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Top 5 - Most Important MTB Innovations

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We take a look at five of the most innovative products to hit the mountain bike market. Click here to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/bikeradar
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zma5art (1 month ago)
What about: 1. Gear and clothing 2. Frame material 3. Clipless pedals 4. Bike design and angles? 5. Tires How about testing new products and materials and new companies, marketing
zma5art (1 month ago)
Dropper post isn't in top5 i think
Bryce Rivers (6 months ago)
What is the shock company at 2:27
Youtube User (3 months ago)
Fox. Its (obviously) just a demo piece though.
McM Michael (6 months ago)
Yeah vbrakes seem good. Lost a front tooth cause of them.
David Matsunaga (10 months ago)
To me a regular Regular rider, dropper post is more important than tubeless. Tubeless is messy and Costly in my Opinion. Im fine with my tubes so to me tubeless is insignificant
sjlee04 (1 year ago)
26 is alive
xxpinecone (1 year ago)
machanical is the best
Lukas 2512 (1 year ago)
26" and 27.5" are the best I hate 29"
Gavin Crowley (1 year ago)
I've seen exactly one bike with hydraulics in my life out of a shop. V brakes and cables are still the norm if ur not paying $1000 for a bike.
Tim Girod (1 year ago)
Spot on
PureEvil (1 year ago)
Solid Axles?
Texture (1 year ago)
The illuminati thing is just a dumb stab. The new tyre standards as well as a few others are to guarantee obsolescence and keep revenue coming in. It's not some crazy idea it's just a business strategy. Yeah the new wheels have some differences in performance as most new things but it's marginal compared with what you need to buy to get it.
Fluffy Hunter (1 year ago)
Them older racing mtb's look painful
Jiglesmackle (1 year ago)
I would add air suspenion because it made a big difference. before you had a spring and thats it. But with air forks you could adjust them however you like depending on weight, trail and style of riding
cher yee (1 year ago)
Bigger wheels weird frame geometry 👎👎
Rick Bergolla (1 year ago)
I'm making​ a custom mountain bike can someone give me a list of all the parts I'll need
Darren Million (1 year ago)
My Hard Rocks came from the factory with cantilever brakes and I never had one problem with them and I would do 45Mph to 50Mph on the streets, they can bring me to a good slow down fairly quick in traffic at the rate of speed my bikes can move. I would not have Hydro Disc I went manual disc instead since there and cheaper to work on more reliable with my 66cc 2 Stroke :D
christdragon (1 year ago)
It seems everyone has jumped on the 29er bandwagon. Not me, I'm sticking with 26" wheels forever. There lighter and stronger. I've also never once wanted or needed a dropper seat post for any reason. I have decended very steep trails and ski runs in Michigan with no problem.
Joe Hennig, Jr. (1 year ago)
I thought so as well, especially being a shorter guy, and held onto my 26" for many years. I have to admit though that the traction while climbing and cornering, and the 29er's ability to gobble up rougher lines made me a covert after only a single demo. To each their own, but modern 29ers make up for the weight penalty in a lot of ways.
christdragon (1 year ago)
Hydraulic disc brakes are great. But ulitmately I don't think they are much better than a nicely set up pair of good V-brakes with long pads. I started riding disc brakes with Hayes HMX. I have new Hayes Prime now. I'll admit that it's more brake than I need, and worst of all they always rub every time I ride, my Shimano XT V-brakes never rubbed at all ever. Just food for thought.
Sb Sb (2 years ago)
Disc brakes are terrible.
Evan Thomas (1 year ago)
I feel like you commented just to stir something up lol
Spinz HD (1 year ago)
Sb Sb are you crazy?
Nick Frazier (2 years ago)
Aluminum frame? Don't forget about Klein back in the 90s coming out with aluminum frames
Futurist 2046_ (2 years ago)
I have hydraulic disk brakes. What electronic song is at 2:10?
