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Young Dolph - Major (Official Music Video) ft. Key Glock

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Download the single, "MAJOR". Out Now! Stream: https://Empire.lnk.to/MajorYo Music video by Young Dolph feat. Key Glock performing Major (Official Video). © 2018 Paper Route Empire http://vevo.ly/wkGXq4 #YoungDolph #Major #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo #KeyGlock
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Text Comments (6186)
Fausto fina (52 minutes ago)
Sold a hundred pounds and gave ten percent to the pastor (church) 💥💥🔥
Prince Ali (10 hours ago)
Dolph got his ass roasted.... that’s major.
C-kaka 98 (11 hours ago)
“Alligator skin eating ass nigga” I’m dead 😵💀
Isaiah Cottman (14 hours ago)
I aint know them jeans shorts was thurl 😂😂
Isaiah Cottman (14 hours ago)
Dat dog not well
hank trill (16 hours ago)
Straight jacked blocboy jb Rover flow
larryhrpr1 (23 hours ago)
Man look at this nigga comin thru the hood; burnt ass nigga but his truck clean ass hell tho. 😂😂😂💀💀💀
hey ITSGONEBOCAI (1 day ago)
Jenny Lisa (1 day ago)
Deterin Smith (1 day ago)
Key glock can’t rap 🤮
Jaime Alvarez (1 day ago)
At the end he gets called a burnt piece of shit lookin ass
tia smith (1 day ago)
Damn im crying, he fired his ass up! 😂😂😂
Michael Johnson (1 day ago)
He need to do remix with Gucci with this song woo
Axel Felix (2 days ago)
Ezal from Friday??? With another liquor store scene lol
Raheem Williams (2 days ago)
I, can't even lie, ifw Memphis, Tennessee young Dolph, mane Like, @youngdolph no lie, 🔥
Raheem Williams (2 days ago)
Fr, for real my, gang Been, on that paper route, business Cash, talk 🔥 black, migo.
nb off (3 days ago)
3:18 pause
Luciano Nhabanga (3 days ago)
Raalph 1017 (3 days ago)
That's Major
johnny green (3 days ago)
Nick Leblanc (3 days ago)
"Who the fuck you think you is ugly ass" 😂
Yosh Y (3 days ago)
Sold 100 pounds and gave 10%, to the pastor
Ariel Johnson (3 days ago)
You guys got to check out Lil Sly turn up green it’s shot by Dolph’s Director as well. Lil Sly is next up!
Nick Floyd (3 days ago)
#MAJOR!! This song never gets old I always turn up every time I hear it
Mae Williams (4 days ago)
1:37 that dog need a drink of water
Story Time (4 days ago)
In the mother fuckin line😂😂
Alexander Anufriyev (4 days ago)
Riding in the motherfucking Rover
freeBG (4 days ago)
just got my first bag of moon rock and had to come back to this gem to spark it up.
nims koosh (4 days ago)
I fuc wit hims but i wish hed spit real shit :/
nims koosh (4 days ago)
Young dic juss anothe controoleeed pussyfuckboy ri.p
Saniyah Burton (4 days ago)
This go hard🔥🔥🔥
808 MURDA (4 days ago)
Neva knew how much dolph looked like Soulja slim 😂😂
brican79 (4 days ago)
Intro too damn funny!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Jamison San (4 days ago)
Need the twins name for a top secret mission...
Devin Pondexter (5 days ago)
Free Chiiiippppsssss!!!
nck dwsad (5 days ago)
How nobody see my mans hands in the beginning?
Durell Goodwin (5 days ago)
wat sould ,i say bra Thank you .. dancing out here ... 😝
k00lball3r (5 days ago)
ME L (5 days ago)
The guy in the beggining rofl😲
Don’t Matter (5 days ago)
House full of bitches like flava. These cuts in my thumb come from counting paper Hard
Eddie Scott (5 days ago)
Beat raw
Kimari Safari (6 days ago)
That's Major
Baby J (6 days ago)
This song... *That's Major*
DICKIEBROWN305 (6 days ago)
Paula Mason (6 days ago)
Angie Wells (6 days ago)
Hi, I'm Angie, Director of Marketing at Promolta. I'd love to connect with you, is there an email address I can reach you at?
Josh Gray (6 days ago)
Camouflage havin ass car nigga u master p ughhhh
Tina Lago (6 days ago)
2:41 when u nut
Bobby Munoz (6 days ago)
Dolph in his shit ... NO DOUBT ABOUT ... the ONLY THING THAt could fuckup his hustle is sippin’ too much drank ... THAT HEROINE IN A BOTTLE
Alexandru Odorhean (6 days ago)
Valerie Jenrett (6 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Lovin ths one
Ryi Allen (7 days ago)
RTGbeats (7 days ago)
That cane corso probably dead by now
Loren Collins (7 days ago)
Alligator skin eatin ass nigga 😂😂😂
Positive Vibes Only (7 days ago)
Congrent Snipez (7 days ago)
Bloc boy jb style
Julia Cardenas (7 days ago)
Lmao the beginning 😂😂😂😂💀
Adam (7 days ago)
lmao dude is shopping shirtless?
