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CYMA CM.023 MP5 Review

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This time I review a cheap plastic-gearbox LPEG by CYMA. Mostly cheap plastic. Metal parts include inner barrel, rear sling mount, charging handle grip, and screws. The package includes 1 high capacity magazine (110 rounds, about 90 effective), 1 low capacity magazine (21 rounds), a battery (7.2v 270mah) and a basic wall charger, a mock all plastic silencer, detachable RIS system, tools to mount RIS system, 100-round speedloader, cheap sling, red-cross-hair sight, and a cleaning/unjamming rod. Optional: Spare magazines (both low and high cap) This gun is mainly meant for those backyard wars or for plain plinkering. I decided to get it since I do not have an MP5 type gun, so for me it's basically a wallhanger/cool looking gun. --FPS-- .12g ~ 200 FPS --ROF-- ~10 RPS --Links-- Buy The CYMA MP5 Here: http://www.hitguns.com/Cyma-KP5-Automatic-Electric-Airsoft-Gun-CM023-p/cm023-kp5.htm How to build a simple homemade Chronograph: http://team-titanium.com/~airsoft/FreeFPSMeter.pdf More reviews on the way, so stay tuned!
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Text Comments (282)
Spencer Hoppock (2 years ago)
neat video bud
Rizqi Ramadhan (2 years ago)
Nice airsoft
UnboxingThingsTv (3 years ago)
hahahahha this voice
Adam Dean (3 years ago)
what the fuck is wrong with youre voice did you inhale some ballons be for this
Austin Hellman (3 years ago)
Don't make fun of him
StilwellMotovlogger (4 years ago)
I didn't know Fred got into airsoft XD
Hay Hayden (4 years ago)
Don't make fun ok the kid you idiots
A Retard (4 years ago)
why did you change your voice
Christian Rasmussen (4 years ago)
Who bought Fred an airsoft gun
Gregg Hollmann (4 years ago)
why do you sound like a jackass
DaPeanutPunisher 69420 (4 years ago)
What's wrong with your voice
Not The One (4 years ago)
Thx for the review dude
Tengu98 (4 years ago)
One thing i just want to point out is that charging handle for airsoft guns don't do anything unless it's spring powered, so this gun's charging handle is broken. Its just the way it is. Just saying for those of you who didn't know :)
Tengu98 (4 years ago)
One thing i just want to point out is that charging handle for airsoft guns don't do anything unless it's spring powered, so this gun's charging handle is broken. Its just the way it is. Just saying for those of you who didn't know :)
Gary The Stormtrooper (4 years ago)
did you inhale helium????
TheZaz969 (4 years ago)
he uses morphVOX
Hush REM (5 years ago)
y do u have the voice of a munchkin?
CyberGraczPL B (5 years ago)
to na koncu to nie magazynek tylko magazyn :)
ImJustHereForTheMoney (5 years ago)
Yes yes he douse
LIL MILK Studios (5 years ago)
Doesn't he sound like the ballon from "the amazing world of gumball"
RadicalHaloNova (5 years ago)
How can people not realize that he speed up the video?
rponcesilva (5 years ago)
His voice.....it's disturbing....
shawn mor (5 years ago)
oh my god poor kid.. he is a chipmunk!
icecube606 (5 years ago)
its only a comment so CALM THE FUCK DOWN!
Professor Studios (5 years ago)
Its not plastic its polymer which is stronger than plastic
spikekiller12 (5 years ago)
he sped up the vid SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Abdulraheem Khan (5 years ago)
lukasgorgis100 (5 years ago)
lukasgorgis100 (5 years ago)
Ian Rush (5 years ago)
AnarchyAirsoft(A_A) (5 years ago)
give him a break man he was highly desrscriptive and yes the voice was in fact stupid but who would give a shit
rabid (5 years ago)
Either that a fake voice, or hes a rejected Alvin and the chipmunks character.
Mr. Effigy (5 years ago)
you have a stupid ass voice
ewiK 624 (5 years ago)
wtf is rong with your voice man!?
Jan Wolf (5 years ago)
excelente review awesome replic
Glenn van Heel (5 years ago)
Evan Thomas (5 years ago)
Wtf is up with your voice
Cyan (5 years ago)
damn kid those are some superl33t reloading skills shit even the terminator would be scared of you man whoa. I mean fuck look at you tearing out that magazing and punching in a new one in like freaking what? 2 seconds? If reloading BB guns was a profession you would be the fucking president of the most big-ass reloading company in the world man. I bet you get so many bitches, good for you. 10/10
animetrickerd (5 years ago)
How long should i charge the battery? and how long does it last on a full charge bro? please let me know.
mohamed abdellatif (5 years ago)
whats rof
Donald Oneill (5 years ago)
his voice was changed with a voice changer
bigfishben100 (5 years ago)
talk about insane fasr reloading
Robert leavitt (6 years ago)
RagingBanshee59 (6 years ago)
I give your review 5 stars out of 5. :)
nestor gomez (6 years ago)
Stop the voice
m3y3r47 (6 years ago)
Dam kid got some slight of of hands
Bretts Cosplay (6 years ago)
Whats wrong with your voice
David Howson (6 years ago)
Peter Kallas (6 years ago)
ΟΚ..! All flies in the room are DEAD...Don't shoot anymore..
