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You Can Do Magic - America (Lyrics) HQ

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"There would be no passion in this world if we never had to fight for what we love."
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Mojo Wiseman (34 minutes ago)
Picture at end. Reading left to right. Goat head V. 0 1 0 OWL Right to left Owlgoathead Same finger on the last evening Passover painting. Great song and deep meaning.
Shane Danielson (7 hours ago)
It’s a rare song where the chorus isn’t as good as the rest. But an AMAZINGLY beautiful song that brings back memories of a time decades ago...love this one.
AntyAnty1000 (11 hours ago)
1a :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Ellen Paraiso (12 hours ago)
Still one of my favorite ♥️♥️♥️
kelly hawk (15 hours ago)
OMG please! Omg I figured all of u out! And I call all of u out! U still learning something new every single day for the rest of your lives wish u could b me but all u together can’t stop me! I am absolutely the queen and I own my own n u wanna b me, then u respectfully request and humble yourself to being teachable and u progress and u best stay in ur lane n own up ! To be a leader a legend a living legacy is to b me! I own mine! I absolutely own mine!and I am Kel, no fake names no nothing! Just Kel! And I absolutely own mine me n my u don’t own ur own name ! Geez us kathy stone omg .. as all of u..
kelly hawk (15 hours ago)
And that all of u who put me out there wit my knowledge, good gawd lol, u had to cuz u knew I would never ! I’m different and nothing about me is easy access, I am curious as to how much I am worth though?? Huh? How fuckkken much was I worth?? Thank u u know who! U r real n rare! Respectfully u own that and this queen still throughput all of each and every one of ur bullshit , I still stand ! U can’t take anything from me! All of u put together and I still learned and became wiser and u dummied down and u r the fools here, not me!
el Nica 505 (1 day ago)
BlackMarketBakesale (1 day ago)
You can have cheesey tots, on your chili fries!
Elizabeth Schmidt (2 days ago)
Anything you desire!
roberttrujillo2008 (2 days ago)
This one makes my day in a good mood when everything goes wrong
Andrew Livett (3 days ago)
Proper band. Made some outstanding records.
Nunya Biness (3 days ago)
Is it doo doo doo dit or doo doo doo doo? Sounds like dit.
John Slovacek (4 days ago)
Martin Guzman (4 days ago)
Doing magic in 2019!
stevie nicks (4 days ago)
Words are definitely awesome 💖💖💖✌️
stevie nicks (4 days ago)
Beautiful song
vince tamargo (4 days ago)
Extremely Great... Those YEARS!!!!
cubalz (5 days ago)
I just love the band America and this song is my absolute favorite. I still remember when Sister Golden Hair first hit the radio back in the day.
KERRY GITCHEL (5 days ago)
I like magic music
Super Glo (6 days ago)
Love this song..
Joel Voss (6 days ago)
They harmonize so well. Oh, can play instruments fine too!
Gregory T Spalding (6 days ago)
Tony Amore (7 days ago)
I am just going sit here and listen to America's You Can Do Magic on 28 hour Loop. WOW !
Greg Brown (7 days ago)
This song is so smooth and relaxing to listen too!!!!
Jon Gowan (9 days ago)
Who love 💕 this song it’s amazing how beautiful she is .💗💗💗🇺🇸🧨👏🙌🙌🙏👌🌺🌹🌷
Hope is Alive (10 days ago)
Wendell Cotham (9 days ago)
Ana Cristina Coloneze (10 days ago)
Teresa Smeraldi (13 days ago)
bellssima musica
Tony King (14 days ago)
I love the bass line
Satan Lucifer (14 days ago)
You can do poop
Wanda Mccloud (15 days ago)
david plevyak (15 days ago)
Say what you want, but America is an incredibly great band!! Their music is just pure genius!!
John Griffin (16 days ago)
Great PhotShop Immages!!!
mairim forniel (16 days ago)
Maya A (17 days ago)
Conditioning and dissensitacing the masses with music about witchcraft. Magic is against what God said not to practice, hope people can see the truth sooner rather than later.
Frances Coriglione (17 days ago)
mind over matter is a really special quality
Tina Pierce (17 days ago)
Today's music sucks I would like to stay the same age I am now but go back to the late 80s in late 70s when the music was about the music Simple lyrics great to listen to
Doin it (17 days ago)
I put this song on repeat, and it's the only song I've ever done that with on youtube. This song has it all; nomatter what genre we're talking about, this is just another example of a timeless song...not just my opinion- it's a fucking FACT. The downvotes are from losers and envious clowns who live mediocre, unfulfillied, unambitious lives. We need to pray for those people folks:)
Steve Eckstein (18 days ago)
3X'S " MAGIC" CAME TO MY RESCUE; LITTERALY SAVED MY " BACON". MADE ME AN INSTANT BELIEVER. NO OTHER POSSIBLE RATIONAL EXPLANATION( FORGET RELIGIOUS INTERPRETATIONS})(( one deep sea wreck dive & 2 terrible auto crashes=head on & smashed into hwy. concrete wall spinning round to face oncoming 60+MPH.traffic))the woman i became innvolved w/have not reached this level ( yet))
Christian Dornan (18 days ago)
It's amazing how music makes you feel happy and relaxed after a bad day.
Michael James (18 days ago)
48 here and still cute, never married, no kids, workout, not a lazy bastardo and still have 82.5% of my hair. any takers? ps.girls only ya bastards
Jeremy Lowery (20 days ago)
So I guess this only applies to pretty women.
stacy cruz (20 days ago)
Love this Song!♥♥
Elizabeth Schmidt (21 days ago)
meyrrr007 (23 days ago)
still great in '19.
