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Spanish White College Girl in Booty Short shorts ass shaking

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http://www.bigassbootymovies.com i love short shorts with big booties and thighs
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Husk 215 (3 months ago)
Wow I mean that
maria elaine (6 months ago)
Luis Munoz (11 months ago)
Lil mama ummmmm
Kieth Willam (1 year ago)
question is what you believe
Art Aguilera (1 year ago)
Gee Jackson (2 years ago)
I would love to film this gurl.
Tyler Bassett (2 years ago)
+Ryan Lee Watch out! We have a badass over here! 😂😂😂😂
Ryan Lee (2 years ago)
you look retarded enough to need help doing every day things like making sandwiches, dressing, and wiping your own ass you mealy mouth son of a bitch
Tyler Bassett (2 years ago)
+Ryan Lee making me a sandwich. what else you retard?
Ryan Lee (2 years ago)
Doing what? ;) lol
Lisa M. (3 years ago)
0:35 and 1:10
jon gambino (3 years ago)
Matthew Gomez (3 years ago)
Yummy I love it
Rob Hooper (4 years ago)
All these haters must've never been with a thick Spanish/Hispanic girl XD BEST
owen minott (4 years ago)
let me at it
alex lop (5 years ago)
Who r u I'm in love
ProjectBikes1 (5 years ago)
414+803+7711 773+489)4373-773-892-8369
Aaron Gallo (5 years ago)
Now that right there is art!
Ankit Rijal (5 years ago)
These video clips are good. I'd been so confounded watching my mate move from being lame to a ladies man. He started getting women overnight. He pretended he failed to notice. Then he told me when he was drunk on Bourbon. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to know about it... He's seeing a beauty... Lucky guy!
Devin Harris (5 years ago)
[email protected] school..lmao lol lol...she is bad though
jon petty (5 years ago)
Damn id wrk that
Pat H (6 years ago)
joe littrell (6 years ago)
hit me up 8123503034
zookey waki (6 years ago)
my errection feels like 8 tigers about to fight with 2 bears and 3 cheetahs about to attack 16 monkey with have machine gunz then the cum swallows six cows STORY OF MY LIFE LMAO!!! Thumbs up if u feel the same way
zookey waki (6 years ago)
Honestly i think i watched this video more then any video i have ever watched i never get sick of it when i need to jerk the bone its like my warm up
1realistbitcheva (7 years ago)
what the fuck is this bullshit baby gurl ain't got no ass and fat sticken out on the sides hell naw boo boo DELETE
DaishiX (7 years ago)
You call this "Spanish White"? What exactly is White or Spanish about this MESTIZA? That's like calling a horse a wolf.
Christopher Sinclair (7 years ago)
not very good keep practicing
Matthew Hast (7 years ago)
Anyone know wat her name is
BLACK STAR (7 years ago)
i love 2 cut dat cake
yoplait (7 years ago)
Kade Kress (7 years ago)
god wat an ass
ella jeweet (7 years ago)
Oh my fuckin' Godd ..
@johnyblaze11 ok excuse me sir, but actually here the moron is YOU. Do some research and you'll find that most of puerto rican people have actually amerindian ancestry (maybe not as much as mexicans, peruans or some other country in latin america) but they do have amerindian ancestry, so technically most of their people are not 100% from spanish decent DUMBASS
johnyblaze11 (7 years ago)
@davlor86 puerto rican is a type of spanish u moron they fucking speak it and was a colony of spain by that definition they r spanish
yourunclehank1 (7 years ago)
@johnyblaze11 well that's what i said imbecile, "she didn't even look spanish" so i was right i guess? she is not spanish, she is puerto rican
johnyblaze11 (7 years ago)
@davlor86 she puerto rican u retard
Guap_Dolo (7 years ago)
damn girl can drop it low
she doesn't even look spanish
Alexander Botts (7 years ago)
this was glorious, cameraman is a lucky dude, coulda done better though, shoulda captured her whole body more o well...
thedrumandbassace (8 years ago)
id beat that pussy like it owed me money
Scorpion85629 (8 years ago)
The shorts are too small.
retc90 (8 years ago)
she would make me jizz lots an lots and tons of cream jaja
Chiara Schiavone (8 years ago)
ay mami.. she fineeeeeee as hell.. and ehhhmm im a girlll ;)
yougonasorry (8 years ago)
i wonder whether these chicks knw that guys are beating on their videos.. oh well who cares! YEEEH!!! :P
jonathan murias (8 years ago)
no es española joder! fijaros en los rasgos de la chica es una morena o "mixed race" como decis vosotros.... es una puta sudamericana...,haber si aprendeis a diferenciar los colores de una puta vez...
Frenchy8329 (8 years ago)
omg who is this girl she better not b from the bx
VIVAELLCHEE1967 (8 years ago)
BTW google this Beautiful Women From Spain on youtube. Then tell me if your girl looks like any of thse white Spanish women from europe Spain. 2 be real Spanish u will have 2 b white and from Spain. You had to be born there. Most Spaniards do have green and light brown eyes with fair skin and plenty do have tan skin due to the Mediterranean weather, Just like Italy or greece. Hey and I am a good ole country boy from Tennessee but I know since I travel around the world including latin america.
