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Old Man Trippin' in Da Cliff (Dallas, TX)

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Some old man breakin' it down by a bus stop in OakCliff, Dallas, TX
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elderly bread (9 years ago)
you are dumb sirr, that man is a may be bum BREAKIN IT DOWN that guy's tight he deserves a couple quarters haha
elderly bread (9 years ago)
hahahaha that old man is TRIPPIN, i pissed laughin at this dave chapelle skit where he was talkin about drugs sayin if he was a old man he'd be trippin too, he even broke it down thike this old man hahaha iit was dope he did the moon walk and everything hahaha
GOLDEN CHILD (11 years ago)
J Yard (11 years ago)
It is...
J Yard (11 years ago)
...dis is how u act after joinin' da Armed forces...

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