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Funny Cartoon--The Bear

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Lol watch..its one of a famous cartoon series about a white bear who always runs into trouble lol..this time he decided to climb to the top of that iceberg but ahhh..see :D:D
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HARI SANKAR.D (1 month ago)
PATNAM SHORT FLIMS (1 month ago)
Who likes bernard
Erick Conde (2 months ago)
Ananya Singh (2 months ago)
I watched this one on t,v when I was small...big fan of this show..
Ananya Singh (2 months ago)
Hahhahahhahahah.....don't ynderrestemate the power of a common beer...
Rajbir Rajbir (2 months ago)
Rukhmani Singh (3 months ago)
May jab choti thi ta yeh bohot dekhti thi aaja ja k mil yeh cartoon l lobe yeh carttoon
Allen Manoj (4 months ago)
I did not know the name of the show so i just typed in "white polar bear cartoon" 😂😂
SARADA MAHAKUR (8 months ago)
so nice
Basanta Das (9 months ago)
I wait your next video 🙂🙂🙂🙂
neelu choudhary (9 months ago)
mai jb 8th me thi tb dkhti thi ..my fvrt cartoon
Nirad Pattmajhi (10 months ago)
Please add talking voice
Lincoln C Mitchell (11 months ago)
good video
Munmi Borah (11 months ago)
I remember it when I was small and I like it now also
RANCHI 'S VLOG (1 year ago)
jyada uper jaane ki koshish m gaya donkey......isi liye jitni aukat ho utna hi kaoshish kro......i m really motivate by this video
Ananya Singh (2 months ago)
Sahi baat
Zokizzy Foshizzy (1 year ago)
Cockiness can lead to bad things.
Panchal Prakash (1 year ago)
clerkson Tangham (1 year ago)
the video is an asome one
Manoel Santos (1 year ago)
sovocemesmo pra manda isso
Manoel Santos (1 year ago)
sovocemesmo pra manda isso
see this 999subs now
Jay Nadiya (2 years ago)
ha yee shi kha yee bhi aacha par purna video bhi bhejo
جيما آآ (2 years ago)
sameer kumar singh (2 years ago)
ye bahat achha he but usse v kuch purane videos he woo v upload karen please
sameer kumar singh (2 years ago)
plzzz add some videos....véry very old
Apathyy LBS (2 years ago)
The nostalgia is unreal.
Riddhi solnaki (10 months ago)
Apathyy LBS I love
NoMi MirXa (2 years ago)
I remember watching this when I was a baby
NoMi MirXa (2 years ago)
Bernard is awesome
Spence Salama (3 years ago)
Seung Oh (3 years ago)
classic korean animation. The title of this is called "Mug Travel".
Ananya Singh (2 months ago)
R u from Korea I am a girl biggest fan of korean really....
BB Valcan (3 years ago)
Sonia Constantino (3 years ago)
Hdj jdhd (2 years ago)
+‫علاء فيصل‬‎ نعم؟
علاء فيصل (3 years ago)
Jay Lookie (4 years ago)
This reminds me of the squirrel from the movie Ice Age.
Darian East (4 years ago)
I love bernard he is my favourite
jorgo fry (5 years ago)
ihihihi  lol
chanda leom (5 years ago)
Matthais Unidostres (5 years ago)
All of you people who are talking smack about this, you must all hate Looney Tunes and Ice Age because that's what this is.
Leonardo Po (5 years ago)
fuck to this stupid why not jump of the fallin ice
henry deschner (5 years ago)
God damn that fat ass is up high in da sky nigga please
Sam Mack (5 years ago)
Cool cartoon
Lolly Pop (5 years ago)
Lol its a cute lil cartoon
Dheeraj Kumar (6 years ago)
very nice
Farouk Alam (6 years ago)
MegaManoj11 (6 years ago)
i use to see this it was awesome
PandaBear905 (6 years ago)
me too
alyssa davis (6 years ago)
millie (6 years ago)
Bernard Bear
millie (6 years ago)
I used to watch this when i was a child :')
Ryan Mc Namee (6 years ago)
wen i was younger i used 2 watch this all the time
cholo kwon (6 years ago)
ha.ha.ha..nice one:)
peach kwon (6 years ago)
Skye Bentley (6 years ago)
and actually,Ryland1801, this was not funny AT ALL
Skye Bentley (6 years ago)
Bye Bye Iceberg
RaredragonEXZ (6 years ago)
SyferFire (6 years ago)
really that wasn't funny
Erin Carlson (6 years ago)
this reminds me of fancy pants adventure
RaredragonEXZ (6 years ago)
Bear Assassin. 1:13 Some sort of crazy grip 1:25 Leap of faith...Syke. 1:48 Strong enough to bring down a mountain of ice.
Mars TV cartoons (6 years ago)
It's Bear Grylls !!
Delores Emeagi (7 years ago)
this is what being cocky gets you
Dr.Derp (7 years ago)
its Baccom -_-
creep negative creep (7 years ago)
the face on 1:44 broke me up with laughter
Katie Marie (7 years ago)
jeez this is kinda violent when you think about it....... ;o
yousofize (7 years ago)
so funny :)
Syasya Najwa (7 years ago)
lol .. i watch in astro ceria .. its name is backom .. LoL ,,, it's funny to find that .. XD
Nicole Barnett (7 years ago)
He Was Like A Ninja xD
abc21abc2123 (8 years ago)
That white bear was the Bernard Bear
Victor Morales (8 years ago)
is it the bear from icee
Victor Morales (8 years ago)
Olivia Trevis (10 years ago)
C'mon Ryanne I'd like to find more Polar Bear cartoon vids from ya!:D
cristine (10 years ago)

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