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The Naked Statement: Why is stripping in protest becoming common?

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From an elderly woman stripping in Bukedea against a land takeover by Chinese investors to Apaa where dozens stripped to protest an eviction, the media has been awash about this form of protest. So what is driving this trend? One Sociologist at Makerere University de-scribes the stripping, wailing and eating live rats among other unconventional methods as a weapon of the weak. Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit http://www.ntv.co.ug Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ntvuganda Like our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/NTVUganda
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Text Comments (108)
BondiBeach Sydney (1 month ago)
Those people are Monkeys stay there we don’t want you, aggressive losers. What an ugly culture omg
tindimwebwa ibrahim (5 months ago)
Hallo ahoo at end rats had to payback.
myname is love (11 months ago)
Wtf?? Eating live rats?!? Holy smoke!
KING MAX (1 year ago)
Next Time you should respect police.What reberation is that we're you don't respect the law .which gorvnment are you gonna run tomorrow.
Willis Tshibangu (1 year ago)
Every human being is conceived or born into the world through a woman's private part. it was also a woman's breasts that nourished the child. It was also a man's seed that impregnated a woman. Therefore, if a father raised his private part and cursed you, it could lead to trouble, even death. Same, if a woman undresses before you, and raise her breasts or beat her private parts while cursing, it could lead to trouble and even death to the person the curse is intended for.
Anthony Okwir (1 year ago)
Uganda needs another way of living
Peace Kyomugisha (1 year ago)
oh my GOD. crazy
Kashish Gupta (1 year ago)
no body wants to see this black ass...
Shailesh Yadav (1 year ago)
please Gay's respected women
epic_gamer (2 years ago)
1:20 what you came here for
Iyke Nii-Noi Otoo (4 months ago)
African countries should be ruled by Europeans
science FRICTION (2 years ago)
Maybe they strip naked because it instantly communicates with everyone who sees them and hears about them, while standing shouting their message it will only communicate with anyone close enough to hear and listen to their message. They are clearly trying to communicate something they trust their community will help them with if it understands what is going on. If you dont act now tomorrow it will be your wives, sisters, daughters and mothers.
Bobby Ray (2 years ago)
Alnoor Bidi (2 years ago)
shit your paid the price yes where in the world do civilian battel police and amry
Thieyacine Faye (2 years ago)
Alnoor Bidi good video
Shaneek Smith (2 years ago)
Watching 1:13-1:46 made me think of 'sackcloth and ashes'. What these people did was similar to what happened in the bible. Ashes accompanied sackcloth in times of national disaster or repenting from sin. Esther 4:1, for instance, describes Mordecai tearing his clothes, putting on sackcloth and ashes, and walking out into the city “wailing loudly and bitterly.” This was Mordecai’s reaction to King Xerxes’ declaration giving the wicked Haman authority to destroy the Jews (see Esther 3:8–15). There was no saclkoth, but somehow there are some similarities.
joshua lumwanji (2 years ago)
ugandans have themselves to blame....why do you keep re electing museveni
bauchi abdullah (2 years ago)
Those african men who threatened women are coward, molester and weak human beings who hides behind there position or the place of power to perpetrate there disgusting evil mind.....
platinumred7 (2 years ago)
No Country in Africa has the military force to protect herself against the invasion of any non African country, and this is by the European and other nations alliance together against Africa to take all of the natural resources, killing as many as they feel necessary in order to take what they want. Remember, historically Africa was and is divided by the white europeans and maintained that way for white supremacy. Also remember that all non black African nations agreed to participate in the kidnapping and enslavement of black Africans; and that is the GOAL OF THE FUTURE OF BLACK AFRICA!!!! by the rest of the world. EVERY ONE! ARM YOURSELVES LIKEWISE! WE HAVE NO FRIENDS IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!
Shaneek Smith (2 years ago)
+platinumred7 The chinese wants land to invest in in Africa. Do you think it is the Chinese who is directly evicting the people from the land? No. It's their own Black brother. Because of greed and selfishness they hardened their hearts against their own. Why do Blacks allow themselves to be so manipulated? If they don't allow it it cannot happen. Why can't Africa unite? If Africa unite they don't need outsiders.
KzDM (2 years ago)
lol 3:38 "Aye! Leave my breast alone."
Monnye Mashiloane (2 years ago)
this is a disgrace
Adolfo Mendez (2 years ago)
the government should not control the people .the people should control the government .
michaelrose93 (2 years ago)
"Weapons of the weak?" Weapons of the weak minded.
michaelrose93 (2 years ago)
What? So the police accidentally caused her to be exposed, *_slightly,_* so she strips bare naked in protest? What sort of logic is that?
Mark G. (11 months ago)
feminist logic.
