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12 years old girl dance freestyle hip hop

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visit http://flashdance.gr 12 years old girl dance freestyle hip hop , greek competition 26/1/2013 Σχολη χορου flash dance νικαια ρεντη πειραια , sxoli xorou nikaia renti peiraia http://dancestudio.gr
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Text Comments (14)
Hall Sadi (3 years ago)
that is so cool the dance I love it good job god bless you
Jazmin Lupian (3 years ago)
thats cool
Angel Egusquiza (4 years ago)
Ovini Nishadi (4 years ago)
The song's Buzzin - Mann (:
Kaylin Williams (4 years ago)
She is really really good I wish I can dance like that
Giulio Tassino (5 years ago)
wow *-*
Alizé Cardona (5 years ago)
she's alright.... :/
ariesi Xuz (5 years ago)
Holy mother of god
Laylla Moreira (5 years ago)
Q merda
Vanessa Brückner (5 years ago)
Sau gut
durchwärts (5 years ago)
chelsea lit (5 years ago)
What song is this ??? Pls reply
Keshauna Adams (5 years ago)
grEEn miSt (5 years ago)
ur good. u got a future there. keep it up :)

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