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i-D Meets: Tokyo's Genderless Youth

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Tokyo’s hypnotic youth movement are rejecting ideas of fashion defining sexuality. We’ll learn how and why the movement came about in 2016, and meet the pioneers behind Tokyo’s most boundary pushing scene. We meet the Tokyo youth celebrating genderless fashion. Using make-up, clothes and Instagram filters, these young people are challenging international social norms and drawing on anime's fluid beauty standards. Director Taichi Kimura Producers Naoya Watanabe, Taro Mikami, Benedict Turnbull Global Executive Producer Eloise King Production Companies Caviar (UK), Cekai (Japan) Cavier Executive Producer Katie Dolan Director of Photography Shoyo Miyao Editor Isolde Penwarden Colourist Benjamin Rozario Sound Mix Guy Chase Production Manager Lauran Clark Production Coordinator Rosa Harris Edmonds Post Production Manager Tom Lynch Post Production Coordinator Regina Lemaire-Costa Rights & Clearances Cristina Lombardo Music Supervisor Alex Benge Music Coordinator Bonnie Reilly Studio Manager Polly Williams Production Accountant David Gray Equipment Manager Richard Smith Equipment Assistant Henry Cotsford Post Tech Supervisor Dominic Brouard Commercial Creative Director Bunny Kinney VP Production, UK Bree Horn Production Executive Shelley Hurley Head of Post Production Daniel Elias Channel Manager, UK Jordan Joseph Follow i-D: YouTube http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-iD Twitter https://twitter.com/i_D Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iDmagazineofficial Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/i_D Tumblr: http://i-donline.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/id_magazine Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/i-d-online-1 More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos
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i-D (1 year ago)
We meet the Tokyo youth celebrating genderless fashion. Using make-up, clothes and Instagram filters, these young people are challenging international beauty norms and drawing on japan's anime-fluid-beauty standards to express themselves.
アルHeather i the dilemma you spoke of in part B in your comment is something i think about all the time. I just feel torn when i look at myself sometimes. I know a lot of ppl probably feel the same way when they look in the mirror. Utter spaghetification between one or the other.
Inconspicuous Fella (16 days ago)
Is it different from gender-fluidity?
3000th like! !!
MidnightEkaki (1 month ago)
'anime-fluid-beauty' wtf does this have to do with anime lmao.
sena jabeen (3 months ago)
i have one criticism the translation is all whit so when there is bright light come from the surroundings its hard to read them
ItsGarbanzo (3 hours ago)
Rina Nakamoto (8 hours ago)
y'all!!! satsuki is gonna be in a drama as a "mysterious handsome bartender" with a female protag who is bisexual ;-) i am excited
물생 (12 hours ago)
Oh my goodness! They're all so cute! ♡
RhiOposs (13 hours ago)
They're not exactly genderLESS just gender non conforming. They still identify as a gender.
Badr eddin (19 hours ago)
Ok...enough Internet for me today...!
нey вoy (1 day ago)
I really like these genderless boys they are adorable, I want to marry someone like them
Fernanda Colorado (2 days ago)
their insta pfs - Yoshiaki @yooshiakiii / Yutaro @aaaoe__ / Muyua @muyua23 / Satsuki @nakayama_satsuki
Jtirmins - (2 days ago)
Hi who’s here for yutaro smol cutie 🥰😩
Turk-Tech DJ Official (3 days ago)
00:37 japanese magician sora???
acai (3 days ago)
3:22 soooo pretty
Blondy Queen (4 days ago)
I love everything about them
nighttime world (5 days ago)
the world is so fuckt
kamarul adam (6 days ago)
I think they all cool except the skirt
ZdloraH Kurosaki (6 days ago)
Patavinity (6 days ago)
nike kon (7 days ago)
what is the song at the start of the video????
Natua Aderholt (7 days ago)
Anime is heavily gendered, and absolutely inundated with misogynism and rape culture acceptance. You can definitely argue that Japanese culture is influenced by anime, but the so called "fluidity" found in the medium is purely supeficial, and simply representative of the different beauty standards within the culture. While this may seem "progressive" by western standards, it is simply a movement of aesthetics- not grounded in any sort of ideological message or gender politics.
