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The 5 Types of Animation

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Our animation courses: https://www.bloopanimation.com/our-courses/ What are the different types of animation? How do each of them work? Styles covered: Traditional animation 2D Vector based animation 3D computer animation Motion graphics Stop motion 6:10 - Work by Doctor Puppet https://www.youtube.com/user/HelloDoctorPuppet Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloopanimation Twitter: twitter.com/BloopAnimation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bloop Animation is an animation channel featuring in depth video about animation, weekly animation news and video tutorials. Don't forget to subscribe if you liked this video! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bloopanimation
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Mustafa Ihsan (21 hours ago)
I know this is late, but what about rotoscoping?
DJ Carver (3 days ago)
My friend says animation is only for real life and online animation is called 2D animation. AMERICA EXPLAIN
Josue (5 days ago)
Los subtitulos muy buenos
DePe Ay (6 days ago)
i have a channel on youytube with 10 k subs i want to give my audiance something creative as a 2D cartoon and i have an amazing talent in voice over in 2 diffrent languages
Nathan Kanz (9 days ago)
I’m a stop motion animator, but I’d like to try traditional animation as well
Random yt person. (9 days ago)
Flash is cheap, that's a laugh.
Isaiah Sanchez (11 days ago)
Thank u for this video I'm very interested in Motion Graphics, but I didn't know what it was called lol now I do.
Owen Mundy (11 days ago)
Skeletal animation is the same concept (rigging / keyframes) whether you are doing 2D or 3D. Also, what about scripted animation?
THE UNKNOW_555 (11 days ago)
What kinda animation i have D: i mean....sens my animation sucks i dont care that much anymore but i yust wanna know pleas....someone out there THE ANSWER!!!
SevenDeMagnus (13 days ago)
Hi.Cel shading tradional way is still the best looking (except for things that glow and for light).
Justina Ojewola (16 days ago)
Happy new month to everybody
Darryn du Plessis (18 days ago)
aseprite, hexels, and Pro motion are the best :) adobe is overpriced. OVERALL:
AMAN khan (19 days ago)
I want to Do animation but I have some questions first which animation use for game making and second movie making
Ninja Akib (20 days ago)
Whats CGI ??
Jude74 (21 days ago)
Your videos are really good. Truly fascinating!
I'm Iron Man (21 days ago)
What about rotoscoping?
Candy Ninja666 (23 days ago)
Two years later and you still haven't credited anyone. Are you lazy?
Rocketman (25 days ago)
Thank you for using Pixar films, unlike crappy animation, as the 3D examples. *cough, Blu Sky, Sony Pictures, and Dreamwork’s cough*
308arttutorials (27 days ago)
You didn't mention paint-on-glass or sand animation, both of which use similar principles.
Abhinav Agrawal (27 days ago)
how does one learn motion graphics? is there a live in university for this?
Tarek Medhat (1 month ago)
Great! Thank u
Gemna Cariño Iman (1 month ago)
Naman Mahajan (1 month ago)
dual life (1 month ago)
i enjoyed your video thanks keep up
VAIBHAV HEDAOO (1 month ago)
WOW! This video is amazing! You are BEST ! I love your Channel I'M AN ARTIST !!! CHECK MY CHANNEL OUT !!!!!
mega toad gaming (1 month ago)
How many times does he animation literally
Sarah Grace (1 month ago)
I'm 21 year old engineering graduate. But I really am obsessed with animation which I wasn't allowed to study for bachelor's. I don't want to spend another couple of years in classrooms. Is there ways I could start my career straight away and learn these stuffs from my office people there ? 🤔🤷
Billie's World (1 month ago)
Great video! I personally love working in traditional and stop motion animation but am slowly learning the 2d & 3d worlds of animation! Nice to see them all side by side!
Fool, Ya Fool. (1 month ago)
Is coding required on animating?
liam rowe (1 month ago)
Did you make these catorgories. I need to know why old cartoons aren't stop motion animation. Essay
afrojack Kishore (1 month ago)
Which laptop best for animation ....pls tell me
Rai Aleem Ullah (1 month ago)
softwares for 3d animation?
