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A true Collector's Magic Card collection from the early 1990's

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Text Comments (625)
Killa Watt (8 months ago)
This was a heart breaking video. Much luck to you Greg and thanks for sharing your story with us all. Good news is people around the world are working tirelessly to find a cure and just 3 months ago researchers in Toronto may have found a breakthrough in treatment for Huntington's disease. Maybe some day in the near future we may see a cure. My hopes are high but like anything it will take time and a lot of trial and error.
Brennen Cox (2 months ago)
Luck, i dont think luck will play a part.
breath of a wild baby (2 months ago)
Killa Watt ä
first Last (3 months ago)
Doel Johon "vicious cycle of unpreventable death" isn't that just another way of phrasing "life"?
mums (8 months ago)
i think he was more summarising what had been said before, read the other comments first
Gene Gene (8 months ago)
Doel Johon lol and you sir should not breed. Your level of retardation seems to be hereditary as well since it’s still around. How sad it must be to think like you do.
Rich Mortician (50 minutes ago)
Thank You Greg!
Undead Darksign (1 day ago)
Floppy taco? wut
Ebani (2 days ago)
Idk, he's lucky to know since birth how much time he has. Many people with congenital diseases/disorders never even know about it till it hits them and by then it is probably too late to do anything.
Not Used (5 days ago)
So like sport cards they hit top value and its nothing but down after that almost always.
Matt Mac (8 days ago)
Dude do you know you sound like seth rogan
sprmn1983 (9 days ago)
Nice vid but..... 5min in the video, Ad, 10min in video another Ad. F*ck that, skip that shit!
Jason Jrake (11 days ago)
Thank you for that. I'm only a spectator now, but I got into MTG back when revised and Fallen Empires were the current sets, so this was pure nostalgia platinum! The first time I was shown the game, the art of Ron Spencer, Melissa Benson, and Mark Poole helped sell me on the "D&D in a fast card game, with the slow bits traded for deck design/collecting on your own time" pitch. We used to play a special fast version of the game at school lunch times called "landlords" where you can drop multiple land per turn and redraw for each one played. There was an unwritten rule that new or impoverished players were allowed to stuff extra lands into their normal decks to even the playing field. It also made it easier to make a competitive deck from your spare cards for a friend who was into it as a lunch thing but wouldn't or couldn't invest in cards of their own. I'm amazed that the hobby has continued to grow, and I can't imagine how much harder OG dual lands are to get hold of now, since it wasn't easy by the late nineties. The
Zayne Van Bommel (11 days ago)
wow that was a trip down memory lane lol me and my mate went halves in a whole 94 booster box (Revised) in New Zealand ha ha I think it was $50 each for the whole box for $100 im trying to get 4 vesuvan Dopplegangers how much should I be paying ? and is there anywhere else other than Ebay where I can get them lol Ive been starting a new collection of the cards I used to play thanks for the video
jrootpa (11 days ago)
That was an emotional rollercoaster. Greg, best of luck to you sir, hopefully they will find a cure soon. I started playing MTG in 1994, and this proves to me that back then, everyone played the same decks! I had a goblin deck, a discard deck, a ramp deck, and some others. Very cool nostalgic trip down memory lane, thank you for that. I still have my unlimited sengir vampires (playset), unlimited Serra Angels (half playset), Hypnotic Specters (playset), and one of my favorite black cards Will 'O'the Wisp! I've left and come back to MTG many times over the years, and it's amazing to see where it has gone since the early days. Such an amazing transformative journey. I love this game, and the seemingly endless possibilities afforded by the number and types of cards. Thanks again for the fond memories of when MTG was much simpler, but still as fun as it is today.
Pete OConnor (11 days ago)
So many flashbacks to my 9th-grade artifact deck that wons me loads of matches. I now love the art so much.
K Jh (13 days ago)
Sales of Wiz War just went up 50000%
Ravenous Pathogen (14 days ago)
My favorite (combo) cards were breeding pit, bad moon and Phyrexian Dreadnaught, breeding pit gave me a 0/1 creature, bad moon made added +1/+1 to allblack creatures and Dreadnaught required 12 creature(s) with a power of 12 to activate. the Dreadnaught was a 0 cost artifact. Nail that and then cast Minion of the wastes and it could take on almost anything if you got a good first hand.
Aiden snider (17 days ago)
ya, ich Deutche
NPC-30 (18 days ago)
50% to pass in on to your offspring. And now his wife is pregnant. Oh boy.
