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Bootstrap Tutorial #9 - Clearfix

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Text Comments (13)
I like this!
Misbah Khan (10 months ago)
bro this tutorial is very helpful but please tell me why my code is over from the box when i was write too much text in a box
Hello the net ninja! i noticed there is a gap of white space in the 6th heading.. I am not sure is it because of the margin that has been applied to the thumb class. Mind rectifying and explain this issue? Thankss
Ankush Thakur (1 year ago)
All cool, but what to do about the weird gaps that are left over from unequal heights? I mean the slits in the right column.
Daniel Johns (1 year ago)
Ankush Thakur I think the best thing to do is to make the div's equal height
this is what I wanted, a graphic explanation as for WHY this happened. Thanks dude! Awesome tutorial.
유제환 (2 years ago)
Nice Tutorial Ninja!
Khoa Tran Dang (2 years ago)
Thank you very much sir, you sure know your onions.
Tarun Sharma (2 years ago)
Great Stuff. Thanks a lot for solving my problem.
The Net Ninja (2 years ago)
+Tarun Sharma My pleasure :), glad it helped!
Radosław Gryczan (2 years ago)
Dude, your tutorials are really awesome - right now I learning JavaScript and your videos helps me some! Can you recomend any books to learn JS? What will you do next?
Radosław Gryczan (2 years ago)
+The Net Ninja I've got reading some about this one - https://medium.com/@Functionite/interview-with-a-javascript-developer-1d382a1c7ae4 ;) . Thanks for advice!
The Net Ninja (2 years ago)
+Radek 02 Cheers :). I personally liked 'JavaScript - the good parts' by Crockford. Well worth reading. And up next is Angular JS, which is a really cool JS framework!

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