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Demons of the Punjab Impressions | Look Who's Talking

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Join Matt and Chris for our brand new discussion show: Look Who's Talking. Each week we'll be bringing you breakdowns of the brand new episode of Series 11, as well as sharing our thoughts and feelings about Doctor Who in general. PATREON ►https://www.patreon.com/fullfatvideos/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FullFatVideo/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/full_fat_videos/ Twitter: @FullFatVideos Watch | Like | Share | Subscribe All footage used in this video is for educational purposes only.
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Nathan Hood (1 month ago)
What is really sad is up till last week I had been excited for the next episode - now I would rather watch you two talk about it than watch it, which sucks (even if you guys are great!)
Everything Cool (1 month ago)
+Full Fat Videos it must be bad if you rather watch yourself jokes
scalpingsnake (1 month ago)
I was just watching the ep then and I just wanted it to end to watch this video...
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
That is very nice of you but we also agree!
justabitofamug (12 days ago)
I am used to enjoying TV that is genuinely shitty (and yes I'm talking about ahs) so doctor who is great even when it's shit.
DrKrapulax (22 days ago)
Failing to pin current Who for the boiling politically correct hatefest against whiteness & maleness that it is, is the perfect counterbalance for all the good videos you guys are making.
Greg Hawkins (28 days ago)
They just used partition to make it look like they did something interesting rather than actually doing anything with it. Also it just felt like an excuse to say yaz's nan was the first woman married in Pakistan
Greg Hawkins (28 days ago)
Idk why you like Rosa so much
Greg Hawkins (26 days ago)
+Full Fat Videos hahaha soz it's just a solid skimmed milk tbh
Full Fat Videos (28 days ago)
lol we get shit for liking it at the level that we do, which isnt much. we cant win!
Thecrazygamer2 (28 days ago)
for me i like the new show, it feels more educational, i knew nothing about the formation of pakistan, and when the doctor explained about what spiders hate, how they behave, i feel like thats stuff kids and adults can watch and learn things about
Unworshipediety (28 days ago)
Hopefully, after this season they'll go ahead and be more daring. They might as well do just that, just go for broke and put all the haters to shame. Enough of this playing it safe! I'm still enjoying the series though, it's pretty keen.
Unseen but Well Heard (29 days ago)
enigma mist (1 month ago)
The plot was like a old Bollywood movie story. doctor/alien hardly did anything. But the story was better than the rest in series 11 till now.
Bruce McKay (1 month ago)
It’s fine... the curse of the season of Dr I’m Not Bothered
oppasaranhae (1 month ago)
Love your discussions guys, more than episodes themselves tho really
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
thank you! xx
Steven Nodlehs (1 month ago)
As a little boy I was on the edge of my seat every week and when the episode ended I couldn't wait until the next one. Story arcs took weeks and if I was an 10 year old lad now, I can't see why I'd be getting so excited to watch a Pakistani love story? It doesn't scream science fiction does it? But I guess the BBC have a mandate to educate the population about political correctness and inclusion but I don't know why they've chosen Doctor Who isn't of Songs of Praise - something truly bigoted.
Herohammer Studios (1 month ago)
I'd never heard of the partition before this episode and I still have no idea what it was about. If this was supposed to educate the viewer then it failed completely
_EmergentAxis810 _ (1 month ago)
Everyone seems really positive about this episode. I personally didn't like it. I didn't like how they made the plot completely predictable. I knew the guy had to die, it was clear who was going to kill him. The episode was forgettable, the actors couldn't act well and the exposition is still off the charts. I also don't like the Doctor, she claims she knows what she is doing but doesn't tell the companions what she is doing, it makes her seem clueless and just wishy-washy. Also feel free to correct me but did they call the aliens "the most deadly assassins", I thought that title was for the Weeping Angels? And did the doctor say she knew these creatures from a tale, like the Cube Man guy in season 7? He wrote that episode as well... I feel like Chibnal has ran out of ideas, last week was 42 and now this...
Mark Chapman (1 month ago)
What did the Doctor actually achieve in this episode? She's becoming a supporting character in the series named after her! Also, the whole thing with the "assassin" race was pretty contrived. a. The Doctor knew who they were but somehow was ignorant of their massive change. b. They were deliberately obtuse when she melodramatically swore to protect Earth against them, rather than saying "What?! We're just here to observe! Have a cup of tea and calm the f--- down, OK?" c. As ever, the "deadliest species in the universe" is really clumsy and slow. I certainly agree with you about the lack of real drama. If I know, soon after the introduction, that a character is going to die, and I only spend about 30 minutes with him, then I'm not going to particularly care. Also, it was a bit annoying that them winding up in the middle of the Partition was supposed to be a complete surprise. Nani reminisces that she was "the first woman to get married in Pakistan" and NO-ONE else in the family says "Oh, that's right, you got married on the morning of the Partition, didn't you?" I would think that that would be a notable part of the family history.
