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Safety At Sea- Fire And Breach In The Vessel

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Our worst nightmare! What happens if we get a fire onboard or our hull is breached by crashing into something at sea? We take a few minutes to explain to our new crew how to react and the important things to do to save Delos! Check the links below for more S\V Delos Action! www.svdelos.com www.facebook.com/svdelos www.twitter.com/svdelossailing www.instagram.com/svdelos This made possible by you! Support S/V Delos Videos! http://www.svdelos.com/buy-us-a-beer
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Text Comments (195)
scott alan (3 months ago)
Is any body else in love with Babs?
Neil Brideau (3 months ago)
As nice as it is to see bikini girls having fun videos like this appeal to potential sailors. MOAR.
Wesley Davies (5 months ago)
I'm always a fan of your journey and your positive outlook! Envy!
Yim HH (8 months ago)
So good, I also want to sailing.
The Butte Life (10 months ago)
This was really great to see.
mpenrose (10 months ago)
dayamm some hot byotches on that boat
no safety air dingy?
johnnyohness (1 year ago)
Another excellent video. The French sure know how to build a boat. I better shut up...the price of used Amels are going to go through the roof.
Stephen Peterson (1 year ago)
Kidde company recently had a recall on many fire extingushers with plastic handles, similar of what was seen in this video. You may want to check into it. I had to get a replacement for 5 extingushers (no cost), encompassing 4 different models. Some failed completely and people died according to a news report. Really really enjoy your vids! Be safe and keep on keepin' on...
hellobitch itsyamama (1 year ago)
so what if worst case scenario everybody is asleep then the anchor drags and no one realizes and it smacks a reef titanic style and breeches several bow compartments?
Sailing SV Delos (1 year ago)
Anchor drag alarm on phone or iPad
Willco5114 (1 year ago)
I am not aware that water-tight compartments are common on sailboats. At least not on the ones I have sailed. If this is so then kudos to Amel for doing this.
AfricanFlightStar (1 year ago)
Good job guys!
Stuart Crabbe (1 year ago)
Bad news , but it looks like your fire extinguishers have been recalled: https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2018/Kidde-Recalls-Fire-Extinguishers-with-Plastic%20Handles-Due-to-Failure-to-Discharge-and-Nozzle-Detachment-One-Death-Reported
lesabre1972 (1 year ago)
Stuart Crabbe (1 year ago)
I would strongly suggest you replace all of your dry chemical agent extinguishers as soon as possible. I noticed they are all BC rated applicable to flammable liquids and electrically energized equipment. They are filled with sodium bicarbonate which is relatively harmless from a health stand point. Your BC chemical extinguishers will not work on class A fires, such as wood, fiberglass, paper, rags, cloth, electrical insulation etc. You need an ABC extinguisher to combat the various hazards you have aboard. Also ABC chemical agent is twice as effective as standard BC agent. Your 4 small extinguishers will discharge in @ 8 seconds each and I would suggest a minimum of 5lbs and better to have one 10lb available if things get really bad. An FYI, electricity does not burn, it may produce heat through a short or arcing, but it is not a fuel, its the heat source. Fire is tetrahedron, fuel, heat, oxygen and chain reaction, all dry chemical agents ( ABC, BC, PK) disrupt the chain reaction as does halon.
Stryke (1 year ago)
Pressing a pillow or a mattress on a breach is surprisingly effective. It reduces the water stream coming in by approximately 90%, I guess. That buys a lot of very valuable time.
Nonya Bizness (1 year ago)
I am sorry, but that intro was just wrong, lol.
TroyaE117 (1 year ago)
My friend, a 12 V electrical fire can be put out with water, and quickly. Higher voltages are different, but deluge a 12 V electrical fire with water, fresh or salt, and it will put it out.
J Campbell (1 year ago)
Just catching up on your old vids, this one is great! The bulkheads, engine compartment, and all the factory safety features are what make the Amel one of the best blue water cruisers in the world. Shopping for a 54 now, hopefully they come down into my price range in a few years when I'm ready to buy! :P
Chip Mattila (2 years ago)
Best sailing crew I have seen on YouTube! Thanks to a mellow captain and first mate, everyone is very comfortable and enjoys themselves and I get my "Babs" fix ;)
Zachary Schweter (2 years ago)
WOW!!! The more i see, the more i understand that the Amel is just PERFECT for Blue Water Cruising!!!! LOVING YOUR BOAT!!! Z
Bill Van Raam (2 years ago)
Why do you have low quality BC extinguishers instead of quality ABC extinguishers for such a nice boat?