DevastatingGaming20 (6 years ago)
abdullah attique (6 years ago)
he probably just did it to hide his identity
Oliver Wessell (6 years ago)
I have this gun it is so cool
Tavahrik (6 years ago)
Fred doin an unboxing That's wat it sounds like
wellsbusta (6 years ago)
Just so you all know the charging handle Isn't for really anything accept for playing guns.
freek (6 years ago)
You have to use 0.20 grams or 0.23 than it is more accurate and it shoots harder!
freek (6 years ago)
You have to use 0.20 grams or 0.23 than it is more accurate and it shoots harder
James Hillin (6 years ago)
I Also Have This Gun. How Do You Know When Its Done Charging????
Your Illuminations (6 years ago)
how do you do that mod
Monty P (6 years ago)
no dude if your actually playing in real AS war do not get this gun or anything really under 100 dollars if you plan on actually playing. This guns accuracy sucks and you'll look like an idiot out there. your better off getting a tommy gun from canadian tire thats atleast better then this..
Joshua VorrTeX Taylor (6 years ago)
would you recommend it for CQB
travis (6 years ago)
can u sing christmas time and christmas cheer
aejbaer;lgbae;g (6 years ago)
That bolt mod looks sweet! But I wanna know how to do it... Can someone help?
Sammy sainz (6 years ago)
I've got the cyma cm.025
kevin poindexter (6 years ago)
GEFilms (6 years ago)
I dont know whats wrong with my guns high cap mag, but it wont feed properly. Any suggestions?
tropixsongs (6 years ago)
I thought this was the guy from "Godsairsofters"; Instead I got stuck with an Umpa Lumpa.... >.<
I think he's a midget.
Legacycraft1 (6 years ago)
Gay voice
BuXTYP (6 years ago)
*Shooting* 5:23 *scrathing his ass* *Shooting again*
m b (6 years ago)
CHOP000 (6 years ago)
5:03 that tv is awfully close..
emiel1707 (6 years ago)
are u a chipmunk??
TomTom40202 (6 years ago)
i was thinking to get this for a secondary to my sniper. Whats the effective range on it?
Triple H3lix (6 years ago)
i take off the giant orange flash hider and use the tiny one underneath it looks better
sklim0978 (6 years ago)
Good job with the video. Now as for the gun, I would rec the gun only to those who are curious about airsofting or for backyard plinking. Pricewise, its an okay gun. Not a gun to buy if you want to go to the field. Good for film props, collection, backyard war or plinking.
LIVEKILL2 (6 years ago)
@UH60xBLACKHAWK depends, you really shouldn't get a gun less than $100 and expect it to be good. But if it's for a beginner or a starter gun or even backyard wars, then it's pretty good.
Trizzleboy9000 (6 years ago)
this person who made this vidio is kinda bull crap. the glasses are important. not crap and you have to have a orange tip its illigal not to.
Dylan Mattes (6 years ago)
@KingKongAirsoft I disagree.
Troy Escalante (6 years ago)
voice changer?
javierpad (6 years ago)
what hapend with your voice
Julian Bruce (6 years ago)
Well some one has sleight of hand
Julian Bruce (6 years ago)
hey i need advice, should i get this or the p90
JOHN SHANNON (7 years ago)
you sound premature
JusCallMeBootz (7 years ago)
metal or plastic bb's?
Sir .Driken (7 years ago)
Zachary Jackson (7 years ago)
just buyed it
lebron800 (7 years ago)
somebody's been sucking in to much helium
Matrick Starr (7 years ago)
Its and old dude trying to sound like a lil kid. xDD
Szn Escobar (7 years ago)
are u fred???
_ VesBraun (7 years ago)
@2000crazymario i was like "FRED PLAYS AIRSOFT!? where? ima pwn him!!"
Jtsf 1234 (7 years ago)
@MyGangstaBean if they sped it up his voice for one would be way higher and for two the vid would be very short dumbass>!!!!! god >_<
Zyranox Music (7 years ago)
shooting inside the house
Zyranox Music (7 years ago)
2:09 that thing is a supresor nice review
Zyranox Music (7 years ago)
Fred?oh wait it is you sorry
Ben Meister (7 years ago)
?how long do you reccomend charging it for
Penchek76 (7 years ago)
Dude whats with the voice???
Michael Jakob (7 years ago)
@Smithinator239 i bet urs to
anti_ (7 years ago)
hello its fredd
Spencer Callahan (7 years ago)
turn on captions its hilarious
oneintheshadows1 (7 years ago)
hey i got one of these, and the standard magazine has trouble getting into the gun. Any idea why this happens?

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