Ikhwan Haqeem (8 days ago)
lol.. how can you be genderless?????????????.. it either u have a penis or a vagina... .. .. unless if u have neither of them.. then u r genderless... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Alycia Harp (8 days ago)
I need their @‘s oml
bootdsc (8 days ago)
You have a penis? vagina? That is what determines your gender. You can choose to cross dress or be ambiguous but that does not change your gender.
Iancreed8592 (8 days ago)
Soy boys. Thank god this isn't widespread here as it is in any western country. Pretty much these dudes are walking jokes in japan.
Diseree R (8 days ago)
🙄🙄🙄 well, ok...😆😆
Sam Says Suck An Egg. (8 days ago)
How to date them all at the same time @google
truthseeker (8 days ago)
"...these young people are challenging international social norms and drawing on anime's fluid beauty standards.", so they're basically traps... nothing new here. And this is what happens when you watch too much animu... it becomes a bad influence. I don't even recognize these ppl anymore... have Japanese ppl lost their identity that they want to be like an animu character that bad now? This is just like another one of those gay fads that'll eventually die and become forgotten over time. It's a wonder why Japan has an identity and hikkimori crisis, add on to the contributing factor of their already declining population this fad will just make relationships with ppl even more awkward...
Arabella Darla (9 days ago)
The genderless girl must be igot7😉😉. Her neckless!!
Bruce McCulloch (9 days ago)
I weep for the future!
Stacy Z (9 days ago)
Are they on Instagram?
Kumbang Gaming (9 days ago)
When u watch too much anime.
TheGreenGuy (9 days ago)
Those guys look great if i say so myself. I like Fashion too, and i d love to see more People do different styles and different stuff! Great Looks btw sorry you guys are getting People talking bad stuff about you it is the same at my School sadly :(
*wipes tear from eye* I've found my family~
Tarsis Alvarado (9 days ago)
To allow fashion and culture to define you this is the result
This world is becoming more and more fucked up!
Sungtina jamir (9 days ago)
Loved it!
Rika __ (10 days ago)
CoAdaMoL X0 (10 days ago)
They are boys
Amos Dinh (10 days ago)
I'm hexadecimal not really into binary tho.
Ankita Nambiar (10 days ago)
Video Where have you been All my life
hellofromhell (10 days ago)
The!! GIRL!! IS!! SO!! PRETTYY!!!
Zeezee EMO CHILD (11 days ago)
I need them as friends UwU
Oh Honey (11 days ago)
I find this video so pleasing and relaxing... they all have a great style too
Tyler Dunbar (11 days ago)
Unpopular opinion: They're all Males and Females.
pastel king (12 days ago)
Yes i love this 💜💜
Chantel Ann O'Farrell (12 days ago)
2:31 Dear God. He's just so flawless.
COOKIE GIRL (12 days ago)
Girls Do it better (12 days ago)
the masculine girl... im shaking sorry omg my lesbian heart
undeny (13 days ago)
Things like this make me less sad about dying.
GT-APEX (14 days ago)
“What gender are you?” Yes
Veloricca Jenson (14 days ago)
Now i know why jaden wear skirts
Jessica Oh! (14 days ago)
Why do people demonize gender?
Valdimar Hrafnsson (15 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with the world it's only gender less because they wear opposite sexes clothes they never said they identify as a fish. To all of you soy boys and butch woman your either a man or a woman you can't change things like that because you want to, it's called mental illness
Aoirsae (15 days ago)
i want to try but my face is too masculine
Kim K. (15 days ago)
Just be who you are 💗
MrJaaaaake (15 days ago)
Too weird....
froggy (15 days ago)
At first I thought this video would be about more the sexuality part of being "genderless" but I'm happy it's more a fashion thing. Since I really like the androgynous look and want to be more involved in it.
