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Dear Kitten

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Cats everywhere are promising big changes for a taste of wet cat food. What will your cat do? Tell us: http://www.IfYouFeedMe.com Subscribe to Friskies YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PurinaFriskies
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Text Comments (12138)
Iside Galli (51 minutes ago)
This is awesome 😂❤
Joose Kantola (2 hours ago)
People always see the bad part of buzzfeed. Some videos are good.
polite spoon (3 hours ago)
Ray Mak (3 hours ago)
So cute
Whatever you (3 hours ago)
Human larva
natasha granville (4 hours ago)
Purrrfect x
Clara Sidabutar (4 hours ago)
RainyNights (4 hours ago)
I watched this so long ago, why is it back in my recommended??🤔😂😭
TVG Philippines (4 hours ago)
So I just watched an ad?
London Sawaya (5 hours ago)
*The human larva*
Riddhi Tiwari (9 hours ago)
So adorable!!!
Mirwell Duo (10 hours ago)
Eat and yell at the same time..hahahahahahaha
Basil .J (11 hours ago)
Alpha m viewers watch this. Wtf😂
benny boi (13 hours ago)
My kitten looks like that kitten
Video Maker (14 hours ago)
Is Morgan Freeman?
anotherharrypotterfan (15 hours ago)
OMG this so funny 😂😂
Magical Disney Twins (19 hours ago)
That kitten looks just my cat Goose!
Summer Says (19 hours ago)
This is so cute, it made my day!
catty_too (20 hours ago)
My cat hates wet food...
Bonita Wauls (21 hours ago)
Beth Brown (21 hours ago)
Sooooooo cute
Bete Biscotti (21 hours ago)
I thought this was gonna be a True Facts video
Evolu (23 hours ago)
How could anyone not like this video? So sweet, cute, and touching. 😻😻😻😻😻💗
Vacoon lmaooooooo 😂 😭💀
Susan Scott (1 day ago)
Is anyone else still watching this for years later? Still hilarious.
Sumiramis Garcia (1 day ago)
I always loved this so perfectly funny cuteness all around....
PentaHacker (1 day ago)
U shall hide behind the curtains from the V A C O O M
Kenneth Ocampo (1 day ago)
Very cuuuute😍
My cat was sleeping on me when I was watching this lmao 😂
hi pat (1 day ago)
youtube decided to show this on my recommendation after 4 years. just why? i need a quality content like this.
Izzat Fauzi Mustafa (1 day ago)
We want to see the orange cat, all grown up now, advising a new kitten about the same thing.
a m e l i a (1 day ago)
why did i cry?
Omid Films (1 day ago)
“Welcome to the household” 😢
kai mana (1 day ago)
Cat lover Meowth (1 day ago)
I didnt know cats were French 🤔🐱🇫🇷
Kelvin Broder (1 day ago)
I can't believe he sold out and did a video for BUZZkillFEED. Go back to your channel
I draw for money (1 day ago)
The human lARvA
Aadil Williamson (1 day ago)
This is beautiful. I can relate as I also have a cat who is soon going to give littler again.
Samira Peri (1 day ago)
Replace? Kittehs *complement* eachother.
Hyper Cat (2 days ago)
My cat died todaaay😭😭😭
Janet Gaurie (2 days ago)
1000% percent cuteness. My mom always did this, talking out loud for the pets. Makes them even more adorable.
Prameow Meow (2 days ago)
Kitten is so cute I want to pick it up and cuddle it
Shenelle Draws (2 days ago)
this is the feline version of “this are this” by Jenna Marbles
Apalah Apalah (2 days ago)
Aawwwww I want my older cat to watch this😭
theresa837008 (2 days ago)
How can this get haters, it was cute.
RavenHawk 8 (2 days ago)
Human Larva XD
benkenobisgirl (2 days ago)
Who downvotes something so darling??
butterflyOuo Aj (3 days ago)
"Human larva" "training us for space" "cortines of invisibility" Everything in this commercial is perfect 😂😂😂😂
Over_0w0 (3 days ago)
Meow =^w^=
Satwik Singh (3 days ago)
I held it for a full minute but when I lifted my paws, it was gone 😂😂😂
•Invisible GaminG (3 days ago)
My kitten is Pregnant AF
rowan Edwards (3 days ago)
😂hAhaha this is so funny and cute at the same time😂
Moneeba Khan (3 days ago)
Hahhahahahah how cute
HYRUL 1 (3 days ago)
I don't like BuzzFeed but this is cool
Neon Black (3 days ago)
K Game (3 days ago)
Aww iloved it somuch
Little Joe (3 days ago)
How sweet.
