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DayZ | In Real Life #2

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What if life was like …DayZ ●► SUB US: http://bit.ly/18EPjFk ● FB - http://on.fb.me/tortugaFB ● TWITCH - http://bit.ly/RTwitch ● TWITTER - http://bit.ly/tortugatwitter ● SITE - http://bit.ly/recklesstortugasite Lindsey Reckis Nick Lane Directed By Jason Schnell Written By Lindsey Reckis THIS VIDEO CAN NOT BE RE-UPLOADED OR USED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM RECKLESS TORTUGA PRODS.
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Text Comments (277)
sangoku god (1 year ago)
Troll 😂😂😂
Cupit (2 years ago)
Hey RT, what happened to your other DayZ in real life video. The one with Aaron running for ages. I'm trying to show it to a friend but I can't find it.
Tomas Hoffman (2 years ago)
she is damn HOT!
jnefitema yep (2 years ago)
The nature of the beasts in a nutshell
Barna Pál (3 years ago)
Voz production (3 years ago)
She said kkk oooo I'm telling
Очень жалко, однако это этак.
Sitre (3 years ago)
That was very nice. Who's want banana? : D
HouseGang (3 years ago)
0:26 Did she say what I thought she said?
HouseGang (3 years ago)
0:26 Did She say kkk?
MultiMrRevival (3 years ago)
Rule #1 of DayZ: Never trust anyone for any reason.....
kesayo (3 years ago)
The trick to enjoying DayZ is to not give a shit about dying, don't get too attached to any of your gear and troll the fuck out of people who take the game too seriously.
Bryanna M. (3 years ago)
this is so true omfg lolll
spartan1010101 (3 years ago)
She's too well equipped to be a friendly...never trust people that are doing well on their own.
komar sona (3 years ago)
whatsarolly (3 years ago)
26:00 she said kkk
Brandon Hall (3 years ago)
Would have been more accurate if a sniper took them both out for no reason.
Technie87' (3 years ago)
In real life you wouldn't even be able to move since the game is so fkn buggy
Zenith Skys (3 years ago)
Also very true
BAXY (3 years ago)
everytime lol
M (3 years ago)
Yeah! This is Dayz! ;-)
jim jimjim (3 years ago)
Nailed it....with a hammer.
NAVOURR (3 years ago)
Maverick (3 years ago)
lol so accurate
Asper Kai (4 years ago)
What, no rotten kiwi?
oaksterdam (4 years ago)
I thought they were getting sniped whilst talking
gamevirus01 (4 years ago)
More like just about every goddamn post zombie apocalypse survival game lol
LazyScoutJace (4 years ago)
LOL this same shit happened to me!
Bdub (4 years ago)
hahah its funny cause people do not run around in dayz saying their friendly. as soon as you see a person its instant death no retaliation
ePlays (4 years ago)
The most accurate representation of Dayz in the history of man kind.... I thank you
Cam Ettery (4 years ago)
DayZ... The game where People are much worse than Zombies.
ECM (4 years ago)
You forgot the teleporting hackers.
QuiGonJ (4 years ago)
I'm not a bandit but I see some one I let them pass but it they see me I'll kill on sight friendly or not still there dead either way
CHICRITRO (4 years ago)
rule no.1 never trust a women
sam turner (4 years ago)
Good thing there not do what every other youtuber has done, oh wait, they have. This is so unoriginal. These are the signs that your youtube channel is falling apart, whats next, cod in real life? Battlefield in real life? Your idea bank is so dry it made the sahara desert look like a water park
Mike Sarko (4 years ago)
Nelson says .... Ha ... Haa :P
SuperXaster (4 years ago)
ryan (4 years ago)
DayZ be like
Aden0722 (4 years ago)
100% accurate 
Gamdursol (4 years ago)
I didn't understand it, but I liked it. =)
beau baker (4 years ago)
Where's co op
mokov (4 years ago)
MegaFallout3Fan (4 years ago)
This is fake. The nerds who play dayz don't know how to communicate with another person so fluently.
Silentblade1228 (4 years ago)
COoooooooooooooo-oppppppppp now more please
alexandre le gall (4 years ago)
So true
Esoteric Volts In Ice (4 years ago)
Where the fuck is Co-Op?
Shayne D (4 years ago)
a banana? Why not peaches or beans.. there is no banana in dayz -.- FAIL
d0ct0rgr33nthum8 (4 years ago)
Josh Boi (4 years ago)
This can`t be dayz theirs no bugs  
akimbo5u (4 years ago)
No hacker, not real. I r8 1/8 
WoNd3R T0A5T (4 years ago)
Matthew B (4 years ago)
She said KKK. That's racist!