Koala Dancer (15 days ago)
Ok but do they have Instagram? Cause a bitch is inspired
Forrest Gump (16 days ago)
But thats a guy in a girl’s clothes 🥴
druidboy76 (16 days ago)
They aren’t genderless. They have either XX or XY chromosomes barring any unfortunate genetic abnormalities. They are clearly mentally ill and need help. You can’t deny science for gender and also complain about people denying science for climate change.
Kearah Urban (16 days ago)
Kathlyn :p (16 days ago)
Imagine this as an anime
The Iridium Gamer (16 days ago)
Even though i think the entire idea of gender being a "construct" made by society is ludicrous and laughable, i do think being able to express you're self with the clothing of your choice, without any prejudice for choosing a "female" color or a manly type of jeans is something we should aim towards. Because who doesn't like a bit of avant garde once in a while!?
Anna Chua (16 days ago)
abi noyes (17 days ago)
this makes me so happy wow
Reza Effendi (17 days ago)
Only in japan
børek (17 days ago)
No ah (17 days ago)
x.jess.x (17 days ago)
People in Japan are just bored
Henry Ettoit (17 days ago)
t s ó l a r i a (18 days ago)
oh my god im weak for androgeny
Millefoli (18 days ago)
Sick people ☹️ Sick in their minds. They think life is all about the looks.
Marguerite Bee (18 days ago)
Othsa saa (18 days ago)
what about the sexual aspect? it didnt look like it was covered. Ofc we know the episode is purely about fashion. But are the guys wearing skirts also leaning towards being bi or gay or whatever term is used? Im just gonna assume that this is purely fashion and unrelated to sexual orientation.
John _laurens (18 days ago)
In America if a girl dressed up in boy clothes she would just be a tomboy
gilddo sawazaki (18 days ago)
One word: why?
Dantè Spardason (18 days ago)
Genderless? Are you kidding me? No procreation for them then, every cloud has a silver lining 🤣
StompingJacklope (19 days ago)
That is just not right, that thing crossed every line of normal 😫😫😫😫
_reikuuu (19 days ago)
I’m hella gay for the girl 😤
Love Myself (19 days ago)
The girl so cute あなたかわいいでせ
Aorta TM (20 days ago)
Sunflower (20 days ago)
i always love watching these kind of videos, they are so inspirational <3
Cazi Abraham (21 days ago)
God has left the chat. ..
Gacha Wolf (22 days ago)
1:19 plz tell me she has insta cause i would rlly wanna follow
Ferchii Alice (22 days ago)
In the old days people look weird at woman who wear pants here too. So this too will one day be normal i hope :)
Totoro :3 (22 days ago)
Basically kpop.
Ebnat jins wifeu (22 days ago)
They r so frickin bootiful im getting a nosebleed
L.O.Λ.E You (22 days ago)
The boy from 0:27 is soooo adorable, I wanna adopt him! 😅😅😅😅💕💕💕💕💕💕
Volin azhra deana (22 days ago)
I luv feminim boyy xD they're cute~
Lefano (23 days ago)
Love me some Japanese non-binary representation
Patrickleo2020 Marquez (23 days ago)
I'm a clothesless gender
Miss.Phoenixx (23 days ago)
CLOTHES HAVE NO GENDER. That being said the, "genderless girl" is CUTE.
Ferchii Alice (22 days ago)
Yaaaa so adorbssss
Poggo Doggo (24 days ago)
This is where world destruction begins, legitimately.
Isaac Gonzalez (24 days ago)
limme coon (24 days ago)
so many triangles
limme coon (24 days ago)
the Illuminati has japan in there grip
P Parang (24 days ago)
They're so cute and cool
Schwi Snori (25 days ago)
Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee omg be my pretty boy
Jaun Viljoen (25 days ago)
Yaoi Community (25 days ago)
When I first saw his hair I thought jean Kristine dat you? #Aot
Jared Kevinhands (25 days ago)
yeah, its not weird for me to wear female condom, right? i just tend to like female condom more
maemeebee (26 days ago)

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