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Friday Nights: Leagues Ahead

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The crew joins an Amonkhet Sealed League only to discover that the sick plays were inside them all along. Also, they won all the games. Almost.
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Text Comments (285)
Jonguar (2 months ago)
5:58 You're welcome
Chaosmage42 (2 months ago)
you know it would have been funny if paul had gotten her to test one of the many horrors he keeps in his lab
Aidan Brauning (2 months ago)
Hehehe they brought back trampoline
Benton Madsen (2 months ago)
If Graham is at 9 then hazoret isn't lethal.
infinityproductions (2 months ago)
I identify so hard with Alex at 3:40
GamerBear (2 months ago)
I wish my store wasn't so far away, but I really have quite enjoyed playing league. Just would like to go there more often. Actually made I think top 5 in the one after Battleborn's release... mostly because people were too busy to take part in it. lol
Andrew Visser (3 months ago)
What's the running joke between LRR and YJ? I know LRR gets up to shenanigans at the store but I'm curious as to what other bs is involved lore wise
Davey_Rulez (4 months ago)
Heh heh... "oh izzet now?" heh heh...
False Pankake (4 months ago)
I use Paul in my mono blue stupid stuff deck.
Card Master Phoenix (4 months ago)
Prof gets free promotion!!!
OL Gaming (4 months ago)
taking it would be a red card that steals a creature and to the streets would be a WUBORG card thats says creatures you control get ran over by cars.
Ep1cSm1lEy Hj (5 months ago)
this is my 10th time watching this video and i finally understand the “oh, izzet?” joke
OL Gaming (5 months ago)
nicol bolas is grixis noy naya
Alex Lopez (6 months ago)
It took watching this roughly 15 times to get the "Oh is it/Izzet" joke
Mason Schuback (6 months ago)
Alex Steacy planeswalker card + doubling season= ooof
Action_Builder (6 months ago)
Wearing a TCC shirt on camera Grant, wow!
PK Lemon (8 months ago)
Graham’s shirt is a tolarian community college shirt: foreshadowing
Matthew Colter (8 months ago)
I lost it at the ambush party.
Benton Madsen (9 months ago)
Graham you were at 9, this Hazoret isn't lethal.
Eric Payne (9 months ago)
Anyone know Where can I get the mana tray they use for the lands?
hi00118 (9 months ago)
We all won. All the games
SithDragon33 (9 months ago)
Nobody expects the fifth stinging shot in green black.
pixlion (10 months ago)
1:29 The most OP card
JacquesSnacques (10 months ago)
Alex at the end kills me. It's perfection.
Firepointboy (1 year ago)
Did anyone else notice the hour of devastation foreshadowing and the tolarian community college shirt
MrDiscountNinja (1 year ago)
A Ban Ki-Moon joke? Cam, I swear, you are designed specifically to make me laugh.
Shitty Wizard (1 year ago)
cams a dick eom
gamerN64 (1 year ago)
What happened to Jeremy and Matt
Galvanized Gamer (1 year ago)
"Ok I'm sold" "In Response I am also sold" It's the little subtle jokes that are the funniest.
Curtis Traynham (1 year ago)
I perfer b/u/r for edh
Shadow Gamer (1 year ago)
No they sure dont i lost it
Dominic Sevilla (1 year ago)
Really sad this did not have much alex
Mr Goldfish (1 year ago)
I don't see why anyone would expect a fifth of any card in mtg. You're not allowed more than four of one card in a deck.
Vishwa Uchiha (1 year ago)
Love the Tolarian Community College worn by Graham!
The Derpy gamer 22 (1 year ago)
Twinrehz (1 year ago)
God dammit, Homelands!
Just Kyle93 (1 year ago)
Alex goes off with doubling season. I'm feeling it in modern
Travis Thunderpaw (1 year ago)
That drawing of Nicol tho
MTG Micheal (1 year ago)
I like how they say sor ry
KingLouis Games (1 year ago)
add unglued lol
wade cochrane (1 year ago)
thank you loadingreadyrun for all your hard work on this video even if its on the MTG channel
Blnd jstce (1 year ago)
1:23 isn't the -1 an unglued or unhinged card?
Saiburi Ellard (1 year ago)
1:00 IM DEAD
TheMonyarm (1 year ago)
Lucky bastards, my LGS is in another town, it's a 40 minute bus ride to there
The Ultra_Geek (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who has a thing for Missie? I can't be, right?
