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Hey loves! Today I'll be showing you 10 different outfit ideas for back to school. I tried sticking with the dress code, but since I never really had a dress code in highschool and in college, it was a lil tough. Hope you guys enjoy this bts video and comment which was your favorite! ;-) Are you subscribed? http://bit.ly/Koleen Stay tuned for new videos in my channel every Monday and Thursday! WATCH NEXT ↠ http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp6yDTFAzkbNgwy8jDkEmYe_FDsGaJtWo VLOG CHANNEL: http://goo.gl/Mbe5ZK OUTFIT 1: Top: @styleaddict (IG) Bottom: Aritzia Shoes: Yeezys OUTFIT 2: Tracksuit: Meshki Boutique Shoes: Filling Pieces OUTFIT 3: Dress: Urban Outfitters Hoodie: Rihanna Concert Merch OUTFIT 4: Necklace: @jamaisvu_official (IG) Top: Maniere Devoir Skirt: - Shoes: Call it Spring Denim Jacket: Zara OUTFIT 5: Starry Top: @styeaddict (i cut it) Tube Top: H&M Jeans: NAKD Shoes: Call it Spring OUTFIT 6: Sweater Dress: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Vans Sunglasses: Zaful OUTFIT 7: Leggings: Aritzia Top: NAKD Slides: Fenty by Rihanna OUTFIT 8: Cropped Top: Maniere Devoir Mesh Top: Forever 21 Pants: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Vans OUTFIT 9: Dress: Windsor Jacket: Necessary Clothing Shoes: Fenty by Rihanna OUTFIT 10: Top: Zaful Jeans: Windsor Shoes: Call it Spring // KEEP IN TOUCH: INSTAGRAM • koleendz TWITTER • @leenydiaz TUMBLR • k-uddles.tumblr.com SNAPCHAT • koleendiaz WATCH MORE! Morning, Night and Workout Routines | http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp6yDTFAzkbOvmkSrlngoLhFvCBTzsdev Try-On Clothing Hauls | http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp6yDTFAzkbMHmS5nQ5JZ4rPGR3qNsUaj Holiday & Christmas | http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp6yDTFAzkbPqAY5OV-pYcC38OtDLe777 Fashion, OOTDs, Lookbooks | http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp6yDTFAzkbMZHUi8Mpwni5eEU9-Yh0qb Popular Uploads | http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp6yDTFAzkbOhenMLzkyShWcZt_DDJFSi Business inquiries: [email protected] - - - - - - Hello people! To all my new subscribers, my name is Koleen Diaz also known as Leeny here on Youtube! You may know me from my morning routine video for school, 10 simple quick and easy hairstyles, get litty with me my music playlist and other videos like DIY how to balayage ombre and ombre hair! I'm just an ordinary girl who films different videos related to fashion & beauty. In my channel you'll be able to find videos of different makeup looks, everyday makeup routines and makeup tutorials I have created as well as how I incorporate different pieces of clothing into multiple outfits like lookbooks, OOTDs, OOTWs, and a ton of back to school videos and content. Also check in monthly for favorites and clothing haul videos! So make sure you stay tuned for new videos in my channel every Mondays and Thursdays!
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Text Comments (4014)
Ru a slut or sumthin
Aline Marina (1 day ago)
Any small YouTubers want to support each other💙
Sofia Spind (2 days ago)
Esos outifts para ir a la escuela???? What ??? Parece que va a ir de fiesta con algunos jaja
Jin the banana. Kook (2 days ago)
To be real here, I honestly don’t think we would wear these to school.. maybe an excuse to show off these BOMB clothes.. cute clothing ideas tho
Celii. tm (3 days ago)
Body and dance skills😍😍❤❤🤤🤤🤤
aurora powers (4 days ago)
i love the outfits! good job on picking them out. But some were totally not for school. A for effort
Hey its Sam (5 days ago)
Heyyh i love your content every time i watch your videos i get so inspire i am from honduras 🇭🇳 and follow me in instagram is sammy2007h and yo should do try on hauls!!!
how to awesome (5 days ago)
Thanks for the ideas !!!
lila sanchez (6 days ago)
Really? Outfit 4 And 3 is for a party
Alyssa Koestner (6 days ago)
We have like no dresscote :D
FireBird0x0 (6 days ago)
Lol if I walked outta the house in any of those I’d be dead 💀
zineb MINATO (8 days ago)
Omg its just so nice watching ur videos btw ur body is perfect for everything 😂
Boss Ayse (8 days ago)
Was eine Kahba
Arij Mazroue (9 days ago)
Show me one person that goes to school like that and I mean except for her
fizatk (9 days ago)
You are so pretty!