JoJo Talks Too Much (1 month ago)
"He won't, he's dead" Ow, my soul. :p
Shelbie Z (1 month ago)
I love the 13th doctor so much and I think Jodie Whittaker is a brilliant actress, but I had more fun watching you than I have any of the episodes this season.
Zarathrustrasite (1 month ago)
Dullards of the punjab ;moral ?  Asians are violently sectarian ;before during & after the raj. wow  how  poignant moving etc. I was so affected I then watched 3 episodes of "curry & chips" to redress the balance...
Y (1 month ago)
Prems monologue of mob violence and land grab was excellent. I hope the concept gets more focus. Wonderful acting by Prem and Bride. Stole the show
Mathieu Leader (1 month ago)
the episode was too contained and the acting in part was subpar and what was most annoying is that the enemies in this episode could of been the first enemy of the Chibnall era to be recurring perhaps as the enemy fraction of an ancient time war. This episode could of had returning was the infamous Reapers. Rating Almond/Soy.
Mud Crab (1 month ago)
So... Graham is really the Doctor and has been the entire time?
Fergus Mcshane (1 month ago)
The episodes feel average because the pacing has slowed down markedly compared to other seasons. This makes it feel like nothing happens because nothing does happen. Basically were before you'd typically be following one group of people with the occasional split into 2 (silence and the library, satin pit, etc) now it's regularly being split into 2-3 even sometimes 4 groups in order to give everyone something to do which halves the speed of progress of each plot line. An example of this is the tsuranga conundrum, which generally had at least 3 plot lines going on at once and at times four with yas and android guarding the drive, engineer dude snooping in on his sister and building a rig for her to fly, ryan and graham guarding the pregnant women while the doctor tries to figure out a solution. The inverse of this is what we get in arachnids in the uk, the ghost monument to and extent and this episode. Where characters are completely forgotten about/dropped (i.e. yas's family in arachnids , as well as various plot points) or everyone is in such a big group that inevitably one or 2 characters is left by the way side for long stretches of time (typically yas in this series). In this episode we learn alot about Pam but barely nothing about umbreen other than she loves pam and the mother is pretty much brushed to the side. Pam's younger brother also pretty much disappears during the middle of the episode when the sci fi plot is going on and only really features to be dissenting for a few seconds then walk out of the room. There are other problems with the writing such as heavy exposition but i firmly believe the majority of the pacing problems come from the choice to have 3 companions. This was blatant in episode 5 were they had 11 different characters if you include the pa ting!!!. To put that into perspective, voyage of the damned had 9 (10 if you include the angels) core characters including the villain in an extended length episode. midnight a more comparable length episode only has 8. simply having 4 other characters in any story instantly gives a cast of 8 at the moment which is quiet large by who standards. The big problem here though is that companions typically need more screen time in order to not feel like dead weight and that is typically achieved by exploring the other characters by having them interact with the main cast. The problem here is with 4 main characters doing that makes it feel like there is no lead or that sometimes the guest actors are the leads, which then makes all the main characters feel underdeveloped. That's if you get the balance right and in my opinion they haven't here and as a result Graham is by far the most developed followed by Ryan, then Yas. The doctor is also suffering from this, she isn't getting the lines she should and as a result has little to no presence. Even when she does get lines though there typically infodumps or jargon and no offence to Jodie but she doesn't vary her delivery enough to make it interesting infodumps like some other doctors. That being said that antimatter scene dragged so much not sure any doctor could make that interesting. Those are the problems as i see. Just as a side note with regards to Jodie i personally didn't have a problem with her in the series opener despite strong reservations but as the series has worn on either due to poor writing, poor acting or a bit of both i've become less and less enamoured with her. Her acting comes across as forced at times and she often delivers lines incredibly quickly and in a similar tone. She also seems to be rather undynamic stuck between happy go lucky/flighty and speech / admission mode. Now obviously she has expressed more than that in emotions but i don't get the sense of a normal mood or mode like i have with previous doctors. Her habit of exaggerated motions with the sonic when opening doors is also annoying. Furthermore her outfit is slightly ridiculous it stands out way too much why it couldn't be classy but a tad eccentric like most previous doctors i honestly don't know. Lastly her accent is slightly too strong in the same way Tennants own Scotish accent just wouldn't have worked as the doctor but this is a minor gripe in all honesty. I'm sure i'll get roasted for that last bit even though it's perfectly fine to dislike aspects of doctors (i.e. i thought matt smith was a bit too much of a goofball at times).
Cedric Vornhecke (1 month ago)
I couldn't have said it better myself! Overall I am really disappointed with the new series. It seems so washed out already without any particular points of interest like lore, jokes or the doctor having her own character (occasionally being wrong and riddled with self doubt as we have seen with 12). It really is quite a shame considering we have the first female doctor and they fail to make that a plot point. Instead of reinventing the character they just failed to give her any particular profile.