Kenny nyaga (2 years ago)
Ruhariza Enock (2 years ago)
Fuck off
Hawa Drame (2 years ago)
Sista X (2 years ago)
this behavior must stop  in the Mother Land now. Too much religion will destroy us.
japheth mkutano (2 years ago)
Emotional hearts lucking understanding steps led by flesh no wisdom nude hide is nature creation .
redrose9350 (2 years ago)
I don't want to take away from the protests... yet, what did the poor rats do to deserve to be eaten alive?? Why add suffering??
Renee Fiore (2 years ago)
If gaddafi was put to an end so can this coward museveni.. Ugandan men stand up for your wifes, daughters and mothers... Fight back to death if you have to for a better africa.. This officers are just a bunch of criminals,,, am not Ugandan but this is not to be stomached.. Fight back men,
Renee Fiore (2 years ago)
+Nyakaana Richard go do further research and start by learning how to write proper English.. If gaddafi was still alive, all shit happening in libya right now couldn't be happening.as long as Uganda is in Africa dummy, i have the right to give an opinion.what if its your mother or daughter being treated like that.? Get right man and wake up. Museveni is a powerful man and it has led to ugandas both success and failure. In a positive and negative way in short..
Nyakaana Richard (2 years ago)
+Renee Fiore quote Gadafi was a dictator but musebeni is NOT. !!its jealous people who wish to take his position are trying to take advantage of his goodness and respect of law.he just watches them abuse him..which Gadafi cldnt do. never quote what hapened in libya to wish it for any other african country because right now libya is in shambles !!most unstable country in the world!is that what you wish for the whole africa!!!?NO.thank you for saying you are not a ugandan please leave uganda issues alone if you realy dont know what is happening there. thanks
Bryman Hola (2 years ago)
Did u see a police officer grapping the lady breast oh God
Muhoozi Colin (2 years ago)
bitch why would you be carried??? you deserved a beating
Raramai Gobvu (2 years ago)
looveontop (2 years ago)
That police man should be sacked for intentionally grabbing the beast of a protester! That should never be tolerated at all.
Slim Salum (2 years ago)
jdhdh hdjjd (2 years ago)
women in uganda ? a big shame and change your behaviers
Margret Nayiga (2 years ago)
Government of NRM hmmm they are stored all of Ugandan land.
david oduntan (2 years ago)
This is bad and even ungodly, pls. Let's educates our women that they deserves highest order of respect
Abdoulaye Yangsou (3 years ago)
C'est notre continent personne ne peut nous diriger encore,et alors ou est la vérité mes chers parents.
Asdffg Egdgv (3 years ago)
Pamela k (3 years ago)
why is this black ugly bitch resisting
Philip Gawasco Dati (3 years ago)
This is total madness and diecasting to we Africans. #endtime
Dario DrMatrix (3 years ago)
3:38 more like redtube
Don Princo (3 years ago)
chernor Bah (3 years ago)
ok i don't agree
Abdoulaye Salihou (3 years ago)
non non ce très moche
Ces ça là vie,belle belle
Bonginkomo Nxele (3 years ago)
government solved our problems
comyj Najib (3 years ago)
messi olympia (3 years ago)
some pple commenting are very stupid and idiots like this lazy man Milo Milosavage, ar u not even ashamed? how can you blame the primitiveness of your pple on other pple the europeans??? sincerely you are stupid beyond doubt, you claim of piramids, what have they helped to develop the world? i wonder why you talk of such silly things wen others are flying satelites and hightech trains and planes, stop it pliz you ashame your race and i dont blame you becoz you are naturally stupid and useless, am just wondering why black pple always blaming whites for their own ignorance and backwardness! surely, Milo you are stupid, shame uppon these women who are classless stripping naked, they are embarassment to humanity
Lamine Dieng (3 years ago)
jaime cette photo de profil de laminet
Benjamin Buyanza (3 years ago)
curses be on Museveni, the dictator Ugandan president
Richard Adabra (2 years ago)
zzzz joihv
Milo Milosavage (3 years ago)
If not because of European mentality of men in Africa today if a mother strips the men is in question is in a very big trouble. What you see here is European attitude of men clashing with African general attitude from the women. Under normal African circumstances as a male or man that is the last thing you wish on yourself.This how women,s rights were safeguarded in Africa before the coming of white man.If African education had continued that would have been the standard.You will be in trouble if your mother or any mother stripes whether you are wrong or right as a male even some women will threaten that and you most beg to stop it.WESTERN IMPERIALISTS CAN YOU LEAVE AFRICA TO DEVELOP THEIR OWN WAY? I THINK THEY HAVE BRAINS REMEMBER THEY BUILT PYRAMIDS AND TAUGHT ARISTOTLE AND GROUP AT KEMMET[EGYPT]
Lucy Muriithi (2 years ago)
+Milo Savage Lets save our society's identity. We are created in the image and likeness of God.Do we know that or we have forgotten?
