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Top 10 New Hairstyles for Men's 2018/2019 ! Men's Haircuts Trend!

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Hey everyone welcomes to another video, here we're gonna share with you some more latest men's hairstyles lists, hope you will be like our latest video, keep sharing, thanks for your love and support. Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram/shabiikhan visit for more cool men's hairstyles: https://menhairdos.com/mens-summer-hairstyles/ Shop below hair products : Beaux Noggins SCULPTING CLAY - Styling Clay For Hair with Bentonite : https://goo.gl/ZBTk3w Johnny B- Molding Paste- Pliable Clay - 4.5oz: https://goo.gl/KAo1tk Admiral Men's Pliable Hair Styling Clay (Lite Hold/No Shine) 4oz : https://goo.gl/XgXWgC Premium Styling Clay for Men 3oz Matte Finish - GOLDEN COAST COMPANY: https://goo.gl/HiJezd Best Molding Creme for Strong Hold Matte Finish - No Shine Hair Product For Textured Modern Hairstyles - Lamel Styling Clay for All Hair Types 2.7 Ounce: https://goo.gl/iWJWdM Top 10 Men's New Hairstyles! Business Casual Hairstyles, Faded Textured, classic slick back hairstyles, pompadour haircut, quiff hairstyles, side part hairstyles, blonde fade haircuts, comb-over haircut, undercuts, classic hairstyles,
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Text Comments (940)
Hamza Bahassan (22 hours ago)
The next day their hair will be worse than their grandparents
Dearren MC (1 day ago)
Second song pls 😭
daneal daher (1 day ago)
I want a video tutorial
Bilal Alshareef (1 day ago)
Nice styles 👏 ....... ....... I have a problem! My hair is exactly like the last guy's hair, but when I wash it, style it with the hair dryer and finally put wax on it, I don't have the result that I want, it never stay on a shape, I don't know why!! Can any one help me to solve this problem? ❤ & Thanks
Bilal Alshareef (22 hours ago)
+Beast . no I didn't, I use the "Freeze Dax" wax.
Beast . (22 hours ago)
Have you ever try oh wir hairspray (for womans)?
Harley Mccarthy (2 days ago)
What's the first song name?
The first is simple and awesome
WhatsWrong Daewiz (2 days ago)
Rahul Nath (2 days ago)
Pacinos signature line . link & wpside please?
Chill Games (4 days ago)
Who else’s barbers a trash
Jagodzia Msp (4 days ago)
Music in The vid: Kisma - fingertips
qwerty uiop (5 days ago)
No 1 guide to be a dick.
Jk 19 (5 days ago)
And we’re still waiting for the black version
Jk 19 (5 days ago)
I am King (5 days ago)
Gonna need some hair straightener for some of these..
Please my next step is to
M6low (6 days ago)
Everything looks the same I hate how people can’t branch out and try to be unique and instead look like everyone else because it’s not in the latest ‘trend’
Rijve Ahmed (7 days ago)
Where is this Berber shop
PROFESSOR TUA (7 days ago)
Funtastic skill
Elijah B (8 days ago)
what is the music
John Rey Ubas (8 days ago)
What is the name of the hairstyle #7 from the pic?
cyka blyat (8 days ago)
dumb music
Doug B (9 days ago)
A hair cut is worthless unless your client can reproduce it without product.
9plass 61 (10 days ago)
no. 6 is Classy indeed and sexiest one 😀
Angel Mendoza Garcia (11 days ago)
Apenas empezo el video y ya le di like
PyperDash (11 days ago)
When you try to not to laugh.
Cesar Lopez (12 days ago)
Having a lot of hair and tick is not easy takes a lot of work
Kalu xD (14 days ago)
0:48 😏😂
horca tv (14 days ago)
Ritesh Gupta (15 days ago)
Last haircut is the best
Kevin Forssander (15 days ago)
Hahaha that no. 9 model did not looked pleased.
Agha Noor Vlogs (15 days ago)
998000th sub
Joey Milner (17 days ago)
Why’s one of those guys getting makeup?
Ben Everett (18 days ago)
Great video! Cool hairstyles and great music
Emily Nestor (18 days ago)
My husband love number 1 and 5 and 7
pewdie pie (17 days ago)
+Emily Nestor ur my problem bitch
Emily Nestor (17 days ago)
+pewdie pie girl wtf is ur problem myob
pewdie pie (17 days ago)
+Emily Nestor you are a liar
Emily Nestor (17 days ago)
+pewdie pie what is ur problem
pewdie pie (17 days ago)
Not true
wilson lee (19 days ago)
#6. Classy hairstyle ( for gays) men don't wear makeup.
Gerardo Salas (20 days ago)
اخر واحد اخو شرموطة😂😁👍
Krisztofer Rácz (22 days ago)
3:50 music pls?
