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Growing Banana Plants From Seed

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http://www.veseys.com In this video, Vesey's Horticulturist - Natasha, describes how to germinate and grow banana plants for indoor or outdoor use. Your FREE subscription to the Vesey's family of gardening catalogues https://www.veseys.com/ca/en/catalogue Chance to win a free greenhouse http://bit.ly/1a7TL1S Subscribe to Veseys channel here! http://bit.ly/Y8gyVS Like Veseys on Facebook http://fb.com/veseys Follow Veseys on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/veseys Follow Veseys on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/veseysseeds/ Follow Veseys on Instagram http://instagram.com/veseysseeds Please Like, Subscribe and Comment :) Happy Gardening!
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Text Comments (143)
Rosy Banerjee (18 days ago)
Excuse me..will you let me know the name of the plants beside you in pot on table where you are showing?
Oxana Gosteva (1 month ago)
i live in thailand, near jungle, and here everywhere wild banana growing, i cut off one and i was surprised when i open it, full of black seeds, but not such big size , abt 1 milimiter, now soaking it, and will try plant grain it after in my garden, lets se so far if it works.
CaptainMyCaptain (2 months ago)
Would have helped if you noted what type of Banana they are. People are probably buying normal tropical banana seeds now..... They won’t winter over and will die. Since you didn’t. I will mention the type of Banana you are sharing for those interested. Musa Basjoo (Japanese Fiber Banana). These Bananas are very cold hardy and will grow in zone 8. They do grow fast and look awesome with Fortunei palms. I find its better to buy them as pups or divisions vs seed.
Binh Dao (2 months ago)
You could have just use the trunk
Scorpor Supremacy (5 months ago)
This is utter 🐂💩💩💩. Those are NOT banana seeds that shes claiming to plant !!!
Scorpor Supremacy (2 months ago)
CaptainMyCaptain And clearly you know more about 💩than you do about bananas because your talking out your ass 👍🏽💯%
Scorpor Supremacy (2 months ago)
CaptainMyCaptain Man get a grip and do so proper research. I grew up and live in the Caribbean and I’m sticking with my comment !
CaptainMyCaptain (2 months ago)
Scorpor Supremacy you clearly don’t know shit about Bananas and their seeds.
boxing analyst (5 months ago)
That's not a banana seeds it's look like Date seeds.LOL
CaptainMyCaptain (2 months ago)
They are not date seeds. Date seeds are long and brown. Like a super skinny walnut - kind of. I grow date palms so I know the true date seeds very well.
Cold Ronin (2 months ago)
not dates seed for sure, date seed are brown shaped like a rugby ball (usa football)
freedo yop othman (5 months ago)
what? banana seed so big..how come the tiny banana seed becone like that
KBurd49 (4 months ago)
The bananas we know are considered "sterilized"
glyn whittington (6 months ago)
Hi this the same of a bonsai banana tree?
Najwa Abdeen (10 months ago)
Our banana seeds very tiny not bif
Najwa Abdeen (10 months ago)
Not big like yours
Cây Xanh Quanh Ta (1 year ago)
Great video Thank for sharing
The Golden Cobra (1 year ago)
how much water does a seedling blue java banana need daily?
SURYA PRATAP (1 year ago)
Hello everyone.. If any one is interested to buy banana seeds. Please text me on this email - surya [email protected]
maria carrasquillo (2 years ago)
they grow from seed. they perrenial in zone 7?
dfguko (2 years ago)
what kind from banana is this? I never found such seeds in the bananas what I buying at my grocery store...
Mihai Zaim (2 years ago)
These are bananas that have two chromosomes, the bananas that you buy at the store have 3 chromosomes so they are infertile, and the female flowers don't need to be polaneted to produce fruit. Bananas have been cross polaneted since 500 years ago when the colonists discover them in Oceania, to produce new kinds of fruit. The banana that we buy at the store is called Cavendish and have been created 100 years ago in Central America, after a disease eliminated the Gros Michel banana.
IAMGiftbearer (2 years ago)
What variety is the 3 month old plant in the pot you showed in the video?
