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Steves Riding Lawn Mower DUI Arrest Video

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Text Comments (1173)
kay Horton (10 months ago)
Can you get anymore red neck than this.
Ethan Scales (2 years ago)
"My wife said if i dont get her another beer shes gonna stab me in the face"😂
longshorts3 (2 years ago)
Sandro Bindelli (2 years ago)
This is pretty ridiculous...what kind of hazzard did the hillbilly rappresent driving a 5mph lawnmover on a road in the woods in which nobody's around even if he was drinking (notice how in the entire video no other vehicle or person goes by).
T.H.C Mcgee (2 years ago)
That is technically police brutality.
Faze Z (2 years ago)
Faze Z (2 years ago)
yup is a leg
jlc moreno (2 years ago)
did the wife ever kicked any ones ass I would like to see that video please she must be a tuff bitch yo!!
Moe Whitfield (2 years ago)
we gona show these to a few friends as they are funny, but annotations of "iknowmyrights" made me nope. not getting my balls busted over a asshats annotations.
Free Steve! 😂😂😂
963 Productions (2 years ago)
That was not street legal
was i speeding......... omg
Janisse Lugo (2 years ago)
I never laughed so hard in my life
Father Thyme (3 years ago)
Jesus, let the guy take a piss.
R Verro (3 years ago)
I know my rights.....Yeah ! You have the rights to turn into a rag doll...Come here you...
R Verro (3 years ago)
As stupid it looks, the youthful exuberance and originality gets me laughing. It is quite the imagination to pull that kind of sketches. Thumbs up !
Jaydon Morrison (3 years ago)
Steve how many mowers do you have I have 2
Undeadhax124 (3 years ago)
Another red neck off the streets
Robert Clayton (3 years ago)
"Was I speeding?" lmfao
Joseph Dawson (3 years ago)
how it all started
Joseph Dawson (3 years ago)
Lol 2:48
SuperDuty_ Outlaw (3 years ago)
I know mah rats !😂
SuperDuty_ Outlaw (3 years ago)
*litters* "I'll get that" 😂
Lancelot Oyanadel (3 years ago)
This man is a jack ass
CPL. Quade (3 years ago)
This is the same guy from keg couch tractor DUI video :).. He knows his rights there 2 :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KCJep5RV1E
Nick Wells (3 years ago)
He needs to get an ag plate
Moctezuma Leanin (3 years ago)
When he threw the beer can i lost it
Grease Monkey (3 years ago)
I like how when the cop turned on the siren steve pulled over all nice like like a car xD
Miguel Davila (3 years ago)
this guy is hilarious! love him!
KRZY !KZ (3 years ago)
Hahaha dude there is a part 2 to steve
redindus69 (3 years ago)
Hmm both are wrong, one steve shouldn't ride that lawnmower on the road, esp drinking and littering. Well the officer said you cant drive that lawn mower on a highway, this isn't a highway. Look like residence or country roads. If steve wasn't drinking things would have been alright. Cant believe that officer did that to him.
Sam King (3 years ago)
+redindus69 These are put on. It's all comedy, I think his Bro is a cop and thats how he has access to the cars and cops. He'd be in prison if he really got arrested as many times as his videos show. lol
JaredVlogs (3 years ago)
i hav my rights i hav my rights is it illegal to cut grass
Shedrick Fields (3 years ago)
I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS GUY!!!! I know my rights!!! LMAO
Mark Acumen (3 years ago)
Got to love satire.
Anthony C (3 years ago)
my wife gonna kick your Ass haha is it illegal to cut grass 😂 😂
Anthony C (3 years ago)
my wife gonna kick your Ass haha is it illegal to cut grass 😂 😂
YoBoiGarret (3 years ago)
Yea sure thats a highway bud
My Damn Channel (3 years ago)
I mean really..You have to pepper spray a guy for going to take a piss..yea wrong place or wrong time, but damn no need for all that.
My Damn Channel (3 years ago)
Damn you Steve...lol
Garrett (3 years ago)
+My Damn Channel Yeah he's a comedian.
Ahm A (3 years ago)
+My Damn Channel Was I speeding while HOLDING CAN OF BEER! while smoking ---- classic REDNECK ----- 100% WOULD NEVER EVER UNDERSTAND THE LAW!.
My Damn Channel (3 years ago)
DONT TELL ME THAT!!......Steve is real  he has to be..LMFAO
anthony james (3 years ago)
This isn't real lol he does comedy
randy lahey (3 years ago)
this is like watching myself 10 years in the future
Jarred Baker (3 years ago)
I KNOW MY RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brian Davis (3 years ago)
That must have been the original Steve... what they do kill him... the rest of the shit seems fake... "Is it illegal top piss of"... epic... and yes, according to the constitution we should be able to piss freely!!
Rebecca Reyes (3 years ago)
Lol he's so stupid
lindsay thompson (3 years ago)
Down South, we call this kind of guy a real'character'. God broke the mold after Steve.
Logan Connery (3 years ago)
Reican (3 years ago)
Nathan Chisholm (3 years ago)
nice one steve lol
Chris Gabel (3 years ago)
"I Know My Rights" Ha Ha Ha!!!
Collin Ordonez (3 years ago)
But you are doing your job well
Collin Ordonez (3 years ago)
You do not have to do that that Sloan you're not collinsupposed to give my second week about one or two times you use get no you give A second
William Willis (3 years ago)
how many times have you been arrested steve?
SW_student33 (3 years ago)
"I'm seerus. I'm seerus!"
