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Men Medium Haircut | ASMR Hair Experience | SlikhaarTV

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Headphones on! Relax and enjoy the sound experience! Get a 3d haircut for this fall 2018. Watch the video and comment down below to win the giveaway prizes. #asmrhair #menhairtutorial #mediumhair Try our products! https://www.slikhaarshop.com Find us on: - Slikhaar Community in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/113503769481787/ - SlikhaarTV Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/slikhaartv/ - Slikhaarshop.com in Instagram @slikhaarshop - Blog: http://www.slikhaarshop.com/news - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SlikhaarTVGroup - Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SlikhaarTV - Snapchat: SlikhaarTV - Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/B6Mqj - Rasmus @rasmusvilain - Nicoline @nicolineauken (hairdresser) Please let us know what other videos you'd like us to make. HAIRCUT MEASURES Sides & Backhead: 35 - 65 mm Top: 115 mm Top front: 120 mm Top back: 65 - 75 mm PRODUCTS USED - By Vilain SIDEKICK https://www.slikhaarshop.com/by-vilain-sidekick/ - By Vilain DYNAMITE CLAY https://www.slikhaarshop.com/by-vilain-dynamite-clay/ Fancy selling BY VILAIN? Send your inquiries here: English & Spanish: [email protected] MUSIC Song: Panuma - SKIN (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/rlO5EoPxISI Best regards Emil & Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen SLIKHAAR TV TEAM Send all requests to: [email protected] SlikhaarTV is a hairstyling channel for men founded by the twin brothers Emil & Rasmus. We give you new hairstyle inspiration every week: Tutorials, how-to videos, celebrity and footballer hairstyles, and professional tips to optimize your hair and overall style.
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Text Comments (869)
HURRA! We hit 3000K likes in this episode! Soon we will make the BIG giveaway! Stay tuned!
jules lanot (1 hour ago)
awesome !
Abhishek Sharma (2 days ago)
It's seems like somebody is putting you on the bed of cool breeze which blowing you to in heaven. The kind of products and styles you demonstrate are fantabulous
Shakil Lakdawala (3 days ago)
Its awesome
Major singh (5 days ago)
The hair cut was really awesome
Dang Anh Duc (6 days ago)
cool vid as always, digging the new organic line!
straikers kaikers (7 days ago)
I made 3k likes
Anxo (7 days ago)
Eugenio Garza (7 days ago)
Nice hairstyle!!
dheeraj khushalani (8 days ago)
Nyc hair cut
Mohammad Zulhairiee (8 days ago)
I love the new sound effect . I already try the hairstyle and I love it so much . What a great job
Maji007 (8 days ago)
ASMR really suits hairstyle videos xD
Shaheer Shah (9 days ago)
First of all I'll just wanted to let you guys know that you're progressing well And BTW that scissors sound was 3d best ever video and classic video Love you✂️
Zaxx 1989 (9 days ago)
SlikhaarTV is the best 🔥
vivek anand (11 days ago)
great sound effects and hair style looks awesome
Thanks for the nice feedback ⭐😊
jon jon neto (11 days ago)
Love 😍😍🤗
Rizky Fatur_ (11 days ago)
Nice sound effect dude so much love thattttttt😍
Black knight the gamer (12 days ago)
I thought u were zac efron my bad lol
Frankie Rozum (13 days ago)
you are the best! see you in December, I'm planning to visit the studio for a new look!
Sounds great Frankie, se you there, or at the office.🙌😊
Viruz Yap (16 days ago)
you guys are awesome!
Thanks for the nice feedback ⭐
Tushar Arya (17 days ago)
This hair style and sound effects are amazing
Joshua Chiabai (20 days ago)
i love it and i love new products and love the new sound effects newt-shirt I really like that lol
Thanks Joshua appreciate your nice feedback, it was fun to make the new special effects episodes we love them 🙌😃Rasmus
Sjakie Jaapie (22 days ago)
Thanks man =D
Lisiate Jr Fatafehi (23 days ago)
i love the sound affects. its relaxing in a way
Appreciate it 🙏 Rasmus
Rakesh Kumar (23 days ago)
Nice bro
Florian Hirt (24 days ago)
Wow I ve been watching your videos for four years and it is crazy how your quality has been developed so far 😱
Ian Gomes (24 days ago)
I need this one😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
LiefTurk (24 days ago)
SexyMuthaFucka !
LiefTurk (24 days ago)
SexyMuthaFucka !