4ctual_DZN (1 month ago)
you forgot minecraft animation those are so special that needs a separate category
Kung Fu Charlie (1 month ago)
Crikey this sooo epic!
Ettc10 (1 month ago)
6:46 i loved that voice crack 👍 haha
Milan Joy (1 month ago)
Very informative. :)
Andrew Chapman (1 month ago)
This was helpful. I have a question though that is kinda off topic. What is cgi? Where does it come from?
Sawyer Shaffer (2 months ago)
It's not just a drawing. Character animation is great art form of bringing your characters to life. It's not just something moving across the screen. You're drawing life. Every character animator can agree that it's not a flat image bouncing up and down. Animation is the illusion of life, and creating your own world. Which is why so many "animators" today miss that.
abcd efgh (2 months ago)
Motion capture???
Raj Nibhani (2 months ago)
Thanks for the information.but what about cgi animation like tin tin or incredible
5 different types on animation Number 1: How you want your animation to look, but will never happen.
VENTURE Jamshedpur (2 months ago)
Jayden Oliver (2 months ago)
What about puppetry
My Favourite is 2d animation
Chopperdragon39 (2 months ago)
I want to do #1
JMB Pro (2 months ago)
I've used all of them apart from 3D animation, these days I just use 2D animation on Flash, writing scripts, voice acting characters, animating and video editing. I don't mean to brag but if anyone wants to see my stuff they can on my channel, I make comedy cartoons inspired by OneyNG humour as well as many other cartoons and TV shows. If it helps most of my characters are American but I'm from Northern Ireland ☺ so I hope my impression of an American accent is accurate!
codo4 (2 months ago)
stopmotion feels more like 2d animation than traditional, as not everything must be replaced often. For example, a lego stopmotion! Except for tranformations, brick built effects, & other things along that line, Most things are simply designed to be moved. The same goes for claymation, But lego's are very clearly made for hinge movements
Crispy Skeleton (2 months ago)
3D and 2D are my strengths! I'm also a very good writer, and wish to animate stories I come up with in the future
Jesus Connects to God (2 months ago)
hmmmm i loved 2d animation and .... motion graphics. but 2d animation with story i love it :D
Noah Sheril (2 months ago)
i am interested in computer animation...😍 Which bachelor course should i take?
ARIAS RELOADED (2 months ago)
Apolonio Romero (2 months ago)
My favorite types of animation are 2D computer animation, stop motion, and CGI. I also like traditional animation, but I'm pretty picky and only like it done a certain way. I love 3D computer graphics, and I'm currently learning how to do computer generated imagery and animation. I believe not one type of animation is better than the other. They all have their pros and their cons. Animation takes talent to master, and there's really no easy ticket to creating a masterpiece. This is my opinion. Go ahead and feel free to disagree.
lock heart (2 months ago)
I'm interested in traditional and 2d drawing, can anyone rexommend me somw programs?
Wione (2 months ago)
I love this channel! I'm just an animation fan and great video!
Disha Khorwal (2 months ago)
Cloudy VS (2 months ago)
My favorite is stop motion animation
Avthen Diarie (2 months ago)
I hate to ask but is Visual Communications Commercial art a great way to learn animation I ask because I want to be animator and think of taking this mager for college in learning animation sorry
Una Mexa Viajera (2 months ago)
i would say a 6th type would be motion capture... would you agree?
swanpride (2 months ago)
You forgot Silhouette Animation, which is another sub-form of stop motion - and one of the oldest methods around.
SHAWNA'S ANIME'S (2 months ago)
I love Animation! From I was child and I still do
Dave Prather (3 months ago)
MasterObjectives (3 months ago)
Its sad people do 3D animation to much these days, I honestly like/make 2D animation
shazar javed (3 months ago)
Well if traditional animation was still the most common for next 20 years, i wouldve started learning it right now cux my drawing skills are excellent but 3d animation is completely different and not for me
Tyrannt (3 months ago)
Is your book Available in India?
