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Guys Vs. Girls Back To School Morning Routine! | Krazyrayray

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Text Comments (31561)
Krazyrayray (1 year ago)
NEW #backtoschoolwithsarai !!! Hope you enjoy! LOVE YOUUU<3
Jessica Garcia (1 month ago)
Krazyrayray hi I love your vids
Hi Guy (2 months ago)
Linn Skarpnes (2 months ago)
....... Girls i like
Sofia Repotente (3 months ago)
Krazyrayray love you ♥️😄
donedon Cannon (4 months ago)
Seattle fan my cousin plays for them
Bailie Boo (21 minutes ago)
Hi 😍😍 the boy 👦 is definitely my sis
Diamond . J (1 hour ago)
Who thought he was her boyfriend?
John Carlo Dela Cruz (4 hours ago)
#schoolsucks#school isjall#ihateschool
John Carlo Dela Cruz (4 hours ago)
# ilove this :0 :3
Pilotkiwi ! (8 hours ago)
dis video bad
Pilotkiwi ! (8 hours ago)
are you saying all boys sleep in I am a boy and I get up at 6:00 most of my friends get up about the same time as me not all girls go crazy with make up not all girls have queen size beds and not all boys have single size beds most schools you have to have school uniform so that eliminates the clothes thing and you really think all guys just dump clothes every were this is so sexist what did you think this video was some how a good idea so maybe one guy you know and one girl you know do that dose not mean every guy and girl dose that. long story short this is rely sexist
Brian Hartman (9 hours ago)
😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😑😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 Like if you saw the different one:😑
Chochel Gaikechoch (9 hours ago)
I hate this type of videos they r sexist and stereotypical
Bitty Iron Cloud (10 hours ago)
Not all girls are like that
Yesenia Zavala (11 hours ago)
I'm very girly I take so long to do my makeup and curly and straight my hair to make it nice and my crush comes at 8:00 to pick me up
allanabutin (11 hours ago)
Wtf put on soo much makeup???
james Czwakiel (12 hours ago)
I liked all the Seahawks stuff I love the Seahawks
Kaylyn Whiteside (12 hours ago)
This is kinda sexist, there just pointing out gender stereotypes 👎
Alayssa Hernandez (12 hours ago)
her makeup is really bad
Sheyla Lopez (13 hours ago)
How can I totally relate to the boy but not the girl, 😑
sisko marko (13 hours ago)
Zulma Galan (14 hours ago)
Go girls Hahahaha boy Cool
Elizabeth Grace (14 hours ago)
If I dont leave my house by 7:40 I'm pretty much gonna be late..
Sofia Mesa (14 hours ago)
Girl you tidily win
Mya Joy (14 hours ago)
Girls are better than boys.Boys are not better than girls. So team girls
TheCookingNerd (14 hours ago)
So stereotypical!
Stormingseas (15 hours ago)
“Oh, my eyelashes are going in different directions.” *proceeds to slap different creams everywhere but eyelashes.*
Mackenzi (15 hours ago)
Me a girl: *relates to the boy more than the girl* hmmmm
Kassandra Browning (16 hours ago)
Lol so funny I am kinda a mixture of am girl and a boy in the morning
Jane Cassia (18 hours ago)
3:02 music?
Natalia Agudelo (19 hours ago)
Stereotypes!!!!! WHY!!!?
Maryam Hussain (19 hours ago)
This is rlly annoying because I do everything the guy way, when I’m a girl. U make it seem like girls have to have this specific routine. What’s wrong with doing things the way I like? Not all girls act like this and this video is rlly stereo typical I’m gonna go cry now
Chochel Gaikechoch (9 hours ago)
Don't cry because you are not like other women
Chochel Gaikechoch (9 hours ago)
😀right finally I mean all of these vids r sexist and stereotypical I'm more of a tomboy I don't understand why people put on makeup it's fugly but u know segregation is real 😑
joehomeben9 (19 hours ago)
Ok what the hell is this? The video is just weird.
Monira Rahman (20 hours ago)
Uh so I'm more of the girl one and everyone in the comments is the boy version? But I don't wear makeup tho only lip gloss.
gabby gir5 (21 hours ago)
Im more like the boy one lol
W. Whidden (21 hours ago)
Kelly Goodwin (21 hours ago)
I love you too Xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxo oxoxox
gorsel kurtulus (21 hours ago)
3.38 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
Brugger Xavier (22 hours ago)
Grave belle ta chambre
Isabella Buitrago (22 hours ago)
Is her boyfriend ?
Girly A.S.M.R (1 day ago)
All this make up to go to school😐😐😐 like if u understand i know u must lloook beautiful but it school not hot makup party school like if u agree
Shameema Shameem (1 day ago)
i subscribed
it's niña t. (1 day ago)
The girl is not washing his body and the boy
Zig dog videos Hi (1 day ago)
Ok it is not that light out at 6 am
Rodrigo Tocayon (1 day ago)
Why do he need to show his ab in the thumbnail? This is rater 15+ now We need the fbi
Raphael knust (1 day ago)
nicole school is jail very very true
Raphael knust (1 day ago)
i love this video and also girls rule and boys drule hehe srry dude evn though i am a girl i aint girly girl i am sort of tom boy like dduu going out in black and reped geans and some nice vans my fave brand of shoes VANS!!! its every ones fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexis The moron (1 day ago)
Tbh I’m an extreme tomboy gamer/memer girl who loves homestuck, is bisexual and the weirdo of my class... I can’t relate... not even 1%🤣 Like by weirdo... I’m the type of person who puts on clout goggles, puts on a hood (on my hoodie) with my ears poking out, squat walks, and screeches memes or tik tok stuff🤣🤣😂 or default dances in the corner... I’m actually serious, that’s how I act...