Stuart Crabbe (1 year ago)
You noticed that too. See that a lot on sailing vlogs, cheap BC extinguishers that won't extinguish a class A fire and the boat is a class material.
ilovetheusers (2 years ago)
Is anyone else waiting for Vaas to show up?
Joseph Meece (3 years ago)
Great job on the video. I was in the Navy for many years. The Navy teaches every sailor about Damage Control and you hit it perfectly. We are told to put mattress in the hole.If there are dead bodies you can put them in the hole as a last ditch effort.
Sailing SV Delos (3 years ago)
+Joseph Meece Thanks for that Joseph, yeah sometimes you need to think outside of the box to keep the ship afloat. Fair Winds! Brian
Joseph Meece (3 years ago)
Another outstanding video.
Me Now (3 years ago)
Gees.... that stupidly loud BEEEEP is way worse than the word it is meant to obscure.
shane rast (3 years ago)
Very informative, reminds us that you never know when the crap will hit the fan but being prepared like you are allows you to sail another day!!!! Thanks
John Smith (3 years ago)
seriously right now!!! babs your so hot!
dkchen (3 years ago)
I like these safety videos!
Milo Miller (3 years ago)
Smart ... very wise to cover these issues. More importantly ... have follow-up sessions. If (God forbid) an actual emergency occurred ... you would want the crew to respond as if it were second nature, and not something they would have to ponder over in a state of heightened anxiety.
Rory Finneren (3 years ago)
Chances are a fast-moving fire onboard or a significant hull breach or keel loss will be an abandon ship call very soon. Be sure to go over life-raft and ditch bag positions, crew responsibilities, and life raft deployment and boarding procedures as well. Boats sink way faster than most people think. No time to move the milk...
MISTERComaToes (3 years ago)
Halon, isn't carbon dioxide but while Halon gas is non-toxic; as Brady mentioned the Halon will stave the fire of oxygen... A Halon system CAN be very hazardous in enclosed spaces for that very reason. Once the Halon has system has gone off it's not a good idea to hang around in Delos' cabin. Maybe grab a few gulps of air before turning off the fuel, unless you are right there of course.
Stuart Crabbe (1 year ago)
halon does not displace oxygen or deplete oxygen. halon extinguishers by interrupting the the chain reaction of fire and combustion. It is why halon was the standard for all occupied spaces and still permitted on aircraft and in military application where exiting the vehicle is often not an option.
GrumpyOldMan (3 years ago)
Bulkheads are nice, but didn't stop the titanic from going down.
Jeremy Holovacs (3 years ago)
+TavernSenses They're not a silver bullet, but they definitely increase survivability in the event of a hull breach.
Mum Blic (3 years ago)
thanks, again a lot of interesting info on the Amel. One question: What happens if for example the main mast would go down? Would it bring down the mizzen mast too you think? Or can the mizzen seen as kind of backup in that case.
John Fife (3 years ago)
Maybe you're speaking loosely, but "bolt cutters" with flat jaws won't help you with SS cables. (Try it with an old cable.) You'd need cable cutters with beak-like overlapping jaws that trap and sheer the flexi cable. Muy grande difference. Maybe that's what you have--we didn't see. Be safe. Great vid. Much love.
JAMES BLEVINS (3 years ago)
There's a lot of responsibility needed to just to have fun.
Brad Lefton (3 years ago)
Doh! Silly me.....I glanced at the title and thought you guys had a fire on board! Good safety brief and I picked up some interesting info. Stay well, stay safe. (and, hearty greeting from Seattle.....opening day at SYC starts May 6. I'll be in the parade!)
jerry b (3 years ago)
guys those kidder fire extinguishers are powder you need to check them every now and again by shaking them to see if the  powder is stuck at the bottom in a clump  I learned my lesson when I went to use one that sat in the same spot for 2 years when I went to use it nothing but gas came out I take a rubber mallet and tap on mine now and shake it so I know it will work when needed.