Des Deposition (7 days ago)
He and Bloc boy jb are the same person
Olivia Fleming (8 days ago)
He muh fucking fried dolph
Fijian Andy (8 days ago)
its hella liiiiitttyyyyy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
oh yeah yeah (8 days ago)
DrIvInG iN mY moTherFuCking RoVer
Wesley Van Torre (5 days ago)
This man really stole Blocboy's flow from Rover 😂 unless it was just like he got inspiration or something. Either way, both songs are honestly terrible
Wesley Van Torre (6 days ago)
+Mark Blank 100 shots is the only one that came out before Rover and it doesn't even use that flow
Mark Blank (6 days ago)
+Wesley Van Torre theres others but thats just his flow
Mark Blank (6 days ago)
+Wesley Van Torre playin wit a check
Mark Blank (6 days ago)
+Wesley Van Torre kush on a yacht paranoid 100 shots
Wesley Van Torre (6 days ago)
+Mark Blank well I'm glad I don't listen to him cause he's trash. Tell me the name of a song that he uses this flow in that was made before Rover.
SOSAK40 K (8 days ago)
🔑 🔫inna cut
Tee Jay (8 days ago)
Check out my crazy new song https://youtu.be/VmTV8WXcuG4
Colby Peek (8 days ago)
act like he didn't just fire that man up though.
Viiperr STRAIITDEAD (8 days ago)
Key Glock turns diamonds into dirt
Lil boi (8 days ago)
why this sound like rover by blockboy JB
Jonathan Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Lil boi Same beat
Black Saiyan Inc (8 days ago)
"These cuts on my thumbs come from countin paper"🔥key glock tuff
Pat Tha Rocc (8 days ago)
The begining got me weak asf ! Ol big chest ass looking mfer
Matt Slaughter (8 days ago)
Freeeeee chiiiiiiiips
Tracks tuff keep doing ya thing..
William Davis (9 days ago)
What happened to jay fizzle
Typboy 163 (9 days ago)
Black back ass nigga😂😂😂
Brandon Molinero (9 days ago)
💯❤ Major
Erfgghhh Knvffvcg (9 days ago)
Dolph got his shit creamed😂
Matis Brouillette (9 days ago)
Skyler Carreau (9 days ago)
that key toss was a nasty catch bro them hands snagged them keys soooooo goood
gary Fischer (9 days ago)
MARQUIS BAILEY (9 days ago)
lmao that mane cooked dolph ass
jR 17 (9 days ago)
Nigguh knows he can't go inna store with no shirt
Games Team27 (9 days ago)
Best sound i french
Wesley Van Torre (9 days ago)
This song is honestly terrible
SOSAK40 K (8 days ago)
Wesley Van Torre yo tw3aking
Hunter Mayes (10 days ago)
Song hits hard af on my subs I found the song on “rollin videos” on Instagram
The Alpha Wave Podcast (10 days ago)
CapGawd (10 days ago)
they hoed glock lmao
Benjamin Franklin (10 days ago)
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Young Dolph ate that hoe so much that i was like damn he bought Glock too 🔥🔥
Tommy Goat (10 days ago)
This song made me bite a piece of my steering wheel when I was on a red light
Michael Coleman (10 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥🔥 all 18-19 for me Dolph my nigga keep going up the ladder
kiing JuJu (10 days ago)
Mario a fool 😂😂
Melissa Pupo (10 days ago)
Hey big bitch
Andre Alivera Silvera (10 days ago)
Grave keys match 68 aged(ages) four none major ARTS/Heart spell 23-5 like train jump mans rob in BIBLE LIKE SOFT, RUN start verse stall in dall in none Adolf Hitler why yy 11:11 watch from grave stone, messgae to idoits from grave tomb stone drop broke into two true(Revelation states twice I saw like d-word beat dog shit out his wife) jump train ogry 38-5 Palms come from BIBLE 38 Egypt Land, 359 Revelation verse shark like wolf shooter why yy 68 Elizbeth grave stone and life year seek/fine Hebrew#8 deal and trade grave brave ( Revelation 10/20) clip never empty(why yy) tower have power, rime/rhyme line Label dead before it started that why yy do Arts/Heart Adolf Hitler(sound some what like sister and mother, daughter like ages(Aged) cheese breakfast face, why yy 66* skip that to 88, 98 from 6,8(Elizabeth grave with sign 1889 to Alice twice GG) PP ,dd, bb lies.(court room head-less JESUS CLIP head last meal, brave scared like beer,bear,bere,bair April dead near spot lots grave(I give your hand mine/mind keys with France Bible NONE WHY YY next door guy) 1000 from 98 d-word twice LORD give your head when d-word dead,111,222,333,444,555,66*777,888,999 etc 22,2 Acts hits 88 to 98 106 tops call cops why yy sea-son seamen cell Colossians from Colossiun statue -35 freeze
Marcus Robinson (11 days ago)
Nick Shearer (11 days ago)
Our 2pac.
unani mous (11 days ago)
Free chippppppps. 😁😁😁😁
Gary Tate (11 days ago)
The Don A.R.K B Noah (11 days ago)
Twin sisters🙏
Me nu (11 days ago)
Camo could only be unlocked after crashing into 25 opps doing 50 on a 25.
Renato Dutra (11 days ago)
kanimo24 (12 days ago)
"Sold a hundred pounds and gave 10% to the pastor! (CHURCH)" 🔥🔥🔥

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