Alexandre Rieper (2 years ago)
i'm 10.000
Sweet Rose (2 years ago)
I got banana seeds on Amazon
Mary Jane (1 year ago)
Did they grow?
Estelle Butler (2 years ago)
Where is the seed found on a banana, please
Clyde Cash (2 years ago)
+VietFiddle um....pink banana has seeds and it's one of the most delicious
VietFiddle (2 years ago)
+Samantha Shull No. It is not true. Good bananas fruits have no seeds at all. Bananas fruits that have seeds are bad bananas. Bananas fruits that have seeds that can germinate in your video are the worst of all bananas on earth, that nobody can eat their fruits.
Estelle Butler (2 years ago)
+Samantha Shull Ty, I will look , as soon , as I get some bananas.
Samantha Shull (2 years ago)
+Estelle Butler I believe, open the banana when you get to the bottom of it theirs a black seed in the very bottom of the banana.
Mita Aj (3 years ago)
home good muito obrigado
Acacia Volkerts (3 years ago)
Hopefully this would be a way to save the banana population in case of fungus outbreak. Best to be prepared.
Marius-Cristian Florea (3 years ago)
my right ear feels lonely
boxing analyst (5 months ago)
maybe that's banana came from Mars LOL
Jerry The Jerk (2 years ago)
Lol same
Monstrifer (3 years ago)
John Anderson (3 years ago)
which variety of seeds are they? how fast do the bananas grow?
Mardee Grammy (4 years ago)
Can you show how the seed is formed?
TRICK-OR TREAT (2 months ago)
VietFiddle (4 years ago)
Banana has many varieties, such as Cat has Lion, Cheetah, Tiger, and so on. Rodent has Rat, Rabbit, Chipmunk, and Kangaroo. Rats have bigger babies than Kangaroo. So, this so called "banana" has larger seeds than genuine banana.
meezergurl (2 years ago)
+VietFiddle There are videos on YouTube where people germinate banana seeds.
VietFiddle (2 years ago)
+meezergurl I know many varieties of bananas in Vietnam. The more seeds in a bananas fruit, the worse it tastes in comparison with other banana varieties. However, none of any bananas seeds can germinate. There are Grapes without seeds, and Orange without seeds in the US. How they can grow Seedless Grapes and Seedless Oranges? Do you know Ginger? Does Ginger have seeds? No. Ginger and Bananas grow the same way. Their bodies are under the ground. Their leaves, flowers, and fruits are higher above the ground, and they will surely withered and dried. However, their under ground bodies are still growing, like asparagus that never die. You can take a part of them to grow into your bananas in your land.
meezergurl (3 years ago)
+VietFiddle So these aren't bananas that you can grow fruit from? Our bananas here in Canada do not have seeds and I'm looking to grown my own banana plants.
pitpony2006 (4 years ago)
Also.....they are Banana seeds and baby trees growing in the video......The seeds are not from inside a Banana.......
pitpony2006 (4 years ago)
Seeds are available on E-Bay.........
andre35592 (8 days ago)
How to know wich one it is ?
musaerlend (4 years ago)
I believe those are Ensete seeds, not banana
BigbunnySSS (4 years ago)
After reading all the comments on your v-log, I half to say nothing about the v-log. But I think we would get along, with all the prayer plant on the back of your desk. I have mine under my air-conditioner and they bloom quite often. The summer is not there favorite time but they live through it. They get very showy during the winter with all there white little blooms. BEST OF LUCK FROM SOUTH FLORIDA...
Nina Lyons (4 years ago)
where would you get banana seeds?
TRICK-OR TREAT (2 months ago)
Roksana0912 (4 years ago)
Where can I buy seeds?
Clayton Griffiths (7 months ago)
pitpony2006 I bought dwarf banana seeds from e-bay but I'm having difficulty getting them to germinate. Do you have any advice that might help?
pitpony2006 (2 years ago)
+VietFiddle I bought some and now have 3 lg banana plants.....Planted 5 seeds, three germinated in 2 months.......