VIVAELLCHEE1967 (8 years ago)
She is mixed and I am not the only one saying that. White would be like Cameron Diaz who is Cuban with Spanish ancestry. Hispanic is not a race. It means people who main language is Spanish. Is like saying Kobe Bryant is white cuz he speaks English. Spain ruled the world same way the UK. Spain also brought the black slaves into the americas and taught them Spanish same as the Indians.
BadBrad23 (8 years ago)
Fuck Ultra Records hot chica!!!
VIVAELLCHEE1967 (8 years ago)
This girl aint whtie and for sure she aint Spanish. Spanish women are white and for sure dont have fat asses like that one. /she is a mix of black and Indian from Latin America. Far from the land of Pau Gasol, Elsa Pataky or Fernando Torres and Fernando Alonso. These are real white Spanish women..
boreduser12 (8 years ago)
why is she doing this? does she wanna get laid or is she getting paid?
keltecdan (8 years ago)
give her 10-15yrs and she'll be nasty fat
princeshakaZ (8 years ago)
@thi711 Lol damn yous a hater!!!
martin rojas (8 years ago)
i just love watching it over and over
Nathaniel Jones (8 years ago)
thank you very much! lol
ella jeweet (8 years ago)
F*cking nice man... she can grind on me for like 24/7 O_O
kevin beharry (8 years ago)
damz girl u can work that thing
Jose Mera (9 years ago)
Hagamos el amor con la ropa by Speedy & Lorna
kevin beharry (9 years ago)
girl u can work it!!!!!!!!
catsjr (9 years ago)
this is perhaps the video ive sen thus far
legendary313 (9 years ago)
i pull hoes at least this good or better just dont show them attention n b a ass ur all good in the books b/c there used to guys droppin anything and everyhthing for them and showin em mad attention when really tthey wondering why theres that guy that isnt and thats where it starts
maikito17 (9 years ago)
this girl is latin not spanish
Ryan Lee (9 years ago)
Someone Anyone!!! Find more vids of this chick
teeohdubble (9 years ago)
you got curves... in the wrong places, weak.
Luis Salas (9 years ago)
Eduardo Lemus (9 years ago)
tht be my sista lol wait till i tell mom grl wat u been doing
incetris (9 years ago)
WOOAHH, damm...
saidol ibrahim (9 years ago)
tAke the clothes off BITCH!!!
Giovani CeroCeroSiete (9 years ago)
her kitty looks swollen! talk about camel toe! ke rika mami...
t T t (9 years ago)
metal better than this shit.
Jonny R (9 years ago)
Sir Speedy: Hagamos El Amor Con La Ropa = song playing
t T t (9 years ago)
that's okay
mixedgurl142 (9 years ago)
t T t (9 years ago)
booty shakin and spanish music don't go together
Dominick George (9 years ago)
THE FACE, the hair color, and the thighs got me mesmorized...seriously....msg me secretly, nobody else gotta know ;)
t T t (9 years ago)
william jose (9 years ago)
she could dance on my face like that.
Felipe Figueiredo (9 years ago)
Eu amo a Espanha!!! \°/
IrvingLoboFlores (9 years ago)
what song is that
Dale Svensson (9 years ago)
She would look even better with me hanging out of her lol!!!But seriously Shes beautiful.Dayam She can sho nuff shake that rump!!!If shes lucky she can have me!!!
Derek Smith (9 years ago)
what college does she go 2 again
anneeq008 (9 years ago)
il say lolz
ballstothewall777 (9 years ago)
Rivality Casnov (9 years ago)
eso es, españolita co mo te mueves mami
GFrank (9 years ago)
ja sir speedy hagamos el amor con la ropa luv the vid ya estoy enamorado de ti me hago la paja to this
Jaden Lee (9 years ago)
DAAAYUUMMM SONNN!!! chicka chicka ya fake ID fake ID ahaha
lBabiiJ (9 years ago)
Lmaooooooooo dont ever attempt that in your life
babiigirlxo (9 years ago)
whats that song ??
Dalton DeVoll (9 years ago)
elbaraja999 (9 years ago)
española es una raza i mejicana otra bueno mestiza
radiozoto2006 (9 years ago)
pueh no... si los gringos dicen "spanish" puede ser tanto española como mexicana o cualquier otro país de América...
Nick Arbia (9 years ago)
damn she's gorgeous!
elbaraja999 (9 years ago)
no es espñola
Jon Cannie (9 years ago)
ur so cute
sillykidssong (10 years ago)
wizzat - whiz - whuuut?? damuelo, mami!!
tatoobien (10 years ago)
its by 'speedy' but i dont know what us the exact name of the song but it would be a good guess to say 'Hagamos el amor con la ropa'
Matan Eldan (10 years ago)
French Tickler (10 years ago)
HAHAHAHA All These Chomos Are Beating It To A Fuckin Sophmore In High School HAHAHAHA Thats So Bad But Funny At The Same Time
Charlie Cha (10 years ago)
LMDAO!!! wow ya nikas have no life stealing people videos... i no that girl and she aint white or in college shes a fuckin 11th grader in high school and she dominican and her name is ivanna lol ima let ha no that this video is up
Sam Carey (10 years ago)
wtf is with this? XD im only looking for who likes sohrt shorts :( & she looks like billie piper :O
YOUNG FLACO (10 years ago)
wold you like to go out with mee pleazzzz =)
NewWorldRob (10 years ago)
nothing special what-so-ever!!!

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