Lee Coulson (1 month ago)
Season 11 is like a Coldplay album so far, inoffensive, adequate, diverting but nothing really dramatic or uplifting or energetic-will anyone fix it though?
Linnaeus Lowrey (1 month ago)
f*cking awesome review boys! Absolute mad lads
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
My man
Ashton Rice (1 month ago)
What happened to outer space adventures, we’ve had one. And it wasn’t even good. So far just about every episode has been on earth which is just boring. Like no one watches doctor who for a history lesson we watch it for a time traveling alien going to other planets not going to say hi to someone’s grandparents. Either way series 11 has been crap thus far.
BlasterMaster (1 month ago)
I also noticed the structural similarities to Rosa, but I thought this episode did it far better.
Tozendai (1 month ago)
I feel like Chibnall hasn't been allowed to flex his muscles on the new season. It seems like the BBC has put a lot of restrictions on him in order to make the show more accessible to a new audience, and to an audience that's not starting from the first episode of the season.
Lewys Cousins (1 month ago)
It could have been a lot more exciting tbh Since Russell T Davies brought DW back it's been first and foremost about the adventure, excitement and action of the show before the educational side of it. They need to make these go hand in hand together and not make the educational stuff and history lessons take precedence over monsters and action which let's be honest, is what people tune in to watch sci-fi shows like Doctor Who for!!
Alex Papamichail (1 month ago)
I don’t agree with your point about the fuzzy ness around Jodie’s doctor’s character. I feel that that one line at the start; “let’s have a punt” followed by the welding mask. That said it all for me. I believe that was the defining moment for me.
concon09090 (1 month ago)
These videos are getting steadily less professional and more incoherent as the series goes on and I love it.
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
Our effort directly correlates to the quality of the series
Stephen Walrond-Chance (1 month ago)
I had the same thought about Graham acting more like The Doctor than The Doctor and I agree that the story was very light on the historical detail. In earlier Who episodes I understood the gravity of a historical moment because The Doctor would have been given a really juicy speech about the after effect of what was coming and would show serious regret that he could do nothing to stop it. This episode aspired to that when The Doctor and companions turned their back on the two brother's stand off. This season has been OK, not great. I think I appreciate what the creators are doing though, I like the fact that each episode isn't centred around The Doctor but instead around the relationships of in Team Tardis. I'm already invested in The Doctor, I'm becoming more fond of the companions in this season than any of the new series.
Shaggy (1 month ago)
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
It was a bit naughty
Lachlan Fanning (1 month ago)
The season finale will reveal that the Stenza are actually good guys and they just gotta watch
Shaggy (1 month ago)
Lmao when Chris mentioned the progressive themes I felt that stare
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
I'd like to clarify that this was in response to someone who tried to trash our channel by claiming we hate doctor who because it's progressive. We actually enjoy this new approach and as Chris identifies politically as a Socialist he was considerably annoyed that someone would try and tar him with a non-progressive label
W-James (1 month ago)
This series has just been fine. Nothing special or memorable and honestly, I don't feel like I'm watching a doctor who series anymore. Nothing is tied in, we never see the doctor talk about the past and even mention the words "time lord." Im gonna finish the series but each episode feels more and more like a chore. Im loosing interest.
Random Tangent (1 month ago)
Summary: The aliens did nothing, Dr Who and companions did nothing, some couple got married. Why did this episode exist?! Seriously, take the pointless aliens out and this was just a re-enactment of the story Yasmin's grandmother told us at the start.
Harry (1 month ago)
I watched this episode and the Doctor was getting the weird visions and when Yas hugged her Gran I was like, oh we're going to get some Father's Day stuff going on and by them turning up they've broken the timeline and have to fix it before it collapses. But nope, they could have sat on the front porch and drank beer the whole time and nothing would have changed. Every week I watch and am like, I hope next week wows me. I want it to be good but it's just eh.
Renata B (1 month ago)
Personally for me this has been my absolute favorite episode for one reason: my grandparents were on the wrong side of the partition when it happened. My grandparents lived in Pakistan and they're Hindu, so they did the same thing that Umbreen had to do and leave their homes in the middle of awful violence. Not only that but my parents had an interfaith wedding as well (although between Hindu and Catholic). This episode struck so many chords for me but I understand that my reasoning is deeply personal.
Caitlin (1 month ago)
Not just you. I thought those parts of the episode were great and would have loved to see more! I don't have a personal connection to the history either.
alistairheath (1 month ago)
I think it's significant that on Remembrance Sunday the episode's plot twist was that the villain's motive was commemorating those that died alone. I really appreciate that the episode dared to do something different with the remembrance theme, and extend that to the civilians of conflicts which may not spring to mind immediately on Remembrance Sunday. There is of course a follow up question: should it be the role of shows like Dr Who (and even Strictly, which followed) to create content of remembrance?
scalpingsnake (1 month ago)
Look who's Swearing
scalpingsnake (1 month ago)
Oh I completely agree about not knowing the Grandma. I hate these kinds of shows when they instantly add a character for plot reasons ESPECIALLY when they have the opportunity to add them in previously.