Alexis The moron (9 hours ago)
Chochel Gaikechoch same😭
Chochel Gaikechoch (9 hours ago)
I'm such a weirdo 👅 like I just want someone who can relate to me
Noah Chadi (1 day ago)
so true lmao
YT_G4M3RG1RL _YT (1 day ago)
All of the girl morning routines is all me!
Horse Crazy207 (1 day ago)
6:15 I laughed so hard!!😂😂
Adrea Spaulding (1 day ago)
What why did you do that boy
Xavier Lewis (1 day ago)
Gurl how about putting on your clothes then your makeup if you take off your shirt you would stain your shirt and mess up your make up
GUCCI LPS (1 day ago)
Nope i am more like tye guy so this video is a lie
anita hernandez (1 day ago)
In the thumbnail she kinda looks like Danielle Cohn , lmao
My routine: 1. Ignore my alarm 2. Finally wake up 3. Washes face 4. Eat’s breakfast 5. Brushes teeth 6. Put on my uniform 7. Pick what shows to wear 8. Fix my hair and make it look presentable 9. Put’s on mascara 10. Gets textbooks/homework I brought home 11. Grabs lunch I made last night 12. Put’s on bag Im ready
Jesse Plumley (1 day ago)
That is not how boys actually get up because not every boy does that you guys are just ignorent
Carolina (1 day ago)
I’m the guy honestly
Lucie Drysdale (1 day ago)
I love how she woke up with a full face of makeup 💄
Im a girl but my routine is like a guy Literally the whole thing brushing teeth and hair, sleep, working out,clothes ect.
Unicorn Lover!! (1 day ago)
I’m like a guy at this point 😂 ( I’m a girl)
Jr & Tiffy Smith (1 day ago)
josie blair (1 day ago)
I love you it has been 9 years now I have been watching you you make me want to follow my dreams a lot krazyrayray is my girl love you bye
leksy 123 (1 day ago)
Im not like any of them.-.
Nicole Haupt (1 day ago)
I love Saria's makeup bag
Money Cash (1 day ago)
Guys are better because I'm a boy😉
Red Doll (1 day ago)
not even thinking to go on the shower?😄😄😂😂
Ilona Pons (2 days ago)
Esque je suis là seul à être Française
Tegan Handley (2 days ago)
I thought you were dating!
Neo Alabye (2 days ago)
The girl one is true but the boy one isnt
Zoe Oliver (2 days ago)
U are so butiful with or without makeup as a girl way though!!! XD🤣🤣
Indah Formby (2 days ago)
WizzHanz (2 days ago)
Why does americans doesnt take a shower after waking up? like a girl woke up did her face and didnt take a shower or a bath?
Jolene Steele (2 days ago)
Lol that's not how girls are 😡😔🙄😏😄
Melodia Chua (2 days ago)
I mean I hate boys
Melodia Chua (2 days ago)
I hate guys
Maribel Hernandez (2 days ago)
This is alyssa:🦄 Right now she's 0 The number of likes she gets That's how old she Will be!!!
Gabriela Perez (2 days ago)
👩🏾‍🦳 🧥 👠 👠 this is Lizzy she is 13 years old 1 like= ages for her
firewolf lol (2 days ago)
Idk any body that says gametime
TEAMLDG (2 days ago)
Girls win
Daniel73ii (2 days ago)
I'm the boy
Alex Andru (2 days ago)
Pause at 3:20 "iM dOiNg mY MaKeuP"
Mrs myra Purnell (2 days ago)
Girls knocked out more than boys
Keshalya Moore (2 days ago)
You are not cute
Ronald Brooks (2 days ago)
paga-chan's nightcore (2 days ago)
No joke she Wakes up at 5 and at 7:25 she's still putting makeup on and doing her hair? Jesus christ😂😂
Mara Portillo (2 days ago)
My morning routine: 1. Get up 2. Slap the alarm 3. Run to the bathroom 4. Wash face 5. Slap some foundation on 6. Slap some clothes on 7. Actually use the bathroom 8. THE HAIR 9. Stick toast in mouth and run to school like those awful anime clichés 10. *HAPPY ENDING* 😂😂
Jaclyn Amiel (2 days ago)
Peep the Starbucks drink on the bedside table:))
Zana Aziz (2 days ago)
It is true
Leanne Mcevoy (2 days ago)
Alayna Foster (2 days ago)
Gurl your goals! You have like your own makeup room! How are you so flawless?!?!?!
Garushima OwO (2 days ago)
Ok so basically I'm a man
monica geller (2 days ago)
Yeah more of him, he's hot
Albino Jaxon (2 days ago)
6 am In Malaysia: **sun start to rise** In the vid: *it's like 8 am*
Thereall._ Ajnaee (2 days ago)
The boy is a mood 😭. The girl is a mood when your crush askes you out💀
Why do they always have to make the boys have bad stuff
Lacey Clayton (2 days ago)
The girl has a test on the first day of school 😁😂😄😃😅 lol
Charmaine Abela (2 days ago)
Wow thet boy
Charmaine Abela (2 days ago)
Wow thet boy is buetuful
Sylvia Earles (2 days ago)
I waked up earlier than both of you.
MoonCat_Nilla (3 days ago)
What was the song you guys used for when the girl was sleeping? Love your video, BTW!
Tiegan Holdsworth (3 days ago)
Girls are just disgusting
laura luevanos (3 days ago)
Omg I'm almost like the girl but I don,t do pic,s
Cookie Love (3 days ago)
Girls win

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