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Farewell Black Ops 2(again) with LuNr Clan and Randoms

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This Was 2 years of a Great Game AW was great but got boring after a while when I post I post out of thinking it will get views #BO3 #BO2Farewell: More Arc find me Tweet Me if you want more AW before BO3 http://twitter.com/@jake_antonino12 I Stream on Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/thejudgedstreams I'm On PC, Xbox and PS4 LuNr Clan Best Clan
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Arc Nation (2 years ago)
LuNr Force is no Longer in LuNr he left to go solo
Tyler Nelson (3 years ago)
Kei (3 years ago)
you seem really cool so ill like the video, i hope you become famous one day haha. i just hit 1000 subs and it would be awesome if you could subscribe! :D <3

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