Claire McKinley (1 month ago)
I really really loved this episode, it had some bad bits, yeah, but for me it really heartwarming and emotional and good
Salamon2 (1 month ago)
Completely disagree. This episode for me was the best of this series so far, though I think it could have benefited from being more broadly developed into a two-parter because this is the type of "human" story that requires a bit more fleshing out to really hit the nail on the head, and the brother and the "frenzy" of the neighbors needed more development than what they got. That said, for what we got, it's fitting the overall uniting themes of valuing humility, justice, and "fair play". As such we get a historical episode about humility in the face of extremism, and how there was a lack of justice and fair play. The Doctor is taking more a role as "Referee" than "Sheriff" which I think is upsetting a lot of fans used to the Sheriff role that the doctor usually plays. In other words, the Doctor is now displaying rather feminine values and virtues rather than the traditional masculine ones--which seems to be the development of Feminism lately from how I'm judging its evolution online (at least from YouTube producers), it's rebelling against the "women can be just like men" idea that's prevailed since the 1960s in favor of rediscovering and reaffirming femininity, though a vastly different incarnation of femininity than the 1950s version most people associate with the word. A new version for a new century, one might say. That said, we're overdue for an old-fashioned romp--Arachnids in the UK promised to be this, but missed out, the last episode tried to be that, but missed the mark as well. Hopefully, at least for variety's sake, we can get a present-day or future episode that feels more "fun". I am enjoying the more serious and humble approach to the historicals, though that means the "mucking about with aliens" has to be put elsewhere than where most fans are used to seeing them.
Dentally Challenged (1 month ago)
I felt no emotion watching this episode
Dentally Challenged (1 month ago)
Every episode has been funny at least
Samuel Kent (1 month ago)
Is it just me that is fed up of not actually knowing what the actual tardis interior looks like as all we get is close up of the tardis crew and no big shots of the tardis like we got with all the old interiors
ManicPandaz (1 month ago)
Im still waiting for a plot that goes beyond the immediate episode. So far it's just ok. As well as too many references with out originality. When the Dr asked for a cookie that was a jammy dodger/Matt Smith reference. There are always several references like this every episode. Not to mention direct ripoffs of the Predator, Arachnophobia and Alien movies. This episode and Rosa has element of Father's Day with Pete Tyler. Everything is rehashing with out going anywhere new. I want something new.
Soreg (1 month ago)
I liked 6th very much, it raises the right theme of "don't be a dick just because of differences". It's slow, serious, but very good. Probably the top one of the season for me so far.
Spottydog714 (1 month ago)
Well, I thought the partition element had tension. But then, I'm from an Indian family and learnt lots about the bloodshed last year for the anniversary so it was more personal - but I think you guys are completely right. It was my favourite episode though, although objectivly, I think the Ghost Monument is the best. Also, guys! You didn't say if it was full fat, semi skimmed or skimmed! How very dare you... Although I can guess it was semi-skimmed, right?
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
You're correct! I would have loved for it to go more in depth. If anything, I wanted more partition it felt like it was more a backdrop than a commitment to shedding light on a neglected part of British history
danny miller (1 month ago)
its a dead show
Jarnagua (1 month ago)
This season is not good. I like the Doctor, but the companions are terribly written. The stories are maudlin, no creativity. The aliens are amazing looking. The production values are stellar. The show isn't funny or clever anymore. It's sentimental. Compare Rosa to Vincent - no comparison because the writing is horrible and the characters are dull.
GrubStLodger (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure Graham will die and that's why he's had all the nurturing moments.
Rob Williams (1 month ago)
Glad people are finally noticing that the doctor has become the least interesting thing about the series. wish now that a potentially reformed Missy had survived the Capaldi era and become the new doctor after he died. Or if Capaldi's doctor had pulled a "Romana" and regenerated into a MIssy look-a-like: cause i really love Michelle Gomez's timelord: she is magic!!!
zeelock (1 month ago)
How did you guys forget about the gun and the doctor not reacting to it. The guy shots it at the aliens.
moabpanda01 (1 month ago)
Why are these videos more entertaining than doctor who now?😂
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
moabpanda01 (1 month ago)
Doctor who? More like doctor who cares👌
Meris (1 month ago)
Weird cause this is the first episode I liked this series, the third act got me genuinely emmotional
Phial Substance (1 month ago)
I thought this episode was terrible. So dull, nothing happens, everything is predictable. The brother only turned evil because the plot demanded it. The aliens were a rehash of the things from Twice Upon A Time. The setting was underdeveloped. Nobody can act, even Bradley wasn't great this week and he's usually the best. Ryan was pointless this episode. The dialogue sucked. I hate what they've done to the show.
Emma Jenkins (1 month ago)
I'd say that the best part of this episode was the context it was aired in. They probably wrote and shot it to be a remembrance day episode with idea of unwitnessed deaths and the repetitive shots of the poppies. Its good in the context, but just okay on it's own...
