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Magic: The Gathering Arena World Premiere Stream

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Watch the World Premiere of Magic: The Gathering Arena with Amaz, Gaby Spartz, and Jimmy Wong. MTG Arena is authentic Magic, designed for gamers, fans, and streamers. Sign up for the Closed Beta at PlayMTGArena.com
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RikkyFenix (3 months ago)
fucking unbalanced about pvp
comicbookguy83 (3 months ago)
This better be the one that hits PlayStation as well as Microsoft. Was really let down by magic duels not making it.
Exgecko (5 months ago)
This feels more like hearthstone rather than magic the gathering. Also make the cards tap 90 degrees, thats iconic you can't just let it be at 10 degrees. Also make the cards look like they usually do rather than small little hearthstone cards..
Exgecko (5 months ago)
I was looking for the newest Magic the gathering game and I'm here now. Is this a new game that is coming soon? Are there any magic games atm i can buy?
Exgecko (5 months ago)
Thank you :)
Rafael Sandoval (5 months ago)
there is only closed beta for this one at the moment, not quite sure when it fully relases
Max (5 months ago)
14:19 "hey you wanna join the clan" -_-
Julio Cesar Magnus Tadeo (6 months ago)
Exist's for mac??
Chief Joseph (7 months ago)
This almost looks like a different game now.
Alex Athanatos (7 months ago)
MTG Arena has great graphics, music and all the cards in Standard. It lacks only one thing: the Gameplay is terrible! MTG Arena has terrible RNG issues that totally destroy your game experience. I love Magic and i have years of experience seriously playing it (thats the only reason why i bother commentating) but had to uninstall MTG Arena after playing it for some time. The game is unplayable, even though it has very few bugs, good graphics and music. Any high level player will know what i mean and i hope it stays so only in the Beta. If the game gets released like that, it will be inexcusable.
P.J. Willis (7 months ago)
Question will there be any kind of unlocking for cards or will they all be available for play right from the start?
Kae Pugna (8 months ago)
These cards games suck they are all pay to win it also takes forever to get all the cards to face opponents with larger decks who've already spent money to get ahead. I will not be spending any money on this game.
Osiris261 (8 months ago)
so i got into beta. im a bit disappointed that its free to play. i really hate most free to play games because they are so expensive to get into (Path of exile now thats free to play full game unlocked day 1) . i havnt played mtg arena enough to say if its hard to unlock the cards but it runs the same model as hearthstone. i just hope its easier to get into the competitive with a reasonable price. no the shitty 6 hours farm each day for 5 years to unlock the game. card games only start when you got a collection and cards to choose and design your deck from. so farming for a year to unlock the cards you want will be too long for me. the reason productions make games free to play is because they make more money on them. which is retardet when you think of it. another reason is larger playerbase= less queue. making the game last longer. but mainly the $. i dont mind paying for games but i miss the old days when you bought a game. and everyone else did the same. everyone had the same advantage. but today the dude with the most $ wins the games. if i invest 40$ in the game i wont beat the guy who payed 500$ . free 2 play sucks. and forever ruined video games. rage a side. hope mtg wont have succumbed to that nasty grind model. because i waitet for years for this game ;P
dch h (8 months ago)
Please be on consoles
Carlos Martinez (9 months ago)
Its no HEX: Shards of Fate. Wizards is so late to the party. It if is not a TCG, it is not going to succeed. In making it a TCG, it is going to kill MTGO. No one is going to pay tons of money just to play with magic cards unless it is a trading card game.
Lunat!c (9 months ago)
i don´t wanna be negative , but the economy is crap right now , and the game is written in unity from what i´ve heard. unity is good for crossplattform-stuff, so look forward to being matched against people playing on their smartphones. BUT I also think that they´ll start working on the next game in 2 years from now because unity just isn´t enough , even for a card game
Enlightened Knight (10 months ago)
WotC I want to make a suggestion for Arena, please read and consider. Instead of following suit with traditional mobile CCGs and making the only way to get cards is to spend money/time to get enough in game credits to open packs. Trying to stick to the normal method of buying packs puts Arena at odds with paper Magic and MTGO. Something games like Hearthstone don't have to worry about because they're souly online. You should instead make the game a monthly subscription based game, say 10$ a month, that gives all the players the same "core" cards and then when new sets such as Dominaria are released players can buy a complete set being one copy of each of the cards. Almost like an expansion pack for a MMO. Now if players want 4 copies they'd either need to buy 4 sets or you could offer a Play Set Pack slightly cheaper. All while still charging the monthly fee. I play games like cockatrice that give you all the cards and it's great. I focus on what I want to play and what would make it the best.. and i still play at FNM.