Vicarious Viking (2 years ago)
What are the forks shown at 2:26 ? They're crazy cool looking. EDIT: Also the rear suspension
Roberto Lafarga (2 years ago)
Those are Fox suspension's, but they are like that just to show how they work, and all of the components they have.
abattlescar (2 years ago)
Can't wait for when tires average around 37 inches.
marko alling (2 years ago)
Mtb did not start in California it started in crested butte co. That is also where the mtb hall of fame is.
StanleyGoldbrik (2 years ago)
In the mid 70's, I converted my old Peugot PX10 using "North Rounder" handlebars, 27x1.25 clinchers, wide ratio cluster, and shredded the trails around Occidental CA. I was just a kid having fun, and didn't think anything more of it.
Stef Berkenbos (2 years ago)
i stil ride v brakes
Myles Hill-Solanoy (2 years ago)
I still use caliper brakes. :(
will schasser (3 years ago)
You guys are funny
Cakeless Coder (3 years ago)
Discs didn't matter until I got rid of the crappy tires that came on my bike. now i no longer drift (or swear) when I am flying down a road before a trail and there is a grandma driving in front of me.
DaVidAIO (3 years ago)
Yeah V-brakes su+cks especially if they are on rear... Few times i lost them so it was cool that i had a good rear mudguard i managed to stop by sitting on it... NOTE to the others use good hard rear mudguard because you can loose even the best hydraulic disc brakes... And some times is possible to stop the bike by sitting on rear wheel but if you will try to do so w/o a good mudguard you will loose your balls :D
green apple (2 years ago)
Never thought about it like that
John Doe (3 years ago)
The best innovation happened years ago and it was called the 26" wheel. End discussion.
chris dobbs (3 years ago)
I had cantilever brakes on my orange prestige in the early 90's. Although I'm not dead I do wish I had the use of my own teeth!!
Abhinav Shanmugam (3 years ago)
the person writing the narrative is very clever
The Mike (3 years ago)
The list should be more specyfic. I would say The RS 1 Rock shox for simply being first and Judy, SID, Boxxer Psylo they where game changers. Giant NRS for being first also when full suspension bikes starts to have matter for every kind of MTB. Shimano for Hollowtech II older systems were horrible. First hydraulic disc - maybe a Formula they where the lightest onece. DT for it`s superb Rachet system. Ritchey for Z max. Scott for endorphin - softail mass made also first fully carbon fiber. Shimano I have mixed feelings for 9 speed when first time chain was thiner better geering for less durable, and more sensitive. Gary Fisher for nineers (back in the days everybody sticked to 26 inch wheels). K2 for Proflex enyone renember first electronic dumping control suspension - it`s stil the future but since they are elecronic mechs for shifting maybe suspensions will be next. About the list only droped seatposts didn`t came from motorbikes ;) and active suspensions. The game change so much I don`t quite like modern MTB it`s to soft to comfortabe and to havy...
Ultegra10SPD (3 years ago)
Avid Mechanical are the only reason i say the last one should be amended to 'disc brakes'.
jonathanschaefer (3 years ago)
whats the name of the song in 3:21? +BikeRadar
will schasser (3 years ago)
Who cares it's shit anyway
Karla Felix (3 years ago)
Velo1010 (3 years ago)
You left off carbon fiber. Ultra strong, but yet very light. Not to mention comfortable.
george kurgansky (3 years ago)
V brakes are only great when it's dry and you have straight wheels and a very very short travel distance from pad to the rim.
CAN-AM Airsoft (3 years ago)
I knew it, 27.5 is illumatius confirmed!!!! when he said that, I was done!!
ARSHVIR SINGH (3 years ago)
Jankers (3 years ago)
who's the cool guy 0:14?
Green Pretzel (3 years ago)
+BikeRadar only to have his brand renamed to "trek's Gary Fisher collection"
BikeRadar (3 years ago)
+Jankers That's Gary Fisher. He more or less invented the modern mountain bike.
funguseater40 (3 years ago)
really cool video, like it
Ben Meister (3 years ago)
Lol the illuminati reference
TheNotoriousMIC (3 years ago)
As if you left the riser bar of that list?!
