. Chinese men marrying foreigners have become a necessity. It is good to see the couple being open minded about inter-racial marriage and this baby is adorable. It will take some time for the older generation to adjust to the new reality if they want grandchildren. It’s a whole cultural mind shift because the one child policy has such far reaching consequences
jamesgrayasrider (26 days ago)
Their noses are the same
Krenjura (26 days ago)
Well, looks like blasians won't be as rare in a couple of years...

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