Ivania Fashion (10 days ago)
I Love 🌸
Purple Noodles (11 days ago)
Outfits for school?.... I mean, I guess...
Hazal filiz (11 days ago)
Le Plant (11 days ago)
Dress code ...
Alexandra Graff (11 days ago)
*What are you going to wear if you are going clubbing ??*
Matillda 28 (11 days ago)
These outfits ain’t for school sis but cute
Rachel Pumpa (12 days ago)
jenna .L (12 days ago)
We are going to school not a party wtf 💀💀💀
Samar (13 days ago)
Ella g (13 days ago)
Where did you buy the last white shirt?????
Fiorella Garcia (14 days ago)
Good outfits for someone who doesn’t go to school
mcnsterzz light (15 days ago)
I don't have dress code so ha! I can wear what I want yay
Dee Dee (16 days ago)
5:41 definitely can't wear that to school. Well not mine atleast 😧
Ph Army Bangtan (16 days ago)
U look like a tanned Barbie wow
Victoria_. xo (16 days ago)
Song at 1:37???
Luana 0406 (16 days ago)
I live in Portugal and you can wear whatever you want and this video was really helpful for me Love you
Titilayo Bonema (17 days ago)
*Yo dress code*. *DrEsS CodE*
Shawn Warr (17 days ago)
Half of those outfit you wouldnt be able to wear because there inappropriate and your showing to much skin and showing tooo much skin makes you look like a hoe
Shawn Warr (17 days ago)
But you look amazing in them
Aria Oof (19 days ago)
Literally a few days ago i wore My adidas shorts to school.....and i walk into the class and my teacher says “Go change them pants” i said “Why?” She said, “They are a distraction...” i wanted to be like “ SIS U THINK SOMEONE IS GONNA LOOK AT MY BOOTIE ALL DAY AND IF SOMEONE DID THEY BE DEAD”
Brat Quarters (20 days ago)
I feel lucky. We don't have dress code at my school
ASTRO IS LIFE (20 days ago)
We have uniforms at school so I'm okay, but kinda getting tired with it
tas Iva (20 days ago)
wtf girl
ElMadi Hamza (23 days ago)
clothing ideas https://clothing-ideas.me/
Lily Dohmen (23 days ago)
Your outfits are super pretty and cool, but at my school I probably would get dress coded
bryanne nguie (23 days ago)
Tu es danseuse?tu dance bien j'aime beaucoup
Nya Gutierrez (24 days ago)
Song @ 1:35??
Sofia Rocha (26 days ago)
Hi, would you make a hairstyle video for the return to school??
can i smell u (27 days ago)
cute outfits but they look so fukin’ expensive, like sis... some outfits for the poor people please?
zCat (27 days ago)
No hate but this is what my school's thots would wear
Eklair (1 month ago)
step 1: *Have a nice body and not be shaped like a toothpick*
Tahsina Hussain (1 month ago)
In the thumbnail you looked like mabel
tae stan (1 month ago)
Tu es française ?! Pour quoi tu parle en anglais ?! Je t'aime je suis une fille tunisienne 🇹🇳
How old are u?
sterling benson (1 month ago)
what is the second song she was dancing to. anyone know???
Basia 666 (1 month ago)
Mówisz po polsku?
ElmaIslamovicOffical (1 month ago)
How tall are she ? 😍😍
# trop cool les chaussures 😚😘😍👠💲
Kheloufi Meriem (1 month ago)
you go to school like this ???