Ohad Balash (1 year ago)
jokes on you LRR. the alex planeswalker card can go off if i have doubling season.
My Man (1 year ago)
Is that the guy that had 3 PS3's and then 4 PS4's??
Bailey Thomas (1 year ago)
No, this video should be called "a day ahead" not "leagues ahead", Come on guys
Hudson Watkins (1 year ago)
at my lgs, we weren't allowed to use packs from other sets, even though it wasn't specified in the league rules
Jake Golle (1 year ago)
Nice shirt, Graham
Antares Maelstrom (1 year ago)
Dare to Dream: Target creature must attack if able this turn / Tap target creature Taking it to The Streets: Gain control of target creature or artifact / For each creature target opponent controls, target creature you control fights that creature; you control the order of creatures to be fought. Born to Be Wild: Create X 1/1 white human creature token / Up to X target creatures gain haste and double strike until end of turn.
Colby Nelson (1 year ago)
Antares Maelstrom I know right?! I mean Farm to Market is ok, but they could've made Farm spend White & X to draw X cards & kept market the same. That seems more like what Farm should've been then a more flexible Kill Shot.
Antares Maelstrom (1 year ago)
That could work too. Yours is a more meta-(physical) way to use the words, mine was more boardstate. I like it. Sadly I have been rather disillusioned with how some of the aftermath cards have turned out in HoD. It is sometimes very hard for me to see the mechanics' connection to the names.
Colby Nelson (1 year ago)
Antares Maelstrom What if Dare was Exile target creature. Dream would be return target exiled creature to the battlefield till end of turn, then draw cards equal to it's converted mana cost.
But wait.... Can Gib be a bolas agent in the LRR Crew?
Esper (1 year ago)
This video made me choke on Stinging Shot more times than average. ...OKAY, I'M LEAVING THAT THERE. I MEANT SPIT. I MEANT SPIT. I DON'T CARE IF YOU THINK IT'S FAKE, I THINK IT'S FUNNY AND THAT'S 80% OF WHAT MATTERS
BlueHawks 206 (1 year ago)
no one expects the ambush party in a Amonkhet Sealed League.
Aj Loftus (1 year ago)
Just found out Jer had his wedding on my 13th birthday.
The Ultra_Geek (1 year ago)
I've done it. I've binged every episode. SUCCESS
David Valdez (1 year ago)
Lots of things was a callback I've been missing in my life.
David Valdez (1 year ago)
Btw, my favorite moment is Cam taking so long to make the drawing he almost misses deck building but Kathleen after deck building is able to quickly draw the bolas on the pyramid
I think I'm gonna show up to the next FNM with my "brother".. But he will actually be three weasels in an overcoat.
I'd like to see a series made from this...
DaidojiKaikou99 (1 year ago)
Alex has been losing weight! Good for him.
Lucarioguild7 (1 year ago)
we all went 1-2 lmfao
Viredae (1 year ago)
"Ambush Party!" "I did not expect that..." "Ha-haaaa." This is the point where I die.
Omg! Graham is wearing a TCC shirt!
ValanceJ (1 year ago)
It's honestly kinda funny how the TVs are trying to ruin your camera shots by basically being mirrors. Still a great episode though!
jtcraig09 (1 year ago)
I Just Got That!!! Sad Robot!
Abbadon TS (1 year ago)
missie is so cute ^^
JaejinObscure (1 year ago)
They're back baby
Default Army (1 year ago)
The alex card is OP
Riley Crowder (1 year ago)
I would totally play with the Kathleen and Missie Cards.
Max Wu (1 year ago)
Does anyone else pause the video to read their cards? Also, Alex's card would be BROKEN with oath of Gideon.
Dan Schuett (1 year ago)
4:34 isn't Prepare to Fight basically Ready to Rumble both linguistically and in terms of what you'd expect it to do
Andrew Turner (1 year ago)
Jesse Smoot (1 year ago)
Reading Alex's planes walker card in the intro tilted me so hard
Kaiyznn (1 year ago)
Did Kathleen really draw that?
Senyako (1 year ago)
Oh, it's here! Graham was right in the Youtube Update vid, the new annotations are kinda stupid.