Synbios Modeste (1 month ago)
Dude everything you have said is on point. - They set stories in fascinating massive scale backdrops and make it feel so small scale and non-existant you kinda wonder whats the point. - The minute graham did yet another great speech i was sitting there wondering why this isn't the doctor saying all the deep stuff. which leads onto... - The doctor seems to almost fall into being a very background character. - Why is Yaz so underwritten? She is wasted.
Davie Jones (1 month ago)
Graham effectively gave Yas the speech the second doctor gave to Victoria in “tomb of the cyber men” that really annoyed me because now I’ve realized why I enjoy Graham so much. He is effectively filling the roll of the doctor which surely should the Doctor’s job.
Iona Stewart (26 days ago)
Davie Jones Honestly, my brother and I were talking about just this and we both agreed that Graham's actor should have been the Doctor and Whittaker should have been the companion. We both think that Ryan and Yaz have been superfluous characters so far, but Ryan is more salvagable than Yaz, who should be done away with.
oldgranny athlete (1 month ago)
The best villian in this series has been division. It appears in both this episode and rosa. What happened to no reaccuring villains?
Borjan Kosarac (1 month ago)
Have a cookie, mate. ;-)
Stephen Coppins (1 month ago)
I’m noticing a lot of reviewers (and comentors) talking about about the lack of an “over-arching themes” and lack of returning villains, despite being told from the get go, that we weren’t getting either. People were complaining about the over-use of returning monsters and the wibbley-wobbled timey-wimey story arch’s and now the complaints are that we’re not getting those. I think part of the problem is that is the viewers and fans in recent years have been conditioned for the over-arching theme, which with a few exceptions in the “classic era,” never really happened. The series’s were generally just a random bunch of stories and adventures, which is what we are getting this year. However, I think there are some over-arching themes for Series 11, which are: Graham and Ryan’s relationship (except this episode); and that the aliens are not always evil (with the exception of Tim Shaw, the Stenza and Krasko). Terrence Dicks once famously said, that all monsters are green. I’ve never agreed with that, and we’re seeing that more this series, than ever before. The main villains (or antagonists) this year have been the guy running the great space race (ambivalence), Krasko and the citizens of Montgomery (racism), Robertson (ambivalence again, entitlement and ignorance) and the younger brother in this week’s episode (radicalisation and mob mentality). Is this happening a bit too much in Series 11, yes, probably. I think like Rosa, Demonsof the Punjab could have been a better story without the aliens, allowing them to have been true historicals. But since 1967 (after The Highlanders, with the exception of Black Orcid), Doctor Who has trained us to expect an alien menace lurking in our past.
AjayESharma (1 month ago)
This is spot on, underrated comment
Scampstar (1 month ago)
Doctor who episodes ranked so far: 1.) Rosa 2.) Punjab 3.) Second episode 4.) Spider episode 5.) Woman who fell to earth
Scampstar (1 month ago)
I'm only ever excited for an episode because I want to see the 'next time's bit. But then I'm disappointed cos it never looks creative
Molly Clarke (1 month ago)
I thought this was a great episode. Yeah, you could tell the guy was gonna die but I thought this was one was one of the best of the season. I definitely thought the antagonist was WAY better than the racist dude in Rosa. I must say, this episode is the one I've enjoyed the most so far in the season.
Wil Hulbert (1 month ago)
When i saw the aliens costumes my first thought was that they looked like power rangers villains
Eve Pendragon (1 month ago)
Hands down look forward to these videos more than the episodes
Greg Hawkins (28 days ago)
Could easily just watch these instead of the actual series
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
thats awesome
Dando Rees Price (1 month ago)
I've probably enjoyed these reviews more than the actual episodes
Trekkie 135 (1 month ago)
I really, really liked this episode!!
Millionsofpeas (1 month ago)
This was the best episode of NuWho
πκ PiKappa (19 days ago)
Can someone tell me why it’s nuwho not newwho?
Millionsofpeas (1 month ago)
+Valentin Ward Strong plot centered around a mystery, high stakes, compelling personal drama, little wasted energy, and it was very human.
Antony Gomersall (1 month ago)
Valentin Ward (1 month ago)
The Ponderer (1 month ago)
I like this one quite a bit. I don’t know if I like it more than Rosa or the Tsuranaga Conundrum but I think it deserves a bit more credit than you two are giving it. It’s a difficult story to talk about because I can’t think of any other Doctor Who episode that *really* works as a point of comparison. It’s hard to tell what the episode is trying to get at until the last ten or so minutes, which I think retroactively makes the whole thing brilliant. The big thing holding it back is that while the central storyline is really powerful, there’s not many big notable character moments for the actual main cast. Even Yaz herself is kind of an understated presence, though I like the idea of her learning firsthand just how uncomfortable her heritage is. I’m fine with the idea of an episode where the Doctor and friends are largely a detached third party to a story who’s core isn’t with one of them, but here it feels like a notable weakness in an otherwise great piece of writing.
