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SCPT 3: Connecting To Database Instance In Shared Server Mode

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jonty goyal (1 month ago)
You are good, i have seen all your videos of SCPT channel.. i would like to add one thing here is that it's DEDICATED SERVER PROCESS AND SHARED SERVER PROCESS (THESE ARE THE PROCESSES NOT SERVER).
gaurav s (5 months ago)
what is full form of SGA ?
deepak sharma (2 years ago)
Very very nice ,,,,way to tech DB concepts...thanks a lot again....Sir..
Savita Shinde (2 years ago)
add SCPT 9th,22nd lecture please...
Ali Akber Bedawala (2 years ago)
One of the best teacher in the world. Keep doing the best work[teaching] and help us with your knowledge. Thanks a ton Sir.
Prabhakar Tadi (3 years ago)
Very crystal clear....appreciate publishing here ...
Sumant Wankhede (3 years ago)
Superb explanation.....we can always remember the concepts due to simple day to day e.g. given in these videos. Thank you so much
amma channel (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot sir........................also provide me a videos for experianced.plzzzzzz sir ..........
Deepankar Singh (4 years ago)
Great Work..these videos could be a very good start for beginners.. Keep spreading your knowledge..  thanks alot..
Thanh Nhan Pham (4 years ago)
many thank!
Dinesh B (4 years ago)
nice one... Hats off you sir
BroadStreetRider (4 years ago)
This video really make u from "Zero to Pro" in Oracle. Appreciate your effort. Hats Off.
Haider Ali (4 years ago)
amazing explanation sir..!! am a fresher working as DBA , your tutorials really helps to understand the ORACLE DB concepts..!! your ANALOGY can help even a lay man to understand oracle DB concepts..!! KEEP POSTING VIDEOS & HELP US sir..!! once again THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK..!
Shoaib Ahmed Sherazi (6 years ago)
It is not 100 Dispatchers.There are 100 dispatchers PROCESSES in the example.Dispatcher,by itself doesn't do anything other than lining up the client's request in the queue.Whereas, the Dedicated Server doesn't line the requests up,rather manages the requests by itself.So in the Dedicated Server Model,there is no reason to have a Request Queue or Response Queue.Having a SHARED SERVER is more economical,practical.If parameter for the shared server is set to 1 then is becomes a dedicated server
Mitu Setty (1 year ago)
Shoaib Ahmed Sherazi Hi , i want to know where will the listerner be and where will the server process be either at client side or server side
Kaan Cakanisik (6 years ago)
I like bangladeshi hairy ballsack too.
satyaps22 (6 years ago)
Alex Saidit (6 years ago)
If we have 100 Dedicated servers and 100 Dispatcher, Which one is more efficient? I mean, time consumption, time response and so on. Thanks for your videos, they are awesome.

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