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How To File A Flight Plan in X-Plane 10 EASY

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ForeFlight Mobile - http://www.foreflight.com/ This video will show you how to file a flight plan in X-Plane 10, and use Air Traffic Control (ATC) to get a route to your destination. A great resource for getting the frequencies and flight information is the app "ForeFlight Mobile" which you can get on iOS devices. Not only will this give you the radio frequencies for ATC, but it will connect with X-Plane over your home network, show you GPS information about your aircraft including the speed and altitude, and even live weather.
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Text Comments (19)
OUR WIKIPEDIA (5 months ago)
Will this work in android
I dont get this xplane tower stuff.. how to contact
Roman Henrik (11 months ago)
uh, i would not wanna sit in that airplane
Siam Yapp (1 year ago)
What airplane you using ?
drmckee (2 years ago)
Useless video. no idea how you brought up that window. I do not find a file flight plan option in any of the menus.
govapes (3 years ago)
How did you bring up the flight plan menu to begin with? It looks like you may have used a keyboard shortcut.
Legowanwan (2 years ago)
+govapes Press enter or return.
govapes (3 years ago)
+Asael Baez Pressing ENTER. I should have checked the keybindings more closely. Thank you :)
Asael Baez (3 years ago)
+govapes As in the real world, any ATC interaction begins with filing a flight plan. Thus, the first time you press Enter during a flight, the only option available will be “File Flight Plan.” Click that line of text to display the Flight Plan dialog box (shown in the image to the right). http://www.x-plane.com/?article=using-x-plane-10s-air-traffic-control
Mago467 (4 years ago)
You suck this is all incorrect
HotHatchSi (4 years ago)
@vladmirel This is how he does it not how you do so stfu dumb ass.. haha
Lance Linenberg (4 years ago)
What airport add on is it
Vlad Mirel (4 years ago)
This is an incorrect way. EXTREMELY incorrect, you cannot leave the "route" part open. In real life you must put your route in. Im sorry sir but if you don't know what you are doing, don't tell others to do it your way!
Daniel Haslam (4 months ago)
Greg Tell Actually it’s not a game, it’s a simulator. These aren’t designed for people to mess about on, they’re meant to represent real life scenarios and they’re essential in training practices. If these errors are made in real life, you’re fucked. Don’t treat it like a game. Treat it like real life. That’s what they’re there for.
I hate you, vyvanse (1 year ago)
Greg Telicki And the "game" is made to be as realistic as possible.
Greg Tell (2 years ago)
it's only a game. relax
What the Name of the app
No it’s free on ipad or iPhone or mobile device
Aditya A. (2 years ago)
X-plane 10, you have to buy it or get the demo version

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