Dean Gardner (1 month ago)
I don't understand how you guys like Ryan to me all he did in this episode was ask stupid questions, whilst sounding slightly retarted, he is clearly a bad actor, it feels like eachseperate companion the serious is used for one certain thing for example gram is there to keep the other companions motivated, Ryan is there to ask questions everyone knows, I don't even know what jazz does I guess she is there for a political and leftist viewpoint for the pc of doctor who, the doctor just runs around and talks about herself like when she says that stupid joke "I never did this when I was a man" she seems self absorbed
SmoothRacing (1 month ago)
Great review as always. I think this season is proof of why we need a season-long arc and two-parters. Even if it's just subtle nods to an overarching narrative. It just feels aimless at the minute.
Josiah Matthews (1 month ago)
I didn't really like it. The villain was just like testimony from twice upon a time but written so bland
Cloth Cat (1 month ago)
people keep saying there was monsters humans were the monsters. Yeah but it's happening a bit too often, and I see that more than enough in real life I would rather see something a bit sci-fi when I put the TV on, even if it's still the same basic political concepts give me a real fantasy. Still doesn't feel like Dr who to me, it doesn't even feel educational so it can't even stand on that. I always said I'd watch no matter what but I'm honestly thinking of just not watching now because I'm bored :(
Cloth Cat (1 month ago)
I haven't but I think you're missing my point? The episode told me nothing about the partition or what led up to it except some were for and some against. You could say the same about anything really. You ever see horrible histories? kids TV, 20 min slots, very memorable comedy sketches that Do teach you about history. It didn't work as educational.
Millionsofpeas (1 month ago)
When is the last time you saw something about the partition on television?
Scine Bamm (1 month ago)
I actially really liked this episode, I thought that it was really good
Liv Satchell (1 month ago)
I thought the writing for this episode was wayyy better. The dialogue didn't make me cringe like it has every other week
Edwin Nah (1 month ago)
DrLipkin Oh yeah, Chibnall co-wrote Rosa. Forgot about that.
I Z (1 month ago)
That's cos Chibnall didn't write it
DrLipkin (1 month ago)
+Edwin Nah I didn't think Rosa was good. The last scene on the bus was, but otherwise it ranged from "meh" to "ugh."
Edwin Nah (1 month ago)
If you think about it, the two good episodes of the series weren't written by Chibnall.
BlasterMaster (1 month ago)
There were still a few cringey lines, but I mostly agree with you.
TVperson1 (1 month ago)
You guys should rate this episode "non dairy based powdered creamer" crap. I agree, it was like watching a dramatisation on the history channel.
Captain someone (1 month ago)
The only way my interest for this season will come back will be if they bring back romana.
Lucky Fam (1 month ago)
Demons of the Punjab felt like a historical drama that is about the partition which happens to have aliens in it. Even if the Doctor didn't appear the events of this episode still wouldn't change. But I actually like this episode and it's a massive improvement from the previous two episodes.This is arguably Jodie Whittaker's best performance in the show and I'm starting to like this Doctor but it still feels like the Doctor is a supporting character in her own show. I'm happy to see that Yaz is actually doing something. Learning about her family history was sort of interesting. I'm glad that the Doctor didn't magically save Prem and that she let's history run its course. I loved Yaz's scene with Graham which I thought was well written and Graham is pretty much like Wilf which I don't mind. I have mixed feelings on the aliens. I thought them being compassionate was a nice change and I genuinely didn't expect that. I would be more happy with it if the the villains in the previous episodes of series 11 weren't so bland and forgettable. But it was interesting that the aliens aren't the villains in the Demons of Punjab but rather it's the bigotry of humans and society. I'm glad that I got to know more about the Partition as I knew very little about it. But still I want to see the Doctor face a menacing monster which I felt series 11 is lacking. Graham is the best thing about series 11. I will give this episode a 7.5/10 and it's one of the best episodes in series 11 so far.
JMysticStar7 (1 month ago)
This is the first episode I haven't been impressed by. I couldn't pay attention to it. Not to mention the Doctor even allowing a companion to visit relatives. Would never be acceptable with the other doctors.
Joshua Gerald Butler (27 days ago)
Umm ecclestone did just that with rose and her dad...
Darkone539 (1 month ago)
I feel like they are trying to make political points each epsiode (Rosa park, the man giving birth, and now indian partition) and as a result the stories they are telling aren't that good. Too much of the episode is being used up by filler to make a point. This happened before with bad writing, although it was just bad and not making a political point. Best doctor they can find couldn't save some of the Scripts peter capaldi had and I'm starting to get the same feeling here. The series has been mostly boring. If it wasn't I could forgive the other issues.
Darkone539 (1 month ago)
​+Salamon2 Junior (the film you're talking about) at least used it for the story. The male pregnancy, as far as I can see, was pointless in that episode. To me it was just going "look this is normal" rather then adding anything.
