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Best Friends SWAP LIVES for a Day!

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Thanks to Nair Hair Removal for sponsoring this episode. Click here to learn how to Free Your Most Beautiful Self! http://bit.ly/NairCare It's time to swap 6 daily Dr. Peppers for a 6am pilates class....Welcome to SWAPPED! SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverStyle Two Best Friends. Two Very Different Lives. One is an entertainment reporter who loves skincare, working out and green vegetables. The other is a YouTube producer who lives on a steady stream of Dr. Pepper and In-N-Out. We challenged Joslyn & Lily to switch morning routines, jobs, and even diets for a day and live life in the others' shoes! Will it go okay or be an epic failure?! This is SWAPPED! Stay tuned for Swapped Part 2 - Drew goes to work at Smosh & Olivia spends the day at Clevver... Next Wednesday on Clevver Style! Talk to us about the episode! http://twitter.com/joslyndavis http://twitter.com/lily_marston http://instagram.com/joslyndavis http://instagram.com/lily_marston For More Clevver: http://www.clevver.com Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/Clevver Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverTV Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverTV Find us on Snapchat: ClevverTV This is a sponsored video.
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Clevver Style (8 months ago)
WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED PART ONE!! Watch Pt 2-4 NOW! ⤵ Pt 2 - YouTubers Swap Channels https://youtu.be/7ZTYMwFSigs Pt 3 - CoWorkers Swap Families https://youtu.be/8ub-kRAOfSM Pt 4 - Reality TV Star & Actor Swap Lives https://youtu.be/Y-ly57pYb3w
Anaid Flores (19 days ago)
Clevver Style hi
Melanie Ruiz (1 month ago)
Clevver Style yyyyaaaayyyyy
Angel Sky (1 month ago)
Nursery rhymes
LLB Vlogs (1 month ago)
Clevver Style xdpp
Justin Le (2 months ago)
Clevver Style i love you so much i wached you for 2 yeares
Anne Kieffer (2 days ago)
Omg Joslyn is on a high sugarush
Stacy Glazebrook (2 days ago)
After jocelyn drinks the Dr Pepper she looks like she drunk😂😂
all about kym (2 days ago)
Did anyone notice that lily has dr.pepper bottle near her computer 😂
Chris 23 (5 days ago)
A whole six pack a day of soda. I kinda feel bad when i drink only one.
Yuazi (5 days ago)
joslyn is so freaking old like w0t
Anna and Zoe (7 days ago)
Her with Dr.Pepper is like me with chocolate milk 🥛 🍫
Miski Makeup (8 days ago)
aloha finley (9 days ago)
6 pack everyday = diabetes
Yasmine • (9 days ago)
3:38 me entering school and 3:30 is me in that horrid disgusting place. 4:17 is me getting out
Harper Akins (11 days ago)
Who is here after she had baby Flynn
Ally The Dino (11 days ago)
3:27 I agree girl!!!! Coffee sucks!!!!! 🤮🤮🤮
Rachael Leah (12 days ago)
They wake up with makeup
Joslyn would hate to switch lives with me on weekends I sleep until 11:00 am
Intisar S. (13 days ago)
‘Lily’s apartment’ More like Lily’s mansion
ben butler-henderson (13 days ago)
Is it weird that I’m getting anxiety that she says Adob
Merp Life (13 days ago)
They had little mix in the back
Lena Than (13 days ago)
Jocelyn look like she was drunk when she was drinking the bottle of Dr Pepper
Ricco is Dead (14 days ago)
The guy on the dating app may be a raper ...
Jokur Love (15 days ago)
*Just keep replaying it...* *Oml* 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
Brooke Copeland (16 days ago)
Joslyn is on a sugar highhhhhhhh
PandaFun! (16 days ago)
Joslyn is expectations and Lilly/Lily is Reality
Izabelle Otis (17 days ago)
Anniston Perry (18 days ago)
Lily is literally me
Waniya’s Drawings (18 days ago)
Lily looks JUDT LIKE the famous singer Billie Elishe
Norah Alam (18 days ago)
That Selena Gomez picture on the wall tho.....
Olivia Mae (18 days ago)
Joslyn seemed kinda drunk LOL 😂😂
NerdyGirl 45 (19 days ago)
Screen junkies????
Unicorn vlogs (20 days ago)
Lily is going to die if she drinks that much soda
it’s just Me (21 days ago)
She’s so forking positive
Mackenzie Buchter (21 days ago)
AHHHHH i love that joslyn says "adob" 😂😂😂
Samantha Simmen (22 days ago)
Is it just me or does Jocelyn seem a little drunk ?
Carly Tomer (23 days ago)
Yay I’m not the only one who gets up at six o’clock # I love Brussels
Brandon Landrum (24 days ago)
I find it funny that people think 6:00 am is too early when high schoolers get up at that time or even earlier
Mia Cordova (24 days ago)
Wow how is lily Skinney. I once ate a buger and gain 1000000 pounds
Jordan Coll (24 days ago)
Okay, so off point but lily's leggings are so cute!
