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2015 Summer Hipster Hairstyle featuring By Vilain Dynamite Clay

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Hey everyone! Here's my latest video featuring the 2105 Summer Hipster Haircut on my client, and good friend Joe Andreda. You'll love the versatility of this amazing product called Dynamite Clay from By Vilain. Enjoy, and please continue to like, comment and share!!! DANIEL ALFONSO MEN’S SALON OPENING SOON!!!! 7465 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 For men's haircut & style appointments email: [email protected] || Instagram: @danielalfonsotv PRODUCT INFO: Dime size amount of DYNAMITE CLAY from By ViLAIN applied to the middle of the hair shaft to the ends. This product provides a dry, gritty, flexible hold adding ample volume for extreme versatility. Do what feels right for your hair length and texture, and the possibilities are endless! To purchase By Vilain products please visit www.slikhaarshop.com. DIMENSIONS: 1/2 guard on the sides, 1 guard on the back, 5 inches on top with extra texture added, Blocked Off neckline Daniel Alfonso: Stylist Instagram: @danielalfonsotv Email: [email protected] Slikhaar TV: Instagram: @SLIKHAARTVOFFICIAL YouTube: www.youtube.com/slikhaartv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SlikhaarTVGroup Joe Andreda: Model Instagram: @Joeonthedancefloor Video Produced and Edited by Jeff Youngblood of Youngblood Films, with Mike Cassidy www.youngblood-films.com Instagram: @YOUNGBLOODFILMS
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Text Comments (254)
PROFESSOR TUA (26 days ago)
Good job my friend I like your way..... Success for you my friend....
Bello !
Maulana Prasnov (9 months ago)
Federico Bizgarra (1 year ago)
Una mierdaaaaa .
Garrett (1 year ago)
all these haircuts look decent the moment you finish styling it and we see the finished product for 5 seconds, but the next day it would be a pain in the ass to have a haircut like that.
Kenan Çamlı (1 year ago)
Ulan bu saçın nesi güzel ? O nasıl şekil ?
Cesar Marroquin (1 year ago)
Damn sick 💯💯💯💯💯💯
Antonio Oinotna* (1 year ago)
ser barbero o peluquero o estilista, no es solo tus habilidades que puedas tener al cortar el cabello, tambien la calidad de servicio que ofrezca es lo que hace que uno se distinga ,el como tratar a una persona sea con delicadeza o sin lastimarlo, mal desvanecido y mal peinado... if you dont understand use google ...
Ramiro Deleon (1 year ago)
why does he give the same fucking haircut to each client
mersh ker (1 year ago)
Song name anyone please I love it
JNAS (2 years ago)
I still rock this cut on my head too :)
pain (2 years ago)
that men smil so good
Shalaw slemani (2 years ago)
very beautiful hair
Mithilesh Kumar Thakur (2 years ago)
aur new style m video batoo.
Samana Chhantel (2 years ago)
I love your hair cut 😌😍
Md Samir Ansari Ansari (2 years ago)
哥哥李 (2 years ago)
Azrisyam Mohamad Hairi (2 years ago)
Dream Hair
Evergreen (2 years ago)
A'ight, this cut is over! What else you got in your arsenal? I'm getting bored with this. You do short, shaved close to bald and then faded out to a longer top. OK, nice...but what else can you do?
skg 23 (2 years ago)
miguel castillejos (2 years ago)
I like the hair style
Ignasius Andrew (2 years ago)
how do i make my hair thick like that? :( really envy with that hair
EK# Sleep walking (2 years ago)
s0ng name?? pls
Patty Sparks (2 years ago)
Drum and Bass all day.... All night
Iotonic (2 years ago)
omg this guy is amazing
Sheryl Avril (2 years ago)
Eldo Vasconcelos (2 years ago)
Qual é melhor corte de cabelo
Cindy Santana (2 years ago)
Geeze those dudes have gorges hair
Moaz 1806 (2 years ago)
one strong blow of wind as soon as he steps out. "I want my fucking money back"
bZ Dusty (2 years ago)
blessed hands!
Huzaine Daud (2 years ago)
Daniel, hw long is your hair in this video? cause I wanted to style my hair like yours.
Phúc Hoàng Vĩ (2 years ago)
Trap Forest (2 years ago)
why i don't have his hair gosh my hair looks like sheep hair
Iotonic (2 years ago)
maybe u could get a straightening perm
Trap Forest (2 years ago)
+Albi no im not black sorry for late your comment flagged spam
Trap Forest (2 years ago)
+Readmagine its more like waves like this in the photo : http://slodive.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/black-men-hairstyles/lloyd.jpg . . pc: i am not black
prashant dixit (2 years ago)
....... photo album it is a all so good..
Iotonic (2 years ago)
+Trap Forest well, how does your hair look other than being curly...and how curly is it exactly?
Noémi Kőhalmi (2 years ago)
ez de nagyon meno! nagyon sexy 😍
Thomas Morel (2 years ago)
Fuck why my hair is not like this
bosnasurinam (2 years ago)
cuteer aisian😍😍
Stella Winnes (2 years ago)
oh man i shaved my head a couple months ago for summer but im definitely gonna see if i have the patience to grow out something like this. very magnus bane ❤
Lupita Martinez (2 years ago)
me encanta la sonrisa de satisfacción felicidades Daniel A
Unknown Garza (2 years ago)
Ail Ail (2 years ago)
historydan (2 years ago)
Is Danielalfonso part Asian?