Ale D'Casti (25 days ago)
Love it!! Amazing experience, beautiful haircut
The Top world (28 days ago)
sahil sharma (28 days ago)
Love this haircut
Rexosaurus Ness (28 days ago)
Having been in the military for the past 5 years I say “Nay!” To skin fades and undercuts! It’s time us doodez started bringing back the classic cuts like this!
R Sharma (29 days ago)
🔥Fantabulous 😅
Rhygo hernandez (29 days ago)
parang ako yung ginugupitan astig.
Rhygo hernandez (29 days ago)
sound quality is cool.
manan luthra (29 days ago)
Those scissors sound better than me. Lol
Shafayet Ansary (29 days ago)
I want one
Zana futskills (29 days ago)
Fawas Afsal (1 month ago)
Cool..loved it..💜💜💜
tyrantx3 (1 month ago)
It's amazing, felt like the effects are part of the music
Frozen (1 month ago)
Frozen (1 month ago)
+Slikhaar TV - Mens hair More videos like this, it's so good ! :)
Thanks for the smily 😃
Trung Hiếu (1 month ago)
Love it ❤
Thanks man =D
MaSeph Mos (1 month ago)
Can you always do this in a haircut video????
MaSeph Mos (1 month ago)
You know what, this is the best experience watching a haircut video with asmr thumbs up if you agree
Ninoox (1 month ago)
Christian PM (1 month ago)
Wow! Great video...
Thanks Christian Appreciate it =D Best Rasmus
Kool Aids (1 month ago)
i wish i had nice hair :(
You can easily improve by following our guides 🙌 BEst Rasmus
Gabriel _ (1 month ago)
I don't usually win at any giveaways, but when i do it is today!!!
Syed Mujtaba Ali (1 month ago)
Amazing cut, amazing asmr❤
EROS PEREZ (1 month ago)
desde venezuela mano arriba un muy buen cortes de cabello...
Icrazylove (1 month ago)
This sounds is really satisfying😊
parag mandwkar (1 month ago)
Really awesome hairstyle ..... Love u shilikkar tv
Julius Sander Hansen (1 month ago)
Overvejer faktisk at få denne frisure næste gang jeg skal klippes
Mehedad Orbeen (1 month ago)
The sound effects are absolutely amazing, loving the work you guys are putting in to take your content to the next level. I'd personally prefer a Lo-fi background music which I personally feel will go great with the sound effects you guys have put in. Love from Bangladesh ❤❤
Aditya Jain (1 month ago)
Awsome style😎😎👍👍
Sankar Gomathi (1 month ago)
Sankar Gomathi (1 month ago)
the sounds are vice to hear..
Sebastian Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Hey Emil, i have been a member of Slikhaar TV for like 3 years now since Brad Pitt hairstyle, and mi all time favorite is the Ryan Gosling hairstyle tutorial, i would love to wings t-shirt or the products, grettings from Mexico! 🇲🇽❤️
Jakob Alberti (1 month ago)
Love this hair cut
Riad Zoabi (1 month ago)
First of all your smile at the end of the video really gives me some motivation, and the sound quality is awesome really like it especially when the scissors get close to the ear. I hope to see more of these videos soon
khaja shariff (1 month ago)
When you close the tap of shampoo bottle it’s awesome😍 to hear
Gopal palei (1 month ago)
Like the style...
Joe _only (1 month ago)
The sounds of the scissors is one of my fave part 🎧😉👌🏻 the rest is favorite too 😀😎👍🏻
Danut Precup (1 month ago)
Dope video as always! Keep on going! 😎
E For Everything (1 month ago)
3D Sounds Awesome
Lexx38 (1 month ago)
The haircut I was waiting for 🔥
Daym-ja3 -ėnol (1 month ago)
Rasmus having bad hairday
Gwapo Cruz (1 month ago)
Wooooow i love it!!!😍
Thanks for the nice feedback 🙏
munk lover (1 month ago)
cool hairstyle, and it was super i teresting with the new sound🤔
Thanks for the nice feedback =D Rasmus
Shivam Kumar (1 month ago)
Nice video
Thanks Shivam for the support =D Best Rasmus ⭐
Drew Bott (1 month ago)
Hello Drew 😊
İzzettin Dilek (1 month ago)
Legen Waıt for it Dary Legendary :))
Luis Roberto Hernandez (1 month ago)
Dudes your channel is amazing I've been following you for a while, it's kind of hard to find your product in Mexico but I really love your videos.