VietFiddle (2 years ago)
+pitpony2006 Bananas seeds on eBay? Please, understand that all eBay bananas seeds cannot germinate, for the germination rate is no guaranteed. They need few years to germinate. In that period of time, you cannot ask your money back on eBay.
pitpony2006 (4 years ago)
Dudin Sali (4 years ago)
Can you please send me some seeds, i cant find anywhere,,, PLEASEEEEEEE
CaptainMyCaptain (2 months ago)
Trust me. Growing them from seed is notoriously hard anyway. Look this up on EBay or whatever and you’ll get your banana. Musa Basjoo. (Japanese Fiber Banana) divisions or pups. It’s better to buy them this way vs seed. The seeds are scarce and rarely germinate as everyone grows them from the baby banana pups the mother plants produce. That’s what I do and I suggest you do if you want to grow a cold hardy banana.
pitpony2006 (4 years ago)
Harvey Nichols (4 years ago)
 I grow banana trees by the dozen, you do not grow them from seed, they grow as suckers from another plant. Sometimes a large plant will have as many as a half dozen suckers, or babies as my grand daughter calls them.
Cambiumlayer 13 (8 months ago)
Good advice and tips. Thanks!. I soaked mine for 48 hours then I put them in seedling mix and now it's the wait and see game. I am soooo excited for the prospects. Growing plants is soooo fun!!!
Oscar Acosta (9 months ago)
Growing banana from seed is hit and miss. I've had seed that have germinated days after a good soak. I've also had seed germinate months after a good soak. Now I generally soak until germination. Basically, pop your seeds into a plastic bottle, cover them with water then put the bottle in the airing cupboard or somewhere warm and dark. Check every week.
Cambiumlayer 13 (11 months ago)
So if I grow from a seed what will happen?.
Harvey Nichols (4 years ago)
These are not banana plants, very untrue. This lady should be ashamed.
skipplemetwo 2 (22 days ago)
They are Musa ensete seeds.
CaptainMyCaptain (2 months ago)
Yes they are. They are Japanese Fiber Banana. All you idiots saying they are not banana seed don’t know fuck all about bananas or the fact there are MANY varieties of them. Fucking retard. These are Musa Basjoo seed. Of further note. Cultivation of Banana, IE new plants is typically done by propagating the pups. So people rarely ever see banana seeds. You come on here and comment like you know shit but don’t and I find it irritating. Google something before you open your hole. Idiot.....
R & h Kaur (1 year ago)
Then what are they
VietFiddle (2 years ago)
+Harvey Nichols She is a cheater without shame.
Tiffaney Monet (5 years ago)
Omg seriously!!!
01UNLIMITED10 (5 years ago)
I'm in Arizona and would like some banana seeds can you send me some
Beautician Mendoza (5 years ago)
I didn't see the banana seeds on your website, where else can I get them?
Rivenbourn (5 years ago)
You guys are out of seeds.. I would really like to buy one but the banana seeds been out of stock for along time. Hope you read this so you can re-stock them.
john carlo (5 years ago)
Sun Shine (5 years ago)
Hello! Thank you for the video. I'd like to have banana trees. I can't seem to find seeds anywhere and I don't even know the name of the common banana. Where did you get the seeds? Thank you. Monica
Those are ensete seeds. Ensete bananas are not edible but you can find its seeds on almost every online store.
muhaimin muruthala (5 years ago)
banana tree where is i can find seed
twisted intentions (5 years ago)
Can I have a seed
Dudin Sali (5 years ago)
..hi i love your video.., i live in Macedonia we dont have stores here that sells seeds like babana,, i like very much to try to plant one banana seed,, but i cannot find anywhere,, and the online shoppining in our country doesnt work,, can you please send me some seeds :D,, (p,s i am student, studying biology)..:D
Jaime V. (5 years ago)
Have always like to get a hold of some banana seeds to grow for myself...
Missy Glassford (5 years ago)
Yes I bet she does have a zoo!
Lucas Andersson (5 years ago)
Banana seeds come from the stinking banana the cavindish is stinking seedless so stop asking
johnknoefler (5 years ago)
Thanks to ThunderLightenBolt for asking the question that was first on my mind (why don't I ever see a banana seed after eating all kinds from the store. Small red bananas, Little yellow bananas, Plantain bananas and the normal Chiquita bananas. Here in USA we have USDA Nazi police to make sure we can't do what we want.