Salamon2 (1 month ago)
The pregnant man wasn't at all political. He's an alien race from the far future (who happens to look human) and his arc in coming to accept fatherhood I think was a nice way to expand Ryan's backstory issue of his unresolved relationship issues with his own father that looks likely to be coming to a head in a few episodes or so. Other than that, the pregnant man thing was played for laughs when it wasn't serving purpose of allegory for acceptance of fatherhood and helping Ryan to deal with his daddy issues. If it was trying to be political, you make the man a human who's chosen to have the baby implanted and grown inside him using an artificial womb as a political statement of "men can have babies in the 60th century!" without thinking of the implications of fatherhood (how you could make a political point and still have it fit the overall theme of dealing with Ryan's history of a bad father figure absent from his life). There's political commentary in this series, but that one wasn't one of them as far as I'm concerned--it plays it up for laughs too much, like a twenty-first century version of the comedy film where Arnold Schwartzenegger gets pregnant (that one's from the 90s).
draconianlife (1 month ago)
Wasn't a classic, but I thought it was good. I'm enjoying these more under-stated episodes after eye-rolling with Moffat's bombast. That said, I was disappointed when it was revealed that the villains were actually not villains. If they could come back next season but before being "good", do Doctor's like 'hello, how are you?' and then they're like 'We're alright, just about to kill you.', that'd be interesting. I am worried this is the "Chibnall" effect from his time on Broadchurch, where it's constantly inferring someone's done something bad, but then you find out that they actually had a very normal (but sad) reason for their actions. That works in a series, with mystery, but in a single episode it is a little too anticlimactic - especially when getting repetitive. But after that was out of the way, I was enjoying it again. If it did hit the same beats as Rosa (which I enjoyed).
Hot Dog (1 month ago)
Yeah, like that idea of meeting the aliens as their earlier version i.e. assassins and the Doctor initially thinks they are good because of this encounter but actually they are not, a nice reversal on what happened in this ep.
entertain7us14 (1 month ago)
simply put, it's not a doctor who episode.
Enzophanis1892 (1 month ago)
Really liked the episode. However, take the aliens out of it and the story is not affected in anyway. Not very much like Doctor Who. (time travel and The Doctor are a given)
The Ponderer (1 month ago)
Borjan Kosarac I’ll take them gladly.
Borjan Kosarac (1 month ago)
+The Ponderer You, sir/madam, deserve all the virtual cookies I can throw at you.
The Ponderer (1 month ago)
The Ponderer (1 month ago)
I think the Vajarian’s can be removed from the PLOT, which is kind of the idea, but I think taking them out robs the episode of a *thematic* parallel; a race so preoccupied with killing or causing harm to other races and cultures that they miss their own him shattering apart right under their noses- that’s a brilliant parallel to the Partition and people like Manish.
Agnt Spacecase (1 month ago)
I dont think this series has definite "high points" but i do enjoy the lower scale episodes this series that revolve around the humanity of characters. That being said i really do want 13 to have a big grandiose moment of "im the doctor".... im torn af 😂
Salamon2 (1 month ago)
Perhaps they're saving that moment for the finale?
Lily Gioti (1 month ago)
Wow, y'all really hate storylines centred on people of colour, don't you? #pathetic
Lily Gioti (1 month ago)
+Full Fat Videos Luckily the world has you two impartial judges. Don't fret, I'm not going to be here for yet another ‘eh’ review; or whatever passes for one these days.
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
When did we mention those historicals as being amazing? Where did we trash the new companions? Stop bending what we're saying to fit your opinion. We're clearly not what you want us to be. It's funny that you're trying to stamp out bigotry when you can't see past your nose. Stay milky!
Lily Gioti (1 month ago)
+Full Fat Videos So past historical episodes like ‘The Unquiet Dead’, ‘The Unicorn And The Wasp’, ‘The Shakespearean Code’ (I'm not even getting into the Moffat era, I'd rather mention some I actually have respect for) were superior in what sense exactly? Because all I've heard repeatedly for 16 minutes is you two whining about this season having mediocre episodes, none of which could be considered classics (after fucking ‘Rosa’!). Not to mention your judgement of the companions; apparently none of those were deemed interesting enough for you either.
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
Hi Lily. It's a shame you think that about us, as we think that looking at everything positive we've said about the various people of colour on the show this year speaks for itself. Just because we haven't enjoyed the series as a whole doesn't mean that we "hate storylines on people of colour". If we want to split hairs, every episode has featured stories about people of colour with our companions, and we've pointed out various moments that we've really liked. Even with Demons of the Punjab, we noted how much we like the historical context and story that it is telling- the ongoing issues with the series have consistently been performance, plotting and spectacle. It's quite a serious claim to level at someone and imply that we're racist, not to mention its pretty nasty to call us pathetic. We urge that you pay more attention to what we're saying if you want to continue this line of argument.
danilo allen (1 month ago)
This episode was the worst one
Millionsofpeas (1 month ago)
This was the best episode in the reboot
ShandalfGreyhame (1 month ago)
Wow, it took them 6 episodes before making an actual good episode. Step away Chibnall.
