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Relaxing Slow Motion Video to Calm Down In 30 Seconds

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Watching this satisfying and eye soothing collection of slow-motion videos is a great way to relax your mind and slow the pace of your life down. 🙏 Waves breaking on the shore, a spinning coin, mixing paints... What's your favorite moment? Tell us in the chat! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy! #slowmotion #satisfyingvideo
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Text Comments (119)
ohohvalerie (6 months ago)
You know what calms ME down?? The 30 seconds of ADS in over abundance in the middle of my calming session
ohohvalerie (6 months ago)
More like jumping in front of a puddle
ohohvalerie (6 months ago)
Maybe different music?
my fortnite user name 33 (6 months ago)
LynnSuzanne Finch (6 months ago)
Why is every scene labelled ?🤔...not really sure how this is relaxing ....🙄
Vicky Abramowitz (6 months ago)
None of this is relaxing. The slo-mo is making me nervous.
Aniruddha Hindu Rss (6 months ago)
Thanks again Sir 🇮🇳🌹💐🌺
Nothing just why (6 months ago)
i watch all the video.
mariel mt (6 months ago)
I came for thumbnail
Satisfying Central HD (6 months ago)
This is to long omg GET TO THE POINT!!!!
Jude Lovic (6 months ago)
4:52, It looks like that stuff from Nanny McPhee!
Epic Understated (6 months ago)
2x speed is almost normal.
Abdulmalik Wasagu (6 months ago)
Its called the moneyshot
aki ensio (6 months ago)
You feel like time is in slow motion when something exceptional (scary) happens to you. You brain stores much more images (events) than in normal state. Time is the chain of the events and you feel you undergo everything in slow motion.
Chetna Soni (6 months ago)
You must made it and uploaded in different sections
Kenny Amelia (6 months ago)
Yes, it's looked amazing . I like horse ridding. I like the changes of the light from night to morning on the field or plants
Cake Kyo (6 months ago)
Am I the only one who gets antsy with this video?
kenzie b (6 months ago)
My favorite part of life is the point where there is no life.
Hope (6 months ago)
Shouldn’t the guy chopping wood be wearing goggles? Gloves? A shirt????
Mallika Joshi (6 months ago)
I don't really think the chopping firewood part had to be sooo long! But yeah...the video is kinda relaxing
Malick Sy (6 months ago)
If it wasnt 4 the title i wouldnt have found this interesting
Jippelientje (6 months ago)
I catch myself that I am looking at it for 1 hour and 45 minutes!!😭
TheMsToffifee (6 months ago)
I may be a freak but to find this video bearable I had to speed it up back to normal 🙈
Dolly Pop (6 months ago)
nice books would go with this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U99l9QNrqv4&t=80s
XD-408 ` (6 months ago)
The music isn't very relaxing I thot it'd be like some asmr video😂
Ruth Elisa Luna (6 months ago)
My favorite moments in life: 1-Talking to God, 2-The Netherlands, Amsterdam in the summer, 3-A plane taking off, 4-Lakeland, Florida, 5-Pumpkin cake, 6-A flying eagle, 7-An air show.
Me Myself and I (6 months ago)
3 hours?3 minutes is enough for me.;)
Ehtisham Haq (6 months ago)
What's the name of song 2:32:16
Itz Steven (6 months ago)
+AdequateProductions Inc. No it's not
AdequateProductions Inc. (6 months ago)
It’s Darude - Sandstorm
Itz Steven (6 months ago)
Blablabla by bla
Ehtisham Haq (6 months ago)
Tell me your favorite word. My favorite word is "soothing".
AdequateProductions Inc. (6 months ago)
Ehtisham Haq mine is with but with a dot: with.
aki ensio (6 months ago)
WWWaaatttccchhhiiinnnggg ttthhhiiisss wwwaaasss rrreeelllaaaxxxiiinnnggg.