NYRangerFan2002 (3 years ago)
Like if watching in 2015!
skojo3e (3 years ago)
Looked like the officer was going to whip this guy around and smack his head off the cruiser, dam!! What wrong with that cop!! Didn't follow through
The 239 Life (3 years ago)
Like if watching in 2016 lmao
Larry Wallace (3 years ago)
Reminds me of cops harassing me, whom was trying too make some money to pay bills, the only bill that got paid was the city cops, and court system. Hope your B.M.W. drives well. Thank you Steve
FAZE Biggie (3 years ago)
Hy watha fuck the fucking police they are so angry if only toch them
Chrishaad Gibson (3 years ago)
wait wasn't the cop suppose to read him his rights?
Sam King (3 years ago)
+pre-med ref_14 And then only if it's a felony arrest. At least thats what a cop told me and they are known lying assholes.
SW_student33 (3 years ago)
Police do not have to give a person a Miranda warning immediately upon arrest. That is a TV world misconception. They don't have to read your rights unless and until they decide to question you, which can be in the car, at booking, in a holding cell, the next day, etc. [fact check courtesy of my government and civil liberties professor]
David Stawasz (3 years ago)
I know my rights lmfao my wife said I I didn't get her another beer shed stab me in the face
mc alleyboy (3 years ago)
Damn loop hole driving farm equipment and bikes, been there done that, had to walk once that loop hole was closed, love this stuff.
New improved grady1610 (4 years ago)
Wuz I speeden'?
Butch Craven (4 years ago)
Almost too funny to be real.
Rene Nene (4 years ago)
I love this guy!   "I KNOW MY RIGHTS!!!"
Skyler Fails At Life 2 (4 years ago)
Steve knows his rights
neonaturelle (4 years ago)
"Was I speedin'?"
Christopher Smith (4 years ago)
"Signal 98"....must be in Louisiana. 
Matthew Lord (4 years ago)
all this guy needs is to go drive a lawnmower wearing a chicken suit n have an egg launcher sticking out his ass n when he gets pulled over he can shoot the cop with eggs hahahahahahahahahaha
willy565 (4 years ago)
"My Wife said, if I didn't get her another beer, She was gonna stab me in the face." TOOOOOOOO FUNNY!
JaredVlogs (3 years ago)
+willy565 bullshit excuse my wife said if i did't get another beer from the shop she was gonna stab me in the face
Natalie Torres-Parker (4 years ago)
Hahaha he said my wife's gonna kick your ass!!
Sharry Robinson (4 years ago)
cdfu this guy seriously out of pocket
SelflessEmpire (4 years ago)
Wife's going to stab me in the face. LOL
Kopihucky (4 years ago)
these police have nothing better to do....
warpedsavage (4 years ago)
hahahaha god dangit steve is awesome
Montoya801 (4 years ago)
Hahahaha my wife's gonna kick your ass!
opfor137 (4 years ago)
Was I speedin? LMAO!!
Andrew Barker (4 years ago)
"How long you been driving the lawn mower?" "About 3 weeks"
redneck4life887 (4 years ago)
''Is it illegal to cut grass''? LOL
Professor Xavier (4 years ago)
lost it at "was I speeding?"
brad1972able (4 years ago)
I bet the judge in that county loves to see Steve appear in court. One thing is for sure. Steve knows his rights.
Dopamine Child (4 years ago)
right when he gets maced all i can think is Beavis going bagahhhh!!!! 
Life Tree (4 years ago)
Fuck the pigs
Chris White (4 years ago)
my wifes gunna kick your ass! lol
supercracker (4 years ago)
Steve! shit man you gotta reverse the pulleys on that mower you'll go a lot faster, hell maybe fast enough to make a get away. Although I had a buddy who did that and was driving on an overpass and the the front tires fell off and he flipped down the thing and got one of his nipples rubbed off! It was awesome.
Tom Martinez (4 years ago)
LMFAO... " Was I Speeding ? ". 
NEPA Outdoors (4 years ago)
Hahahahahahajaja these videos are hilarious!!!!! XD
dave west (4 years ago)
Lmao cop: turn that off steven: was I speeding lmao fse
me AND mines (4 years ago)
David Davila (4 years ago)
My wife is gonna kick your ass!!! LMFAO!!
Jonathan Powell (4 years ago)
Daniel Green (4 years ago)
Red Til I’m Dead (4 years ago)
I know my rights, I know my rights lol.
danglover43 (4 years ago)
LMAO!!!! My wife's gonna kick your ass......hahahaha
Paul Kornexl (5 years ago)
I d let him go.
Michael Mandeville (5 years ago)
If George Jones can't get away with it....  ;-)
Justin Stanley (5 years ago)
Love it.
setdrec (5 years ago)
Is it illegal to cut grass?
OfficerKaynine (4 years ago)
He was mowing asphalt? That's hard. My asphalt grows atleast 5 inches every week!
jjcmark1 (4 years ago)
+negative7proxy lol
negative7proxy (4 years ago)
It's illegal to cut grass drunk while drinking in public.
setdrec (5 years ago)
2:47 Classic!
Cesi G. (5 years ago)
"Trying to stop a red craftsman lawnmower " Lol!
F B (5 years ago)
can they make ignition interlocks for lawn mowers?
Elana Mccauley (5 years ago)
Was I speeding?
Corey Blanchard (5 years ago)
"how long you been riding the lawn mower?" bout two weeks...lmbboooo so funny
ElizabettaC123 (5 years ago)
He's on his way to a Tea Party meeting
Michael (5 years ago)
l0l he knows his right!
my wife's gonna kick ur ass!! bahahaha

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