Silver2909 (10 months ago)
Duel of Planeswalkers looks WAY better. This looks messy af. Why cutting the cards in half ffs.
thea queen (10 months ago)
藍海 (10 months ago)
Lol Amaz is playing magic??
argsgsgs gnngndg (10 months ago)
i wanna see manaless dredge vs storm in arena *CoolStoryBob*
Bulbus (10 months ago)
This looks amazing, hopefully they arent going to limit the formats. If we can import our MTGO collections I'll be down in a heartbeat.
Fresh Martin (10 months ago)
Why can you only see the top half of cards? This is gunna drive me nuts!
L G (10 months ago)
Looks great, but hope they polish the sound effects by then. They're not bad, just WWWAAAAYYYYY too over the top and obnoxious. Like, do we need a SWOOOSSHHH that makes your ears bleed every time you hover over a card?
Rygel (11 months ago)
The gameplay needed to be fullscreen. It's very difficult to see any of the cards
Echotracers (11 months ago)
So WotC abandons "Magic Duels" its game that focuses on a good looking UI, with nice animations, a snappy and responsive feeling, and multiple game types... in order to make "Magic Arena" a game that focuses on a good looking UI, with nice animations, a snappy and responsive feeling, and multiple game types. And what, are you are going to have Magic Arena 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 because you have the same problems you had with Duels?
Brian Kearns (11 months ago)
Go Gaby!
Yborek (1 year ago)
The game will fall faster like an uprising, the Wizard can not understand one thing that has been used by Blizzard for a long time, it is the location in every language available, otherwise Wizzard can already count on investments in this game.
tw19771 (1 year ago)
Just so long as the game actually works unlike Duels. The stained never actually fixed that game.
X8551516 (1 year ago)
It's fine if the main focus is on standard that's expected, but I hope that doesn't mean outright not having modern format or older sets won't be added to the game. "We're working on fun ways for players to play with cards once they rotate out of Standard" No thanks, I don't want some weird innovative format that doesn't follow traditional rulesets. I want plain old modern. I fail to understand why we can't have all formats. I get the whole reason for a standard format is because of balancing issues, but standard is boring as shit. Everyone's just gonna use the same decks because "it's meta" and there's only so much you can do with the limited number of the latest cards. Even hearthstone has a legacy type format, though it bans standard cards which I don't think they should do.
Vip3r011 Fo3niXZ (1 year ago)
is it gona be same as pokem, wher eu can redeem online also?
Aethervoid (1 year ago)
gaby not playing the hostage taker makin me real mad lol
Mk tan (1 year ago)
Hum bad play amaz, he could put the raptor hatcling to fight against the flying pirate and create a 3/3 dino token. And keep the other fighting card for doing the same next turn.
wild7munks1 (1 year ago)
I rather play paper magic, it looks unappealing, depressing, and the animation is sucks. this video bores me.
Snowy_bro (1 year ago)
I have two hopes for this game. 1. is that it, graphics wise, starts to look better (Obviously it will) and 2. This thing going mobile
Tom Wodi (1 year ago)
WoTC, no one want to play and spend money in virtual cards that may disappear in the air just because you choose to discontinue the game. What kind of guarantee will you give to us players, that what happened to Magic Duels will not happen again here? That is the only thing that actually matters to me, trust in your digital stuff again. Each time I choose to trust in your digital stuff, I regret it later. Do you remember D&D Insider? Character Builder for D&D4e? I remember every broken promise. So, before you jump in stuff like that, read my advice, WoTC needs to prove to be worth and trustful again.
DialatedPupils (1 year ago)
I absolutely hate the attack animations. Fuck off Hearthstone!
Louise Bayly (1 year ago)
Looks so bad :/
Brian Becker (1 year ago)
where are those pictures of the planeswalkers in the background from?
ian giovanni (1 year ago)
looks worse than duels .... yay for "progress"
Sung Hyun Choi (1 year ago)
mic eatah (1 year ago)
honestly this looks ugly hope its just a beta thing and they change the style to look more like actuall mtg
Kade Morrison (1 year ago)
It's a good thing this is in beta because right now it has 0 personality.
Lucas Féres (1 year ago)
Interesting. I never got the chance to play online, but i enjoed the physical card game long ago. I don't know where to begin now that i feel like coming back, but digitally is certainly easier.
Random Name (1 year ago)
Magic Duels looks way better and looks like actual MTG. This style looks like a crappy mobile game. I want to play Duels and spend money on that rather than this crap.
