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Using Drip Irrigation to Water Your Container Plants

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A simple set up with Waterwise, and your containers are set for the summer. Here's how to set up a drip irrigation system, and options on how to use it. For more information on Waterwise visit https://www.provenwinners.com/catalog/watering-systems-planters
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Lucy W. McMellan (15 days ago)
Cynthia Nunez (1 month ago)
No link to the WiFi hose faucet?
Jaime Sia (16 days ago)
She links it in the comments on her channel: https://youtu.be/Z_b3Ktjdz6Q
Helen Hoverson (6 months ago)
My hubby finally decided to put drip irrigation in my patio containers...."If you are going to keep them in a straight line". Well...you know I always have extra pots out there...so...I promised.
itsmeamanda01 (6 months ago)
hmmm I have a Pergola with 6 hanging baskets... Im tired of watering at 5.30am before work.. this could be my answer... is it best to water in the morning or the evening
DIY moje dekoracje (6 months ago)
Crystal Gumm (6 months ago)
Good early early morning to you guys!! Is lil Benjamin awake!? Love how you guys have kept us your videos and content even with a new addition to your family! Continue having fun yall!! We enjoy watching and learning for sure!!

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