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Man charged with DUI after crashing into pool

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AN allegedly drunk driver had to be rescued from his car after it crashed through a fence and into a backyard pool in Scarborough early today. Police say the 27-year-old's car ploughed through the fence of a property in Marsden St before crashing into the swimming pool. Home owner Don Robins said he was woken when he heard the car smash through the compressed fibre retaining wall of his pool and the metal uprights that support it. Gallery: More pictures of car in the pool ``It gave us quite a shock,'' Mr Robins said. ``But I think the driver was in deeper shock. ``The car was submerged when we got to it and he had to be pulled out by our neighbours and my son, who managed to open a door to get to him.'' Mr Robins said the car had almost certainly become airborne after smashing through the fence, as there is a one-and-a-half metre drop between the fence and the pool. He said the Lexus car remained in the pool while the family waited for insurance assessors to arrive. ``I think it's going to be quite a repair bill for the driver,'' Mr Roberts said. He said it was fortunate the driver had gone through the fence guarding the pool and not the fence to his left, in front of the home. ``He could have gone into a bedroom where people were sleeping,'' Mr Robins said. The driver, who was the only person in the car, was charged with driving under the influence, dangerous driving and not having a driver's licence.
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Josh Smith (5 years ago)
the pool cleaner was crushed
EMPYREAN808 (6 years ago)
This mean were *puts on sunglasses" Carpooling?
alan rooney (6 years ago)
i know the driver he,s irish
DarthPickley (6 years ago)
> drives without a license > drowns
corneal35 (9 years ago)

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