Horst Kotte (3 years ago)
Hi thanks for more awesome videos! I'd also recommend a fire blanket at least for the galley, best way to extinguish a fire without messing up the beautiful interior of the boat. (ABC Powder is not only powdery and sticky but also corrosive as f*ck). And blankets need no servicing. The extingushers look kinda small, be prepared to empty them all on a substancial fire. Sounds ilke Brian is quoting a yachting monthly (?) video I would also quote. In essence just press a cockpit cushion on the hole. Ah and keep a decent sized Hammer or Axe handy, in case the leak is hiding behind the beautiful interior.Fastest way for urgend disassembly, no gurantees for reassembly.... Cheers, Andi
Dienekes n93 (3 years ago)
I want to see what you guys will do on your 100,000 subscriber special!
Jeff Harris (3 years ago)
You guys get used to the heat in the places you go? or is it more of a constant bother you learn to ignore?
Lazy Jacques (3 years ago)
Thumbs up on the seamanship/safety videos in between the standard crazy Delos fare! Probably stating the obvious, but unless you've got a breach/seacock failure way deep in the hull or around the keel, and if you still have your rig, you should consider a course change and sail trim to heel your boat as far as you can, to get most or all of the hole out of the water. Maybe not so simple with a heavy boat like Delos - she probably doesn't budge much in less than 15s... Over-power the sails, use weight to leeward, whatever it takes. What Robert Redford does in that movie, when he hits the container!
Steve S (3 years ago)
Safety procedure, knowledge, and implementation of such under stressful conditions is critical under dire circumstances. The crew has to keep there cool, follow procedure,,,,,,Damn! Babs is rockin hott! :D love you guys! Smooth sailing Delos!
k j (3 years ago)
well, it's official. I quit my job in order to take another one that should afford me a suitable boat and a nice kitty within 2-3 years. I spent last 4 days on the lake (in a C-22) wondering if I've made the right decision. soon as I got home today I received a postcard, FROM YOU, DELOS!! thanks a million for that. love it and am even more inspired now!!!!
Bob Dalquest (3 years ago)
Fantastic safety video series guys. Love it. The US Power Squadron could learn a thing or two from you. Keep up the great work. HOWEVER!! and this is a BIG HOWEVER, You have left out a critical safety step in the safety video series... Life Vests or Jackets!!! Life vests are the first and single most important thing you should do in ANY emergency situation. Cannot stress this enough. Really think you should start every safety video with this important first step. Also one additional note: Marine Fire Extinguishers tend to be smaller than traditional household types, and as such don't last nearly as long as one might expect. So for a yacht of your size I would think 4 extinguishers is the bare minimum that you should have aboard. I think 6-8 would be better/safer. Its amazing how fast fire can take over and just how quickly you will go through those 4 extinguishers (assuming you can get to all four). And if the fire isn't out at that point, then back to my first point about Life Vests. I recommend keeping/collecting expired Extinguishers and safety drill with them when you fire off the expired flares.
Viliam Bracanov (3 years ago)
Norman Boyes (3 years ago)
Good stuff - just only tiny point when it comes to firefighting at sea. If you think the cause is electrical you can isolate the batteries so there is no voltage being distributed in the boat, You can then use water to put the fire out (I would prefer using water anyways - it does a lot less damage).
7 9 (3 years ago)
the scouts motto,BE PREPARED .and then you can have fun,,,,and if the fun ends,well, your'e prepared
scott richards (3 years ago)
ah I see why people go for the composing toilet over the sea toilet as a bit tricky in deep water, 😀
Scott Hert (3 years ago)
Excellent safety briefing for new crew members. It's also important to review the procedures from time to time as well. Good call Brian on mentioning the plumbing system. I would recommend working the ball valves for the plumbing periodically. It seemed the one by the milk was not closing easily. Take Care.
Daniel Parker (1 year ago)
Would love a download of your saftey manual.
pete49327 (3 years ago)
Speaking of boats hitting whales (and vice versa), all too true as Josje indicated. The classic novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville was inspired by a true life whale encounter with the Essex about 200 years ago, in which a male sperm whale attacked the vessel while apparently defending territory against a perceived threat from another male whale, i.e. mistaking the underwater hull of the ship as a whale.