Kulbinator (1 year ago)
lmao definitly a heartstone copypaste, get out of here with that shit
Kevin Gonsalves (1 year ago)
looks flashy and without substance. I am failing to see how this is better than MTGO
Asif Lewis Howard (1 year ago)
Does mtg plan to translate any of the time and money Duels players invested in Duels to Arena? The company has dropped the game without any warning, people didn't put time and money into Duels, just to start from scratch on another platform when MTG decides they are not making enough money for their liking. GREEDY...
Retro Sinner (1 year ago)
No they don't as far as I'm aware, pretty sure they stated it somewhere as well. Not sure why everyone thinks they should be compensated though, we knew duels wasn't going to be the final product of the series. People should have expected not to be compensated, no one did from DoTP > DoTP2012 > 2013 > 2014 > 2015 > Duels. It's not their fault people paid for virtual items in a free game, it was there to speed up the process and if you've played since it released it was not hard to keep up and only harder for those who started late anyway. Besides WoTC was just a publisher for the game, they just decided to make their own with their own team rather than pay another party not associated with them. It sucks but that's life, I preferred the way duels looked but it was messed up at the same time so while this looks meh in comparison it could change (Prob won't) but I'll deal with it.
Zerox (1 year ago)
And what was wrong with Magic Duels format? It looked like Magic, I don't even know what the fuck does this look like.
Alej Nav (1 year ago)
They should add the Magic Duels format as well, since for the newcomers or low income players it lets them be competitive while they are just gaining their firsts mythics, or rares. I Think they should add this 4-3-2-1 duels format in Ranked as an additional option. This is a Fair and cheaper way for people to build a deck and compete just from the Rares or Mythics they have adquire without having to wait until they get all 4 mythics or all 4 rares, which is too important in constructed. Its also a Format that has a diferent taste to playing Magic, it makes the deck a bit more random, but also very moldeable, and diferent every game. Whatever is good for newcomers its good for everyone.
Fiskie (1 year ago)
This is rediculous! It makes MTG look like a kids game. Every single piece of art illustrated on the cards inspires awe and the feeling of ancient secretes. It is supposed to make you feel like a magician for fucks sake and not like a 13 year old pokemon retard.
EJ Rehn (1 year ago)
why no game 3?????
Karnage Fails (1 year ago)
MuchycZ (1 year ago)
Cant wait to try. :)
h3x3 (1 year ago)
Wtf is this ? 2010 ?
Renan Câmara (1 year ago)
Gwent is so much better
Allucky (1 year ago)
Did that guy just say "i like that the game chooses what mana to tap for me because it would take me too long to figure it out myself"... great presentation guys and totally not scripted
Greg Poinar (1 year ago)
Do top down like every other card game. This side view looks so terrible
VamVsemPizdec (1 year ago)
This game looks worse than the standard games in Windows
BladeShark MTG (1 year ago)
They need to add EDH to this and have all the cards available.
Karel Šebesta (1 year ago)
First thing that's going to happen when I play this game is that I'll switch off as many of those animations as possible.
Cocytus127 (1 year ago)
Can't wait for the DLC where I can constantly shuffle my hand of cards like a spastic idiot.
Arcus Diabolus (1 year ago)
Please PLEASE actually rotate the cards when you tap them. Seriously, this grinded so many gears due to clarity issues from instead darkening the card being tapped while putting a symbol on it.
Adrian Brooks (1 year ago)
For new or returning players this looks really fast and is hard to follow, for me anyway, would be good to get more of a guided walk through what was going on.
DeloreanMcartney (1 year ago)
Why is Amaz so bad 12:46 please
Silverlance TV (1 year ago)
if this game looks too much like hs i just go play hs.
Squiffy (1 year ago)
Watching lots of comments, yes, it seems like Hearthstone, but what will set Arena apart is if it allows us to upload decks we already own. Playtesting head to head against friends would be brutally awesome. If they give us that - I'll never touch Hearthstone again.
galkanftw (1 year ago)
The main dude/dev made that great sellout speech but they are NOT adhering to their goal.As a spectator is VERY hard to see,the cards are readable on play but not on the board.In order to follow the game properly,we need to see the cards on the board,fully and clearly able to read them.As well the arrow on the card to display having taken it's action,looks awful,should remove the arrow on card.It was very simple to watch when the card was simply flipped or not flipped. Also some of those cards have too many lines of text,players cannot play smoothly if having to read too much,especially when new to the game. Overall this is going to be a tough sell to those casual gamer's that Hearthstone attracted.Gaming should never be cumbersome to play or watch,this design needs work.
TheOptionist (1 year ago)
This better get on phones
Herdeshe (1 year ago)
What is with the cards being cut in half lmao
Andrew Bezzina (1 year ago)
Please release on OSX this should be very easy if you are using unity.