BikeRadar (3 years ago)
+TheNotoriousMIC riders bars are more of an evolution than an innovation so we didn't include them. The same could be said for wider bars.
Dylan Lightbody (3 years ago)
I find it funny how the video starts harping on about how much power hydraulic brakes have and the picture shows Avids
changeurlife34 (3 years ago)
Bar ends?
Speed Torque (3 years ago)
LOL, I'm a big fan of retro, but no, we don't need to go there again...
Marcelo Bernal (3 years ago)
what model of bike in 01:27 ?
It's actually the sb-95 from yeti... Look at the rear triangle... It's a 29er
BikeRadar (3 years ago)
+Marcelo Bernal It's a Yeti SB-66C. No longer a production model though, sadly. 
Brooks Kienitz (3 years ago)
Cliples pedals
Crank (3 years ago)
i dont think larger wheel sizes are really innovations, rather just new standards t o worry about.
Steve Guerreiro (3 years ago)
bigger wheelsize ?? not for me !
Scott Johannen (4 years ago)
I just recently built up a single sped with 26" wheels and Avid arch rival v-brakes and a rigid fork. I guess Im livin in the stone ages but I love it.
Bartosz Olszewski (10 months ago)
That's not a MTB though. Unless you feel adventurous. With that setup I imagine your agility on track is near zero
Dragster 988 (1 year ago)
i like 26 inch wheels they can zip around the corner but sadly they dont exactely sell them anymore.
Crawlerer79 (3 years ago)
Lol, I just built up a Avanti single speed 26 bike w/ Avid SD5 V-Brakes, rigid forks and I'm loving it :D Soooooooooo retro. I love modern MTBs but sometimes it's good to just ride one that represents the roots of MTBs. I
Saggynutz (3 years ago)
+Scott Johannen different strokes for different folks.....thats what keeps mtb interesting
Luis Alvarado (4 years ago)
I dont like dont like to drop my seat post.
Tristan de Sade (4 years ago)
Even though one might argue that clipless pedals deserve spot on the list, those are actually a road, not a mtb innovation. Still, i think that tubeless setups are more important than dropper posts. Not many people use droppers, and besides, unless you are enduro racer, I see no big problem in dropping your post the old-fashioned way. Plus, those droppers are murder for bike weight, and us XC riders are much happier with the technology that actually helps you to go lighter, such are tubeless setups, and have more trail time riding instead of fixing those damn punctures😉!
Flutterdash (3 years ago)
For now I'm using XC tubes with my tires, saves a noticeable amount of weight from my DH tubes I had before. with my i25s my 140m full sus trail bike should weigh 28-29lbs.. I've got the DH tubes in my DJ Bike now though,not concerned with weight on that thing., Plus riding street, never know what you'll find on the roads. And thanks. Cheers! :D
Tristan de Sade (3 years ago)
+Flutterdash Actually, if you use 75mm of sealant instead of recommended 150mm, you shall save a noticeable amount of weight - know cause I do it all the time (cause rotating mass is especially important for performance of a bike)😇 If you decide to follow my advice - don't forget to check & change sealant more often😁 P.S. I love your avatar😘
Flutterdash (3 years ago)
Yea, droppers add quite a bit of weight...and they're a bit pricey..not to mention it's.just another bit to get "serviced" like your suspension or brakes. Tubeless, you generally don't use it to save weight, albeit you do save a few grams, but it's more to run lower pressure and get better traction.I just got a set of WTB i25s and I'm debating on going tubeless, with my next tires.
Faiz Alavi (4 years ago)
illuminati plot to destroy 26" bikes forever
Matthew Bradshaw (4 years ago)
Suspension isn't that important in a 29er
Aaronmn7 (4 years ago)
Perfect list 
Anthony Egglestone (4 years ago)
Sticky tyre rubber should win out over dropper posts.
sakashay (4 years ago)
nice and good keep it up!!!.