Thanks for the nice feedback, also everyday we work towards making the products more accesable around the world, so its probably not fare away. Best Rasmus 😃
Venki Edha (1 month ago)
Make one more🤟
We have already done one more with Emil check the last video posted. Best Rasmus🙌
Meel Lao (1 month ago)
If only my asian looking straight hair can vibe with this haircut
Meel Lao (1 month ago)
+Slikhaar TV - Mens hair Thank youuuu!
Yea hairtypes can be an disadvantage some times but look at the bright side you can have hairstyles most people with wavy/curly hair cant. Anyway, Meel you can work in waves with a mini straightner and the curly testure it will give you this messy look probably going to take 10-15min to style but go for it. Best Rasmus ⭐
TM 0829 (1 month ago)
What’s wrong with kate?
Nothing wrong she is just not in to doing more videos 🙌
Hemant Gurjar (1 month ago)
Only hairstyle YOUTUBE channel i go for always . every time . New videos back to back
Thanks Hemant appreciate your great support 🙏 Best Rasmus😃
GUYS! :) We are almost reaching 3000 Likes in this episode! That's awesome! 👌👌 Remember! If we reach 3K LIKES we will giveaway 2 x By Vilain T-Shirts + 2 x By Vilain Sidekick Zero + 2 X By Vilain Wax Zero on the 2 best comments! Come on! Best, Emil & Rasmus.
jon jon neto (11 days ago)
Daym-ja3 -ėnol (1 month ago)
I liked, I am in the awkward stage of growing out hair and I don't have products so it looks bad. Wish I cN win the giveaway and crazy sound effects, ur hard work is unbelievable.
munk lover (1 month ago)
i Liked (im alreddy subscribed) ill comment a nice comment in about 10 secounds. love the hair btw Rasmus and the bloke in the vid😀
Thanks a lot Dilip Bohra for the nice compliments and great support, wish you the best ⭐😊 Rasmus
Dilip Bohra (1 month ago)
First of all the product is like superb...make my hair looks fresh and the style remains for a longer time..The Picturisation, sound, video filters and the way it is presented is like...cant get the eyes off during whole video :)..You are doing a great job Emil & Rasmus 👍.. Can tell that this a great styling product in the market <3...Go fot it :)
nikolaus gracia (1 month ago)
Only hope for the best,cuz i dont have a t shirt, maybe i can get a free t-shirt from here lol
Good luck at the tshirt competition =D Best Rasmus
Glnn /\ (1 month ago)
If only i looked like this.... amazing haircut
Glnn /\ (1 month ago)
+Slikhaar TV - Mens hair you guys are the best thanks for the kind words Rasmus! 👊
I promise you that the hairstyle can change an look drastically 🤘Best Rasmus
Usman Dar (1 month ago)
Amazing sound effects and loved the haircut.
Thanks Usman for the nice comment 🙌Best Rasmus
1hard2findbro (1 month ago)
Love the new sound effects! Very immersive and engaging!
Thanks for the nice support and feedback. Best Rasmus 👍😊
METALLOVER364 (1 month ago)
Winner's comment
Wish you the best of luck in the competition 🙌
S!dDhArTh NaiK (1 month ago)
Nice amazing sound experience n enjoyed it
Apis Zaid (1 month ago)
Nice hair!
Thanks Apis for your nice feedback ⭐
Hassan Ali (1 month ago)
Superb video's. Hey bro tell me detail about your Saloon/Studio. Because I want to come to your studio and do haircutting.
Hi Hassan your are very welcome its based in Denmark, Aarhus, Mejlgade 37. Best Rasmus 🤘😃
Adrian Puchałka (1 month ago)
Please make more video like this.
Zeeshan Alam (1 month ago)
Sound was good......but the background song was louder than ASMR sound.......could not get that complete feel of ASMR....love u guys💗
Pinkush Gaba (1 month ago)
Love the hairstyle! (Y)
Thanks Pinkush! ;)
David A (1 month ago)
Awesome sound effects. You’ve taken Asmr to a new level!
Thanks for the nice feedback David :)
Mobile Iphone (1 month ago)
relaxing specially im going to sleep😂 bedtime
tabish kazi (1 month ago)
It was like watching a 3D,4D movie on hairstyle 😍🎧
ABDIEL CABALLERO (1 month ago)
Yo quiero ganar
Dhruv Singh (1 month ago)
Out standing
At_Hu_L * Sa_Je_Ev (1 month ago)
The sound effects are really sooo Good To hear..😊
Thanks! Appreciate your comment!
andres leon (1 month ago)
I realy like it I love you guys you are the best 😃
Gracias Andres! :)
Kumbara Putra (1 month ago)
Some hearing fetish LOL
Samuel gaikwad (1 month ago)
loving your style

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