HalfLucan (1 year ago)
Hmmm, I don't envy you guys. Im happy there's a stack, but in order to not telegraph that you might have something in your hand (in any deck that has instants) "permission play" mode is basically going to be toggled by everyone at the beginning of every game And so, i dont really find this to be an accurate representation of the actual gameplay (quick paced and snappy with cool sound effects) Also, avoiding "Hearthstone" like the floor is lava was cringe
The GhiusTher (1 year ago)
Ok...how much i have to w8 for thaaat?!?! Pllsss when the game enter in close beta? <3 :3 i can't w8 no longer
Darion Alvarez (1 year ago)
This just looks so Wrong ... its Hearthstone all over the place with a magic overhaul... and that alone is stupid as hell, well the casuals will play it for sure so Good Job
parkourhovey (1 year ago)
i want ittttttttttttttttt
baldbookgeek (1 year ago)
If it has codes like Pokémon online i'll be very happy .
Anthony r Bagushinski (1 year ago)
mybe i am wrong but is this the same thing as hearthstone
AbyssalOrca (1 year ago)
This game will flop just like magic duels.
Great as we needed a Hearthstone clone. Wtf is wizards doing?
sherry lee (1 year ago)
This seems like you have paid streamers to read scripts, and even scripted how these games go. How can these games be as close as they were both times, as well as making sure both streamers end with an equal score. Also the streamers are not asking questions as if they are magic players, but as if they are asking questions in the format of reading a frequently asked questions off of the website. I would have rather watched you have 2 players who actually play the game play 5 matches and you guys just pick 2 of the closest games for viewing purposes, not intentionally determine the cards they are going to draw, before the game even starts, is anything about this video not scripted?
cay thorgrimson (1 year ago)
ooohh man another game i defff goona stream
Renan Régis (1 year ago)
Fuck you Wizards You mercenery fucks. Magic duels was cool. Magic arena is SHIT! The cards wont even tap. I want this game to fail SO HARD
FinalStep5302 (1 year ago)
i want to play it <3 releasedate?
Osiris261 (1 year ago)
Osiris261 (1 year ago)
how does the block declaring work vs a token deck ? when an opponent has 25 creatures on the board ? previous games made it nearly imposible to see what creature had been asign to what. and so on. also maybe if and opponent attack with that many creature extend the respond timer before the phase ends. so that u get time to respond to the overwhelming 25 + monsters when only 1 creature attacks a 30 sec respond soom fair. when 25 attack maybe give it 3 min or so.
Tempi Tempster (1 year ago)
Make them tap 90°.
THE Nicol Bolas (1 year ago)
other games: we use no swearing in our ads. Magic: WE FRICKIN SWEAR BECAUSE WE FRICKIN KNOW WE ARE THE BEST!
DarkMaeko (1 year ago)
cant w8 to check out the beta
DarkMaeko (1 year ago)
looks sweet
Brenden Gonzalez (1 year ago)
will this have edh
kingring57 (1 year ago)
Looks like shit. Too bad I'll still play it because I have no friends...
Dohn B (1 year ago)
so is it going to be only 1v1? would be sad because the fun of MTG takes part in its multiplayer format too. First time I would be disappointed by a MTG product.
jsobchak (1 year ago)
I primarily play commander and modern. This doesn't support modern or commander. This product is not for me, and I don't think wizards really cares. I worry that this is a trend toward mass appeal and causal players with quick, pretty matches while moving away from strategy and depth that I love.
Pauper Player (1 year ago)
this is much worse than mtgo.
Justin (1 year ago)
SiliconSicilian (1 year ago)
iPad version would be a must.
Jibakushin (1 year ago)
okay so I'm really really really interested in this, but the f2p model needs to be amazing. I do not want virtual packs to costs as much as the physical ones, more than half the price is too much. It needs to stay away from pay2win if the goal is to grow magic's audiance. So yeah overall I could had a lot of stuff, but mainly it comes down to being a good f2p model and please please please do have trading.
HawsDaBaws (1 year ago)
If there are no code cards I will not play this. If WoTC increases pack cost in exchange for code cards I will not play this. Code cards should just be a thank you from WoTC for playing the game. A bonus to the players.
Atomic (1 year ago)
The booster packs you buy IRL should be added to your MTGArena account too via some code or something, that would be so epic. Getting both the physical and the digital product at the same time whilst supporting both!
Eethal (1 year ago)
Philip Lauto (1 year ago)
Looks awesome - please make it available for mac/ios down the line (even though I am sure that I am a minority). And also ,though I think based on what you said that it will be, please make it cross-platform. You guys rock!
GreeL8 (1 year ago)
I need to see the ELDRAZI animation cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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