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Men's Wardrobe Mistakes to AVOID When Building Your Wardrobe (2018)

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Stop making the crucial mistakes when starting to build your wardrobe. Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/teddybaldassarre All funds will go to getting a new editor for the channel to maximize our output. Music: Jinsang - Kona Park Follow me on my social channels: Instagram: @teddybaldassarre Twitter: @tedbaldassarre
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Text Comments (37)
Dain L (1 month ago)
Knowing you have lost weight and that you struggled with proper fitment as you lost weight calls to me so hard. Thank you for this.
David Coleman (1 month ago)
You are so right I have made all these mistakes myself you are so right I have made all these mistakes myself. I have expensive things in my closet that I wear maybe two or three times a year . I think I'm a bit better now .lol. . thanks .
Cinko Creative Network (1 month ago)
lmao that bike story literally happened to me at age 20 just a few months ago! great video, really enjoyed it :)
Nik Man (4 months ago)
Way too young inexperienced and immature full of generic crap
Anthony M (4 months ago)
trick question. in fact, you shouldn't buy any t-shirt.
Jollopukki2 (5 months ago)
Really nice video! Please make more content about style .
Flippin Zippo (6 months ago)
Tacktleneck!! I hope you know the reference hahaa
Der Buffelbauer (6 months ago)
Great vid, well thought out and articulate! I like your clean and simple style. I use to watch TMF for a long time. He was great for a while but unfortunately, he's become very corporate and started selling "snake oil" in just about every video. It became very predictable and old. Please keep doing what you're doing and don't fall into the trap of making content just to make content. You've earn yourself a sub. Good luck with the channel.
Myrslokstok (8 months ago)
Nice video! Nice solid backdrop with no shades. I would probably do a bit moore voice overs, raise the camera angel, and moore of filming yourself when actually handling stuff. Maybee changing closeups as well. Try to find outdoor sceens as well. Maybee you should try a moore grey backdrop, and remove the left warm lightsource. But nice, better than many have after 10 times the views.
Myrslokstok (8 months ago)
Teddy Baldassarre You come a long way. I think the camera should be a bit higher. You show a lot of content with voiceover and that I like. You do not screem and stuff, that is good. You should have 60.000 subs in a year. Then you are going to think great, yehhh. But then you are going to go for the stars. - I am as good as the other guys. Why not 600.000 it is going to feel hard, then you struggle and struggle, and then it will take of.
Teddy Baldassarre (8 months ago)
Thanks my friend. I would be interested to know your thoughts on my videos now. I think I have improved the production a bit.
Myrslokstok (8 months ago)
Understatement is the best statement. Clodes that you use every day, that fits well, of good quality, that age with patina and pride and can take a beating, is worth that extra 100$. 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 3.125 combos if you have five very different pices of eatch. But even 3^5 is actually 243 different combos, insted of "I have nothing to waer". Chose different colors that works togheter and plan it all out from the begining. Like blue, white, grey, black and brown. And buy an Iron and good shoepolish and shoetrees etc and use it, and a grooming kit. It cost nothing moore than the effort. Very good stuff thanks!
stefano giovannini (10 months ago)
Great investment is a clothes rack for air drying the clothes. They last a lot longer. Driers really shorten the lifespan and the look of a lot of stuff. Especially dark denim. BTW I am curious what jean brand you ended up buying
stefano giovannini (10 months ago)
if climate is damp and humid I run a fan pointed towards the clothes rack. they dry faster, without the damage of a drier.
Teddy Baldassarre (10 months ago)
Awesome point! I ended up going with jeans from J. Crew, their 770.
Sagar Shah (11 months ago)
Great video! I'd love to see a video on good, versatile pieces to travel with. I travel a lot and one thing I have yet to master is doing a good job of packing versatile pieces so I can pack lightly--instead, I always overpack.
Anthonius AlphaProject (11 months ago)
Great channel and content, good points. Keep the good work!
Tommy Oo (11 months ago)
would be very interested to see you making review videos about different brands for different type of clothes. May be some recommendations at the end of the video.
Mike Carey (11 months ago)
Good stuff Teddy
This might very well be the best fashion channel I’ve seen the past 3 years on YouTube. Please never change, and please never sell out pushing products, like teachingmenfashion etc. This is genuine, well articulated and honestly good advice. Keep doing you!
Myrslokstok (8 months ago)
Teddy Baldassarre It is ok once or twise a year, especialy if it is stuff you liked before. That is way a look around for new channels to complement with. You were good keep it up. I am old now and I did all that to.
Ferran Lagar (9 months ago)
I agree so much with this
Teddy Baldassarre (1 year ago)
Wow! That could be one of the most flattering comments I have ever received since starting this channel. I promise it will only get better and I will never lose sense of my authenticity. Also, no promotion of garbage products haha.
Jason Larry (1 year ago)
Would you every consider mentioning your income or at least a ballpark? I feel you're misleading a lot of young people by giving out advice that would probably you a higher earning man than a university student for example.
Teddy Baldassarre (1 year ago)
I am by no means swimming in money, but I do pretty well for my age. What point do you think was misleading?
HonestMan98 (1 year ago)
thanks for the new video. I was curious if you would be interested in doing video on how to give excellent presentations in business setting or just in general as that is really important skill. You are an excellent presenter and I am learning from that as well. In my job, I have to give presentations on a regular basis and I am always learning. Not for sure if that would align with your goals for the channel. No worries if that would not work. Either ways, your speaking ability is excellent. my name is chandler btw. Cheers mate.
Teddy Baldassarre (1 year ago)
Hey Chandler, great to officially know your name. Wow, I am really flattered and thank you for that kind endorsement for my speaking. I am still getting a sense of speaking into a camera. I feel I still have ways to go compared to my ability to speak in front of a live audience, however, I would certainly be open to this. I have some interesting plans for the future and could see room for business and professional development content since they are things I am passionate about as well and run in parallel with a lot of the topics I have currently been discussing.
Vavazelus (1 year ago)
One thing I believe is ridiculous is the "skinny" dress trouser.  I believe in slim, tapered, not skinny  gray trousers like the one in your video. Clown pants, UNSAT.  Kool guys need to get away from that nonsense.
Teddy Baldassarre (1 year ago)
Vavazelus well I’m glad to hear it! I guess we just have two different definitions of slim fit hahaha
Vavazelus (1 year ago)
Teddy, I said the slim look is ok, but the "skinny" trouser look just looks unseemly to me.
Teddy Baldassarre (1 year ago)
I know a lot of people who agree with that sentiment. I personally like the look and find that it suits me... Being 5'11" and 165 pounds soaking wet, it is easy for me to be swimming in traditional fit trousers. I like the slim look, but I think it depends on your body type, age, and the environment.
Alex Chen (1 year ago)
I personally am guilty to buying "statement" pieces over basic essentials. Quick question: where did you get your wool trousers? I think you mentioned it in a previous video but I can't seem to recall. I love your philosophy about feeling powerful in your clothes!
Teddy Baldassarre (1 year ago)
Hey there, Alex. I purchased the trousers from J. Crew. I tried to look for the link of the pair I purchased, but I cannot seem to find them online....
Dutchman Chris (1 year ago)
Quality video once again!
Teddy Baldassarre (1 year ago)
Thank you, Chris! I appreciate your continued support on the channel.
Max Star (1 year ago)
Hey Teddy another great video! Where did you get that Turtleneck? It looks great 👍🏼
Teddy Baldassarre (1 year ago)
Max, thank you my friend. I appreciate all the comments. The one I am wearing in the video is from Zara and the one in the thumbnail is from Asos

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