Milo Savage (3 years ago)
+njiwe henry Mumu can you tell me what Mumu means since you are so smart with have high IQ haha.. Those new NUCLEAR power states have less resources and Engineers than Africa. Any time we want to go NUCLEAR very easy.European idea in Africa is dead and you are a Worried man because what you wish Africa is not coming through OK. Africa is about to build the pyramid again OK. Inhotep is coming again not Jesus hahahahaha!
messi olympia (3 years ago)
i can really see you through, hahah, africans ajaja, all these you mentioned are not your race, they are way different from you guys,am sorry for you, and besides, they have education from europe and Great USA,but becoz you are weak creatures you failed to evolve and also do make your,,,,, go and burn charcoal ,,,,,destroy your forests soon uganda will become a desert,
Milo Savage (3 years ago)
+njiwe henry Dead Europe and silly western European ideas is dead. What is IQ the test you gave right ?Can I give you the test? Every body can build nuclear bomb Iran is doing it Parkistan did it .Stupid white man are they Europeans? Answer my big IQ.
messi olympia (3 years ago)
hahah, 70% level of IQ, omg, no one desires your primitive cultures, go to hell with them, if you dont stop crying like babies you will see to come, one nuclear bomb attack can destroy your shit tribes in no minutes, you are still excused as of now !! cry and cry ,,, hiiiiii white man white man white man, fuck you idiot,
Denis Ogutu (3 years ago)
Their predicament if not sorted then I see them going to heaven on foot.
LOGIC (3 years ago)
This is where the black woman loose faith in the Black men.... Where are they? protect Us..
Qasim Oyuko (3 years ago)
Police'. Why can't you protect your instead of....
Faith Mbote (3 years ago)
am shocked
Chosen by God (3 years ago)
this lady undressed herself
Myrstika (3 years ago)
haha, did you see the one eating raw rats in the name of Godknows what. Yuck yuck yucky!
Forex Guy (3 years ago)
+myrstika lol a witch kwani we ndo ulimza kumbafu
Myrstika (3 years ago)
true. maybe she is a witch!
Joshua Muzaaya (3 years ago)
The police will pay. whether individually or as a whole
Ahmad mohamad Hussein (3 years ago)
MrSpiffilicious (3 years ago)
WTF!!!!! 3:38
Electro (3 years ago)
Dude, better strip. Eating a live rat, man! That's hardcore....!
Garang Dhel Ayuel (3 years ago)
People should respect the law otherwise the police will not respect you.
DNAX FILM KENYA (3 years ago)
I cant believe this....wahhh
Peter Wauyo (3 years ago)
Respect the police and don't resist arrest, then you will not be undressed.
Moris Traore (3 years ago)
respect people couture
Happiness77 (3 years ago)
Don't Ugandan learned lesson from South Africa? If you keep giving your land to Chinese, one day they will take over just like what white people did to South Africa. Chinese people are one of the racist people after white people. they hate black people and you people are letting them? Good lack with that.....I am with them in Australia and I suffered a lot from their racism. n this is not even their country
Curi0u50ne (3 years ago)
True but note one thing how can the china man endure the African heat that's what saves Africa from foreign invasion, come and enjoy our hot weather if you can, and if you strip naked sun will cook you alive, mmmmm rat!
michael nxumalo (3 years ago)
maybe she is not getting it at home.
Jessica Aryemo (1 year ago)
michael nxumalo watch your mouth when you sit behind the screen a write remember whatever you say to others shall be said to you too
chris (3 years ago)
Aisha Uganda (3 years ago)
Richard Green (3 years ago)
Fuq black girl
Mecca Medina (3 years ago)
This is embarrassing, the protesters look really stupid, fighting for scarce benefits a social spoils dressed as civil action.
mxolisi david (3 years ago)
what has come to this world
salima nahiya (3 years ago)
Nonsense Ugandans
Stephy López (3 years ago)
en el minuto 3:39 el pelajustán del policia que le agarra la bubi aprovechandose de su papel anda de lepero como muchos
BOON (3 years ago)
nigars are baboons, they shouldnt be wearing clothes to begin with, thats where it goes wrong......why become modern and civilized ?
Barrie Wright (3 years ago)
+mikami123 your a dome man /woman, you sound like an American ignorent, to the world and how other people live there lives. You are ignorent, too how they are living there lives and there community. DOM!
BOON (3 years ago)
+aishah nakanwagi the anus and twat odors of these unbathed nigar whores stink so much that these poor innocent people are crying for mercy !! cant you see that ? fuck, this is the purpose of this video !!
Patrick Barry (3 years ago)
What a flippant comment from a foul mouth individual wake up mate?
BOON (3 years ago)
no, these are different primates, wake up !
Ndoli Sabi (3 years ago)
+mikami123 you are an ignorant, bigot racist. however controversial, people have different ways of expressing their frustration
paul pablo (3 years ago)
This is not a bad woman she was jst ungry and u can tell that is not her habit.she has a good heart.
Ddembe Joseph (3 years ago)
Not clear
Morren N (3 years ago)
if you don't respect your self do you think police will respect you???

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