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6 Swimsuit Rules ALL Men Should Follow!

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Go Check Out John Henric: https://bit.ly/2Hwm96m Use Code: Alpha19 for 30% OFF! Special alpha m. thank you to John Henric for making amazing clothes and for sponsoring this awesome video! BEST Sunglasses: ENEMY https://enemy.com Best Hair Product in The UNIVERSE! http://peteandpedro.com Use Code: ALPHAM10 for 10% OFF Your Order! Best Skin Care In The UNIVERSE! https://tiege.com Use code: ALPHAM25 for 25% OFF your 1st Tiege Hanley kit! http://tiege.com Check out Ollie https://olliesmile.com/ for the best way to whiten teeth and have a better smile. All promotion and advertising inquiries: [email protected] Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmAlphaM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronmarino/ All Things ALPHA M. https://www.alpham.com ENEMY Eyewear: https://enemy.com Pete & Pedro: https://www.peteandpedro.com MENfluential Media: https://www.menfluential.com MENfluential Conference: https://menfluentialconference.com/ Tiege Hanley: https://tiege.com Look GOOD in Your Bathing Suit 1. No Speedos (aka banana hammocks) EVER! 2. Big, baggy board shorts are a no-go! They will make you look short. Go with a length that shows more thigh — 2 inches above the knee is the longest. 3. Make sure the suit fits — not too tight, not too baggy. 4. It’s all about color — bold patterns are in this season. Fun, playful patterns set you apart from other guys. Go with plain up top (like a plain summer oxford) if wearing the patterned bottoms. If the bottoms are plain, you can go for a patterned top. 5. Bring multiple suits — you have back up if one gets sandy and so you’re not a savage. 6. Make sure you’re properly manscaped — back and chest hair included.
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Text Comments (1092)
Antony Matthews (13 hours ago)
Cool 🇬🇧👍
Greg's Channel (1 day ago)
Grew up surfing at the beach . Long board shorts . Not grandmas bloomers .
SlyGuy (1 day ago)
“This year it’s all about bold patterns.” Why? What does that even mean? Because some dipshit at GQ wrote an article, everyone ought to go out and waste money on some gaudy pair of trunks, apparently. Having said that, the collared blue linen/cotton shirt he’s wearing is very nice.
Claudio - (2 days ago)
It's funny because everytime I see a guy with speedos he gets way more ladies than all the other. Hmm what do you know seems like self confidence is the key not the swimsuit.
bluejedi24 (3 days ago)
Swimsuits aren't expensive? Tell that to Chubbies. Lol
Family Tran (4 days ago)
2:20 if you want to skip the rest of the sponsor.
Hecktic DCUO (4 days ago)
Nobody: Alpha M: tailor ur swim shorts
Jorge Acevedo (4 days ago)
Alpha, do nylon swim shorts stretch? In need of assistance.
ente1 (4 days ago)
New swimsuit everyday? what kinda shit is that? That makes you wonder how much he got paid to tell you that you should buy out john henrics whole store of swimsuits
Gareon Conley (4 days ago)
yall be wearing so short shorts that your dick is hanging out but hey atleast there not speedos
No Speedos? Why? if this is literally for swimming. Western men will wear burqa to the beach soon because of the fear not to be like gays. So pathetic)
Adam McGrath (7 days ago)
Thanks Alpha! I just order the flamingo swim shorts and a couple other items with the promo code. Can’t wait!! Love the advice. You are on it 👌🏽.
John Doe (7 days ago)
Thank you lol. I'm young and sporty and I will continue to wear Speedo.
cop39fl (8 days ago)
hate to say it, take a bath and get a flea dip...get rid of the facial hair and earrings, for cripes sake look like a man !
