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Nicki Minaj - High School (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne

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Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/HKJZwr Music video by Nicki Minaj performing High School (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne. ©: Cash Money Records, Inc.
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Text Comments (83890)
Vinicius Albertin (6 hours ago)
Rosa Baddoo (11 hours ago)
nicki your makeup dear
Rosa Baddoo (11 hours ago)
in the beginning I thought it was my stomach
F LA (16 hours ago)
DECEMBER 2018 🇮🇩
CH RV (18 hours ago)
devil worshipers insects You all will go to hell and every body how fallow you
sn0rlax. (1 day ago)
Triselle Silva (1 day ago)
nicki do you like Lil Wayne
Willyam Osorio (1 day ago)
Ismail Said (1 day ago)
Alexsis Williams (1 day ago)
Took from lilkim
Makenna Hickey (1 day ago)
Sorry cardi but niki is the real queen 👑❤️
غيمة مطر (1 day ago)
غبية تركت المليونير وراحت مع العبد حقها
Roger Mwamba (1 day ago)
Vraiment une fierté totale pour ces clips notament je suis ravi... Bon travail.
Roger Mwamba (1 day ago)
Vraiment une fierté totale pour ces clips notament je suis ravi... Bon travail.
ANY FUK (1 day ago)
Miguel Ricardo (1 day ago)
Cómo me calienta!!
pipa web (2 days ago)
Good tube
Katty Ify (2 days ago)
Nicky got a sweet voice
cool unicorn (2 days ago)
Lucia Dube (3 days ago)
2019 anyone
Lembriss Mollel (3 days ago)
Chris Santucci (3 days ago)
Mona lisa
Shamar Morris (3 days ago)
Who else is on a nicki music spree^^^^^^^
Jessica (3 days ago)
They have the best relationship❤
Callybreezy (3 days ago)
Steven Perlaza (4 days ago)
the love😍😍😎😎
Joan Ngochi (4 days ago)
"Mine and who else........she says worry abt yourself" a true music lengend😉😉
Rabi Rahaman (4 days ago)
I love it
UnfaithfulGamer (4 days ago)
Tell me when cardi has classics like this
Lassana Savane (4 days ago)
Yasser Mahbouby (4 days ago)
Who’s here ? 2019 ?
Mohmed Turkish (5 days ago)
Dremeer Yates (5 days ago)
😝😍🥰😍😝 memory lane yazzzzz 👀💪🏽🙏✅💯 #welcome.. bitches this pretty #seldom 👀😝😉 still strong Babii cakes 🎂 love ❤️ u bday season blessings
Samirah Nicholas (5 days ago)
Been a nicki fan from aaall the way back, I don't know why y'all newbies dragging this cardi nicki issue all the way to these goldies. I'd rather see some old comments posting about the actual video or song. Y'all just spoiling it mein.
ابوسسس 💕😖
Marx Tileni (6 days ago)
love u .....
GnG Breezy (6 days ago)
cardi who??
nin laga yaabay (6 days ago)
2019😎 14_12_2018
Rachel Lee (6 days ago)
You can be take it when ever you want ...... Baby it's your world it's it???!!!
maria Orlene (6 days ago)
Nicki i Love you
Nikkel Hi (6 days ago)
short buss shawty (6 days ago)
go girl
Harry Collins (6 days ago)
Card b can never entertain like Nicki, who says am right
gaza prince (6 days ago)
Ik them f**k after this video 🙄
ipodtouchguy039 (6 days ago)
Used to bump this in the 2014 drop top beamer 😭 so nostalgic
one Amelia (7 days ago)
📚看美女📚大尺度私㊙️视频➕微信hot5383📚的方式疯疯癫癫的心h d g h y
BRI-TRINITY STAR (7 days ago)
2:23 makes me feel like i want them to be together
Apenisa Matia (7 days ago)
This is that kind of song that never gets old.....👍👍😁😁👌👌
Tyra Robinson (7 days ago)
Baby it's yours...…….Shawn Foxx from Exit 21
Deeno From 600 (7 days ago)
Still sliding , riding out blasting this with shawty the best mood
Issa Queen (7 days ago)
Who hear in 2018🥶
Lauren Ndesandjo (7 days ago)
2019 here we come 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶
Nutter Butter (7 days ago)
Y’all remember this era? ugh😍
Daniela Herrera Silva (7 days ago)
High School Nicki Minaj He said he came from Jamaica, he owned a couple acres A couple fake visas ’cause he never got his papers Gave up on love fucking with them heart breakers But he was getting money with the movers and the shakers He was mixed with a couple things, bald like a couple rings Bricks in the condo and grams to sing-sing Left arm, baby mother tatted 5-year bid up North when they ratted Anyway I felt him, helped him, put him on lock, seat-belt him Took him out to Belgium, welcome Bitches this pretty, that’s seldom This box better than the box he was held in I’m Momma Dee in that order, I call him Daddy like daughters He like it when I get drunk, but I like it when he be sober That’s top of the toppa, I never fuck with beginners I let him play with my pussy then lick