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More Russian Women Dating and Marrying Chinese Men!

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East Asian Male/Slavic Female Couples are becoming the most common interracial pairing in the world!
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Счастья вам 👍🤩
Jack Nestle (19 days ago)
russians are poor people. they have lower standards compared to western women.
Rafisongs Iye (1 day ago)
Jack Nestle White men have lower IQs and are more likely to have STDs than Asian men. Sounds like Western women have lower standards
Paul Sihasutthi (23 days ago)
I'm chinese and i want to date Maria Sharpova LookAlike
Azz Laird (1 month ago)
So gross..
michelle thomas (2 months ago)
They seem like they are opportunist
Azz Laird (1 month ago)
Wurdalak Graf (2 months ago)
Ruissan females are far more.intelligent and warmer more friendly than the arrogant racist.yankee sluts
Boyuan Li (2 months ago)
Russians prostitutes gotta stop gold digging
Those losers never even fucked any of them, so it's not prostitution. They just spent thousands of dollars *just to talk to them.* Go take a walk outside of your squalid apartment and you'll see your dirty streets of real prostitutes. Or just open a family photo album to see pictures of them.
Mark Shao (16 days ago)
Azz Laird you are definitely Indian
Azz Laird (16 days ago)
It’s true and shows low morals
Mark Shao (18 days ago)
You're so mean. I love Russian girl. It's natural for me to let my wife spending my money.
VALDIGNE (1 month ago)
it's in their nature.
The Donald (2 months ago)
Only because of their money lol.
Didi Prangsak (8 days ago)
Hyperborean Colonialism Hahaha yeah yeah. You're just mad 😅😅 Like seriously dude, stop. You seems to wanna be the last one to comment. But then all you say is "Asian men can't get white women" over and over again
+Didi Prangsak To put desperate, pathetic, inferiority complex ridden mongoloid males like the author of this video and some other commentators here in their place and remind them that they will never attract a white female no matter what they do. I'm basically reminding them that it was over even before the thought of it came to their minds.
Didi Prangsak (18 days ago)
*sigh* well like I said I'm not Southeast Asian. yeah maybe it's true white men don't spend much for SE Asian girls as they're easy but still... They have to spend money on the girls get them to like himselves. And if you're not jealous, why would you wanna spread negativity in this video. Even if they're gold diggers does it matter to YOU? Keep it to yourself and get out
+Didi Prangsak You're still a southeast Asian, so whatever. There is nothing for me to be jealous of. I'm simply setting things straight for pathetic, inferiority complex ridden losers like the author of this video and the commentators. I would never pay as much as a penny to meet any of the gold diggers shown in this video. I wouldn't even try to hit them up for a no strings attached thing because they're not even attractive. No, most white men don't have to spend that much money to get females in southeast Asia. And they go there because it's the easiest place to for a white man to get a girlfriend half his age (or less) than anywhere else in the world. The chinese in this video never even got girlfriends. Just spend some money to talk to them.
Didi Prangsak (18 days ago)
OK genius first off im not Filipino. And second, like I said you're just jealous. Everyone can see that. ALOT of white men also spend nearly all their wealth in Southeast Asia just to get a girlfriend... so your point is? Oh I'm sure you'll deny this fact because you're just a jealous white men defending your race 😂
Atlas Zevi (3 months ago)
*hello* i married a chinese man, using his account. and just wanted to say we love traditional love. liberals are cancer. fuck jews, fuck communism
Chloe Wang (4 months ago)
Eastern Europe always had mass migration of Asian men since the Huns
Rafisongs Iye (1 day ago)
Azz Laird Are you retarded? Scandinavians are the whitest, Eastern Europeans have tons of Mongoloid blood
Azz Laird (1 month ago)
It’s the whitest part of the world dude
Frances Caraballo (5 months ago)
Why wouldn't they? Chinese and other asian men are gorgeous.
Mark Shao (16 days ago)
Azz Laird 😳😳🌹🌹
Azz Laird (16 days ago)
Mark Shao I don’t want a fav to call me handsome so thanks
Mark Shao (16 days ago)
Azz Laird you're not handsome 😁😁
Azz Laird (16 days ago)
Mark Shao says the gay Asian calling other Asians handsome :D
halfvolley11 (17 days ago)
They prefer Indian men.
Hyperborean Colonialism (6 months ago)
This channel is made by someone with a huge inferiority complex, that much is obvious. This video is actually about divorced gold diggers in their 40's looking for beta supporters, so they wouldn't even look at any Chinese unless he part of the richest segment of the population. Out of all the fake set up "dates", *only one* of those gold diggers followed up for a second date. Funny (yet extremely pathetic) how the author of the video finds it to be a source of pride. Also, 2:52 is clearly Semitic.
+Antonia Alana I don't need to visit anywhere because I talk to people from the Russian far east (such as Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk and Vladivostok) and white/Asian (if you were suggesting white female and Asiatic male) couples are completely impossible to come across on the streets. You can watch the streets of those cities on live cam and I guarantee you that you won't see a single such couple anywhere. The same people I talk to have been to Harbin (China) and some other chinese towns that are near Russia and never seen any such couples. Russian women categorically see Chinese males as unattractive and with absolutely nothing to offer. There is no place on this planet where white women are open to dating mongoloid males.
+Cornbread Cornbread It would be far easier for me to get bitches of your ethnicity than it would be for you, you pathetic, frail, inferiority complex ridden little mongoloid manlet. I'm simply hitting pathetic, sad, inferiority complex ridden mongoloids that have gathered here and the author of this video with reality: mongoloid males don't have a chance with any white females anywhere in the world. In this video, those fools paid thousands of dollars *just to talk to unattractive gold diggers in their 40's* who never even kept in touch with them afterwards. This is called being pathetic on a level that I never even knew existed. They are all extremely rich, yet even low end Russian women don't even want them as beta providers. You pitiful, sad, angry losers are dreaming about white women, while not being able to keep your own because they overwhelmingly prefer white boys, haha. https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/800/1*WyrQAH4srL2XIHcQUXG4EQ.png Here are statistics. 1,2,3, start crying.
Antonia Alana (19 days ago)
+Hyperborean Colonialism Vist north east china or russia far east. Those two regions have the some of, if not, the highest concentration of white asian marriges.
Didi Prangsak (21 days ago)
y'all jealoussssss😅😅
Azz Laird (1 month ago)
googleislame (8 months ago)
Eastern European women are the best looking women in the world.
T Temp (15 days ago)
Eastern European women are the best looking women in the world... agreed however they have a short expiration date
Mark Shao (18 days ago)
Wish i have a Russian wife
paulmaking1980 (1 month ago)
Agreed bro!
Joseph Lee (4 months ago)
Completely agree!
Asian men and white women make the best looking and most successful mixed babies.

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