BrokenRRT (3 years ago)
Warning fellas....The Babs boner force is strong in this one!
Duh6666666 (3 years ago)
Hi, where is Karin? We've had many videos lately without her, is everything ok? Great video, thanks!
Duh6666666 (3 years ago)
Cool, glad to hear you are feeling better.
Sailing SV Delos (3 years ago)
+Duh6666666 Hey, Yeah i'm all good :D I know did not feel 100% for a while there..but started to feel better as we arrived into the Andaman's after some well needed rest :) Cheers, karin
Leslie Acosta (3 years ago)
LOL its hard to concentrate in the class with Babs around....LOL!
paul stratton (3 years ago)
love how the crew is edgeamuhcated,,good deal
Ed Rymes (3 years ago)
Not the sexiest or exciting video by any means but I am glad you do safety briefings and cover this stuff. After all, there is really no 9-1-1 out there. The show & tell and even the documented safety procedures tells me you take it seriously. Just a small nit-pick, Halon is actually bromotrifluoromethane, a CFC that smothers fire by displacing oxygen. It is also heavier than air so be careful when entering an area in which it is used and of course don't be around when it goes off. So now back to beaches, bikinis and beer.
DaPiit (3 years ago)
I'm sure its way too late, but that beautiful, lovely single aussie girl,...........soooooo sexy!
Gord (3 years ago)
just wondering why you run a T-shirt on the tender outboard?
Ralph Baldino (3 years ago)
Great video, thanks guys. I know space is at a premium, esp with so many on board, but see if you can find a place to keep the bulkhead braces on the "dry" side of the door, I would suck to be searching through the locker with water rushing in on in you. I was thinking maybe a mount right on the bulkhead itself, if there is room?? I know it is all easy to figure out from here, a bit more difficult with everything you need on board for long passage! Smooth sailing and be safe.
Robert Cieslak (3 years ago)
I witnessed the result of a 32' Wellcraft St. Tropez that burned at the dock a few years ago. Boat was lost, two sweet dogs burned to death and it was an awakening for all boat owners and also a complete surprise and learning experience.
Andrew Hemming (3 years ago)
Crikey! Saw the tagline and thought "Holy shite, wtf has happened!"
AmfIII (3 years ago)
Well done! It's not always about fun and games out there and you sure as hell just don't drop her down out of park into drive and go . You're in your own little 50 foot world out there when you're underway for days at a time. Just you and whatever is floating underneath you... No land, no neighbors, no convenience stores... It's all about comprehending real time situations, assessing outcomes & implementing corrective measures , It's your ass on the line but ain't life fun in paradise! Nothing better than having sea stories to sail back to... Damn I miss it so!
Jake (3 years ago)
you bought the right boat that's for sure. Babs is very distracting so I didn't pay much attention. in case of fire , close the fire tight doors and smother the fire with bikini bottoms, no?
TheBlevinsNetwork (3 years ago)
Great video as always Delos crew!
Kenneth Ayers (3 years ago)
Great video! thanks
Jude Wave Bannister (3 years ago)
Where is Karin these days?
Sail Before Sunset (3 years ago)
Great that you have Halon in the engine room. We do, too. I had not thought of turning the bow into the wind, so that is a good idea. I also like the additional planning for water coming aboard
SAILING PAU HANA (3 years ago)
Very informative video. The Amel has a lot of safety features I didn't expect to see on a non-commercial boat. That's awesome. Good job on keeping the crew safe.
Richard Morton (3 years ago)
Love that you take safety and training important. Nothing beats a plan and being prepared.
Johnny Wilson (3 years ago)
After watching your video's for a good while now and others that are also good video's, I have come to the conclusion that, there must be an organization of assholes that go around disliking all the good video's. They are out there...looking, searching for good video's to dislike. The suffer from a disease called, cranial rectal inversion.......they have their heads up their asses.....have nice day
Angus Whitehouse (3 years ago)
Sorry another great thing I was taught was a car inner tube wrapped in a tarp pump it up an it forms a great patch. Seen a boat limp in to Pitwater after 70 nm sail with tube patching hole. The second time watching a cat sail down with two truck tubes under the port hull which had had an entire ply panel ripped off it, and it happily sailed into its birth waiting for repair amazing stuff.