2wieners4me (3 months ago)
I make traditional animation but I do them at 30fps at all times, finding out that 24 is the max in most professional works has left me baffled.
bionic man (3 months ago)
stop motion is more related to 3d animation because your dealing with finished 3 d models.
leftiearts (3 months ago)
You should have credited all the footage that you used
B P (3 months ago)
Paint on glass is another type. I doubt it could be classified as any of the others. Rather than separate drawings you manipulate the same wet paint over and over again. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paint-on-glass_animation
ISOITO (3 months ago)
You telling me videogame animation frame rate is well over above the traditional and 3d animation. Cause, they varie between 12 fps to 120fps iirc. Wow.
asadsaeedrajpoot (3 months ago)
Sri M (3 months ago)
Hey looks like your website got hacked just check it out!
Azucena Montano (3 months ago)
Stop motion with clay is so disgusting ugh
RitsarStudios (3 months ago)
The reason I love mostly 3d animation is that you can get super high quality filled with detail scenes at solid 60+ fps without worrying. Also I love traditional animation, but when it's done with way more frames per second - at least 24. This creates very smooth and pleasing to look at animation, but is so time consuming I understand why it's not done usually
RitsarStudios (2 months ago)
actually, I haven't decided that myself and don't really... what am I even talking about! I've just started high school XD
Noah Sheril (2 months ago)
i Love computer animation 😍 can you tell which bachelor course should i take?
ArtGrazer (3 months ago)
I’m assuming pixel art animation is 2d
PranGon : (3 months ago)
What about camera panning?
In All Fandoms (3 months ago)
So no.1 is just frame by frame animation
CoolDoctor274 (3 months ago)
3:04 *T POSE*
Praveen Tandel (3 months ago)
I love Japanese anime u showed Pokemon anime but You should show high framerate and high quality of Japanese anime like your name anime movie and many.. Tokyo ghoul anime
Deepika Bhuarya (3 months ago)
Nice video
animations is not easy but its hard do roblox animations
Noah Sheril (2 months ago)
I did Minecraft Animation its a remake my channel -NoahWooh
Cine Silenziosa (3 months ago)
Vid reported. Cite your contributions.
ML Fly (3 months ago)
Nice video i liked it
TheFreddyFazbear Master (3 months ago)
so i went on this and i see an animation ad
Noah Sheril (2 months ago)
Pixel Gabriel (3 months ago)
And bloop animation
Blue Bricks Studio (3 months ago)
Well my type is stopmotion and I use Legos which are fun to animate I think claymation Is kind of hard especially that I am not really good at using clay
spook (3 months ago)
animation animation animation animation animation relax
Noah Sheril (2 months ago)
+Cine Silenziosa 😂
Cine Silenziosa (3 months ago)
1,000 • Subscriber • Challenge Eat shit.
Smooth Operator (3 months ago)
I prefer traditional animation. It feels more natural and sets a unique cozy mood
steamerthesteamtrain (3 months ago)
What about Thomas, Tugs, and Theodore Tugboat? Where do they belong?
Yatarasu ب_ب (3 months ago)
2D Animation > 3D Animation
johnathan clark (3 months ago)
Why not use 2D animation and computer animation to replicate traditional animation?
Shorty Sheep (3 months ago)
Can you do traditional animation in Adobe animate? If not, can anyone give me a good traditional animating software?
Great vid!
Progressive Businessman (4 months ago)
Check out this type of animation too. simple and easy for beginners. But, effective. https://youtu.be/K2JXfGQblfg
Star donut (4 months ago)
Who just watched this and forgot it?
Roseretta Succubus (4 months ago)
you forgot pixel animation :'( unless it kinda counts as 2D animation?
Divineshot 314 (4 months ago)
Very interesting
BrianLiu003 (4 months ago)
Jakub Fučík (4 months ago)
7:18 reminds me of HowToBasics :)
Carlos (4 months ago)
Sony vegas
Ace The Menace (4 months ago)
Haha The Number 2 is my Favourite Channel!!....ExplosmEntetainment😂😂😂😂
Noah Sheril (2 months ago)
cyanide and happiness 😂

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