it off of his fingers, I’m in the zone They holler at me, but it’s you, you, this ain’t high school Me and my crew, we can slide through Give it to you whenever you want, whip it whenever you want Baby it’s yours Anywhere, everywhere, baby it’s your world, ain’t it? (alright) Baby it’s your world, ain’t it? Uh, she got a nigga at home and one on the side Best friend is a dyke, they fucked around a few times Her and her momma alike, so all they do is fight I tell her “make me some money”, she tell me “make me a wife” I tell that bitch “you crazy, fuck wrong with you?” And excuse my French, but I’m a long kisser And then she try to tell me I’m the only one that’s hitting And I say “what about them niggas?” She say: “what about them niggas?” You right, what you doing tonight? Put on something tight, don’t judge me, I’d get life She love me like a brother, but fuck me like a husband Pussy like a oven, too hot to put my tongue in All I had to do is rub it, the genie out the bottle Pussy so wet, I’mma need goggles She tell me that’s it’s mine, I tell her “stop lying, mine and who else?” She say worry about yourself Lil Tune They holler at me, but it’s you, you, this ain’t high school Me and my crew, we can slide through Give it to you whenever you want, whip it whenever you want Baby it’s yours Anywhere, everywhere, baby it’s your world, ain’t it? Baby it’s your world, ain’t it? I know you want it boy, I see you tryin’ Just keep on pushing, I’mma let you slide in Just close your eyes and, this horizon It’s ready, come get you some Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
spookykaat (8 days ago)
Nicki looks amazing in this
Dante Lombardi (8 days ago)
wowww, i love her ass
green gentleman (8 days ago)
Vine por miss Albania 😍🔥
green gentleman (8 days ago)
Vine por miss Albania 😍🔥
Luz Alvarez (8 days ago)
This is when I used to like nicki
umar hannafi (9 days ago)
like these
Tyra Robinson (9 days ago)
My second favorite, nothing comes before Super Bass
iona Hunter (9 days ago)
Who here after good form and compare Nicki and him now
Jaf Goliz (9 days ago)
Nicki minaj 💚 beautiful 👍 sexy👍 lovely👍 naamber 1 rapper👍 Queen💚
John leeena (9 days ago)
Honestly this is her best song. And I’m not even a Nicki Fan
Simolo Faalafi (9 days ago)
This song is the best of all time! Nicki Minaj is always the Queen of RAP!! I love her and I will praise the MAJESTY! If Nicki Minaj is reading this, I love you and you are my IDOL along with Stephen Curry. Nicki, you are always the one! =)
Neeva Fanus (9 days ago)
This video keeps me motivated that one day you guys will actually be together
Javon Michelle (9 days ago)
PHs PALACE (10 days ago)
Awesome, thanks for sharing Nicki Minaj.
Joel Silva (10 days ago)
AWM (10 days ago)
Where is +18 restriction in this video LIKE IF U AGREE
Yu Yu (10 days ago)
all sexy
Kimmminem West (10 days ago)
December 2018 yall...
Queen Vibes (10 days ago)
Happy Birthday Nicki !! 💜💜
Queen Vibes (9 days ago)
Esther Abraham hey
Esther Abraham (9 days ago)
Queen Vibes Hi
Issa Maddii (10 days ago)
Happy birthday babygirl💕
Ali Ulcay (10 days ago)
LEGENDARY ONE (10 days ago)
Amadou Touray (10 days ago)
happy birthday niki
demi (10 days ago)
This woman’s good at everything she does damn
CONTENTO QUING (10 days ago)
Nicki alllll day !!!!! Today is her birthday!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ybn_ Zion (10 days ago)
Who else still listening In 2018-19🔥🔥😎
Derik Styven (11 days ago)
2018 december?🥳🥳
CHUN LI (11 days ago)
Τhe way Wayne is looking at her tho... Goals for sure
Mari m (11 days ago)
I love you Nicky Minaj
Buse Mutluer (11 days ago)
Isn't Nicki looking like Barbie herself here 😍😍😍
Albertina Lerato (11 days ago)
Nicki Minaj she look so beautiful nd lovely😗😙😙😙😙😍😘😴😴😛👌
James David (11 days ago)
Nicki Minaj was way badder before all the surgery
Instagram Models (3 days ago)
James David what surgeries?
Dilara Aydinalp (12 days ago)
This song brings some good memories back , 2018
Diego dragon8 (12 days ago)
Any jamaican Here??? 2019?
Christ Kodjo (12 days ago)
witch bish
Hassan Mulid (12 days ago)
When am high I always listen to this song 🧡🔥🔥🍁🎶🎵
Success Vukeya (12 days ago)
love you tube music a lot
Lachara Green (12 days ago)
Dee Abby (13 days ago)
2019 Worry about your self 🙄
Suman M (13 days ago)
ahhh this video is my fav <3
Jello University (13 days ago)
Who else is here after good form
Sandeep Goud (13 days ago)

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