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Bokashi for Men - Perfect Grey Blending Professional Hair color

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Hoyu Professional USA introduces a new line up within the Promaster EX Hair color series: Bokashi for Men! Mastering Men's Gray Blending has become easier than before! Bokashi (Boh-kah-she) is the Japanese word for "to gradate" or "to blend". Promaster Bokashi for Men was created to seamlessly blend gray hair and achieve the perfect salt & pepper look! Bokashi for Men comes in 3 shades: NATURAL GREY - The Classic gray blending for any texture hair. BLUE GREY - Gray blending with blue tones to neutralize orange undertones or for a cool effect. SOFT GREY - Perfect gray blending with a touch of violet to control Yellow undertones or to create a slightly pale and dignified look. All three tones will keep a COOL TONE result ~ never a demarcation line ~ never leaving unwanted warm tones ~ always fading back to your original natural gray hair! 3 Technologies: 4APE Color Pigments Dual Affinity Polymer Mild Alkali 3 MINUTE PROCESSING TIME! 3 minutes to apply, 3 minutes to process, then rinse, dry & style! Leaving your man to looking FRESH in no time! Want more information? Contact us: Hoyu Professional USA 1-877-460-3567
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HoyuProfessionalUSA (1 month ago)
Advanced Education: Bokashi for Men was created to give a shadow/blended effect, as so that it does not look like you just colored your hair, and to encourage a more masculine natural look. Ie. George Clooney or Nick Wooster! Bokashi For Men is a progressive hair color line. Stylists can adjust coverage by calculating processing time. The longer you process, the more depth and coverage you will get. Making it a great option for Men to decide their desired level of lightness or darkness. Please note: This product has the ability to cover grey 100% if desired.
Chester Fields (3 months ago)
Not enough coverage. Barely darkened it at all.
Cheri Hanlon (6 months ago)
I really don't care for it. I think the perfect grey blend should be a little darker. This has that violet blue tint. Not the best look for a man.

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