Overlord (20 days ago)
Some of those "not worth so much" cards are like $40....i mean bruh.
enigmaohawaii (21 days ago)
those 1994 cards were mailed to DCI members as well as the counterspell and incinerate
Timmy the Sorcerer (21 days ago)
The revised decks at the end take me back. Love the Ironroot Treefolk and living lands in the Green deck!
RPGRelicHunter (23 days ago)
My heart with those decks! That was Magic when I learned.
xKISS KISSx (23 days ago)
Wow. I used to print my guides out on that paper it was perfect :3. Your father has found rest. He has our thanks for bringing us back to our younger years.
Andrew Chmielowiec (24 days ago)
wtf is a floppy taco?
Jan Mayen (26 days ago)
i like rudys smooth haircut
Mini Monsters TCG (27 days ago)
God bless him
jakejakeboom (29 days ago)
That Lord of Atlantis at 5:51 brings me back, had a merfolk themed control deck once upon a time.
geekdude1 (1 month ago)
i know for sure that the fireball came in a magic comic book series. i actually have a few copies of the book that fireball came in as the promo
Arthur Denny (1 month ago)
whats this dudes ACTUAL job?
Timorio (1 month ago)
So you know there's a high chance of passing on a terrible disease to your offspring, and that your offspring will have to deal with the consequences of YOUR disease, and yet you procreate anyway. That's humanity for ya.
mike long (1 month ago)
How much was that ball lightning worth now? I remember having a Shivan and Ball lightning. Had a few dual lands, factories, strip mines, city of brass
S Dew (1 month ago)
rudy buying stuff""naah dropped in price", "spiked too $100 than crashed", "neat little card", "a little nice bonus".. hahaha
Drew Jackson (1 month ago)
what was the name of the green deck?
G D (1 month ago)
The 4th fireball and BeB cards were also promos in the comic books
Anthony Sullender (1 month ago)
I had sold almost my entire collection around 10yrs ago, had several good decks, wurm, goblin, and I kept my elf deck! Now my son is wanting to play so I broke out the rest of my collection (3 decks), my elf deck and two newer decks from around 2005-2006, so now the craze is back on for me and also to get my son involved in magic! This is a great game to play and I still remember my school days playing MTG with friends and now I'm passing this knowledge along to the next generation! THATS a really cool collection and I know the owners was happy to enjoy them cause I enjoyed mine!
Simon Tobias (1 month ago)
Well : sharing i got a black red and green Thrull Token deck ..... producing 1/1 tokens to blow them up like balloons haha Fallen Empires was lovely and thx 4 sharing
John Walker II (2 months ago)
Videos like this piss me off because I had a near complete collection of 1st ed cards.. that someone stole out of the game store. I was beyond pissed, I still get mad when I think about it. It's been at least a decade but I'm still looking for that asshole who took it.
Ravioli Maker (2 months ago)
Prevent 2 dmg for 7 mana "Good lord" 😂
Screw The Net (2 months ago)
Whats strange is, as much as I loved flallen empires and homelands, homelands should have done so much better than fallen empires, but the damage was done from FE for a few years.
Micheal Bohmer (2 months ago)
What was the green deck called? I used to name my decks like that and I kept them together with rubber bands. By the way Rudy, if your playing 93/94 rules you need no lands or all lands for a mulligan; it was hardcore back in the day ;). Great video, great collection.
REBELsst (2 months ago)
that is literally my entire collection. very cool!
Jonas buaer (2 months ago)
That was a great collection but you should have shown more of the decks in the end
Dan Link (2 months ago)
God spede, greg.
Pedro G (2 months ago)
Rudy, you show so much respect. We were there, we played those kind of decks at the time. Thanks,, man.
douglas jardine (2 months ago)
collecting cards is fun until it isnt then its like fuck then you sell them and then your like fuck why did i do that..
Gareth (2 months ago)
I just bought Wizwar in honor of the man that owned these cards.
Roar winter (2 months ago)
how do i get a list of those decks. kinda wanna get that monster kill and card ones
The Original Gamer (2 months ago)
My dad is just psychotic. There is a massive stack of Magic cards downstairs. I hope they don't end up rotting. My dad has never played Magic, he just used to buy the cards, he also has a huge vinyl collection. It actually damaged the house from the sheer weight.
moparmon (2 months ago)
mtg and music from the 90's was amazing
r0 (2 months ago)
if you used two cameras with preset focus, one for showing the card detail, the other for the table, you wouldn't have to keep changing focus. It's disorienting to watch unfortunately. Cool video nevertheless thank you for sharing.