Francisco A Holguin (22 days ago)
Francisco A Holguin (22 days ago)
Same old shit
Harry Nguyen (23 days ago)
2019: um no it’s waves like the hairstyle wave checks
Ali Yasir (23 days ago)
No.6 is the best of all . Men should be decent . By the way no difference in your all haircuts . Mostly are same
MR. ÂŤŤĮŤŪĐĘ (23 days ago)
Lu Min Aung (24 days ago)
Mithlesh Maheshwari (24 days ago)
X!!_ BURNING (24 days ago)
Meeennnnnnnnnnn 😢😢😭😭😭😭
Rais Khan (25 days ago)
Jignesh Rathva (25 days ago)
Malik Ahsan (25 days ago)
Sir ap ki shop kaha hi
Lalremsanga Pc (26 days ago)
Thats first song? 😍plz tell me
Steahm (12 days ago)
Kisma - Fingertips
VideoZone (26 days ago)
For more checkout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Irg_C5SQE
Simon McVitty Östborg (27 days ago)
Yo boy be lookin like Elvis Presley!
ziyd mahde (27 days ago)
أكو عرب
Topeya Sunshine (1 month ago)
Music title please?
ShaYan king (1 month ago)
Adam K (1 month ago)
1. Buisness casual 2.Faded textured/
Default (1 month ago)
the man at 2:57 looks like a real life ken doll :v
Crezy Shyam (1 month ago)
1st one is sexy style..
Correctomundo (1 month ago)
Brilliant, I'll just employ a fucking full entourage of hair and make up experts full time to keep my barnet looking good....
bad gaming HM (1 month ago)
Meine haare sind so kacke
Kawai Gus (1 month ago)
La intro de sus directos de willyrex 😂
Beer Beer (1 month ago)
Stupid music I'm not gonna watch it
Singed Marley (1 month ago)
2:10 Is this All Might?
FinesseFTF (1 month ago)
i have no clue what to do w my hair i thick straight black hair and im pale af dont make sense but im rocking a sumwat bowlcut n i wanna change it but ion kno wat to do
Nividia Gamer (1 month ago)
What is the background song name plz tell me
Ko Soe Naing (1 month ago)
very good
#1 mobro (1 month ago)
Like if they need to do more videos on guys with curly hair
Elcardia ! (1 month ago)
First song name ?
ValaK (1 month ago)
Name of the last guy
Billy Aniki (1 month ago)
Could someone tell me the name of the 4 haircut which is on the picture of this video?
Julie TGM (2 days ago)
Men long hair side swept
BlaCk RideR (1 month ago)
Wtf do u have only those songs.....cant u add new😠
UnReal GO (1 month ago)
Immediately visible is the professional
Chafi Khaled (1 month ago)
Khsni had pacinos
Viki CSA (1 month ago)
what the song?
john Smith (1 month ago)
Good job but my God this background music is unbearable
I am King (5 days ago)
It eventually grew on me 😄
Jim Will Bonita (1 month ago)
What is the title of song please reply...
Shayan Ibrahim (1 month ago)
1,3,6 !
Kamna Singh (1 month ago)
bro can u tell me the background song bro plz tell me
Praveen Online (1 month ago)
Yahya Qaous (1 month ago)
grandpa still handsome
Mohammad Awan (1 month ago)
quiff is awesome how long you hair neded for this cut
Jeric Infante (1 month ago)
All of those hairstyles is nothing when your g.f saw you staring others butt and boobs
Mike D (1 month ago)
Step 2 be a model
SIG1776 (1 month ago)
I like the last one the most :P
bts 8th member Hots (1 month ago)
No 2
Romi Shinglai (1 month ago)
o ma god cnt stop watchin .. niceee
Keshav Borana (1 month ago)
Братанец 0010 (1 month ago)
#_5 👍 А.....ный Вообще
Balwinder Singh (1 month ago)
Nyc cutting
ZGTMkR (1 month ago)
*Insert Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man meme*
Margaret Batson (1 month ago)
Blonde streaks are in for guys. I think it looks good.
amit shejwal (1 month ago)
1:28 abhishta...........desired
Sukhvinder Sharma (1 month ago)
Prerana Santosh (1 month ago)
I saw the thumbnail n remembered jace herondale😛
Perrito Dormilon (1 month ago)
2:47 why do i find this man so fucking scary
Marasoiu Marian (1 month ago)
see and share the best viralsongssl hindi
Ankit hela (1 month ago)
Can anyone tell me the name of the guy u had a classic layered haircut (in the last)... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
saurav choudhary 25 (1 month ago)
what colour blonde is that damn so good @6:40
Westus (1 month ago)
Ive been rocking high and tight(hairstyle) for quite a while now
Lorita Xce (1 month ago)
Hi,, how are you today!

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