NullSignal (4 years ago)
I still don't understand why some people tend towards the ultimately extremely boring "survival" aspect of DayZ and ripoffs.  There's much more excitement in killing other people rather than just acquiring loot and consuming that loot when the game tells you to do so.
Bringerof1ight (4 years ago)
It's why DayZ is so good no one is bound by a play style, if everyone played the game the same it would be boring, variety is the spice of life...
the artist (4 years ago)
hahahaha! Exactly!!!!
TheAndreiul (4 years ago)
You're doing it wrong ! You should've forced him eat a rotten bannana.
Martin Mcdonald (4 years ago)
Only trust woman who offer pie, lesson learned.
WLVRN2020 (4 years ago)
never trust anyone that tells you to trust them, trust me on that.
kalimandzari (4 years ago)
Great. Keep this show.
Infarlock (4 years ago)
Proof you can't trust girls.
lethalfatality (4 years ago)
The hell is day z
IToke Herb (4 years ago)
UH (4 years ago)
R.I.P Co-op Episodes 1- Episode 1 :(
mike dixie rect (4 years ago)
I wish I had a ps3 so I could understand this better.
Laz Iz Awesome (4 years ago)
Chow gaming (4 years ago)
Fking release co-op you lag switching bitches I hope a DNA bomb blows all of you up!!!!!
Munchies (4 years ago)
I guess you could say this was SMASHING.
Josh wright (4 years ago)
What happened to the Co-op series.
Ellokah Error (4 years ago)
True Story!
Хочу знать (4 years ago)
So Beautiful ^_^
notsophil (4 years ago)
Matthew Dyess (4 years ago)
Holy shit so spot on, made me lol for sure! hahaha.
Ben Dover (4 years ago)
1.2 millions subs ... 50,000 views ...
This had me CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!
Robert Fisher (4 years ago)
Make these kind of videos longer
Jonathan Kröll (4 years ago)
thats the Reason why i play in a friendly RP Community on a WHitelist Server. PRAISE THE HOLY LADDER QEQEQEQEQEQEQ
Vinnie (4 years ago)
I expected a wiggle wave
herier44 (4 years ago)
This was funny but I was just expecting someone to run in tilting back and forth just running in circles.
HussaR (4 years ago)
This is pretty accurate ahahaha
Jake Moore (4 years ago)
This was actually very accurate, good job
Geoff Bushong (4 years ago)
Some Random Guy (4 years ago)
U forgot the friendly wiggle...
RazZ Naix (4 years ago)
ChasingTubification (4 years ago)
Important to note, she never gave her name.
Zhuli DPM (4 years ago)
This is why dayz becomes a shit game
Zents Gaming (4 years ago)
You forgot frame rate drops out if no where. Lol
Cinnamon Wealow (4 years ago)
made me lol ^-^
Alex martinez (4 years ago)
so true 
bongcrusha420 (4 years ago)
lol no hands up side to side leaning after puting your wepons away? doing it all wrong
MrJFanify (4 years ago)
Forever Alpha ..
EminemFrutz (4 years ago)
i never found anyone friendly in DayZ :/
Rizz3n (4 years ago)
Yeah, that about sums it up
Matt (4 years ago)
When he stated his name and she didnt, I would of instantly dropped her.. If you cant say even your name, I dont trust you. 
Ronny Saba (4 years ago)
+Jamie Darren stupisd badit
George Washington (4 years ago)
i just kill EVERYONE i see in that game. fuck trust.
wonderland78 (4 years ago)
they left out the constant sidestepping from left to right and accidental middle finger.
KLAGaming (4 years ago)
hahha man nice job both of ya ;) never  trust a girl!!
pandajivgg (4 years ago)
Don't trust no one in till they do the friendly dance ^wiggle wiggle wiggle^
Nathaniel Acevedo (4 years ago)
Life lesson:dont accept bananas from anyone....
SiFix (4 years ago)
She said KKK :O!
sup doeee (4 years ago)
zachpaw (4 years ago)
this is extremely inaccurate, she would of handcuffed him, taken his clothes off, put a bag on his head, and force fed him sanitizer. 
vantezz (4 years ago)
ahaha!you good,guys!!!!)
Paul Flores (4 years ago)
she says kkk then he got white and he red aka reds is the leader somone notice that?

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