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10 Amazing Science Experiments Compilation 2017

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This video is a compilation of top 10 amazing #science #experiments with Liquid. 0:00 FireTornado 1:29 Smartphone 3D hologram 2:16 Soap propelled boat 2:43 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction 5:05 No-leak magic bag 5:43 Silver egg 6:14 Coke and bleach reaction 6:47 Instant cloud in a bottle 7:30 Sponge and sulfuric acid reaction 8:03 How to make hot ice at home Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1zkepdy Share this video: Post to Facebook: https://bit.ly/2ggiHNh Post to Twitter: https://bit.ly/2fPIz21 Post to Google: https://bit.ly/2grNSV9 Watch more: 17 AMAZING AND EASY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Compilation https://youtu.be/M07JRzkgaR8 10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation https://youtu.be/sinQ06YzbJI 20 Amazing Science Experiments and Optical Illusions! https://youtu.be/vzopTRZzh-Y
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Home Science (4 months ago)
Hey everyone! Here's my latest video: 17 AMAZING AND EASY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M07JRzkgaR8
Bayu .setiawan082493 (9 days ago)
Rubaid Saeed (1 month ago)
Shit means
Sanjeev Sharma (2 months ago)
Chal jhootha
Lisa Cat the Geek Otaku (2 months ago)
You must forget the song! This video should be listed with a music in the Description!
suman lata kumari (2 months ago)
Home Science good very good ok
Rolando Valdez (8 hours ago)
Mr. Meme (8 hours ago)
2:02 F u n n y M i n i o n M o m e n t s
sean b (1 day ago)
The suger and acid one is like my morning shit
brian harriman (1 day ago)
dancing fire
Aleksandrov Evgeni (2 days ago)
молодцы видео приятно было глядеть!!!
alban Lluka (2 days ago)
7:58 acid can make your finger like this!
Bodhisatwa Barma (3 days ago)
It would be better if you explained the reason or principle behind each experiment at least in description. Please ..its a request
EkoJR (3 days ago)
Ads are aids
headstandmacho (5 days ago)
MaeNotEast (8 days ago)
Beatiful photography on the hot ice starting at 9:12. Glad this one includes ingredients and instructions. Did not like your newer video as much because those were missing, although you did include some links in the write-up.
Intan Damira (8 days ago)
How long its can stay for the last exp??? Pls someone answer me
Lola Csordás (2 days ago)
Intan Damira its not his hand. It will be dangeruos then
Rom BEN (9 days ago)
More views than subs?! This is an outrage!!!
Nolchan (9 days ago)
Yeah because I'm really gonna saw a glass vase in half at home. Ok.
Zaini Zuraidah (10 days ago)
Spongebob has left the chat
黄小华 (10 days ago)
That's absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing...哈
LordJJ (10 days ago)
8. Now I can double jump
Beef Cracker (13 days ago)
6:15 Whenever someone dabs on you
zep73 (13 days ago)
Love your video, hate your music. If your want to torture somebody, just play that!
Np R3A8ON (13 days ago)
if you subscribe to me you will be rich in 3 days
professor KoroSensei (14 days ago)
Does the ice one hurt
Revistina Lectora (16 days ago)
(Srry if bad english, im spanish) *Acid eats sponge* umm, im not sherlock, but thats totally normal, is acid
fazela kaly (16 days ago)
Osm i love it
Donny (17 days ago)
5:54 I'm confused
John McAuliffe (17 days ago)
(.) ( < (.)
Akash Urmaliya (18 days ago)
Amazing video
Samullah Samullah (19 days ago)
As ma Kay dalna ha
Yatta Jones (23 days ago)
I love your videos =)
Fab PR (24 days ago)
Channel's called home science and they tell you not to do it at home
DarkSession van Art (24 days ago)
nice music
MegaHot PotatoHead (25 days ago)
this is copy fire tornado
Jong Min Moon (25 days ago)
No 4 it hurt my ass
Martin G (25 days ago)
Couldn't you find more annoying music than this? I'm gonna pour sulfuric acid in my ears....
张漾清 (27 days ago)
WaJeh afsan (27 days ago)
Hunter Wright (28 days ago)
Who else saw L.A. beast do the hot ice experiment?
A V (30 days ago)
Two minutes of a fire volcanoes. We get it. Could you quit drawing out the bad ones just to get longer videos.
Zaina Khan (30 days ago)
I don't have sulfuric acid
Zaina Khan (30 days ago)
7:11 OMG this is how clouds are made
Xav Le cool (1 month ago)
And that’s why Coca Cola never created crystal coke
Ibrahim Fathy (1 month ago)
2:43 😂
Sushma Ray (1 month ago)
Where is the hand experiment shown in poster
Mariana Miranda (1 month ago)
Pete Conrad (1 month ago)
Did you not think to warn people that 4 gives off sulphur dioxide which is a harmful gas and shouldn’t be done indoors. No. Idiot.