SLB Vids (6 months ago)
I unsubbed
Benita ozioma (6 months ago)
Is This ASMR ?
A.Amrita Varshini (6 months ago)
I knew today that raindrops are spherical in shape🙄
A.Amrita Varshini (6 months ago)
+Nakidz yup
Nakidz (6 months ago)
A.Amrita Varshini I think you mean that you *learned* it today.
cardamom id (6 months ago)
Tepung terigu nya cantik banget ngayaknya 😍
cardamom id (6 months ago)
Butterfly in flight
Its so relaxing☺️😉😊
Heather/kacey & Lexi (6 months ago)
Am I the only person shook that the video 3 hrs long..?😨👀👋
Keira’s Club! (6 months ago)
Kacey playz ME TOO!!!
IntrepidFraidyCat (6 months ago)
I hadn't noticed until I saw your reply....😨
Katie Horton (6 months ago)
Kacey playz omg I just realised
Bellhel 227 (6 months ago)
When did it finish
Ashish Gupta (6 months ago)
The syrup is gooey thick and delicious
Özge Solmaz (6 months ago)
what are you doing bright side
Ankur Sharma (6 months ago)
Özge Solmaz some trippy drugs
The burning one hundred dollar bill triggered both me and the struggle
Chí Trung Dương (6 months ago)
You post this just at the right moment. I was about to go to bed zzzz...
Ashish Gupta (6 months ago)
you are my last you-tuber
UltimateFortniteCube (6 months ago)
Dijnic (6 months ago)
A round of applause to whoever watches the entire video. 👏👏👏
Sulaikha Ibrahim (6 months ago)
E N Ananda Kumar ram (6 months ago)
Whois TheMan (6 months ago)
Why is this in my inbox?
TrueMan v3 (6 months ago)
The day I will get my BA degree.2019 HERE I COME!
IM and SEO Tools (6 months ago)
D. A. jr Gabriel (6 months ago)
i cannot finish watching this video but my favorite moment in life is when i cheated death.
D. A. jr Gabriel (6 months ago)
+Mohammed Thoufeekh i did not saw the actual event that took place when the tree feel. i only knew when i heard the ambulance and the rescue unit sounding their serin and out of curiousity i went there and all i see is that the tree already feel. that enforcer that told me to park elsewhere is like an angel to me.
Mohammed Thoufeekh (6 months ago)
+D. A. jr Gabriel Where u were in the vehicle and saw the whole thing what had happened...
D. A. jr Gabriel (6 months ago)
+Mohammed Thoufeekh months or a year later, another acacia tree broke and fell pinning a passenger vehicle killing its driver.
D. A. jr Gabriel (6 months ago)
+Mohammed Thoufeekh i park my car infront of a a very big old acacia tree fronting the city hall here in our city. (i'm from cebu city, philippines) while waiting for my two sisters i comfortably sat on the driver seat waiting for them listening to music from my stereo. suddenly a traffic enforcer stop by and approached me and told me that i should parked somewhere else because the place were i parked was reserved for tourist bus. so i parked away from that place(around two building away) moments later i heard an ambulance and a rescue unit sounding their siren. i have no idea where they were heading but for sure it was very near from where i i parked. so when i checked it out they stopped at the placed were i parked before. that big acacia tree just broke and fell right to spot to where i parked before. they rescue a passing vehicle who was seriously damaged and the passengers seriously injured. i could have been killed if that enforcer did not told me to transfer parking somewhere because i was facing the big trunk of the tree when i first park there.
Mohammed Thoufeekh (6 months ago)
Really...tell me how...
Feuerkämpfer Magier (6 months ago)
Who watches the video with a speed of 0.25?😁
Ayushmaan Srivastava (6 months ago)
Ok .. who do u think is gonna watch a 3 hr video clip on YouTube
Barry Wood Guitar (6 months ago)
That is one heck of a question!