Adriana Lesma (2 years ago)
historydan native american may be
cry wolf (2 years ago)
always workin' with the nice hair guys... would be challenging see u do some hair-cuts in curvey hair
TipTheBarber (2 years ago)
Snapchat gave swap wouldn't do anything lol they look like brothers
issalilworld (2 years ago)
Bro you need to do my hair 😂😂
JACKY REMENBER (3 years ago)
super smart and amazing hahaha . want to my hair like that later hahaha
narga sucio (3 years ago)
Nice all he needs is a white nerdy girlfriend, tight jeans, MacBook and Starbucks coffee
OdinIsYourFather (2 years ago)
Uğur (3 years ago)
I had my hair cut like that and need to wait for longer top
Nofanny Rizky (3 years ago)
Furm (3 years ago)
Why hipster? I have this hairstyle just because I want to look like Ragnar from Vikings ..
firestarterr123 (3 years ago)
shit i want a threesome with them.....and i'm a man
firestarterr123 (2 years ago)
+Habib Hachem ow yea, and NO HOMO
Habib Hachem (2 years ago)
you forgot no homo
Bluntzeria (3 years ago)
'and that will be 495 dollars sir'
Moaz 1806 (2 years ago)
lik3a dog (3 years ago)
Yeah ._. Definitive look like a hipster dude
Youtube is You (3 years ago)
very nice!
Ugur Kara (3 years ago)
şekiiiilllllllllll :)
Abdul Halim_ (3 years ago)
cara potong belakang , kasi tunjuk la sial .
Darwin Guinto (3 years ago)
qqquake (3 years ago)
this guy definetely doesnt know how to cut. every video he cut the same thing. short sides long top. fuck off
Travis M. (3 years ago)
Shit looks fuckin stupid. Is this the only haircut this guy know how to do?
ZwienerZ (3 years ago)
+Travis M. Hmm. I've watched maybe six or seven videos and every cut has been different. Just look through his videos like a normal person and you'll see he does many different styles.
Wan Rizki F H (3 years ago)
Oh man give me that haircut
Rastafari Afrikan (3 years ago)
Alexa Extraordinaire (3 years ago)
That California tat, what's the font please?
Travis M. (3 years ago)
Not 100%, but it looks like allura.
Temur Iskakov (3 years ago)
How long the hair above?
aiman halim (3 years ago)
Muka hensem semua kena
Kaan Yilmaz (3 years ago)
jeffismynameful (3 years ago)
I love this guy. he's hot and he can do hair.
Its Just Brit (3 years ago)
Well the guy in the chair has awesome hair.
BACKMAN13 (3 years ago)
You know... i love this guy and slikhaar tv so its good for them to be together ; )Wish one day i could be promoted and given some products to make some videos but..dreams are dreams and we are here to make the real :)
Alexis G (3 years ago)
Lesbian type haircut.
_Ryse382 _ (3 years ago)
looks like shiit!wtf is this gay bullshit
G (3 years ago)
Wtf. All he did was shave the sides. Any amateur can do that too
TheKafong (3 years ago)
Is it just my hair that none of the waxes out there keep it in place with hairstyles like this video or does everyone have this problem - medium/long and soft hair in a windy country.
meeka szaabo (3 years ago)
что еще одно и то же
Rishi Khanna (3 years ago)
whats song name
kimie maru (3 years ago)
her cust look like malaysian. btw, hanz de fuko how ? now daniel turn to villain
Adam Azrai (3 years ago)
i thought he was nampaikid
Diego Tavares (3 years ago)
Gostei muito do corte do cabelo, mais eu queria a pomada de cabelo mais eu sou do Brasil oque eu faço??
Yasin Rahman (3 years ago)
Is Villain Clay worth the buy?!
Franklin Madsen (3 years ago)
Hey Dan how long is your hair mines about 4-5 and I want to style it like yours
Abhishek Joshi (3 years ago)
I need a hair guru like you in my area for starters. And what is this tunes in the back?  I need a name please:)
ahmad maftuhin (3 years ago)
Aq suka ma gaya mas daniel....salam sukses....
aavoxo (3 years ago)
Can we see Justin Bieber's hair in the "Where are U Now" music video?
Benjamin (3 years ago)
daniel you need to put out more videos! ... with Hanz de Fuko for sure
Yassine Khan (3 years ago)
maicongphuc (3 years ago)
Your hair looks amazing Daniel!!!!!!!!! I'm growing my hair out and I'd literally kill to have that hair length of yours :)) How long does it take to grow your hair to this point? Btw, your videos are simply fantastic.
⇒Kashmir⇐ (3 years ago)
Hair goals.
Louis G (3 years ago)
DUDEE , this is a long shot but I think I have met you ! Without knowing it was you at the moment . You seemed familiar but I couldn't remember from where at the moment . Were you in DC no more than 2 months ago waiting with other fans outside dancing with the stars ?
nebiii (3 years ago)
Hey Bro, You're not director hanz de fuko ?? Why are you using by vilain ?
Dan Phan (3 years ago)
All these people in here are blind
A Yang (3 years ago)
Only if I kept my hair that long. It looks amazing on the guy though
Conner Mitchell (3 years ago)
how do you style you hair like this if you have really thin hair?
4teodor (3 years ago)
Try with volume mousse, it works great for me.
Irfan Uzair (3 years ago)
If i want a haircut i choose you
JR H (3 years ago)
Hey Daniel, so what happen to hanz de fuko?
Aravind Kumar (3 years ago)
HDF treats their customers like shit, period.
David P. (3 years ago)
Mister SS (3 years ago)
His hair line outline is jacked up both sides arent the same. Other than that its an ok cut. Can tell your a Hairdresser not a Barber. Keep cutting ✂
eddu593 (3 years ago)
is good
chris green Philly (3 years ago)
Do you ever do women's hair?
만나mina (3 years ago)
Gorgeous omg
BossGamesDude (3 years ago)
is this guy joking ???
tuna - (3 years ago)
wish i had a great head of fucking hair
RosMyster (3 years ago)
Not so bad...

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