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Text Comments (5141)
Grey Wolf (8 hours ago)
Never EVER match your shoe color with your leg, UNLESS you are wearing tights
Park Jihye (2 days ago)
Everyone should accept you like you really are. Tricking people to think you're cool? Tattoos don't make you cool AT ALL. A person with at least an IQ of 5 would know that.
paris din (5 days ago)
Don't use a bad title.... It can hurt people's self esteem...
purple vilots 2010 (6 days ago)
Why is this even created like be yourself and Im crazy but I still think I'm pretty
Caylee Boreman (9 days ago)
Don’t change yourself for some one else every one is perfect the way they are
Equestrian City (9 days ago)
u trying too hard my bro
Well this title just destroyed my self confidence
Hannah Doyle (13 days ago)
DONT take advice from this show people that you actually are cool instead of "tricking people into thinking your cool"
Manoela Bastos Sada (16 days ago)
The lady in the video at 1:19 seriously looks like a really pretty Arabian model 💙💜💙💜🧡💜🧡💙💜
Adele Jacksonish (16 days ago)
but i am cool.. everybody's actually cool..
Kavin Ranawella (17 days ago)
You REALLY want to stand out? Try this premium Collection; You are welcome! https://theiconswear.com/collections/icon-art
Chae Blossom (19 days ago)
This made me depressed
Fatima Loves reactions (20 days ago)
What do you mean I am already cool fo real tho
Sophie owu (20 days ago)
"20" ...just let that sink in
BTS Jin's one and only (25 days ago)
What I do for ppl to think that I'm cool is draw my best I draw and they just look at me confused and say that I'm cool
Irrelevant Nonce (26 days ago)
How to get bullied.exe69
Kasi Watkins (27 days ago)
Isn't the first one a tattoo for illuminati??
kiyah white (30 days ago)
*10:42** never seen that red of an apple in my life,*
Jackie Lagunes (1 month ago)
the girls eyes in the scarf life hack 😖😖🤣🤣
Cherry 10030 (1 month ago)
After this we’ll be sooooooooo cool
Pre-B 11 (1 month ago)
I don't need people to think I'm cool because I know I'ma cool
Ella MacDougal (1 month ago)
literally the first thing is a harry potter reference. s o c o o l.
GI GI (1 month ago)
Notes -i found something for my tablet -amazing stuff
Titch 310 (1 month ago)
Nothing says Coll long a long skirt 🤦‍♀️
Lulu ツ (1 month ago)
Truth is *i ain’t cool*
Jessie Cassin (1 month ago)
You are seriously calling me not cool?! Read the first 2 words to find out who is...
CyberDog (1 month ago)
So ur saying I’m a loser?!?
Pam Rodriguez (1 month ago)
👦🏻 👕 👖
Maya Vlogs (2 months ago)
Is the first one like toxic or something XD
Arctic foox (2 months ago)
I did this and my parents disowned me
Arctic foox (2 months ago)
I did this and my parents disowned me
Baby slime 123 (2 months ago)
Wait did they mix up the title coz this video is clearly showing how not to be cool
Sharon Horsfall (2 months ago)
ok that's for Prissy stuck up girly girls not the style i'm looking for
CLARK ADORA (2 months ago)
How to get in trouble at school for having a tattoo
Graysage (2 months ago)
What am I doing with my life?
Skull Clan (2 months ago)
Saeed Sharif (2 months ago)
This video is 15 mins if u think about counting in fives its:5,10,15 And that stuff. But if this is 15 mins long there should only be 3 hacks because each of those hacks are supposed to be 5 mins...weird huh?there's more than 3 hacks. *edit* before yall start coming at me imma just stop.. I know it's sped up and I know I'm not a Smarties pants I just never know what to comment..so heh hate on me all u want idc but still love u HuMaNs❤❤
Kangar00 (2 months ago)
Not “how to be cool” How to *trick* People into thinking ur cool
LewH 33 (2 months ago)
12:52 wow how many phones do you have??
Debbiecakeslol (2 months ago)
Reads title So u think I’m not cool? What if I am 😙😌
Alexandra Munnich (2 months ago)
How is a illuminate cool
Monica Posh (2 months ago)
Nothing says cool like a knee length skirt
Abagail Luckett (2 months ago)
I love Harry Potter but why the deathly hallow sign
Abagail Luckett (2 months ago)
5 minute crafts is also kinda a better version of troom troom
Gwendolyn 101 (2 months ago)
0:10 illuminati coNfiRmEd
Random.fandom Editsx (2 months ago)
Love the quote at 4:23 ❤
madasthemoon (2 months ago)
*nothing screams cool like cutting up a tee shirt and making it into a tacky grocery bag. im quaking*
madasthemoon (2 months ago)
the stupidity of these videos is honestly hilarious, even just the titles make me cringe lol
chan8680 chan8680 (3 months ago)
Guys I just want to tell you that being "cool" or "popular" isn't important. Just being yourself is all that matters. Don't dress or a t like someone else to be better. Your good the way you are. So if you're reading this have a good day. 😗😋😊😎😍
Smexy_ Sharon (3 months ago)
elizabeth grace (3 months ago)
emily violet (3 months ago)
2:40 that lady kinda looks like Emily Blunt😂
Britta Meyer (3 months ago)
how to be popular: wear all black and draw on yourself. because that makes sense.