Matt Bell (1 month ago)
You guys sort of said this in the video, but although the episode does feel like an vaguely interesting story; it's just not a Doctor Who adventure. Also, did anyone else notice that waggling crystal at the top of the TARDIS support column thingy? Looked very (ahem) out of place...
Matt Bell (1 month ago)
+Millionsofpeas the show changing its style & formula is something I love most about Doctor Who. However, the plot of an episode still has to be about something. The characters in this story mostly just stood around (not in peril) waiting for historical events (which were never in jeopardy) to unfold naturally. How is that entertaining?
Kathryn Clune (1 month ago)
+Millionsofpeas Moffat undoubtedly took the show in a different direction, but he explicitly used the Universe that RTD had created as his starting point. There were recurring characters/themes which gave a sense of continuity. Chibnall's vision has jettisoned almost everything bar the sonic & the Tardis. Even the Doctor seems to be a vastly different kind of character. It's inevitable that this presents long term fans with a sense of disconnection.
Millionsofpeas (1 month ago)
This criticism makes no sense. Doctor who consistently changes its style and formula. That is one of the core aspects of the show. I think you just miss Moffat and his brainnumbing spectacle.
Robert Taylor (1 month ago)
I'll be a patreon if i get swearing and Matt with his tongue out more!
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
We'll deliver this and all of our new tier rewards which are coming VERY SOON
Money Singh (1 month ago)
Weird someone mentioning the place where i live cause im not used to it....
Harry McDonough (1 month ago)
So to me, episodes 1,3, and 6 have been great - a few missed opportunities but hey, it's doctor who not a david lynch film. My only issue is how AWFUL episodes 2,4,5 have been... The weakest aspect to new doctor who it seems is the showrunner himself. Not a good sign.
It's because there's a talking vagina as the Doctor now.
Thomas Walder (1 month ago)
Liked that it was another very human episode. Feels like the sort of thing you'd expect to do, with a friend with a time machine.
Thomas Laing (1 month ago)
After 6 episodes Yaz is still easily the worst character. The Doctor and everyone constantly saying that she's great isn't going to make her a better character, she's just so boring and uninteresting
Andi Ward (28 days ago)
Thomas Laing graham is more interesting than the doctor right now. Doctor, Graham, and a somehow newly regenerated younger Master with no memories travelling around would be an interesting arc/series
Bruce McKay (1 month ago)
It’s clear three companions is too many... Yaz isn’t given enough to do in the stories.... she wouldn’t be missed
I Z (1 month ago)
Ryan is way worse. Acts like a cardboard cutout
Zarbi Xii (1 month ago)
It's clear they're not going to bother developing her, probably because she's going to be killed off at the end of the season.
Kathryn Clune (1 month ago)
I think that three characters are too many for them to develop effectively & Yaz is the one who stands out as superfluous. Despite being the focus of this episode, we still haven't learned anything interesting about her.
all things fascinating (1 month ago)
Afternoon mates
Full Fat Videos (1 month ago)
hello bombardier
Jack O Brien (1 month ago)
It was definitely very good, (how are the historicals some of the best episodes) however due to the fact that I recently had my heart broken by a Muslim girl and this episode was about a Muslim girl being all "love comes first and conquers all" I was a little too busy being pathetic and upset to fully focus on the episode.
Jack O Brien (1 month ago)
+I Z My feelings for this girl are extremely deep, at one point, I actually consulted a professional about it and he told me that it was love, not a crush real love, it's not that I think all Muslims are alike it's that I cannot separate the religion from her due to my feelings towards her.
I Z (1 month ago)
Lol, wut? Do you feel that about when white girls on TV do the same? (assuming you've had a white gf before)
Umbra Watcher (1 month ago)
16 minutes watching these two drinking Jizz
Dr. Who (1 month ago)
+uK8cvPAq: Burn it.
Antony Gomersall (1 month ago)
And still more interesting than this series of Dr Who.
uK8cvPAq (1 month ago)
How do we solve the poo problem then? Make them all go poo in the loo?
Dr. Who (1 month ago)
+uK8cvPAq: one tiny drop of water from it can give you Amebic Dysentery and God knows what else. The "Holy River" is one of the most polluted open sewer in the world. Indians actually bathe in it daily to cleanse themselves while others cremate their dead and the remains end up in the river. That's only one of many things that end up in it. Totally Disgusting!
uK8cvPAq (1 month ago)
Isn't the Ganges one big poo these days?
Carl Russell (1 month ago)
Somthing I've always thought was wierd in doctor who is the outfits of the doctor and co. It's like half the time they go into the past they dress for the time and the other half they go in their 21st century clothes

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