Nathalietje _xxx (1 month ago)
I like outfit nr 5
Ratul Baruah (1 month ago)
school has uniform ok
Tea Shook (1 month ago)
Be realistic
Justx Marxyam (1 month ago)
Ya 80% d'autre pays alors que le titre est en fr et la barre d'info ;-;
The Awkward Seal (1 month ago)
Girl, theese outfits are NOT for school. Wrong video
Camila Aguilar (1 month ago)
Aquí esta tu comentario en español, ahora mi like xd
Kimberly Hernandez (1 month ago)
Where’d you get these outfits 😭
Margo Carolina (1 month ago)
Loved the outfits New subbie ❤️
Lisa Michy (1 month ago)
I wish I had those clothes firstly secondly ur body.,😂😂😂
these outfits are going to a party and not back to school😂😂
Angelina Jng (1 month ago)
I don‘t know, what you wear for school... but THAT?! I don‘t wear that...
Shawntiee Evans (1 month ago)
No hate but outfit number 6 is a lil too inappropriate for MY school lol
Sis, give me my tea. (1 month ago)
Dress codes? Lmao in our school u can just wear the shortest shorts u can find and a tube top
Jade Frizzo (1 month ago)
for school? it is for the mall (for the short clothes)
Heina Navosa (1 month ago)
Well my school has uniform🙄
Alma Gemela (1 month ago)
Su voz Me recuerda a Selena Gómez 😍
Antonia Inostroza (1 month ago)
These outfits is so very cut, but not are for the school
Veronika Sarsenov (1 month ago)
Mama ich geh jzt zu Schule ok Schatz vergiss nicht deine high Hells mitzunehmen die Outfits sind ja schön aber Not for the school
T K (1 month ago)
shorty got so much style man
Madison Pons2007_ (1 month ago)
It’s a Sunday night. Feel like dressing up tomorrow for school. You know what I’m doin watching YouTube videos about outfits.
I'll definitely wear some of the outfits to school... By the way we don't have any dresscode
Jessica Cuthbert (1 month ago)
Love this video but you have got a hole in your sock😆
Larryinhotelrooms ღ (1 month ago)
I mean..they wouldn’t let me in
gnarlyneish (1 month ago)
i have a similar video on my youtube channel can anyone watch and subscribe xoxox :) <3
3:47 that outfit is not for school
NovaKay y (1 month ago)
Am I the only who found it annoying that she would have her back to the camera posing in the mirror for so long and only show the front of the outfit for like 5 sec, also none of these outfits are school appropriate 🤦‍♀️
Thats sooooo uncomfortable Omg
Sandy Salgado (1 month ago)
que bonitos..................re cool nueba subs.. :3
salma remize (1 month ago)
Song ? Omg
becky (1 month ago)
pretty but really conceited /:
Shantelle C (1 month ago)
I really would wear these outfits to school but..... DAM DRESSCODE
Makeup by Mackenzie (1 month ago)
Bruh I have no dress code at all😏👌🏻
Maria Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Stella Tomova (1 month ago)
What the fuck is this school that will except those outfits
Stella Tomova (1 month ago)
Rosaline Oben i'm jealous 😂
Rosaline Oben (1 month ago)
My school😀
Elena daenen (2 months ago)
Why am i the only one with a school without dresscode
Rosaline Oben (1 month ago)
You are not the only one😀
Mombie Nation (2 months ago)
Your style is so unique, very 90s vibe!! Would love a follow on my channel ❤️❤️❤️
hi 2 (2 months ago)
my last name is Diaz
Francesca Diem Procopio (2 months ago)
Tabassum Khan (2 months ago)
3 one I like
Thal Akil (2 months ago)
Are these for school?
ххх ххх (2 months ago)
Ага щас, пошла этак в школу...
Natalie Gomez (2 months ago)
Unknown Person (2 months ago)
Soooo does your school not have a dress code or are you homeschooled
Kandiya Kaur (2 months ago)
PAITYN DUSOE (2 months ago)
at most schools you can not wear damn belly shirts
Gabby Morrow (2 months ago)

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