Hermi Monk (1 year ago)
Dan Schuett (1 year ago)
Nelson is my favorite part of this episode. Whole thing was great can't wait for the next one
The Lunaist (1 year ago)
gotta love Graham's T-shirt
Garth Palmer (1 year ago)
How is Born // Be Wild not a card?
bluesy92 (1 year ago)
Garth Palmer Born 1W - Create a 1/1 White Soldier Token with Vigilance. Be wild 2G - target Soldier gets +4/+4 and Trample until end of turn.
TheNorainJS (1 year ago)
I see that TCC shirt there
eoram moon (1 year ago)
Why are you guys not using community caption? I am DYING to translate these videos!
Dominic Sevilla (1 year ago)
alex you are my spirit animal
Scud422 (1 year ago)
Pretty sure it's impossible for everyone to go 1 and 2...
hans günter (1 year ago)
It is not possible for 6 persons in this format to go 1:2 each, right? There need to be 9 games total for each of them to have 3 games. Adding all there losses up there are a total of 12, which is not possible in 9 games.
Damascus_Crowe (1 year ago)
Well done for explaining the joke...
Zetś (1 year ago)
How many comments before Wizards stops pushing standard so much?
Robert Boone (1 year ago)
mono fliers had me cracking up
Malikai Bass (1 year ago)
Friday nights is a really unique content idea for a company to endorse and I like it. It's essentially an ad but also comedy of a group I've come to really enjoy.
Starfury117 (1 year ago)
Just a heads up. A deck with all fliers is a bad deck because fliers are more heavily costed than non fliers. And that means you will lose the damage race to some other deck that don't run any fliers. A good deck should have cheap blockers and then fliers to finish off the game. Cam's expression and lines are amazing though. Favourite actor for sure.
Solomon Somers (1 year ago)
"No one excepts the fifth stinging shot." No, they certainly do not
Satelix (1 year ago)
Lol awesome
Vienna Martin (1 year ago)
I love how Nelly has adapted to being on camera. Such a great presence.
Gustaf Rattfelt (1 year ago)
top notch! Especially like Jeremy in this, runing around like an invisible ninja!.
Anchupom (1 year ago)
Having watched the Sealed League Update TTC, I feel like this episode of Friday Nights is an example of art imitating life. Write what you know... write. what. you. know.
fibonacci112358s (1 year ago)
@loadingreadyrun I understand now the reason for Kathleen's favourite creature type! It's because Kathleen is "Kat"! Amd I right?
Terry (1 year ago)
I want to play Alex in my commander deck... anyone proliferate? :D
David Brown (1 year ago)
Why does Nicol Bolas looks more like Discord from MLP?
John Kravich (1 year ago)
Geez I would go for a pack of modern masters 2013
argonoth75 (1 year ago)
Now if only there had been a card in homelands named the Spanish Inquisition.
dallas thompson (1 year ago)
I love how Graham says "sw" for sweltering suns, but you could still see sparring mummy in his hand. That was really good setup for the joke
The Director (1 year ago)
Okay, I'm real dumb. Exactly how did EVERYONE go 1-2? I can't seem to figure that part out.
TheStephenation (1 year ago)
The key bit of information to make this work, which Graham did mention in the video, is that in this format, there aren't set rounds scheduled. Matches take place at the convenience of the players. So someone, let's say it's Graham, might lose two matches and win one match. He's now gone 1-2 and his record is done, ready for submission. But then later, someone else who is has gone 1-1 and still needs to record one more match is seeking an opponent to get that last matchup. Ideally, this person would play a match against someone else who also needs to record one more match. But perhaps at the time, none of those people are around, and this person is in a hurry for some reason. So Graham plays another match, but it doesn't go on his record because his record is already complete. After Graham wins, his record is still 1-2 as the new match was extra for him, not counting toward his record. And his opponent has now also gone 1-2 and now also has a complete record. In theory, Graham could play against all of the other people in the group, and even if he trounces them, his record was already set to 1-2 once he completed those first three matches. But it doesn't need to be that extreme. Under this system, there are actually a lot of ways for everyone in the group to go 1-2. None of them would be likely to happen in real life, but Friday Nights isn't about gritty realism.
Damascus_Crowe (1 year ago)
I do believe that is the joke.
Scud422 (1 year ago)
Pretty sure that it's impossible.
Ben Gilmore (1 year ago)
The Director Don't worry about it!

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