Nicholas Watson (9 days ago)
Hi where can I buy the blue shirt?
guamahavi 808 (9 days ago)
I feel personally attacked on that board shorts comment. Board shorts are the shit man, ain't no way I'm wearing above knee shorts🤙
I agree with everything you said accept Boardshorts is awesome what ever u say
mark edwards (9 days ago)
Except the surfers [Board shorts]
NothingWild (9 days ago)
I have to disagree with “speedos” being off limits to ALL guys. I started wearing my square leg suit I normally use for lap swimming to the water park/beach at a time I realized none of my board shorts fit me anymore. This was last minute and I had bad anxiety about potentially offending people, but nobody seemed to bat an eye nor have they said anything. I did this again with the same result. As long as you’re not really overweight and aren’t out of shape, you’ll get away with it. After this experience, I came to the conclusion a lot of people really don’t give a crap about what you wear in the water or would look as much as I thought. These suits were also more comfortable for me because there was no chaffing or drag. They also seemed to dry quicker with body heat, so I haven’t bothered to search for a new pair of board shorts. I’m shorter than most guys and have shorter legs, so I found many loose fitting swim shorts weren’t very flattering on me to begin with despite all the research. I always used to look and feel like I was swimming with a parachute, which I agree with you is unattractive.
Max Miller (10 days ago)
What's wrong with "Speedo"? Women in tiny bikinis are okay, but men should be ashamed of their bodies, right? Moreover, this is the most suitable to swim and sunbath unlike "swim" pantaloons you impose cz your sponsor said this. This propaganda to fear the male body is ridiculuous. You are a sexist and homophobe, you know.
W/0Money. (12 days ago)
Dewey from malcom in the middle wholey 💩. Dude!! 😅😂🤣
Calvin Brady (12 days ago)
Nothing wrong with Speedo if someone has the right body type and they're sunning or at the water. Can always put on shorts when needed. This guy is WAY too loud.
Tariq _ (12 days ago)
What size should I get if my waist is a 32?
Fernando Segura (14 days ago)
Nope. The dolphin length shorts, just don't work with the surfer in me. Board shorts por vida, ese.
mark edwards (9 days ago)
Board shorts are meant for the surfers!
Charles G. (15 days ago)
I got another one. Get at least two. One for at least a lighter and darker skintone. (Mixed here, so I go from pasty white to mediterranean tanned)
Diana Link (15 days ago)
Why am I even here I'm a girl
Haxonwax (15 days ago)
Alpha do these shorts have a lining or no? Don't see any info on the site.
Chief Rath (17 days ago)
So women are too normal to wear something which nude thier ass and boobs but we are not allowed to wear simple speedo which dont nude anything
Anthony Savarese (18 days ago)
I'm all for fun patterns, but some of these just seem immature...
Devon Kunkel (19 days ago)
Any tips for chicken legs?
DoctorNerd (21 days ago)
No speedos, ever, but super super short swim shorts are totally IN right now. The difference, is that bulge. Don't reveal how tiny your penis is. Before it hits water, when it hits water you'll look like a girl, an ugly girl that lesbians won't touch.
Christopher Sanchez (21 days ago)
Wow. The sponsor product pitch is killing me bro. Half your video is sponsor pitch. Lost me 2min in
WaterWlogs (22 days ago)
Women like confidence... Thats why i wear speedos
mark edwards (17 days ago)
That is correct!
sQWERTYFALIEN2011 (23 days ago)
Rule 7 : Have Bod like Alpha M
Amirmohamad Khorsand (23 days ago)
4:34 a super alfa gentleman :D
Mav Div (24 days ago)
and here my dumb ass was under the impression that sense I work for my money and its my money im spending on the clothing I put on my body I can wear what ever the fuck I want. Also call me crazy but I thought swim trucks were for "swimming", not being trendy or fashionable.
Bob the builder G (24 days ago)
Only speedos
The Process Films (24 days ago)
What if I'm skinny fat tho
Noor Ghiasuddin (25 days ago)
He’s a grown man fuck boy 😭
duongly (27 days ago)
@6:22 Not what I expected when you took a picture of me the other day. Otherwise, informative and funny vid!
flpmrtnz (28 days ago)
playful is the gayest shit to say
Bulldog19 (28 days ago)
Not feelin the leather sneakers with swimsuit. Too hot, why not canvas
360.landon (29 days ago)
Why would you get a tailored swim suit. It’s the pool
360.landon (29 days ago)
It’s the pool who cares
Ray A (29 days ago)
It's an American thing, not a man/ bro rule , you think Aussies wear shorts primarily, no, it's male insecurties is why they don't try squarecut or t 3 in inseam swimwear
jared williams (1 month ago)
Sponsor in 3..2...1
anextremist (1 month ago)
Love for speedos
123rockfan (1 month ago)
The small swimsuits look like underwear. And I usually laugh behind their back when my friends wear them
mark edwards (1 month ago)
Lol. Better then those board long shorts ! As the Aussies says about them is those, circus tents, and the eastern Europeans call them Pantaloons! So they the ones get laughed at even more! [Excluding the surfers by the way]
123rockfan (1 month ago)
I wish his newer videos had the sponsor in the beginning of the video, like this.Instead now he try’s to sneak it in the middle of the video lol. And seems kind of tacky
Liam Kyrosis (1 month ago)
Nice PewDiePie brofist at the end there
Dillon Kreider (1 month ago)
You should’ve maybe tried them on at 2:25 just to show us why we TOTALLY shouldn’t be wearing a speedo??????? Just to educate us!