Evianna Faye (3 days ago)
So what happened to dear Kitten???? What adventures did it have? Did it ever got caught by the villain Va-coom??? Did it get along with the human larvae? Oh the suspense!!!!
Joyce Roberts (3 days ago)
Loved the advice column for the kitten especially to red light...it is real!
Eleanor Maya (3 days ago)
Oh, yes. I also have a monster named ' _Vakum_ ', and I use such methods to scare my Feline Master to behave for a bit.
Nyx.Raexx (3 days ago)
Remember when BuzzFeed was actually good like this? Good old times.
Michael Lee (4 days ago)
I know that voice lol
Laykan M (4 days ago)
I love it!!
1:23 *the human larva*
LOST. DIR (4 days ago)
OMG !!! This is so sad 😢 *(When i see the Ending ! )* Me : *#### it just a Promotion*
Aimen Kazmi (4 days ago)
another good reason to love cats😄
kriemhilde333 (4 days ago)
Great job...outstanding! 😍👏👍
Celso & Jessica Porto (4 days ago)
Insert Ron Burgundy quote literally ANYWHERE in that video.
BOMBA (4 days ago)
Human use dark magic to open food can!
Rozegolden (4 days ago)
This was the best thing I’ve seen all day omg 😭❤️❤️❤️
Nessie 1735 (5 days ago)
YouTube algorithm be like: 2014-No 2015-Nope 2016- Nah 2017-Not Yet 2018-Meh this can wait 2019- Hmm almost 5 years later, now is the time to show you.
KillahKurlz (5 days ago)
😂 you had me at curtains of invisibility ❤️
Allestiar Harewood (5 days ago)
hoon4tw (5 days ago)
ZeFrank ZeLegend
Renay Dominguez (5 days ago)
I have 3 felines and I can Honey say, that " Friskies" video is funny but very beautiful and loving. Thank you so much! I'm Catlady Redd here in Muncie Indiana. More videos, please???!!!
Renay Dominguez (5 days ago)
I meant " honestly".... But honey is okay....
Un- Deniable (6 days ago)
Vacooom is my cats greatest fear
madison harressey (6 days ago)
2:43. ASMR
GreenSheep (6 days ago)
I hate Buzzfeed. But I love this series.
Reyna (7 days ago)
Still love this video, so adorable<3 Hope my older cat looks after his little sister like this lol
skylar grey (7 days ago)
That was the cutest and most evil genius way to get you to buy wet food lmao
JustLaurie (8 days ago)
*It can eat and yell at the same time*
Hannah Rose Reviews (9 days ago)
I feel like the voice over was Thomas Sanders...
Harshda Saxena (9 days ago)
this is quality content.
McCord Grimes (9 days ago)
360° of foot smell lol
Itzstilljohnathan lolz (10 days ago)
I kill it
Itzstilljohnathan lolz (10 days ago)
The vacuum
Itzstilljohnathan lolz (10 days ago)
josephine n.s (10 days ago)
Kai Kai (10 days ago)
Can’t have my dinner while I am watching it, lol....
Hanna Halim (12 days ago)
*watches this video* 2 minutes later. fRiSkiEs Idk its an ad wtf
Hanna Halim (12 days ago)
chonky boll goes fluffy flofy small cheese
Adnan Alkurdi (13 days ago)
Hello zefrank1 🔥❤️❤️❤️
Amanda s. (13 days ago)
The vacuum comment was hilarious! "It can eat and yell at the same time" Hilarious!
Carolyn Petty (14 days ago)
I love these.
Va'kum sounds like a dragon's name from Skyrim
ovaiz muhammed (16 days ago)
Johenn (16 days ago)
Is that zefrank1's voice???
C F (19 days ago)
The curtains of invisibility... Anyone thinking of Harry Potter?
Dhanuja Boyagoda (20 days ago)
Who else thought the narrated was will Farrell
Shid Sensei (20 days ago)
2019 anymeow?

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