Magical times when music was pure with wonderful tunes and word's with we like a gift from up above it was a saintly era peace and love that's if you wanted it
Maria Summerer (24 days ago)
They were great
ALEX CHACKO (24 days ago)
Nice song 💐💐💐👍🔝
yeej haam (24 days ago)
My favor song from America band at all times .
Rebecca Grubbs (25 days ago)
Hmm... Love, love, love it!! But could it use just a little more Cowbell 🐮🔔?
4annalivia (24 days ago)
hahaha! love love love it Rebecca Grubbs!
Aurora Curtarelli (25 days ago)
che bei ricordi con questa canzone.
Michael Wiest (26 days ago)
A song before over dubbing and autotune. when you actually had to have talent to be a musician. ..
Michael Wiest (26 days ago)
This song brings back so many memories. I was just entering the service when this song came out. I am so sorry that I see very little magic today!!!!
Michael Wiest (26 days ago)
Michael J. Wiest
Jose Murillo (26 days ago)
Siempre actibo
chuck finley (26 days ago)
perfect video. well done. one of my favorites.
Cesare Bizzarri (27 days ago)
Fantastic eternal song
doug webb (27 days ago)
magic like the number nine or time travel
Peije Delplo (28 days ago)
My friend has a really great remix of this... I hope she can find some good musicians to play with her
Rafael Morales solano (28 days ago)
I remenver the song when l star smoking mariajuana
50ways2leaveyourluva (28 days ago)
Verysweetify I am in love with this video💖 and America is one of my fav bands, thanks for sharing, new subbie👍
Queen Rae (28 days ago)
He is my magic !!!!!
Lisa Hobbins (28 days ago)
I am a Lakers fan since 1980. I fondly remember in his hey day when Magic Johnson played for the LA Lakers. Most times over the excited fans cheers, the squeaky B ball shoes of the players and the yells of the referees I heard a song play over the speakers. “You Can Do Magic” by America. It was played when Magic Johnson was on the court playing with his magical moves. I love Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jamar and Kurt Rambos and all Lakers. I’m no fair weather fan. I love and loved it when they played “Magic” for Magic Johnson! ❤️😊🏀⭐️👑MAGIC ‼️
ANiceHotPotato (29 days ago)
You can do magic
some one (1 month ago)
1982. It was a special year for me. I was 9 and 10 that year. The year E.T. The Extraterrestrial was on the big screen. My mother made me the E.T. costume for Halloween. A very special and magical year it was. Wish I could go back. That's what I recall to mind when I hear this song. Takes me back to a better time in my life. Missing you dearly Moma.
GameplaysClassicos (1 month ago)
you can play magic!
Tiziana Ferri (1 month ago)
Tu puoi fare "MAGIA"...tu puoi fare tutto quello che desideri .. MAGIC SONG....💪💪💪💪💪
Robin Benshimol (1 month ago)
Just call me biggie....
Robin Benshimol (1 month ago)
SJ Taylor (1 month ago)
Kevin xo
Melissa Matis (1 month ago)
This magic ability comes natural to me and it's truly an amazing blessing!
Beth Elliott (1 month ago)
Oh yeah
Tamara DeWilde (1 month ago)
Turned 50 last year. Needed something to inspire me to work out and get fit. This song was it. Now 40lbs gone!
Armando Perez (1 month ago)
Buena musica
Susan Williams (1 month ago)
You can do magic April 2019 time 8:04pm good music never die
Dennis w (26 days ago)
12:08am May 2019 indeed never.
Professional One (1 month ago)
2020?? Still listening. wow, a good music.
vladimir Mamani (1 month ago)
Algun latino la escucha en el año 2019
george thomas (1 month ago)
good music
Gary York (1 month ago)
I have always been a fan of America. I was stationed at the afb where they all met in high school. They were all air force brats.
Carmela Sposito (1 month ago)
Verysweetify, that is so true. One should always fight for our passions in life.
Xendre Raine (1 month ago)
No no magic could happen to me..till l saw you 💜
Mauricio Quesada (1 month ago)
Antonio Quinteros (1 month ago)
Serge Labonté (1 month ago)
3000 thumbs down............... ????????
Mark Cooper (1 month ago)
Elle S72 (1 month ago)
STIRKDAWG (1 month ago)
some pretty decent YACHT ROCK, right here.
Marina m (1 month ago)
Jacqueline Hainge (1 month ago)
Loved it last century, still LOVE IT in this Millennium. MAGIC
Randy Thunder Audio (1 month ago)
Timeless CLASSIC After all these years. Still ROKN this in 2019👍😎ROCK on FRIENDS
chris parker (1 month ago)
thankfully the doo doo doos are in subtitles
cristobal Madrigal Jr (1 month ago)
Remember the ole Water beds long gone well if you smoked in bed.you would not have to worry about getting burn ed ha ha
Melissa Matis (1 month ago)
I put out the fire that shouldve been engulfed in flames.
Chris White (1 month ago)
"What A Fucking Jam..!!" 👍❤
Robin Benshimol (1 month ago)
America..We love you..Eminem💜😇🙌🙏❤💋💋💋
Tomasz Ustupski (1 month ago)
Love this song. I remember 1st really listening to it driving thru Ohio. Wow yeah great lyrics n awesome song.
Mary Angelou Aronce (1 month ago)
old but classic 🔥
Stan Williams (1 month ago)
these katz added to the fabric
The lambda (1 month ago)
Am I the only young person to like this song???

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