Cooking with Shabana (1 month ago)
Nice video i like it 👍👍👍💓👍👍
Kadyn Dodd (1 month ago)
Poor spongebob had to watch those sponges die to acid
PolskiGamePawel 432 (1 month ago)
10:00 so thats how dildos are made
Imran Nazir (1 month ago)
10:54 am i the only one who think differently😉😉🤣
Carlos Martin (1 month ago)
In the hot ice trick, mine is not working. We followed all the instruction. Could you say that the kind of water is a factor also?
Donielle Bentley (1 month ago)
Hot ice was beautiful
Jabur Emil (1 month ago)
What happened with your hand? Is it dangerous?
AgentKempo (1 month ago)
BoosterPack (1 month ago)
This music is terrible!
A.N. Milledge (1 month ago)
Welp. Spongy knew the rules. Say something mean about the announcer equals a big acid fest!
xXCoolBoy22zXx (1 month ago)
Who else saw a ghost in the hot ice?
Vabbbyy (1 month ago)
10:23 if you think you’re not fucked now...
Vabbbyy (1 month ago)
4:33 My Pee Pee XD
Nighmare Tuber (1 month ago)
Rida Mehdi (1 month ago)
The last one is amazing and unbleiveable
lauri miettinen (1 month ago)
Yes good
The Creature (1 month ago)
what the fuck is that
The Creature (1 month ago)
Ámbar De La O (1 month ago)
Wyatt Rodebaugh (1 month ago)
Fujita, the person who did science on tornadoes by probably using the fire tornado technique. This science he worked on was sizes of tornadoes. That's why we call the scale of tornadoes Fujita or F0-F5.
Sahil Khan (1 month ago)
Very nice
Robin Greenhow (1 month ago)
Ok so what happened to the fingers? 🤔😊
Bipasha Bhattacharjee (1 month ago)
Christine Towgood (1 month ago)
So when you take the dry stuff from the hot ice experiment, are you dipping it into the pre-made mixture or just water, and when you put the crystals down and pour the liquid over is that the pre-made mixture or more water? Also pleas how much is a DL of water?
Ömer Yaşar (1 month ago)
amk yabancısı niye türklerden çalıyon
redrock1963 (1 month ago)
Jaickson Silva (1 month ago)
Invoco Br's
Abde Ski (1 month ago)
الي عربي يخبط لايك
Eugene Hwang (1 month ago)
#3 seems more like semen than soap. incidentally that also explains the propelling behavior.
7:33 спанчбоб, держись)
KATHRYN RAINES (2 months ago)
7:55 who lives in a pineapple under the sea
KATHRYN RAINES (2 months ago)
6:25 ah yes, my favorite drink combination
Uriel Cristobal (2 months ago)
What is the name of the melody?
Dynadominguez Reodique (2 months ago)
1:57 the bird in the 8 letters mv of why dont we?!✨
Jay Nolan (2 months ago)
What specific gravity does the Sulphuric acid have to be?
Jayashree Devaraj (2 months ago)
shubhangi baisane (2 months ago)
Wow !!!!!very nice
Choi Yena's Manager (2 months ago)
3:28 I lowkey thought they were trying to make Coke (drink).
Dilip Ghotiya (2 months ago)
Maristela Ferrancullo (2 months ago)
Lisha have no friend like 1 = 1 friend
Tarun Saha (2 months ago)
very impressive. but could you also tell about the science behind it?
Mike Okhurtz (2 months ago)
#8 is vaping alcohol, LA BEAST the legend got hammered off it
周永杰 (2 months ago)
wow,hot ice is very beautiful!
Anubhava Vashishth (2 months ago)
Last was really great
brushfuse (2 months ago)
No. 4 killed Tasha Yarr. RIP
Brandon Miller (2 months ago)
On #8 Did he just vaporize alcohol????
Samuel Colt (2 months ago)
Kind of.. You can actually inhale the clouud and get drunk by that
Black Cat (2 months ago)
Maurice Amsellem (2 months ago)
amazing job, well done. Could you provide a link in the description to the template for holographic case, and maybe the 3D videos that are are used. thank you
Blind Freddy (2 months ago)
when you actually try to educate I will be back
Surinder Dosanjh (2 months ago)
It’s not called a fire tornado it’s called a fire wirle
Lion Tara (2 months ago)
Well some of them are not weired. And some of them are too risky. We know that sulfuric acid (H2SO4) interacts a lot but you're promoting it and a lot of people doesn't know the fakt that by having a contact with it would cause them a lot of health problems. Do not do these things at home guys
thrilling shots (2 months ago)
Carl Pizzo (2 months ago)
The music makes me dance ...
Med Sousane (2 months ago)
1:40 Awesome 👍👍👍👍

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