Brennen Cox (2 months ago)
Is the obvious reason Rudy won't be selling is because the cards are only going to go up in value?
licustoms (2 months ago)
13:36 It's called plotter paper because it was printed on a plotter style printer (it's before inkjet printers came out).
Exgecko (2 months ago)
Amazing quality and collection
HighSunSe7eN (2 months ago)
Sounds like Magic cards fared better than 90’s comic books . I’d hate for you to go through my early 90’s comic books.
Myztkl-Kev (2 months ago)
good ol dot matrix printers
Michael Novak (2 months ago)
My dad threw mine out, they where satanic
Rasmus Helenius (2 months ago)
Disable autofocus, lol
u2bemark (2 months ago)
Good luck to you Chirs... Hopin and prayin medical research progresses faster than youknowwhat.
John P (2 months ago)
I still have a box of tractor paper from the 90's.
Bonzi Buddy (2 months ago)
If you have huntington's disease, don't have kids. We need to bring back blood tests for marriage.
Darrell Jones (2 months ago)
Huntington’s disease sucks unfortunately it’s hereditary in my family .
Daniel Ranger (2 months ago)
I have a very similar discard deck like that. Hypnotic and Abyssal Specter, megrim, rack. Everyone hated my deck lol.
Myrkanth (2 months ago)
I have 95% of the cards shown. Basically, don't have the playing cards. Holy crap dot matrix lists!
itsMe (2 months ago)
my wife used to work @ a toystore, i have a ton of these unopened from the 90's. in a storage unit, with all my star wars stuff.
n/a n/a (2 months ago)
The older cards have that Ultima/ Ever Quest 1 vibe.
dried nut (2 months ago)
you got nothing on my exodia
AuthoRyuko (2 months ago)
13:25 Your camera was like "No I don't remember, it must be old, let me blur it out to make it more authentic."
Vasili (2 months ago)
Best luck Greg .... I don't know what magic is , but I now know about huntingson disease. Much respect
ThisIsAigle (2 months ago)
Anything with flavor text that is a Jaya quote is gold. Jaya quotes are just fresh and funny and always get me to snicker. Such a snarky character.
Bryan Casler (2 months ago)
What was the name on the green deck!?
Nick B (2 months ago)
I've got hundreds of magic cards from the mid 90's when I was in middle school, is there an online price guide where I can look them up?
Mikhail Galatinov (2 months ago)
I first started playing during Alliances. Thing is, I really didn't play but more like collected. So I bought and traded to get older cards as well. By the time Weatherlight came around, I already had a huge library of cards, some of which are very expensive today. They were all in a metal cabinet. When I moved to a different city, made new friends and found that a few played. So of course, I made the mistake of showing my collection. I was mostly living alone at that time as my mother was abroad. We were going to have a few drinks at my house so I gave them the key and told them to go ahead, as I still had one more class. I got home and no one was there. My card cabinet gone. I confronted all of them and found out who took them, he had gone to live with his grandparents in the province. His parents refused to help me get my cards back. I stopped playing then. I came back years later during Odyssey, but never really found the same joy in MTG again.
Rodrigo Mello (2 months ago)
probably is going to die before getting any dementia sign... of heart atack at 70 years old..... fantastic... a person with 100 years old.. that cant even walk by himself anymore.. complaining that dont remember nothing.. but remember why...if you cant even walk... remember that there is food at the refrigerator? even if you cant reach the refrigerator? the question is..... why do you want a functional nervous sistem? just for speak? thats stupid... the main function of the nervous sistem is not to speak....but to move meat...to give power to move meat.... just that... the brain is just an extension of the nerve...the more weight an animal have...the bigger it is..
Mike Labonte (1 month ago)
Rodrigo Mello WTF
siukong (2 months ago)
"He had a very rare -" *oooh what card did he have?* "-genetic neurodegenerative disorder" *well fuck*
Hans Wurst (2 months ago)
greg should not make children if the chance is 50% to give the sickness to them ... :(     but ...best wishes !
Game Talker (2 months ago)
Is it just me, or does Rudy have this dorky Brandon Fraser thing going on?
Ironbuket (2 months ago)
What was the sticker on the fourth deck?
blueroseaobara (2 months ago)
T.T i saw Lord of Atlantis in there, I've wanted one for a while! Anywho, good luck to the guy and his wife.