Angus Whitehouse (3 years ago)
+BrokenRRT +BrokenRRT Mate I thought it was amazing the first rime I saw it patch a hole. Then you could of pushed me over with a feather when I saw the cat Happily sail down Pittwater and motor into its birth after two days on truck tubes. I reckon hand pumps have come a long way since your dads day so itd be much quicker and easier now. and alot of boat eother have power for power pump or compressor. I've already got my truck tubes. and a car tube that my mum stitched into first a tarp then an old sail. After seeing how well they work even in rough weather Id trust them over 98% of the crap they sell to patch a hole. But hope to never use them.
BrokenRRT (3 years ago)
That's exactly what my father kept on his commercial fishing boat. A few different sized inner tubes and a bike pump. If you shove the inner tube in the breach then pump it up it creates a plug. He learned it by some Portuguese fisherman.
Daniel Selby (3 years ago)
so where is karin?
Kim Shirley (3 years ago)
Love all the fun, sun, pretty girls and adventures you guys show us but it is awesome to see the serious side of life safety. Your emergency management planning and training you go through is impeccable ! This keeps me looking forward to and assured there will be more fun filled videos in the future! Thanks guys!
Matthew Millner (3 years ago)
Often envy you but never think of all the dangers you face. Be safe, be happy and sail on my friends!
tiehut (3 years ago)
thumbs up if you watched just for the titties
Searching for C-Shels (3 years ago)
Great video. Nice to see the safety side of things taken seriously. Now back to cruising.
Jesse Parker (3 years ago)
The Delos crew are such pros that you make blue water cruising look easy and carefree. Thanks for including this sober topic.
U Shine (3 years ago)
But in some cases couldn't the leak be quick and you wouldn't have time? Hints - Put on the lock keys next to the lock or at least in the inside not having to fight against the water.
Maximiliano Henrique (3 years ago)
Segurança em primeiro lugar. Imagina o pânico de quem não sabe o quê fazer numa hora de perigo?  Muito bom!
Ted Smith (3 years ago)
Reminds me of the WORST Robert Redford film ever made... things he DID NOT do right! HA~
E FZ (3 years ago)
+Sailing SV Delos i turned it off about 15 min into the movie... im glad i didnt miss out!
Sailing SV Delos (3 years ago)
+Ted Smith Oh man couldn't agree with you more. There's 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back. And it had such potential too! Who the hell was the "sailing" consultant on that one?!?!?!
daverjax (3 years ago)
You made my Heart drop to my toes with the title. Though Josje has moved on to other things; I disagree with her brief, in any taking on water situation, the FIRST thing is ensure watertight integrity. THAT gives you the time to detect the leak and repair/patch. F.W.F.S.
RAN Sailing (3 years ago)
Well explained for the new crew! Nice to have the boat divided in so many watertight compartments.
AdventuresOnBoats.com (3 years ago)
Great video as always. You guys are so good at storytelling, even for a safety video. Keep up the good work. - johnny BTW - I just added this video (and the only video) on my safety page. http://www.adventuresonboats.com/boating-and-safety.html
Dave Foster (3 years ago)
You keep saying bolt cutters. Do you mean cable cutters or do you need to go shopping? Bolt cutters are for bolts. i.e. Solid metal. Cable cutters which are a different tool entirely are for cutting cable. You can cut cable with bolt cutters but it's not a quick or easy job at all. It's not an easy job with cable cutters but it is better by far than bolt cutters whilst in the midst of chaos.
DUANE KIPP (3 years ago)
S/V Adma (3 years ago)
It's good to do those drills, but man does it make you sick contemplating losing the vessel!
SV. EL FARO (3 years ago)
Before checking for fire in the engine room or from behind a cabin door or even at home! use the BACK of your hand to check for heat, never use your palm because  if you bun the palm you wont be able to hold a fire extinguisher or anything else that might help in an emergency.   Just my own safety amendment.   Thanks for another fine video crew.