Chris OConnor (4 years ago)
Great series - keep up the Top 5's !    :-)
William Peter Tennant (4 years ago)
Excellent and informative item, very well presented. Keep it up BikeRadar.
rockmountbmxer (4 years ago)
Dropper is the best thing ever! Down and out the way in seconds on trails you don't know, uphill height when you need it on the other hand. Wonderful - and not been over the bars since buying one two years ago. LOVE IT!
moedem (4 years ago)
Good list yo
Greg Dudley (4 years ago)
I agree with your list except for the drop post, I would replace the drop post with the innovation of Kevlar in tires. I think reliability via increase in tire quality has had a more positive effect on the sport than the drop post. Drop post doesn't do you any good when you have ripped a tire open;) #PopGoesTheWeasel  
LeoInterHyenaem (4 years ago)
The assumption that disc brakes are more efficient, doesn't appear to hold water. Of course, they won't wear the rim (although they will wear the pads and the rotors faster), but speaking of efficiency, my experience is that the Magura HS33 brakes better (even in a 20"-wheeler) and are more reliable than the Avid Juicy 5 my Cannondale Caffeine F1 came with and the Magura Marta SL I upgraded to from the latter. They also don't squeal, unlike my Shimano XTR BR-M988T, and brake better, too.   I do prefer hydraulics to a cable system, but my experience does refute the claim that disc brakes "are more efficient".
Jamessr23 (4 years ago)
I think its the disk rotor not the hydraulic that is the best innovation. My son has a low end specialized with cable/disk rotor and it stops really well and a lot less maintenance than the hydraulic. Bottom line is that its the rotor that's the tech advancement
Jamessr23 (4 years ago)
+James Joul I think its just personal experience.  My sons bike with the cable rotor brakes hardly needs adjustment.  Plus you can hang the bike upside down. Perhaps its the SRAM hydraulic brakes that i have. There were also some large SRAM brake recalls I believe.
James Joul (4 years ago)
I never understood the 'less maintenance' argument. I have a set of Formula RX hydraulic brakes (203mm rotor up front and 180 on the rear) and I've bled them once in their 18 month life - took about 10 mins.  With cable brakes I had to constantly adjust them, the cable stretches and you have to adjust them some more... There's much less power - they were a nightmare 
Quintin Jason Quinn (4 years ago)
Disc brakes are a reliable and efficient way of stopping the wheel turning - not necessarily the bike moving. If people were using their beautiful mountain bikes for actually going somewhere... like around the world, You probably wouldn't find hydraulic brakes so great when something goes wrong, trekking up some mountain in India somewhere. I think for something to be great in the bicycle world, it needs to be serviceable on-the-spot. 
Alex Paulsen (7 months ago)
That's why the trusty Avid BB7 is still in production. You don't travel the world on a mountain bike, you travel the world on a TREKKING/touring bike, and you equip it with good cable-operated discs. Hydraulic brakes fail on the trail from excess heat, crashing, etc. On a Trekking bike, the pads just wear out from the amount of hours spent in the saddle with fully loaded racks, bags, etc. That said, cables still gum up with mud etc from time to time, but spare cables are relatively lightweight and compact to carry around with you.
J M (3 years ago)
Another plus of Disc brakes are when you bend a wheel you can still ride unlike V brakes....
BryantX.Y (4 years ago)
Ummm....wide and long handlebars?
Cup & Cone (4 years ago)
Dropper posts don't belong on this list. Over 95% of riders don't use them, and probably 9/10 everyday riders don't even need a dropper post. Tubeless deserves a spot on this list. So many riders are using tubeless these days thanks to the advantages of more traction, less pressure, and even other innovations tubeless has given us: lighter wheels, self-sealing sealants, etc. Also disagree with the video about hyrdaulic discs being more reliable. One muddy race and pads are toast.
Youtube User (3 months ago)
What? You dont want dropper Post in here, but tubeless? There are even less people using tubeless than dropper post.
