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Nakedness or stripping? WATCH some ladies make in public places

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Text Comments (57)
Timothy Saranje (2 days ago)
She wants money you should not shy at times
Timothy Saranje (2 days ago)
I like that but don't hide the ass
N0N0 MAKIRINI (2 days ago)
Shame you beach
Omar Shafi (29 days ago)
Allah hates you
privilege Tonodzai (1 month ago)
SeanYoga (1 month ago)
That is in front of Palace restaurant on Ocean Drive in South Beach. It's a Gay Bar that does Drag shows. That's a transgender.
stonesfan413 (1 month ago)
I like
Linda Irvine (2 months ago)
THE JAGIMEISTER (2 months ago)
different story if it was a man
Obed Xtoph (2 months ago)
Disgrace to black race,shameless asshole..
Dulce mata (2 months ago)
Lol who says that a girl !?.... definitely a guy come on now I thought y'all knew.....🤤😞🤣😂🤣😁😁🤔🤔🤔😐
Nuh lov (2 months ago)
Uyu miroyi
Lydia Moyo (2 months ago)
Talent Zacaria (3 months ago)
She is black and that is one thing which today's women are well able to do to be naked when others are busy uplifting their familes .this lady has lost ubhuntu or hunhu pachishona .i feel very sorry for her
JOSEPH LUPIYA (3 months ago)
Stupid yoooo hure imbwa
Romeo Romeo (5 months ago)
She ugly n da face
Jude Williams (5 months ago)
look like a combo of both
Victor Ramos (5 months ago)
That is a drag show stupid. In florida
Obed Xtoph (5 months ago)
Duncan Munhuweyi (5 months ago)
kwedu muroyi kkkk
Just In Time (6 months ago)
JalenGotGame (2 months ago)
+Jamson Ndava no its not I'm black also
Jamson Ndava (2 months ago)
+JalenGotGame shit
JalenGotGame (4 months ago)
DOPEY ASS whiteBOY shut up
Bee Kays (6 months ago)
Black people always used
Richard Browne (6 months ago)
Timothy Saranje (2 days ago)
Sure I agree
schobbie123 (7 months ago)
Hoodrat . Stupid black hoodrat . WTF 🐁💩💩💩
Lydia Moyo (7 months ago)
The Polish Huntsman (7 months ago)
Calyp Son (7 months ago)
S.ncube Ncube (7 months ago)
Douglas Mutingwende (7 months ago)
Aaah nxa
cc mma (8 months ago)
See how people celebrate stupidity.
Robert Parel (1 year ago)
Sticky Fingers (4 months ago)
everyone seems to be having a good time.
FOGAM BOBGA Celestin (9 months ago)
Robert Parel may be I go vomet
Cody Garner (1 year ago)
Sexy girl
Call yop (1 year ago)
Fucking brilliant
Dennis Johnson (1 year ago)
She does that for money
Jude Williams (5 months ago)
yeah take her clothes off for the money
Nkosiyapha Dube (1 year ago)
Rubbish mani mxxxx
Luke Montgomery (1 year ago)
Wish I was a slave owner so I could buy her and fuck her everyday and always finish deep inside her.
benz d'immortal (1 year ago)
No sister dont do this..fuck these Culture Vultures!!!!
Luke Montgomery (1 year ago)
If I were one of those men, I would take the dollar off of her tits and arse, throw her to the ground, put her in the doggy position, grab those gorgeous arse cheeks, and rape the fuck out of her.
Luke Montgomery (1 year ago)
To me she is just a big pair of tits, and a gorgeous plump ass, nothing more, just an object to fuck, to pleasure myself with.
Luke Montgomery (1 year ago)
Would then bring her home, tie her to a bed in my house in the doggy position, and just fuck her whenever I wanted, make sure she was on the pill, and had plenty of food, so she would be available to fuck all the time, something to blow my load into whenever I felt like it.
Luke Montgomery (1 year ago)
I would probably knock her out first so she is nice and lifeless, and I could do whatever I wanted to her.
TONY TONNY (1 year ago)
Look at all the horny white men paying her!
Bill Barret (1 year ago)
she look like the monkey stripper in jay z music video "the story of oj"
Luke Montgomery (1 year ago)
I was playing to see your reaction. As I expected it to be. And to that I say no, she is hot as fuck.
Luke Montgomery (1 year ago)
Actually find this whole pretending to be racist shit quite fun.
Allen Griffith (1 year ago)
I am in love. Woman, where are you????
Allen Griffith (1 year ago)
She is HOT. Hot hot hot. I need her.
Moe Abdullah (10 months ago)
Allen Griffith that's a damn man bruh
Mkoma Tee (1 year ago)
ende zvakaoma nhai

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