Richard Yang (1 month ago)
REAL men with great bodies should wear speedos and brief styles swimsuits. You got the packages then flaunt them. No need to be concerned nor ashamed of. American men are so weird and insecure.
Richard Yang (28 days ago)
@Pullz 7 Girls are showing off in bikinis even if they are as fat as cows, why men should be prudish ?
Pullz 7 (28 days ago)
Richard Yang Nah ain’t about speedos
Ai Kinward (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but I think that you’re a little homophobic and don’t realize it... why are so many “liberal” and “progressive” men so antagonistic towards men expressing their sexiness?? Speedos are fine and so should mankinis. Your feelings aren’t important straight guys... didn’t your daddy ever tell you that?!? 😉 😉
Mac Beefy (1 month ago)
I have really skinny legs sooo where are the swim pants
Nerdymon (1 month ago)
Minute 2:21... finally content
Gabriel Camilleri (1 month ago)
The "italian" dude is actually maltese
James Hite (1 month ago)
Why is he screaming?? Calm down bro!
Nicholan Burke (1 month ago)
I actually prefer solid color trunks for myself although I do like the fun patterns. Plus they look great with Hawaiian style button-ups!
Burning Tango (1 month ago)
I absolutely love your contents, but I just wished that you can shout less!
Tech World (1 month ago)
get a balr. swimtrunks boom they dry in like 10 mintues , i mean you can get completely soaked then get out 10 mintues completely dry
Daniel Martin (1 month ago)
Anyone know the brand of the bathing suit at 4:03
Random Dude (1 month ago)
What in the metrosexual beta male fuck did I stumble upon?
Ron Gagliano (1 month ago)
I have a great body. I wear nothing at the nude beaches. That's my fashion statement!
SomePolishDude (1 month ago)
Patterns you say? Imma rock with my SpongeBob shorts then.
Toby (1 month ago)
In Germany we call speedos "Eierkneifer" in english balltweaker😂
Cherry Blossom (7 days ago)
How do you call American homophobic pantaloons?
David Fox (1 month ago)
What is in this season..Not letting others tell me how I should look and what to wear..
wicklow abby (1 month ago)
I disagree sometimes.. Definitely today. Board shorts (long) .. if they make you look short it's cuz you are. Own it. Besides, better to look short then to look like a douche. Damn man can't you see that even you look better in them? Your influences are questionable. Patterns? Definitely solid color. Maybe accent stitching.. maybe horizontal stripes if they're big.. but why? I don't care if you have to go to Amazon.. trust me.. Long solid colored board shorts for real men... These are the facts and they are undisputed.
Zach Novosad (1 month ago)
I have to disagree with you. As someone who's fairly new to actually putting effort in how I dress, I've noticed how long baggy shorts make short people look super short. And makes tall people look shorter than they are. Board shorts have their place at the surf shack but no doubt that the shorter shorts looked better. Maybe light patterns I could see but definetly not pattern on pattern
coco coco (1 month ago)
Swim short with a blue shirt inside the pool ??
Carmen Ranni (1 month ago)
Yeah $60 is affordable for a swim suit.😂😂
FaserTazer (1 month ago)
Carmen Ranni but hey...you’re paying for top quality
Krane (1 month ago)
Was that a video or a commercial? 😞 Anyway, two question: 1) what about underarm hair? 2) where is the counterpart video for female with instruction on how to be a lady? Or is the lady extinct? One more thing, do you take a triple caffeine espresso before making these video?
George Gaskin (1 month ago)
Says who?