John L (6 months ago)
The thing I like best about slow motion videos is the ability to back up and watch every action in order to see what worked best and how to improve one's actions. Things such as a slalom skier, or ice skater are poetry in motion. But unlike most people, I have a natural ability to view reality in slow motion, when placed in a dire, life or death situation. It is certainly not a gift when forced to live through it. The first time I and my Laotian home guard patrol walked into an "L" shaped ambush in 1969, I experienced this Big Time as I was overloaded with adrenaline . Everything literally slowed down to the point where I was able to see it all unfold before my eyes. It was the most frightening experience in my life, and I will never forget watching one of my patrol take two rounds from an automatic weapon. I could even see rounds coming my way. I experienced this several times later, but will always remember my first time. I have had second thoughts about slow motion action, and those who also have gone through this will agree that we would rather not experience it again.
Matthew Flagler (6 months ago)
SURAJ GOUR (6 months ago)
What's that about
jojo X3 siwa (6 months ago)
im hungry now bu it is still cool give a thumbs up if you think that to
jojo X3 siwa (6 months ago)
Justice Ice (6 months ago)
I am watching this while eating
Patrick Welmaker (6 months ago)
Who else watched all 3 of it?
Maya Hoffer (6 months ago)
I didn't even find half of these satisfying
Daddy Long Legs (6 months ago)
Maya Hoffer lol u watched the video haha
Dahal Karjee (6 months ago)
a fountain
Synyster Gates (6 months ago)
The paint was my favourite.
Yasmeen Taher (6 months ago)
Waterfall was my favourite
LHML 123 (6 months ago)
I was so stressed today, this made me feel better thank you brightside❤💛💚
LHML 123 (6 months ago)
I like sinking my hand in orbeez
LHML 123 (6 months ago)
Thanks for making me happy !!!
This video makes me hungry for waffles.
LHML 123 (6 months ago)
That jello motion was berry good !!!!!!!
Archie Rego (6 months ago)
Where is the girl in a bikini running in slow mo part?
Archie Rego (6 months ago)
Is it in slow mo?
Sulaikha Ibrahim (6 months ago)
At the beach
Lou Zasoll (6 months ago)
How is burning money pleasing
Kenneth Urban (6 months ago)
Ryan Lorenti (6 months ago)
What’s the song around 1:34:23
adhi kwok (6 months ago)
jello and cherry
princess of my heart (6 months ago)
Does anyone know when did the picture of the video appear
Third High Productions (6 months ago)
Stoners! Peep Out The Dank Content!! :D
Nplpo (6 months ago)
Good job bright side 💡
Frank Builds (6 months ago)
maxamed siciid bk bk (6 months ago)
pleas subscribe heye
ItsMaleahA (6 months ago)
Hi everyone I’m a small youtuber
Congo Dandy (6 months ago)
favorite moment when my brothers gf blew me
Tiss Tiss Simone (6 months ago)
Congo Dandy Right 😂 it’s never that deep hahaha
Congo Dandy (6 months ago)
haha oh come on
Linda Casablanca-Potter (6 months ago)
Congo, your comment and the fact that some others have found it even remotely humorous is evidence of just how fall our society has fallen.
Tiss Tiss Simone (6 months ago)
shaho bilah right I bet she was 😂
Gaming With Travis- (6 months ago)
Awe, I missed it :(
respect your self (6 months ago)
damaine robinson (6 months ago)
I came for the aesthetics.
+respect your self Hi. Is your name Killer Girl because you are a girl who is a killer or do you mean killer as in cool? Either way, I can dig it 😎
respect your self (6 months ago)
ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna hii
Allysha Panton (6 months ago)
Bread Boy (6 months ago)
Bread Boy (5 months ago)
Nicholas Renwick bully :(
Nicholas Renwick (6 months ago)
Kame Man makes it even worse than my face is
Boasfo asfasf (6 months ago)
What is going on
anagha Anuraj (6 months ago)

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