Melania Wong (4 months ago)
i disagree, i have tubeless and for me who rarely gets puncture, its extremely useless
Carlos Almanzar (6 months ago)
Looking back from 2018. This list is spot on.
Austin Glover (9 months ago)
Who needs a fucin dropper post
ThatGuyThatDoesStuff (1 year ago)
David Bouch Time wasn't required. Anyone that makes up statistics to back their opinion immediately discounts their own credibility by a factor of 1.
Yu Boaz (4 years ago)
Read deraileurs and gears. The first mtbs had no gears. .
mozzyforest (4 years ago)
Love mountain biking dude
Thomas:) (4 years ago)
Clipless pedals!
BikeRadar (4 years ago)
They so nearly made the list, but so many riders still swear by flats.  If this had been a Top 6 they'd have been in there.
Dave L (4 years ago)
The dropper seat post. Absolutely the best upgrade you can make, and anyone who says you don't need one has never tried one.
Bartosz Olszewski (10 months ago)
xerxes the thing is you have to stop, get off your bike, adjust the seatpost, get on your bike and ride away. There's no way you're gonna be doing that on trail. Dropper post does it automatically and you can ride the full trail super comfortably without stopping ever
xerxes (1 year ago)
I've ridden dropper posts and you don't need them. A seat clamp you can undo works fine unless you're a dumbass with money to throw at stuff you don't need.
I'm going to have to disagree with the "more reliable" mention with hydros.  I agree that hydro brakes are better performers thanks V-brakes (hard to argue that) but they are certainly less reliable/durable. V-brakes were simple. Just tighten the cable as it stretches and pads wear.  I've had plenty of rides be impacted by unreliable hydros.  V-brakes were a big pain when your wheel was out of true though!  thanks for the vid. 
cakeba (7 months ago)
Get better hydros. I'm a bike mechanic and mechanica disc brakes break many times more often then hydraulic, and V-brakes are constantly broken.
Tomi Saaranen (1 year ago)
Risk4Fun Mechanicals are far less good performing than hydros.
Risk4Fun (1 year ago)
i thought also they should have mentions disc brakes alone witout the hydro part there is a place for cable disc brakes, they're less complicatet to maintain and performancewise theyre not far behind
Luke_H (4 years ago)
Love the last bit about the tree
Farawayfound (4 years ago)
I broke my jaw because of an old cheap mtb fitted with linear pull disc brakes, now I have a kona stinky deluxe mtb with hydraulics. What a world of difference it is!
Eero Soralahti (4 years ago)
Tubeless? Even more broadly popular then dropper posts across different MTB disciplines.
Melania Wong (4 months ago)
mtb rider i disagree, i have tubeless and for me its a pain, i rarely get puncture, and maintenance with Tubeless is a hassle
Youtube User (1 year ago)
The effects of tubeless are very diffrent depending on what terain and dicipline you ride. It is proabaly not gonna do much if you mostly ride hard packed clay, roots and loam, because you hardly get punctures on those, but on gravel and rocks its awhole diffrent story.
mtb rider (4 years ago)
+BikeRadar Dropper post may allow you to "attack the trail" without stopping to make the adjustment, but like your video says, mountain bikers were still able to achieve the same effect.  No tubed tire or any other type of tire setup can give the same effect as a tubeless tire while also drastically reducing flat tires.
BikeRadar (4 years ago)
We love tubeless, but we don't see it as making such a big difference to the way a rider can attack the trail as droppers do.
Ewan Fairgrieve (4 years ago)
Couldn't agree more! Although what about carbon frames/forks/wheels etc?
James Joul (4 years ago)
Agreed! Had my Reverb for over 6 months and it's the most useful modification I've made. Couldn't live without my rear suspension, it's just great and hydraulic brakes are a must have. Just ordered an adapter and  203mm front rotor for my all-mountain machine!
patostars88 (4 years ago)
totaly agree

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