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Ship In Storm! Bad Weather and Rough Seas in Atlantic Ocean | Life at Sea

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Encountered Rough Seas, Extreme Weathers in Atlantic Ocean. In which we lost a lifebuoy and a firebox. Share with your ship's crew, family & friends! For updates of my journey and sneak peeks, follow me on IG instagram.com/jeffrey.hk/ Check out my other video/vlog: =====Playing with 100 Fire Extinguishers===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyNnAwYiLCY =====Top 6 Questions about Merchant Marine===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBpQ9Y4jEfg =====Chipping and Painting===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtbLLBDfXY4 =====Sail Through Suez Canal===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a3hLZJZmlI =====Beautiful Hong Kong 4K Timelapse:===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8cNY0GcVxA
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Text Comments (901)
jon larsen (11 hours ago)
Are you filipino? Or is anyone else on the ship is filipino?
Lianatul Fauzia (1 day ago)
Alessandro Oliveira (5 days ago)
I love your Channel movies . I from brasil
Steven Smith (5 days ago)
best nights sleep ever on a ship in storm.rocked to sleep by mother nature,
mbiesheuvel (14 days ago)
Wow seeing that ship bend I would go crazy.
John S (18 days ago)
Sleep - use a hammock
Richard Sheil (19 days ago)
A video on unloading and loading of ship and packaging mg list for a first timer
Mach Tuck (24 days ago)
great life!! and nice video! what it takes to get employed and work in a container ship?
JooJoo Flop (27 days ago)
LOve how that ship flexes! STABILITY!
alvyno (1 month ago)
0:16 i like when it flex and i never seen a GIANT ship flex Before and also i like that timelapse tho 1:10
J Dub (1 month ago)
I have been at sea. It can real wild real quick. I was in the Gulf and a storm came in, every single person on every ship, vessel, platform were evacuated off the water. Except my boat, we were the only people out there on a ship on its maiden voyage damn scary for 22 year old.
Ricky I (1 month ago)
How can I get this type of job??
BaC Nation (1 month ago)
My dad used to work on a cargo ship back in his day's
Marcus Mckay (1 month ago)
that's nothing
Scott Whitley (1 month ago)
Least your not on a 60m standby vessel in the northern north sea where you have to just sit out the storm for days on end
muhammad mayet (1 month ago)
The Intro song pleaseeee I beg
William Baynes (1 month ago)
Awesome video!
park jungsu (1 month ago)
Is that real life?.. i love it
chooky42 (1 month ago)
Tall ship sailor here, days aboard a tall ship under sail. We has hammocks rigged below, don't need to worry about pitch and roll with hammocks. Hell, it's actually relaxing to have the ship rock you to sleep.
Soph H (1 month ago)
Great work! I liked the time lapse scenes the best. 👾
Thank you for doing this job and thanks to share this with us! Most of us do not know what shipping is. See the ship flexing in rough sea is incredible and horrorful, too!
Aditya Wardhana (2 months ago)
The container glued together? How come none has slip through that storm?
OP 1000 (2 months ago)
How about sleeping in a hammock?
AmyChristine Proctor (2 months ago)
Would love to know where you get your music. Love your music choices
Proud Saiyan Prince (2 months ago)
Must be spooky to be anywhere near where the Titanic went down.
Dillon Ward (2 months ago)
Anyone knows what camera he used to take this video?
Khotic7 (2 months ago)
Nothing like trying to sleep on a factory troller in the bearing sea, when your actually getting airborne while laying in your own bed
procrastinate valor (2 months ago)
I love your videos man!!!! Exposes us to the fact that there are so many other interesting things to do in the world
tune73 (2 months ago)
how much continual flexing can they take?
MrDavidelliottjr (2 months ago)
Beautiful video. Ty
BMG ONE (2 months ago)
SuryaAnggara (2 months ago)
Hi, I'm looking for a job in the ship. My background is Meteorologist who observe the weather in Airport. any Idea for great job?
mahmed esaa (2 months ago)
What is the most popular
kiwiWiki154 (2 months ago)
*God's way of blessing my eyes in a different way*
Amir Zadah (2 months ago)
I'm lucky, that I could find this channel
Aini Messi (2 months ago)
Which sea is the best and the worst
Abraham Philip (3 months ago)
In laden condition having a Fluid GM of about 1- 20 mts would be ideal in rough seas, makes the ship to behave more tender.. The rolling which is shown does not look more than about 12 degrees.
James Morgan (3 months ago)
Commonsense would say ships like yours would flex like that but how amazing to actually see the corridors doing it. I never thought that until I saw it.
CASEY SHEPHERD (3 months ago)
I guess being out sea isn’t for everyone. I loved it looking back. Btw I couldn’t hardly feel any of the massive waves being on a carrier I slept like a baby on board.. But then again that’s me.
Andri Alvian (3 months ago)
Please subtitle
Archan Nayak (3 months ago)
I love to watch your videos whenever I become sad. The vastness of the sea makes my mind free. You have a awsome job I bet . You are doing a awsome job . Love you sir🖤
GS9 (3 months ago)
thank god i dont get sea sickness so i can get on one of them ships and sail across the oceans
Fábio Ricardo (3 months ago)
Awesome! Thank you for sharing your experience!
Aaron Yandell (3 months ago)
How many men are in your crew?