PjStarTV (2 months ago)
93-94 was the only time I played MTG. My uncle owned a sporting card store and he started selling MTG cards in addition to the baseball/football/basketball cards. The red Burn deck was my signature deck and I remember wrecking face with that deck when my friends and I would play. This video brought back a lot of memories.
Alex Heiss (2 months ago)
God speed Greg stay strong and best wishes
silvertain1978 (2 months ago)
I was given a box of these cards by a guy who owned a gaming shop in 94 he seemed to think this game was a fad. I had probably 14 of those card decks, tons I means 100s of individual cards and also sealed little packs that said something like beta or promo or something. This was a huge box my mum had it in her loft is it worth trying to dig this out? Had no idea they had value
Josh Estes (2 months ago)
That disease is horrible not only for the person that got it but for their child and grandchildren. My grandfather died from it when I was about 9. He ended up homeless for a long time and eventually passed in a home I believe. It has seemed to skip my father who is in his 50s and I am in my 30s and seem to be in the clear. Its one of those things that sticks to the back of your mind your entire life though. I always have this fear of my father getting a hold of me one day and telling me he has it. Which means that I would have to get tested and that if it ended up that I had it, that means my two daughters have a chance of getting it. I also have a sister with a daughter, which means the two of them would be at risk as well. You try not to think about it too much, but the thought of it is always there. I too plan on one day handing my collection down to my kids for them to do what ever they want with them. Maybe put a down payment on a house or something as well. May your remaining years be filled with happiness Greg.
Arthur Accioly Pereira (2 months ago)
Whe you talk you manage to make this glorious collection seems like garbage. Congrats!
Zylo (2 months ago)
“A lot of people out there feel the same way”
Swove's World (2 months ago)
"...or maybe it's just me"
Nurgle's Socks. (2 months ago)
it's just pronounced Jinn, bro. The D is silent.
1nt3rl0ck (2 months ago)
I would pay a lot to get full collections of conterfeit just to play ..... ( still much less than real, idc )
Bob Dole (2 months ago)
If see those cards I am dying inside. I had a ton of pre portal cards (roughly 10k) stored in my mothers basement and she threw them all away because she found 3piles of mouse shit in it.
Hammond Voodoo (2 months ago)
@ 10:23: You're right. "Zusammenkunft" is the german word for "gathering".
oldmordim (2 months ago)
A few tears there. Thx Greg thx Rudy
Alex Antamoro (2 months ago)
Badass as hell
Daelin Proudmore (2 months ago)
I've never heard "symbolic" used in the ways you used it lol.
Yu Wish (2 months ago)
Ah, I instantly made out those revised cards. Saw some Dark, Antiquities, Fallen Empires, and Arabian Nights. Stasis was so strong back in the day. Afa the promo Fireballs and Elemental Blasts, yeah, I recall those being promo cards. I can't remember what I got them for, but I have several of those. I even got a couple of the other promo cards, like Mana Crypt, Nalathni Dragon, and Sewers of Estark. The Nalathni Dragon I remember being a promo card for the prerelease of Ice Age. OH Lord, the dot matrix printer out.
Cryo Gyro (2 months ago)
I have a pretty much identical collection, dad and I started in 1991, this was really cool to see.
Christopher Brooks (2 months ago)
How did I wind up here? Wtf am I watching? I'm 11 minutes in. What should I do? Wtf?
Venom of God (2 months ago)
Ryan Fernandez (2 months ago)
Omg so much feels those early cards.
pintlemounted (2 months ago)
The constant change in camera focus actually hurts my eyes awlkjf
k2daho (2 months ago)
Loved the decks!!! Let somebody do a video discussing the deck tech of each one and explaine why it was good back in the day!
David Robison (2 months ago)
Amazing video. Thank you Rudy.
PoopedyPoopPants (2 months ago)
Much love to you and Greg.
Ryan Rossiter (3 months ago)
i definitely had a black deck and a blue deck JUST like those omg.. that was incredible congrats on that pick up... keep those decks together at all costs!!!!
Francisco Garcia (3 months ago)
1994 fireballs were printed in the 4th Edition, I was playing until alliances - tempest and I started again, so I can recognize those oldies. Def 1994 are 4th ED.
Byron Odwazny (3 months ago)
I’d like to thank Greg for selling the cards to Rudy so we could all share in memories of what was there. Hope they find a cure and those decks were the best thing. What was the last one called? Just awesome!

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