Babylon Gate (5 years ago)
how many seeds you need? do you have zoo?
Taylor Fields (5 years ago)
How much and how many seeds do i get?
Gudtime (5 years ago)
Sorry..if link does not work, go to cbc.ca and search it out..! Amazing stuff by Mr. Suzuki !
Gudtime (5 years ago)
Incredible Two Part Episode on Fruit Tree's on CBC.. I learned more about Banana's in 60min than I ever knew ! Note: can only be viewed in Canada.. on cbc.ca/natureofthings/episode/the-fruit-hunters.html Part I is Great.. Part II is even more amazing ! Just started a couple seeds myself..will let you know how they do !
lorna lawson (5 years ago)
they certainly looked like banana seeds.... my 8 year old tree died this summer after sending out a stunning flower. I cut it down and when I was cutting it up to compost I found a number of what looked like pods and inside were these seeds covered in fibrous goo. I don't have a pawpaw tree in my garden either!! Off to plant my seeds....
den y (5 years ago)
where can i buy the banana seed ? i checked your web site but couldnt find them
Giovani Chiere (6 years ago)
Those are NOT banana seeds.
ThunderLightenBolt (6 years ago)
It seems the question (Number 1 )everyone is asking hasn't been answered..I wonder why . 1: Where is this seed located on the banana tree ? 2: Will this Banana tree produce Bananas and are they the kind that is in grocery stores ? 3: Or is this a Paw Paw Tree Seed which is shown and explained in this link below ? Local harvest.org/pawpaw-tree-seeds-C11374 4: People think this is the yellow banana in their grocery store..Let them know what it is before taking their money.
ThunderLightenBolt (6 years ago)
Can't we just cross them again if we lose them to disease? We can also grow them the hydroponic way to keep them as long as we wish.
Jazzinthecountry (6 years ago)
Nice to see what I am about to attempt. I have just ordered several varieties from the Banana Tree. A 18 inch Musa Basjoo planted outdoors in early May ended up 12 feet tall before I put it to bed for the winter a few weeks ago. Now I'm hooked on bananas.
Stanley Vo (6 years ago)
nice to see your video clip, i do gain some your exprience that helpful for my plan grow banana
TheMIcroGarden (6 years ago)
what song was that in the beginning?
Alex W (6 years ago)
THANK YOU FOR EXPLAINING! I researched for hours about where banana seeds come from and you have finally given me the answer!
Cometmoon (6 years ago)
There's no way that's a banana seed O.o It's way too big! Do you have any videos showing the plant where it comes from?
B Charron (6 years ago)
Can you grow a banana tree indoors bearing fruit even in the great white north of Canada? Thanks!
beardguy45 (6 years ago)
I have the same question :i buy seeds at ebay and are not that bigger.
navin sungum (6 years ago)
i have grown bananas cooming from a tropical countries but never never seen seeds that huge!! some varieties ( wild growing bananas) have mostly small black seeds but not that big,, and the plant do not grow from the seed. Are you saying that these seeds come from a banana? how big would that banana be??
kel (6 years ago)
where are the seeds on a banana tree
emzon09 (6 years ago)
why. its really big?
SkateNYC (6 years ago)
p.s it is almost impossible to get a male seed you order them online or buy them from somewhere becuse it is check by seincetis any way you grow in tropical land the plant when dies it other many around if it out doors.
Marisse P. (6 years ago)
i wonder what kind of banana seeds you have,it's very big?
J Rivera (6 years ago)
No its not. Sun is being in the sun and sunlight is like being in the shade but getting sunlight
GGWdodge simmon (6 years ago)
Sun or Sunlight isnt that the same shit?
J Rivera (6 years ago)
If you plant indoors or even on my porch, what exactly does it need? Does it need shade, sun, or sunlight?
Khaleel Ali (6 years ago)
When I used to live in the Caribbean, I had acres upon acres of banana trees, but never have I ever come across a banana seed... I never even knew there were seeds to begin with...
