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Hollywood Undead - This love, this hate (Lyrics)

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UMG: I don't own this all rights go to Hollywood Undead and their label!
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Text Comments (24)
fedexmoviesexspress1 (7 years ago)
u shood do shout at the devil and immagrint song
digiderss (7 years ago)
HU solidier you have the best name on youtube
Somebody... (7 years ago)
@HUsolidier Thanks, that really helped alot.
HUsolidier (7 years ago)
@IDGAFWTFMNI Charlie Scene, Johnny 3 Tears, Da Kurlzz, Funny Man, and then JDOG. Hope i helped.
HUsolidier (7 years ago)
@IDGAFWTFMNI khali? He is Johnny 3 Tears :P You new to this band?
kamilj888 (7 years ago)
Somebody... (7 years ago)
Charkie scene, then who? I think third guy from left is khali then funnyman then duece and then
Crystal Blister (7 years ago)
@SoloDarkness55 deuce does sing the whole song, he wrote and produced it with jimmy yuma, and sung the whole thing
Crystal Blister (7 years ago)
why does this feel sped up? :/
TheProAkdag (7 years ago)
Jorel Malakian (7 years ago)
Isaac Castles (7 years ago)
i like how everyone else has a hat or there hood on but funnyman :D
lSkatel96 (7 years ago)
WHO DISLIKED?????????? o.o
digiderss (7 years ago)
iwillnotbow44 UMG shut down 1extremeenigma1 that y i say FUCK UMG
Iwillnotbow44 (7 years ago)
@TheHrebo and @1extremeenigma1 have the best channels on youtube
Sula (7 years ago)
Boah this fucking 1 hater
iliveinabox4 (7 years ago)
@TheVagiscratch Pretty sure it's Deuce's sister.
9L4L101 (7 years ago)
@TheVagiscratch My cat's name is Sigh :)
Breee Isis (7 years ago)
love this band !!!!!
SniperKryptonite (7 years ago)
at 2:34 the line "will you meet me when its over" it ends with "let me know" instead of "and you know?"
cris (7 years ago)
this was one of my favortie songs from HU to bad deuce left wont hear this song live again:b
TheHrebo (7 years ago)
@mrcrazynotlazyLjW yeah no problem :D already uploading Young :)
Liam James Wall Walldo (7 years ago)
thanks man
TheHrebo (7 years ago)
@skogoskar sorry but when i upload video lyric are not there! I must put them but it takes a while... so be patient :) now they are here :) so enjoy :)))

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