DOUG MARCAULT (3 years ago)
Cool Beans Brian
Another great Video guys. I am a long term viewer and subscriber. You have helped in part to inspire me to start my project. If you would please check out my channel and subscribe as I do your. Thanks. Here is a link to a early video. 29200 days is going to be an awesome adventure as I circumnavigate the planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5EN0dK-iZs Thanks Carl
Archibald Tuttle (3 years ago)
Good seamanship! Stay safe and afloat!
J. Brian Bobiak (3 years ago)
Thank you, Max for the fine music and especially the outdoor plumbing demo.
Mazda rx7 (3 years ago)
Halon, great for puttin out fires but can be nasty stuff. It's a CFC. Never breath it. If it goes off, hold breath, get up wind. Personally I would rather have an oversized C02 system than a properly sized halon system. If breathed in , administer oxygen if available and/or very deep breathing to clear the stuff out of lungs. That stuff was banned in 94 or 95 , I'm surprised it's on your boat
Stuart Crabbe (1 year ago)
halon does not displace oxygen or deplete oxygen. halon extinguishes by interrupting the the chain reaction of fire and combustion. It is why halon was the standard for all occupied spaces and still permitted on aircraft and in military application where exiting the vehicle is often not an option. CO2 will kill as you simply can not breathe it. Also CO2 is limited in applications, no class A fires
Mazda rx7 (3 years ago)
+alex huber Big difference in engines mounted inside a vehicle or outside on the wing of an airplane. Would you rather be sleeping  inside a boat with halon discharging or C02
alex huber (3 years ago)
+Mazda rx7 The use of Halon is not banned, just the production of it. Current supplies are still large, and it can be recycled. I'm not sure how the regulations are on engine compartments for boats but on aircrafts there are rules on what type of agent you can use for engine compartments, for example: Halon is still the best solution on the market. The aircraft I fly uses Halon, not only because it suppresses the fire better but in case it discharges, either intentionally or by thermal expansion it won't damage as much a $$$$ engine. In case of misuse cleaning the engine is not a big deal. If there was an other option I doubt operators and aircraft makers would keep paying 5000 USD a bottle...
Robert LeRoy Parker (3 years ago)
I keep replaying the Brady lost at sea episode. It's my favorite of all episodes that don't have gratuitous curvy chick shots. P.S. I've heard of shipping containers floating around out there and heard the ribald tales of those containers breeching hulls. Have you guys ever seen a container out there?
cheerdiver (3 years ago)
Great information. One point to note, you have A set of bolt cutters on the top deck where if needed the boat is expected to be 'rocking'. Please tell me it has a wrist tether, or to put me more at ease a backup pair below deck. Hind site being 20/20, should have saved a few feet of rigging cable, as stranded steel can be more difficult to cut than a solid bolt (both are hard, no doubt).
bahionic (3 years ago)
Great stuff! Remember to tell them young ladies that the powder can burn in the air (DANGER in a tight space) And to knock the crap outta that thing by slamming the bottom hard down the ground, cause the powder clogs up when they just sit. You really need som fire blankets, it's a must! Pretty sad, that last week when you guys uploaded the man overboard. Sarah Young was buried at sea in the Clipper round the world race, she went overboard! same vessel IchorCoal lost another crewman in september, got hit by the boom. Stay safe Delos..
John Dill (3 years ago)
Being prepared for any emergency is wise indeed. Delos is in good hands.
blue ferral (3 years ago)
FYI if you use that extinguisher on a cooking fire such as burning cooking oil it will splash the oil everywhere. STAND BACK. The dry chem doesn't remove the heat it just coat the surface to prevent oxygen for getting to the fuel. It is still hot and will burn the hell out of you especially considering you guys where no clothes most of the time.
Bill OBrien (3 years ago)
Love your videos been watching for years See mine at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNMALWQRt0g
dom m (3 years ago)
great to see you cover this, very important stuff that you will hopefully never need. I was on a boat that ran aground due to a sleeping crew member on watch and we did not have any water tight bulkheads. fortunately, the boat had a center board instead of a fixed keel, and we were able to beach it to make temporary repairs. when something happens, it happens very serious and fast. the only way to fix it is to stay calm, think, and have a plan. love the vids, happy sailing. dm
OldMan Mick (3 years ago)
As always, thanks for your informative and well thought out clips. I watch I learn I pray that one day I too can live the dream.

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