Ivan Alexey (1 month ago)
lol american betas too insecure to wear normal beach attire
Allen (1 month ago)
Ridiculous infomercial. Little short beta male with big mouth
Agju (1 month ago)
i love Aaron's muscles
Night Stringers (1 month ago)
speaking of clothes LOVE that shirt you're wearing .when someone looks like you do with no shirt ,they should NEVER wear another shirt, ever. Great job on that workout body my friend . if i wasn't gay I would be lol
Ian Friend (1 month ago)
What an absolute nerd.
re web (1 month ago)
I ordered 2 John Henric swinshorts after watching your video. (the pink and the flamingo) I'm disapointed. The quality really sucks !!! Honestly. Never again.
Ares Ortega Vlogs (1 month ago)
Aw that’s sad :(
Bob the builder G (1 month ago)
I have to we’re speedos to my state championship for swimming
RagingAsianGuy (1 month ago)
Your summers are so nice. Our summers suck.
jc wett (1 month ago)
so why are Americans so hung up on Not showing their body's? Insecure?
mark edwards (1 month ago)
@Krane And also a homophobic nation!
Krane (1 month ago)
Because Americans have fat ugly bodies that nobody wants to see.
Raamiz Shah (1 month ago)
"The good thing about swimsuits are they arnt expensive” the ones I want from the video sponsor are $60
UmmmPerfect (1 month ago)
he is intimidating without his shirt
Stevebaby123 (1 month ago)
A good physique can wear anything but why bust a guy that can carry off square-cuts or bikini styles. They can look great, too.
Lovell Rodriguez (1 month ago)
NSJR (1 month ago)
Tailor tailor tailor !
kjpintar (1 month ago)
60$ swimsuit hell no
Skendër Lulaj (1 month ago)
My dads are like $300 lol
Van Dam Žan (1 month ago)
C'mon, you can't look like an Alpha wearing flamenco and palma patterns. That's contradictory to all your previoius advices about being an alpha dude! You pick bad shorts examples😆
Koda Voss (1 month ago)
Str8-Alphas: No Speedos! Gay-Alphas: Yes Speedos! Hung-Alphas: Yes Nude Beach **laugh**
Xeno iOS (1 month ago)
It looks like your skipped leg day for a year
Keith Sab (1 month ago)
Where’d you get the pink flamingoes?
Big Willie Lump Lump (1 month ago)
I wear my board shorts out of the trunk of my car. They never dry and smell like death till they’ve been in the ocean for a while. 🤙
GERONIMORE (1 month ago)
What’s the real reason for “no speedos?”
TERRY TORRES (1 month ago)
$60 for some ugly ass shorts? I'm out!
Douglas Owens (1 month ago)
Damn, I only watched this to see if he would put in a Speedo.
Douglas Owens (1 month ago)
Wow another online bully.
Daniel Martin (1 month ago)
Douglas Owens (1 month ago)
GetN_Bodies • wow an online bully! Get a life.
GetN_Bodies • (1 month ago)
Douglas Owens Faggot
Dean Mignola (1 month ago)
I'd put a qualifier in the swimsuit recommendations. If you are tall, lean, and surfer you would not be caught wearing a short swimsuit. The long swimsuits came into fashion because surfers wear them to protect their inner thighs from chafing on the wax of their surfboards. Even though I spend most of my water time in a wetsuit... it's all about the long swimsuit for me.
Stephen J Davies (1 month ago)
I actually found this video VERY helpful!! Thanks Alpha!! 🔥🔥🔥
Eric Schmitt (1 month ago)
Oh sure, if you have a body like that, any style of suit will look good
Shannon Harrel (1 month ago)
So full of crap with all the silly designs.
Shinmen Takezō (1 month ago)
dude Board-shorts are a no go ???................. i can see you dont surf , yeah maybe your trying to look good for men .... with those tight ass shorts ... nothing against that , but ehh go to Copacabana or ipanema in Rio De janeiro brazil,, see what locals use at the beach, seems pretty cool to me, yall import our trends all the time..havaiana , acai, BJJ, brazilain WAX and booty.... .. , maybe this only applies to USA , also the women bikinis in america look like shit for the most part, i was horrified at all the beached whales ,,, uffff sad.
Tobias N (1 month ago)
"fair" I'm a student, hella broke but wanna get some of thoose spicy senioritas as well.
Krane (1 month ago)
Graduate and make a lot of money. They women will come to you.
Tobias N (1 month ago)
"fair" I'm a student and hella broke and wanna get some of thoose spicy senioritas as well.

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