Allie And Avery ASMR (25 days ago)
the dude was from safari at the end... :)
Katherine Devine (27 days ago)
Brooklyn Eldridge (27 days ago)
Jolsyn should do a video googling herself
Valerie Yang (28 days ago)
After 0:05 seconds I finally realized I wasn't watching a dr pepper ad
hannah morris (28 days ago)
I’m Lilly but im trying to be jos 🥴
Sarah Pajot (29 days ago)
I love coffee
Rosieposie mrs (29 days ago)
I tried friends. I tried. Jocelyn is just to positive.
Corrine Moy (29 days ago)
The guy on the phone looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOoooooooo fake
Eleanor Harker (29 days ago)
Lily is meeeee tho
xio 23 (29 days ago)
Oooohhh !!!Josselyn or what ever is a social justice warrior
lulu haki (30 days ago)
Nobody showered.
Lilah Smith (30 days ago)
Me if I were to do this: Oh ya I’m totally up for this, wait? They get to have my phone? Bye
Lisa Bylund (1 month ago)
Am Lily 100%
Alexis Clayton (1 month ago)
Pause at 11:37 You’ll thank me later
callum wills (1 month ago)
Kaiya Jones (1 month ago)
Never give Joslyn this much sleep again, lol you thought she was wild before...
Zing3rninja (1 month ago)
Is nair hair remover in Australia??
Hayley Myers (20 days ago)
Voltron Saviour yep
itz hrisi (1 month ago)
9:49 *one direction*
Ella Haim (1 month ago)
stan pentagon (1 month ago)
*opposites attract*
Joss Hardman (1 month ago)
My name is josslynn lol
niharikajaisudan (1 month ago)
Maja Lechowska (1 month ago)
I want to be Joslyn but I actually am just lily Like for laziness
Kat Coat (1 month ago)
How do you not like coffee?!! How o you not drink pop?!!
Isabelle Nichols (1 month ago)
Morning person vs Non-morning person
Lena Than (1 month ago)
When Jocelyn was drinking the Dr Pepper it’s like she is drunk
Amalie Gammelby (1 month ago)
Omg This is so Fun
John Ross (1 month ago)
I am obsessed with Dr. Pepper, and I enjoy fast food and dressing comfortably. Lily’s routine is so me.
Ayesha S (1 month ago)
Im like lily and joslyn
Demi Mullen (1 month ago)
This video is sponsored by Nair Lily's life is sponsored by Dr pepper But I love Dr pepper soo can't really say much
Well Hello There (1 month ago)
I keep seeing this thumbnail and its SOOOO annoying! I decided to finally watch it!!!!
Holly Schultz (1 month ago)
I love how Joslyn kept saying adobe wrong
Jjlove1056 (1 month ago)
I'm exactly like Lily😂😂😂 like dr pepper is just all meeeee
I would do joselyn routine
Alyssa B (1 month ago)
That’s the girl from shameless
LAURA Enciso (1 month ago)
7:03 there is already a dr. Pepper so drink that
Elena Bayazitova (1 month ago)
Hi ur really goid
Zing3rninja (1 month ago)
Is makeup just there to cover up ur ugliness or what?
Lila Officials (1 month ago)
Joslyn is that one kid that enjoys school ands the “teachers pet” 🙄😂😂
Ella Artho (1 month ago)
7:03 At Lily's desk she has a dr. pepper bottle
Crystal Martinez (1 month ago)
She could maybe get catfished
Noora Huq (1 month ago)
Ketchup sucks
Simar Dhillon (1 month ago)
How come lily had Dr Pepper every day doesn’t work out and is in great shape
Erdo vlogs (1 month ago)
8:15 she was talking to the indian scammer omg wtf😱😖
Gacha Penguin (1 month ago)
Lol peach fuzz
It’s me Joc (1 month ago)
My name is Jocelyn 😂
Nasari Vlogs (1 month ago)
Just thinking of waking up at 6:00Am Gives me a headache
OWEN NORLAVONG (1 month ago)
Bruh this girl really have to go call ligma
Beth M (1 month ago)
Am I the only person who noticed the Dr Pepper by her computer as she was opening her 2nd can 😂😂😂
Tony Lewis (1 month ago)
Make more video please 💜💜💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Riley Michael (1 month ago)
I’ve had that juice before and it’s really good
Shooo Oonta (1 month ago)
The lady in the black in the workout session was showing off way toooooo much xP
Wisteria (1 month ago)
Lily is a straight up mood
Riley Thierens (1 month ago)
December anyone?
Manjinder Kaur (1 month ago)
*Indian tech support how may I help you?*
Michelle Coates (1 month ago)
grace goody (1 month ago)
everyone wants to be like joslyn (healthy and wakes up early) but everyone is a lily (loves dr pepper and wakes up late)
Malia Wolfenberger (2 months ago)
The one who drinks a six pack of dr.pepper everyday is going to have diabetes!!
Charlotte Spark (2 months ago)
lily is so content with her self when she has her doctor pepper back with her
yan (2 months ago)
A six-pack?? I can't take a sip without getting gassy and uncomfortable...
Lydia Hernandez (2 months ago)
I. Love. Lily.!! We're so much alike!! I would love to meet & hangout with her.
Carly Russell (2 months ago)
People don't lie for 3 hours doing nothing they sleep
rashid vlog/gaming (2 months ago)
Lily is so me i love it
Adrienne Riggs (2 months ago)

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