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Fashion Tips for Men & Women : How to Dress Sexy in Cold Weather

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To dress sexy in cold weather, wear boots to the knee, tights with short skirts, colorful accessories and luxurious coats. Find belts that sinch the waist to show a feminine figure in the winter with tips from a fashion consultant in this free video on fashion and clothes. Expert: Gabriela Garzon Contact: www.ggetiquette.com Bio: Gabriela Garzon is the principal of G.G. Image & Etiquette Consulting in Miami, Fla., which is a full-service provider of image consulting, professional and personal etiquette. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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Baghart (5 years ago)
Skirts in cold weather ??You dont have  a clue
eizhowa (5 years ago)
High heels in cold weather. Puh. Wheelchair and broken ankles are not my idea of sexy.
Maty Gomez (6 years ago)
Hi Gabriela Garzon i think you are drop dead gorgous and was just hoping maybe you would see this comment and get back to me,thanks. Message me for my e-mail .
Lars Stefanos (7 years ago)
@scissorhands5643 gabriella garson !:D
luken Lake (7 years ago)
im a guy and uhhh well i searched this so i could dress nice and well a little sexy since people say you got to dress differently and well i notice first thing it says fashion tips for men and then women and well unless im going to a costum party and the them is opposite sex im not using these tips that are for WOMEN
M Cheung (7 years ago)
i'm guessing their definition of "cold weather" doesn't apply to my "cold weather"...oh canada...
spartanwarmaster (8 years ago)
I'm glad I now know how to look sexy in women's winter clothing. So.... any tips for men now?
spartanwarmaster (8 years ago)
@jadegirlwoood God that sounds like Louisiana, where I live.
Oh Crêpe (8 years ago)
Fur coats often makes you look like a hooker.... Could be sexy, but it's the wrong kind of sexy?
En halua Kertoa (9 years ago)
It's nearly -30 in finland and I can't wear skirts : ( I wish it was summer.

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