Kaylee S (3 months ago)
Keyword in title trick No im jk
Vandana Singh (3 months ago)
Soon you will get 50 million subscribers. Congratulations in advance 😉😉
Baconater 28 (3 months ago)
tf is this, you are "cool" in your own way. everybody is unique and beautiful, and as long as you arent hurting anybody, you don't need this video.
Gabriela's channel (3 months ago)
This title is lies. You are cool. Remember that
Falalala lalala (3 months ago)
Whats funny is that they dont teach you how to be cool but to trick people into thinking you are cool
neymar the king (3 months ago)
Me:reads title ok ill wacth it. Me after wacthing the person draw the deathly hallows drawn tatoo: meh i can do that Me while trying to draw the deathly hallows mark: OMG i made the death eater mark Me next day at school: everyones looks at my wrist Next day: my new school nick name snape Same day kills everyone at school. Exept for my crush and leaving the school by saying HI :D please DISLIKE OK? And sub to meh channel
BEYOND SOUNDS (3 months ago)
Alyssa 108 (3 months ago)
on the one that says CANT FIND YOUR CHARGER to make it work you need a charger so why don't you just use that???? no hate
SpeckleHornArt (4 months ago)
Idk but I couldnt stop laughing when I saw the first one
Ash B (4 months ago)
So I have to have an tattoo to be cool?? Wow!!😑😑
akida (4 months ago)
w h a t. t h e. f u c k.
FC BARCELONA HD (4 months ago)
Which page u are using here
Anna S (4 months ago)
The fact that any of us are watching this screams that we will never be cool
Pausini LegusiniLV (4 months ago)
0:42 omg! I really love Harry Potter and when i say the word "always" I was like 🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😱 SNAPEEEE
ginger bread (4 months ago)
I'm here to live a lie
Joy Ipp (4 months ago)
I'm cool because I'm Tracer 😂
Allan Li (4 months ago)
Awesome clickbait.
Blackpink is my life (4 months ago)
I'm popular at my school and everybody thinks of me is cool This easy tip will help you Be Yourself
Amy-Chat (4 months ago)
Hello person scrolling in the comments 👋🙋❤️
AVDESH Gautam (4 months ago)
Second girl is looking like a fairy
T- -Series (4 months ago)
14:15 how old is that iPhone Jesus christ
T- -Series (4 months ago)
How to pretend you’re white
T- -Series (4 months ago)
How to fit in with poor people
T- -Series (4 months ago)
How to blend in with the Americans when you’re a Russian spy
Unknown Person (4 months ago)
Nothing says cool like a knee length skirt😂
Cupcake :3 (4 months ago)
That first hack... HARRY POTTER FANS MUST UNITE!!!
Lauryn Gray (4 months ago)
alot of this doesnt make you seem cool, it just makes you seem nice and modest. Im talking about the skirt to your knees.
cOcOA BEANs (4 months ago)
i think 5 minute crafts buy subscribers
3:45 So you’re saying that you need these things to be beautiful? What has the world become?
lil shooky (4 months ago)
Fake news ,fake job , fake anything in this vid
Xx Cozi xX (4 months ago)
1:06 Boi. 👏🏻 Curling iron. 👏🏻
EPISODE LOVER (4 months ago)
Did the tattoos represent Harry Potter? Like if u agree or not 😪🤠🤠🤠
Malak Mohamed Nasir (5 months ago)
3:25: “ ALL BLACK IS VERY SLIMMING” Me: “ and deadly”
Ayesha Honey (5 months ago)
5:38 eyes looking like she will eat us right now
Yara playing ROBLOX (5 months ago)
Why should i trick them? Why can’t i just be cool?
Penny Proud (5 months ago)
0:21 why a triangle? **illuminati confirmed**
Vedez (5 months ago)
Most of these are just being plain nice...
Aafia Siddiqui (5 months ago)
tea cup (5 months ago)
Alia Sponheimer (5 months ago)
I love the title of this lol!
Gail Forcha (5 months ago)
I stopped at the illuminati tattoo ....that tattoo is not cool
Chloe Moorhead (5 months ago)
Doesn’t 10:47 sound like the backing track from the birthday song for Trina in victorious
Chloe Moorhead (5 months ago)
What does this have to do with the title
Acidic Purple (5 months ago)
0:45 No thanks my hair is already as curled af
Khaash F Kaur (5 months ago)
deathly hallows omfg yesss !!!
mj maisha (5 months ago)
Sunglasses choosing was helpful
KingRiyan007 (5 months ago)
Roses are red violets are blue i got clickbaited and so did you
Prabhjit kaur (5 months ago)
We are not cool we are normal 😂

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