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Doritos Funny Super Commercial with Hot Girl

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Text Comments (40)
Gabriel Gandareta (9 months ago)
Kishan21 (3 months ago)
Bob Davis u are a god
Bob Davis (4 months ago)
Jessica Serfaty, an actress model from Arkansas.
T-ZER0 (11 months ago)
This commercial was banned.
Toast Time (1 year ago)
Me: get out of the bed you made it dirty
Bode Frank (2 years ago)
Dude who made this video, can u plz tell me what her name is? She is really hot!!😍😍
nick raifmai (2 years ago)
Jessica Serfaty
STLGAMING (2 years ago)
wow no one knows her name?
Justin Rivera (3 years ago)
Siddhanth Talwar (3 years ago)
I wish I had a hot girlfriend who would do that.
Siddhanth Talwar (3 years ago)
Lucky bastard
Destroyer 5370 (3 years ago)
erica smith (4 years ago)
erica smith (2 years ago)
No I"m not I'm straighter than a stick i said when i was younger i was like 11
COMEBACK KID (2 years ago)
erica smith if you think that s nasty then your gay
Cameron Bernard (5 years ago)
when ever I think of doritos, I jizz y pants now
Karsten K (5 years ago)
janice peppershinitzle
Valientlink (5 years ago)
Quite possibly the hottest girl I've seen. What's her name?
Bjorn Vlogs (1 month ago)
Bro sameee
Kuded (5 months ago)
Albert Einstein
TheFinster (8 months ago)
google it
Kimsea Chea (5 years ago)
yes she's hot
K.I.S.S (5 years ago)
When will you be uploading more videos
David Buthlay (5 years ago)
Why doesnt this have more views?
freemoneyonline736 (6 years ago)
i could? just marry you
Konnie Mikadze (6 years ago)
how much did you practice, this is amazing!!!!!!?
Sonimnx1 (6 years ago)
wow hast ja ein top teil gemacht super!
phuc nguyen (6 years ago)
wow pretty? good.. nice work!
dsafsdfasfaf (6 years ago)
the best song in? the world ! i downloaded this :D
Thanh Nguyen (6 years ago)
favouriteeeeeeee video so far
Bookingfabrik (6 years ago)
this is awesome, you need more views!!!
2 (6 years ago)
Perfektes Video.
kenny tang (6 years ago)
W0aH ^^ Epic Video
Julie Morgan (6 years ago)
This is gread
phuong lai (6 years ago)
Totally faved this vid!
Miss Misteqe (6 years ago)
Nice video Kid!
itsgarylee (6 years ago)
that was pretty cool
dsafsdfasfaf (6 years ago)
this video is amazing!!
boby joe (6 years ago)
exactly what i was looking for, an amazing video!
Georgeann Priestley (6 years ago)
damn nice work ive subbed pls upload more

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