TuNerGuY -_- (6 years ago)
deffently gotta get sum for outside..
TuNerGuY -_- (6 years ago)
What Stores could i find these seeds??
Braden Brown (6 years ago)
Where did you get the seeds you used from?
CristinaMaeble1267 (6 years ago)
banana trees do have seeds, but you are correct not the ones you would buy at the store. the type of banana at the store was spacifically chosen and most likely bread to be a seedless variety. many wild banana plants do have seeds and dont need to send off shoots to reproduce.
CristinaMaeble1267 (6 years ago)
the seeds are in the banana
villagefem (6 years ago)
Simo (6 years ago)
Yeah those are not the same Bananas you are thinking of Folks (like the ones at the grocery store) Banana trees bud off their parent (or mother tree) after the last bunches of bananas is grown and the mother dies. They do not have seeds.
jahad222 (6 years ago)
I was in Belize and saw many banana plantations. They put the fruit in bags to prevent bugs or whatever. Every plant/tree had the fruit covered w bags. I NEVER have seen a banana "seed", only baby plants from a mature plant or in a nursery. I know they grow in S. Texas and on the coast as well. They must be wrapped in the winter, the stalks, in winter to preserve them from freezing. Only in protected areas have I seen them fruit.
MrErlendsorli (6 years ago)
Those aren't banana-seeds. They're Ensete Ventricosum seeds. A cousin of the banana.
myzzio (6 years ago)
YAY for North America!!! Its hard sometime to buy stuff in Canada because most online websites ship only to USA
acraftyperson (6 years ago)
wow very informative. great vid :D
Padrona Padrona (6 years ago)
This video was helpful. I bought my son a little banana tree starter kit for Christmas (he is so into science)...and I had no idea the thing would actually grow and then out grow its container! (had little expectations!) Didnt really know what to do or expect at this point. Your video helps. Thank you!
el little (6 years ago)
i thought the banana seeds where the little black spots seen inside the banana when you are eating them, right at the center of the fruit. Are those tiny specks seeds or are they not? Thanks.
mikertones (6 years ago)
weres the dam banana at?
Don Woods (6 years ago)
I didn't see a reply, I believe what you're referring to is called a Prayer Plant.
Ivan Wright (6 years ago)
Get better audio !!!
231johnjohnson (6 years ago)
Why don't bananas that we normally eat have seeds that big and if you plant seeds like that wont your bananas grow with big seeds inside and wont be eatable?
DarkHorseSource (6 years ago)
@grouchypus Yes and no. Edible bananas come from hybrid plants which are sterile (seedless), like a mule. The specks are where the seeds would have been. To grow an edible banana plant you must obviously take a cutting of some kind. The seeds in the video are shockingly large, most are 5-10mm.
hirodagger (6 years ago)
@MadFox121 thinkgeek sells a kit for them. only 10 dollars
Karl Marx (6 years ago)
hello. I am planning to grow a banana tree in my home, and I was wondering if the little specks inside of a banana are the seeds?- the seeds in the video are - well- larger... then I expected....
allotmentgirl100 (7 years ago)
@veseysseeds = Thanks... do you deliver to the UK?
allotmentgirl100 (7 years ago)
do you do organic seeds on your website?
BertieFox (7 years ago)
You morons saying 'why won't these produce REAL bananas should really be better educated and know that ALL real bananas are produced vegetatively, with NO seeds involved. Today's bananas are grown from a plant that was the result of a cross made generations ago. That's why bananas are potentially under threat as if a disease or a new pest attacks them, there is little breeders can do. Let's breed our own 'new' banana plants. Can't be impossible!
shamone10 (7 years ago)
@jij143 I think you're talking about the prayer plants, with the dots of dark brown on the leaves, behind the banana's.
CorinneBlandin (7 years ago)
Thank you for your video! Great!
5Language (7 years ago)
How the hell are those seeds so big? What kind of bananas are those?
jessie pedroza (7 years ago)
hello.. Ur video is wonderful. I was wondering the plants wit the unique designs on the leaves. what r they called?? Also where can U purchase the seeds online?

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