MegaRmee (3 months ago)
Very good video! Look my nice timelapse https://youtu.be/BMXkNpZIjlc
HugoDiasR (4 months ago)
Jørgen Pettersen (4 months ago)
Worste weather ive had was 17 meters on a tug in the north sea, outside norway
David Silva Nogueira (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Brazil.
Jonathan Holt (4 months ago)
0:02 your logo grows out of sea spray. You are quite an artist!
Alexander Hicks (4 months ago)
just discovered your channel! what rank are you in the merchant navy? how many months do you work a year and if you dont mind me asking what is your current salary? very interested in this field! thanks
Jon Hoptry (4 months ago)
Cool vids and awsome quality
Michael S. Howard (4 months ago)
Nice to see the flexing of the ship....
The Byronicmann (4 months ago)
What’s the music right at the very end?
Puloh Han (4 months ago)
Will you marry with mermaid or a girl? But you look great bro!
Austin Lopez (4 months ago)
Mate, fantastic and informative video, I thoroughly enjoyed that! Freaky the way the ship bends and warps in big seas 😬
Mr. T (4 months ago)
Universal Gaming (4 months ago)
AYYYY you went to Gibraltar NICEEEE I live der 😂😂🤙... My dads a pilot
grouchyoldguy fawks (5 months ago)
another awesome video!
triplflip900 (5 months ago)
What is the last song played?
Tridev Mishra (5 months ago)
What is that background music?
gtgene (5 months ago)
The North Atlantic has the mentions for rough seas, but are the trans-Pacific shipping lanes just as bad?
RAVI (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing .....excellent work
mousek801 Mousek801 (5 months ago)
4:00 Well that's fucking terrifying...
Gunnar_Griggs (5 months ago)
What ship were you working on at the time?
Stephen M. Stouter (5 months ago)
Why do the best channels never upload? I’ve just been rewatching all your old vids
Sudeep Kumar (6 months ago)
How's is the salary given i mean during vacation for 3 months or more i will be paid or what plz plz tell
Lúcio (6 months ago)
Just a question, how come all the containers are still there? Shouldn't they like, wash away?
sergiomarchelli (6 months ago)
It can bend...
Leroy The-Savage (6 months ago)
Does it ever get bad like what you see in deadliest catch
FelineHYPER (6 months ago)
Gotta watch life of Pi again
Valaha (6 months ago)
Amazing videos, Jeff. Definitely SUBSCRIBED!
Steve Garr (6 months ago)
The clip of the ship flexing is truly, one of the most impressive video I have seen regarding the forces of nature, and its affect on our structures,. One question, would you happen to know, even a guess, of amount of horizontal and/or vertical movement the ship goes through in those conditions? Perhaps one of those ship architects from school knows, or another structural engineer.
Nasimul Nadim (6 months ago)
Glorious shots. Keep 'em coming.
Roshan Samantaray (6 months ago)
You are watching for the people all the best
Thumpd (7 months ago)
Wish I could do this for a living.
Pottema (7 months ago)
I like your video's a lot, very clear and educational
Yannik Duwe (7 months ago)
And in the 18th century people used wooden boats... wow
ugnbugn (7 months ago)
Another outstanding production Jeff. Absolutely first class!
Rufus Earl (7 months ago)
This is by far one of the best videos that I have seen made by a person on youtube. The editing, angles, descriptions, narration, and content. The view of the ship flexing under stress is outstanding. Great work, keep it up.
finalascent (7 months ago)
I was on a short hop from Rotterdam to Hull and back just a couple of weeks ago. Was a passenger aboard an 800 TEU container feeder. The trip back was typical North Atlantic steel grey - some precipitation, 20-30 knot winds. The inclinometer on the bridge showed up to a 20 degree roll! Exciting!
John bon (7 months ago)
SIDHARTH Ajay Nair (7 months ago)
How many times storms appeared infront of you, is their any safety things for the people in ship if the ship can't control the storm?
Matthew Gillespie (7 months ago)
Would sleeping in a hammock not counter all the movement of the ship?
M Dhariya (7 months ago)
What is the speed of sheep ?
Kool-Aids Adventures (7 months ago)
Love the time lapse. Looks amazing. Great cinematography
Cieran Ferguson (7 months ago)
Lemmino's music?
Elliott Johnson (7 months ago)
on our way home from hawaii back to san diego we hit some pretty rough seas. basically walking on the bulkhead.
trey (7 months ago)
Thank you you for filled a lifelong question. what does the night sky look like in the middle of the ocean? being on a cruise ship between Galveston Texas and Montego Bay Jamaica it wasn't that great
Andy Bradford (7 months ago)
Nothing falls off
Fou ! Excellent ! Bravo !
Sock Puppet (7 months ago)
How does he record continuously for so long?
livinston paul (7 months ago)
Gelyyow (7 months ago)
You always make me excited
peep Gregory-Potter (7 months ago)
i have a question: what would you/your crew do if container(s)fell off
Kelly Webb (7 months ago)
Do ships loose containers while at sea ?
Chris topher (7 months ago)
Another good video. Wild to see all the twisting around on the interior.
Crazy Funny Cats (7 months ago)
Great 👍 flik
bunjali bujal (7 months ago)
Great video editing... I love it..
special T (8 months ago)
So the shots of below deck flexing and shifting was time lapsed? Still crazy
thedogdogification (8 months ago)
Wow, it's not until he walks (and walks and walks) through it that you get a sense of how long that corridor really is!

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